MYJS Style Guide To Floral Jewellery


A flower blossoms for its own joy

– Oscar Wilde

There is an eternal beauty to floral decoration – they are the most enduring motif in body decoration, accessories and jewellery. Flowers and gems are both created from the earth through primaeval magic so it’s easy to see how jewellery effortlessly merges with nature’s elegance for a sparkly botanical world.

Explore the timeless allure of floral jewellery and embrace it with confidence and flair: The MYJS Style Guide To Floral jewellery

Live simply, bloom wildly

Flowers are cherished for their beauty and symbolism. We are captivated by their vibrant colours, delicate petals and enchanting fragrances. They inspire poets, artists and designers with their beauty, colour, shape and fragrance. Flowers brighten up the world and also trigger our happy brain chemicals for a lovely dopamine fix.

Celebrities from Priyanka Chopra, Charlize Theron, Lady Gaga, Halima Aden and many more love the freshness and versatility of floral patterns, decoration and jewellery.

Every flower blooms in its own time

– Ken Petti

A celebration of nature


The MYJS Floral Jewellery Collection is a fresh take on a springtime icon where the Cherry Blossom Flower signals renewal and peace.

Floral jewellery captures the vibrant beauty of flowers, showcasing their intricate details and natural grace. With their delicate petals, graceful stems and vivid hues, the ethereal shapes of flowers inspire shapes, textures and colours in jewellery designs. From the subtle grace of a rose to the stunning yellow of a sunflower, floral jewellery allows us to celebrate and carry the magnificence of nature with us wherever we go.

In our modern, fast-paced digital lives, floral jewellery reminds us to pause and connect with the natural world. With the right jewellery, we can revel in their tranquillity and project the simple wonder of nature’s serenity and beauty.

Find me where the wildflowers grow

Floral jewellery’s versatility


MYJS Cherry Blossom Flower Hoop Earrings capture the light for a fun and flirty floral detail.

Even in this age of technology where people text instead of talk, showing affection through the symbolism of flowers is still very much part of our culture. Flowers have featured in history through rituals, dyes, drinks, crafts, fabrics, sculptures, our cuisines and medicines.

They are welcome everywhere as mood boosters, cultural reminders, emotional messages and spiritual enlightenment. It’s easy to let nature’s beauty blossom through your personal style where floral jewellery is a wearable symbol. As everyday wear or with special occasions and weddings, floral jewellery offers a stylish versatility to effortlessly complement any outfit or mood.

The result is a freshly feminine and modern romantic look. Wear floral jewellery for its aesthetic appeal, sentimental value or to project the freshness and freedom of the natural world. It is an enchanting accessory – and all you have to do is pop them on for instant renewal and peace.

Bloom with grace

Floral jewellery history

Floral jewellery is its own unique work of art. Historically, we were happy to pluck a flower and wrap it around our wrist, tuck it into our collar or button hole, tuck behind our ear or arrange around our neck and hair.

Borrowing design from flowers is a classic tradition in jewellery to permanently capture their bloom. The design allows light and colour to flow through organic sculptural forms.

We’ll find floral jewellery across the world, especially in ancient Asian culture as well as the Romantic, Art Deco and Boho movements. The yesteryear of romance and freedom means floral jewellery is the naturally stylish addition to a boho, feminine or flirty look.

A flower blossoms for its own joy

– Oscar Wilde

Floral jewellery fashion


Reimagine timeless style with modern design as the MYJS Cherry Blossom Flower Stud Earrings shine with their own delicate light.

Floral jewellery is a versatile addition to your jewellery box: delicate chains, pavΓ© crystal and mixing and matching metals or other natural icons such as pearls and gems are the iconic features of floral jewellery.

This means we can experiment with combinations expressing your personal style for the right visual impact. But it all starts with the occasion where the right look is reflective of your personal style and your jewellery’s colour palette compliments your skin tone and outfit. From black-tie events to intimate dinner parties or casual drinking soirees, the right jewellery adds all the sparkle for a lasting impression. 

Floral jewellery tips

πŸ’– Delicate and understated pieces like small flower studs or a pendant are ideal for everyday wear and office settings. 

πŸ’– For a statement look at weddings or special events, opt for larger floral pieces such as chandelier earrings, statement necklaces or bold flower-shaped designs. 

πŸ’– Mix and match different floral pieces for a unique and eclectic feel. 

πŸ’– Combine different types of flowers, mixing metals or even layering delicate floral necklaces to add depth and interest to your outfit. 

πŸ’– Floral jewellery is all about bringing balance to your look and outfit – rather than overpowering it. Balance is key. The size, colour and style of the floral jewellery should work cohesively with your overall look.

πŸ’– For monochromatic or neutral looks, floral jewellery adds vibrant pops of colour or be a focal point to make a feminine statement. For busy patterns or prints, more delicate floral jewellery pieces will harmonise rather than compete with the patterns. 

Stop and smell the flowers


As a symbol of renewal, the fiercely delicate detail of the MYJS Cherry Blossom Flower and Freshwater Pearls Bracelet presents freedom with style.


πŸ’– Floral jewellery is versatile – which means it layers beautifully with other types of jewellery for a uniquely captivating look. 

πŸ’– Aim for complementing pieces to create a harmonious feel.

πŸ’– Pair delicate floral bracelets with minimalist bangles

πŸ’– Stack multiple rings with floral motifs alongside plain ones

πŸ’– Mix textures, metals, and styles to add dimension and visual interest


πŸ’– With all its versatility, floral jewellery adapts to seasonal trends for a fresh romantic take on fashion. But the truth is, spring fever is always here.

πŸ’– Florals were made for spring and summer, so go with vibrant and fresh floral designs reflecting the season.

πŸ’– In Autumn and winter, explore deeper hues and textured metals. For a vintage touch, dried flowers really add to the occasion.

Bloom where you are planted