The Story Behind The Trinity Ring

The Origin of the Trinity Ring

The original trinity ring was created by Louis Cartier, the grandson of the founder of Cartier in the 1924. Legends has it that the famous french poet Jean Cocteau, close friend of Louis Cartier once was woken up from a dream about rings around the planet Saturn and asked Louis to create a piece of jewel that would capture his vision. Their collaboration resulted in the trinity ring, the 3 gold interlocking ring we know today.

Jean Cocteau then became the ambassador for the famous trinity ring and has worn it on his small finger for the rest of his life as the ring gained its iconic and timeless status.

The Meaning of the Trinity Ring

The message of the trinity ring is beautifully simple. The ring composed of three interlocking bands of white gold, yellow gold and rose gold and each colour represents a different stage of a relationship.

The white gold is the symbol of an enduring friendship, rose gold stands for true love that the friendship develops into and ultimately, the yellow gold for the fidelity and loyalty in marriage.

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