Designer Jewellery: The New Fashion Essential


Because every great design starts with an even better story – the story of you

Few things allow for joy to come as simply or swiftly as putting on a stunning piece of jewellery – especially the heartfelt variety. Even the most basic b’tches have a special – though streamlined – collection of solid-gold-somethings that secretly mean a lot.

While jewellery is the essential accessory, the criteria for beautifully-designed jewellery

  • brings sparkle to the everyday
  • offers a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity for a great investment

Designer jewellery is the new fashion essential, where premium design, quality materials and craftsmanship meet. But what exactly defines designer jewellery? Is it the price? The materials? The accessibility?

Celebs from Zendaya to Ashley Graham, Lupita Nyong’o, Margot Robbie and Reese Witherspoon all travel on the designer jewellery train – and it’s easy to understand why.

The ethos of designer jewellery is simple but extraordinary

Handcrafted for its timelessness and uniqueness – with just that extra dash of special – designer jewellery consciously segues from the everyday through to happy hour and special occasions as a wallet-friendly way to get in on all the trends, while transcending every fashion craze and style.

MYJS Jewellery is handcrafted by our inhouse artisan jewellers where each piece is polished and finished to perfection.

Designer jewellery also refers to collections conceived and executed with artistic ability and craftsmanship.

Custom-designed for timelessness, designer jewellery is produced in limited series to preserve the collections’ and piece’s exceptional quality and preciousness.

The MYJS Personalised Collection are unique keepsakes. We sit you in the designer chair to pick your special symbol, word, date or mark and imbue your jewellery with special powers – and stylish looks – unique only to you.

Personal talismans from symbolic sparklers and gemstones offer the additional endowment of special powers for protection or good fortune.

From fortune-finding symbols to shielding crystals or gemstones, our designer good luck charms lift the mood and spirit – because we all deserve joy in our day.

The MYJS Bella Collection feature show-stopping non-mined man-made Swarovski® or Austrian crystals designed in a setting for sparkle and shine with each movement.

But it is the feature of ecological and ethical jewels as the significant marker in designer jewellery. A connection to our environment and community drives the eco-responsibility of designer jewellery houses.

Onsite production allows for the quality control of each piece while supporting the local artisan community – without costing the earth.


Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway

Coco Chanel

MYJS Guide To Creating Your Personalised Jewellery Wardrobe


Updated August 2023

We grow through what we go through

Fashion is our greatest tool for self-expression and reinvention. How we dress is a visual manifestation to the world of our personality, style and taste. And our choice in jewellery reflects our unique personality while celebrating our diversity. We’ve got all the tips to help you curate your very own personalised jewellery wardrobe for a jewellery collection completely 100% unique to you. Welcome to the MYJS Guide To Creating Your Personalised Jewellery Wardrobe.

Improvement starts with ‘I’

The MYJS Personalised Collection presents unique keepsakes for you. 

Unique, personalised jewellery is designed to express our character and life story through special symbols, words, dates or marks; imbuing our jewellery with special powers – and stylish looks – unique only to you.

But our jewellery should extend beyond reflecting individual style. Custom jewellery is about creating something that’s never been done before. Personalised jewellery is about pushing the envelope in jewellery design and craftsmanship while searching out ideas and inspiration to take the art of jewellery to new places.

Personalised jewellery takes unique to a whole new level

Name and initial jewellery

Blingy monograms pieces and initials are another great launch pad for building our jewellery wardrobe. These styles take iconic to the next level of zhush, style and personal expression – because names are timeless – everyone has one.

Celebs from Beyonce to Jessica Alba, Kristen Stewart and more love their unique name necklaces.


The Personalised Rectangle Plate Necklace from the MYJS Friendship Collection captures unique symbols, initials and dates for the fabulous everyday woman.

From charms to plated studs, tags, rings and more, immortalise the initials or names of your partner, children, family and best friend.   

The MYJS Personalised Interlocking Triple Family Circles Necklace is a luxurious design as a bold statement of delicate strength and perpetual power.

The MYJS Personalised For Her Collection has been curated especially for She who must be obeyed.

