MYJS Guide To Creating Your Personalised Jewellery Wardrobe


We grow through what we go through

Fashion is our greatest tool for self-expression and reinvention. How we dress is a visual manifestation to the world of our personality, style and taste. And our choice in jewellery reflects our unique personality while celebrating our diversity.

But our jewellery should extend beyond reflecting individual style. Custom jewellery is about creating something that’s never been done before. Personalised jewellery is about pushing the envelope in jewellery design and craftsmanship while searching out ideas and inspiration to take the art of jewellery to new places.

Personalised jewellery takes unique to a whole new level

The MYJS Personalised Collection presents unique keepsakes for you. 

Unique, personalised jewellery is designed to express our character and life story through special symbols, words, dates or marks; imbuing our jewellery with special powers – and stylish looks – unique only to you.

We’ve got all the tips to help you curate your very own personalised jewellery wardrobe for a jewellery collection completely 100% unique to you.

Name & Initial Jewellery

Blingy monograms pieces and initials are another great launch pad for building our jewellery wardrobe. These styles take iconic to the next level of zhush, style and personal expression – because names are timeless – everyone has one. 

From charms to plated studs, tags, rings and more, you can focus on the initials or names of your partner, children, family and best friend.  

The MYJS Personalised Calligraphy Name Necklace is one-of-a-kind stylish perfection

The MYJS Personalised Name Collection is designed to capture significant letters or initials for a special keepsake and statement piece.

The MYJS Personalised Mini Heart Interlocking Necklace is a reinvented classic.

The MYJS Personalised Friendship Collection stays close to the heart as stylish tags, circles and hearts immortalising the perfect power words and initials.


The MYJS Personalised Interlocking Mini Double Circles Necklace is a luxurious design as a bold statement of delicate strength and perpetual power.

The MYJS Personalised For Her Collection has been curated especially for She who must be obeyed.

Personalised with names, special dates or meaningful sentiments, these keepsakes are unique style emblems, easily segueing from the everyday to special occasions.



Choosing a piece with a story or symbol speaks to us. From meaningful motifs to power emblems, these personalised pieces sit you in the designer chair to imbue your jewellery with special powers unique only to you.

The MYJS Personalised Holepunched Interlocking Circles Necklace is a tribute to effortless modern style.

The MYJS Personalised Family Collection uses stylish single, double or triple circles to immortalise special names or dates.

Each piece is carved from wax, cast into fine 925 Sterling Silver and then polished and finished to perfection by our artisans.

Signs and symbols rule the world


Birthstone Jewellery

The MYJS Forever Birthstone Necklace features a stunning Austrian crystal centrepiece, surrounded by a ring of Austrian crystal pave for effortless glimmer.

A pop of colour and a personalised piece in one: birthstone gems are a great launch to adding more ‘you’ to your jewellery wardrobe.

From January’s garnet to December’s blue topaz, each birthstone has a unique story with meaning

Zodiac Jewellery

MYJS Zodiac Charms speak to both the mysterious nature of our own personalities while demonstrating our divine bond with the universe.

Astrology’s mysteries can be traced to ancient civilisations from China to Greece. This tells us we have always looked to the stars for the talismanic zodiac to ward off negative energies while syncing with positive ones. 

Stylishly on trend with hints of woo woo and plenty of celestial style, the protective powers of zodiac jewellery wards off negative energies while syncing with positive ones for our zodiac sign to lead the way.

Personal style is accepting who you are