Matching Your Jewellery to Your Bag

We know the age-old fashion rule, “match your shoes to your handbag”, but why not put a spin on it? While many are matching their handbags to their shoes, we say be unique and match your jewellery with your handbag.

This is a fashion trend that is not necessarily a new statement, but one that is rarely spoken. Only the trendiest and those that want to think outside of the norm take advantage of this best-kept, not-so secret.

What we love about matching jewellery with your handbags is that it can be done during any season and any occasion. Our favourite looks come straight from our new Harley Collection. This collection of colourful Swarovski crystal stud earrings is perfect for any occasion, day or night. Here is a list of our three favourite looks that are eye-popping and show stopping!

Peridot: The August birthstone looks good with a matching green clutch bag which is perfect for day and night. Take it to another level by wearing a matching green nail polish.

Aquamarine: The beautiful blue crystal is brilliant like the colour of the ocean, which is why we think it looks amazing with an aqua coloured bag. Match them with all white or all black, and watch heads turn.

Light Rose: The pink stone that makes us blush is perfectly accented with a pink bow hand purse. Add with your favourite little black dress or combine the colors with a pair of light blue jeans and a white v-neck tee shirt for a very chic and relaxed style.

The Harley Collection has many colours to choose from. It is all about your personal style! What colours will you choose to match your bags? Do you have a favourite? No matter your choice, wear it the way that you love and tell your own story!

Check out the Harley Stud Earrings Collection here.