Personalised with names, special dates or meaningful sentiments, these keepsakes are unique style emblems, easily segueing from the everyday to special occasions.


The MYJS Personalised Calligraphy Name Necklace is one-of-a-kind stylish perfection

The MYJS Personalised Name Collection is designed to capture significant letters or initials for a special keepsake and statement piece.

Symbolic jewellery

Choosing a piece with a story or symbol speaks to us. From meaningful motifs to power emblems, these personalised pieces sit you in the designer chair to imbue your jewellery with special powers unique only to you.

The MYJS Personalised Holepunched Interlocking Circles Necklace is a tribute to effortless modern style.

The MYJS Personalised Family Collection uses stylish single, double or triple circles to immortalise special names or dates.

Each piece is carved from wax, cast into fine 925 Sterling Silver and then polished and finished to perfection by our artisans.

The MYJS Personalised Mini Heart Interlocking Necklace is a reinvented classic.

The MYJS Personalised Friendship Collection stays close to the heart as stylish tags, circles and hearts immortalising the perfect power words and initials.


Signs and symbols rule the world


Birthstone jewellery

The MYJS Forever Birthstone Necklace features a stunning Austrian crystal centrepiece, surrounded by a ring of Austrian crystal pave for effortless glimmer.

A pop of colour and a personalised piece in one: birthstone gems are a great launch to adding more ‘you’ to your jewellery wardrobe.

From January’s garnet to December’s blue topaz, each birthstone has a unique story with meaning

Zodiac Jewellery

MYJS Zodiac Charms speak to both the mysterious nature of our own personalities while demonstrating our divine bond with the universe.

Astrology’s mysteries can be traced to ancient civilisations from China to Greece. This tells us we have always looked to the stars for the talismanic zodiac to ward off negative energies while syncing with positive ones. 

Stylishly on trend with hints of woo woo and plenty of celestial style, the protective powers of zodiac jewellery wards off negative energies while syncing with positive ones for our zodiac sign to lead the way.

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MYJS Personalised Name Collection
MYJS Personalised Pet Collection

MYJS Personalised Friendship Collection

Personal style is accepting who you are

MYJS Galentine’s Day Jewellery Gift Guide


Updated Jan 2024

Cute Galentine’s Day Gifts to celebrate gal pal togetherness and lady love

Single? Taken? Who cares! Our BFFs and lady loves deserve to be spoiled.

Love or hate St Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day 13 February will always be the best.

Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating your lady friends, as a day dedicated to showering your amazing, wonderful, incredible gal pals in cards, gifts and attention.

Celebrate love and friendship with our mum, auntees, ride-or-dies and sista-wives, with the MYJS Galentine’s Day Jewellery Gift Guide.

Because our happiness, worth and self-confidence does not depend on our relationship status.

It is the people we love and care about who have the power to make us sparkle. You are a diamond darling, and your friends are facets of that brilliant shine.

It’s your choice – the choice to not let your life be defined and to live your life every day happily, with your own ever-after.

Make saying “I love you” to yourself and your friends easy. Or forget about love – and just say “I’m awesome” instead.

Celebrate awesome – for Galentine’s Day and every day. Celebrate with heartfelt, thoughtful, ethical designer jewellery gifts – that don’t break the bank. Jewellery to treat your friends. Jewellery to shine.

Bring on the rosé, heartfelt girl power, badass, bossb’tch conversation and hearts to infinity and beyond. All the warm feelings and sparkles.

Friends are stars that make your life sparkle

MYJS love collection

Discover the MYJS Love Collection with designer heart jewellery. Honouring the most recognisable icon for compassion, understanding and love, these stylish pieces add a charming touch of romantic glamour to the everyday.

As the universal symbol for love, the Heart represents the seat of emotion, affection, unity and romance.

First used during the Middle Ages as a symbol for Jesus, the heart became much more popular after the 1600s through the launch of Valentine’s Day.

From 💖 emojis to honouring St Valentine, the heart is the most recognisable icon for expressing compassion, understanding and romantic love.

Heart jewellery fits every phase of life. Celebrate the spirit of love and romance with heart lockets, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and charms.

Shop the MYJS Love Collection

All you need is love jewellery

MYJS lab diamond collection

The irresistible charm of MYJS Lab Diamond Stud Earrings blend smart design with timeless elegance for the perfectly ethical sparkling treat and a jewellery box essential.

Lab-grown diamonds have gained significant popularity as an ethical and sustainable alternative to natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are where technology and magic unite for dazzling sparkle, allowing access to affordable beautiful diamonds for the fabulous everyday woman.

Lab diamonds are a brilliant alternative to natural diamonds, combining ethical sourcing, environmental responsibility, and impressive quality. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful engagement ring, a dazzling piece of jewellery, or simply as a special treat for you or someone who deserves it, lab diamonds are an excellent choice. Explore the world of lab grown diamonds for a gemstone as radiant as it is responsible.

Shop the MYJS Lab Diamond Collection

No pressure, no diamond

MYJS infinity collection

Explore the MYJS Infinity Collection. Find timeless style with designer infinity jewellery capturing the iconic symbol for eternal connection and perfection.

The sideways 8 Infinity symbol of no beginning or end has been a love metaphor throughout ancient Greece, Rome, India and Tibet.

Iconic for perfection, Infinity stands for balance, regeneration, focus, harmony, peace and oneness as the eternal nature of energy and the universe.

Celebrate the spirit of oneness to add classic glamour to the everyday.  

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To infinity jewellery and beyond

MYJS personalised collection

We are all unique in our special, crazy wonderful ways. And our friendships are just the same – all the love, years, tears, fun and laughter rolled into one incredible relationship that sees us through bad fashion, suntans, boyfriends and flat champagne.

The MYJS Personalised Collection is designed to keep your loved ones near.

But it is the moments that matter, the ones we want to last forever: special words, dates, times and signs that we know, at a glance, we are so much awesome.

Capture those unique moments with personalised jewellery.

Shop the MYJS Personalised Collection

Stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine

MYJS mix collection

Mix and match is the rule of life with our versatile designer range for the modern woman seeking everyday fabulous style. 

The MYJS Mix Collection embodies sensitivity, femininity and sweetness as versatile mini jewellery sets.

Match MYJS Charms to Mix Hoops, Mix Studs and Mix Necklaces for reinventive personal style. With over 50 charm designs to build versatile mini-jewellery sets, the possibilities as the perfect gift is endless.

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Beauty is always in the mix

MYJS tennis bracelets

Frost your wrist with the brilliance of sparkles designed to stand out in its simple edgy minimalism. With classic design and popular appeal, MYJS Tennis Bracelets are the ideal all-occasion jewellery.

A game-set-match in any jewellery line up, versatile and stylish tennis bracelets steps up every outfit. Sparkly and minimal featuring an endless circle with symmetrical settings of sparkly stones, MYJS Tennis Bracelets are designed for seamless smooth wearing.

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A woman can be over dressed, but never over elegant

Coco Chanel

MYJS bella earrings

You are a diamond darling, and your friends, facets of that brilliant shine. Be the sparkle with the MYJS Signature Bella Collection.

MYJS Bella Earrings capture the fierce light of every brave woman from within to shine, shine shine.

Featuring the finest Swarovski and Austrian Crystals, MYJS Bella Earrings present over 40 colour combinations. For the Bella Woman, life is about being authentic and following her heart, for the Bella Woman always shines.

Shop the MYJS Bella Collection

Pssst 2 for the price of 1 means double the sparkle (one for you, one for me).

She remembered who she was and the game changed

– Lalah Deliah

MYJS wine charms

Live in Australia? You’re lucky, with access to the best charms of all: Bling for you! Bling for your wine! Add a touch of class to your and your girls’ wine and cocktail glasses with MYJS Wine Charms. Mark your glass with our stylish sparkly accessories, customising your glass to you.

Designed to personalise wine, martini and margarita glass stems, MYJS Wine Charms store easily on the fridge.

Perfect for zoom happy hours, entertaining, gifting, outdoor and office parties, weddings, celebrations, hostess gifts and backyard BBQs. 

Shop the MYJS Wine Charm Collection.
Pssst coming international soon!


Love and laughter and lots of wine. Happy Galentine’s Day 💋

– Lalah Deliah

Purple & Fierce: Purple Jewellery Fashion


As the colour of royalty and nobility, Purple is the colour of Queens.

Purple is elaborate majesty, fantasy and magic; the colour of bravery, wisdom, imagination and creativity.

Purple is unique and exotic – and stunning. Purple turns heads. The colour for harmony, the violet hue represents the balance between opposing forces. It has stood out in history as the signature colour for Roman emperors and the 1900s Suffragette Movement, extending to Prince and his 80s track Purple Rain. 

Purple keeps our backs straight and heads held high

Byllye Avery

The psychology behind purple

Purple is one of those topics of contention: is it purple? Is it pink? Is it mauve? Is it something in between? Can we get away with calling lilac purple? Where does lavender fit in? What about wine? There are so many shades, our opinion are divided.

A base blend of red and blue, every other colour in the rainbow can be added to create so many different shades, tints and hues. But as a union of both cool and warm shades – the calm stability of blue and the energy and strength of red – purple unites the best in both for graceful independence and dignity.

Purple is the colour to break barriers and create change.


When Pantone announced the bold and daring Veri Peri as Colour of the Year, they were embracing the vivid joy and fierceness of purple. But Very Peri takes it one step further – representing the strange, mystique and unconventional. The colour is reflective on the world around us while placing the future in a new light. Purple – and Very Peri – changes the way we look at the world. As the colour for 2022, we are living in transformative times, opening the door to new possibilities. Very Peri illustrates the stylish fusion of modern life with our online one.

While calming the body and mind, purple is also uplifting and inspiring, boosting creativity levels and inspiration. It is the colour for seeking the meaning of life and spiritual fulfilment, expanding our awareness and connecting to the greater consciousness for a transformation of the soul.

Transformation can only take place immediately: the revolution is now, not tomorrow

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Purple polarises fashion


Designers have been steadily embracing purple on the runway. While purple is polarising, lavender, lilac, mauve, violet or plum come together as part of the purple family offering a more muted choice to purple’s vibrance.

Warm up your silhouette with a pop or pops of purple accents or accessories to white or black outfits, and dressing up jeans.

Vogue has valuable stylish advice adding purple to our wardrobe with their article “Fashion color trend: Why purple is set to dethrone pink.”

Purple in jewellery

Purple dominates the gem spectrum with Purple Diamonds, Purple Chalcedony, Purple Sapphire, Iolite, Purple Jade, Fluorite, Purple Tourmaline, Kunzite, Suglite, Jasper, Charoite or Purple Agate.

But out of them all, Amethyst rules the roost. Take your jewellery to the max: frost yourself in Amethyst for dynamic fearlessness.

Amethyst brings love, light and a crowning calm to life. As Nature’s tranquilliser, earrings and bracelets embrace the healing energy of Amethyst for connecting to your serenity and balancing your body and soul. Embrace its powers for calmness, clarity and decision making.

Power up with amethyst to work wonders for the immune system, ease tension and headaches for restorative recovery. Stay connected, steady and as cool as a cucumber knowing your wisdom, intuition and the greater good is always at hand.

Amethyst gems and crystals in silver settings twinkle nicely with relaxed looks for effortless style.

Rose gold settings add an extra layer of refinement that segues easily from casual to After 5 – and beyond.

MYJS’ Swarovski® Provence Lavender Crystal Collection is designed around the soft violet crystal named for the purple landscapes of lavender fields of Provence, in the south of France.

Purple Birthstone

The all-purpose stones of peace, humility and spiritual wisdom, February’s birthstone Amethyst and October’s birthstone Tourmaline align with the universe for balancing mind flow to heal and purify, crushing and protecting against all vestiges of anger, rage and fear. The stone for beauty, femininity and independence, embrace your nobility and power – and shine bright.


Stay calm and find peace within chaos where your mysterious purple soul is reflected in Amethyst eyes.