Peach Fuzz: 2024 Colour Of The Year


Never underestimate the ability of peaches to make you smile

2024 is the year of “Peach Fuzz”

The Pantone Color Institute named its colour of the year, describing the orange-pink hue of Peach Fuzz as gentle, warm and cosy, subtly sensual and heartfelt. The velvety peach tone represents our desire to nurture ourselves and others with an all-embracing spirit enriching mind, body, and soul.

It’s certainly a shade embraced by celebs from Zoë Kravitz to Sydney Sweeny, JLo and Priyanka Chopra. Peach Fuzz shines beautifully on light or dark skin tones as a gentle and warm hue, with a muted – almost faded – charm for an air of familiar simplicity.

You’ve got a peach of my heart


This Rose Gold Pavé Dome Vintage Rose Crystal Cocktail Ring from the MYJS Pavé Collection is a perfect representation of modern meets vintage for stylish romantic charm.

A colour radiant with warmth and modern elegance, the shade effortlessly spans the bridge between youth and timelessness. It’s an orange-pink hue to bring comfort, calm and beauty to the modern digital world with a romantic charm referencing the past.

The peachy almost-neutral and not quite pink does have a distinct yellow undertone with an old-school femme appeal. We love seeing it in pressed glassware, rose gold jewellery, fuzzy hats, slinky slip dresses and lovely glasses of rosé. It’s a beautiful light colour perfect for Spring and Summer, inspiring us to get Movin’ to the country, Gonna eat me a lot of peaches. The hue crowns our head in a soft light and will no doubt feature boldly across our eyes, cheeks and lips.


The MYJS Bella Collection is the unicorn of the designer jewellery world featuring stunning ethical non-mined Swarovski® or Austrian crystals designed in a setting for sparkle and shine with each movement

Intended to be inspiring and nurturing, Peach Fuzz is a colour that gives us permission to shine.

As a gemstone, Peach Crystal encourages forgiveness and healing, reducing anxiety, worry, stress and shyness. It boosts calm, balance and creative energies to reach a quiet state ready for meditation. Wearing the apricot-shaded crystal gives us the courage to move past traumas into the light while promoting understanding, friendship and cooperation. Peach Crystal brings joy to everyday life – transforming the everyday into something special.

Lovely and peachy

MYJS Style Guide To Gold Jewellery


But gold shines like fire blazing in the night, supreme of lordly wealth

– Pindar, Olympian Odes, c518-438 BC

Gold has illustrious qualities. Pure and durable, gold can be beaten, hammered and spun. Its brilliance survives time, burial and time. Gold has played an important role in history and stories, where the Tree of Life was said to have roots of gold, and referenced across literature from Greek mythology with King Midas to the Lord of the Rings. The precious metal is essential to identity, status and power, defining social position, wealth and grandeur and synonymous with jewellery. Welcome to the MYJS Style Guide To Gold Jewellery.

Stay golden

The meaning and history of gold

Since Pharoahs walked the earth, we have been irresistibly drawn to the glitter of gold. Its enduring allure has seen us use it as currency, gifting it and adorning ourselves and our surroundings in it. The warm sun-drenched coloured metal is beautiful to behold, representing wealth, generosity, and compassion, while being synonymous with divinity, wisdom and power.

On a spiritual level, gold stands as the master healer, acting as the conduit to the source of all being.

Gold has featured prominently in our stories, where the Tree of Life was said to have roots of gold, and referenced across ancient literature in Greek mythology with King Midas to the Lord of the Rings’ Precious.

The MYJS Personalised Family Engraved Ring plated in gold is a unique and timeless keepsake.

Treasured for centuries, gold remains the popular setting for contemporary jewellery. With its lustrous yellow colour, gold is highly valued for many reasons, including its rarity and durability. Its rareness has been imbued with temptation. Ancient tombs from Egypt’s Tutankhamun and Cleopatra to Greek temples and Roman Emperors have unearthed beautiful golden pieces.

Since 6,000 BC, goldsmithing has been prized in ancient cultures, from Mesopotamia to China, Egypt, India, Greece and Rome. Techniques of chasing, granulation, filigree and repoussé have influenced jewellery design with necklaces, pendant, earrings, bracelets and rings, presenting a variety of shapes, colours and carats. In its purist form, gold is very soft at 24 carats. This malleability means it can be easily shaped and moulded for versatile intricate designs and shapes.

Gold can also be mixed with copper or silver for a more durable alloy at 18K, 14K and 9K making it ideal for everyday wear.

And most importantly, gold is hypoallergenic, meaning it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

Stay bold, stay gold

How to wear gold jewellery

Gold endures because of its timeless allure. Gold can dress a look up or down, taking a casual look to smart and a formal look to stunning. Gold’s value and durability also allows pieces to be passed down generations as meaningful sentimental heirlooms.

In fashion and jewellery, gold’s warm lustre complements every skin tone, illuminating natural tones, especially darker hair and warmer skin tones.

Gold shines with simple, neutral looks, particularly black, white and red, as well as green, yellow and blue. Busy patterns don’t work as well, because gold loves to shine – though this doesn’t mean we can’t experiment to make it work.

Like gold, she is radiant and pure

Gold and sparkles

The warmth of yellow gold with MYJS Clear Crystal Mix Charms makes for a stunning combination.

Yellow gold loves sparkly gemstones and suits every gemstone.

Diamonds and clear crystal are a stylish go-to for staple jewellery designs.

Deep blue such as sapphire, aquamarine or blue topaz are a sophisticated and luxurious mix.

Bright pinks such as rose crystals give a bold feminine twist to classic jewellery designs adding a touch of vintage style.

Royal purple hues such as amethyst are opulent and plush while the dark charcoal of black crystal or black pearls make a minimalist modern statement.

The bright colours of white pearls, yellow topaz, orange hyacinth or greens of emerald and peridot are a gorgeous nature-inspired palette perfect for the earth goddess, uniting modern style with a boho feel.

Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold

– Proverbs 11:27

Gold tips

The MYJS 8.5 carat Bella Golden Shadow Crystal Earrings plated in gold were born to shine with simple flair and timeless elegance.

Let each piece shine
Gold is beautiful – and deserves its place under the spotlight or in the sun. So keep it simple, because less is more. Leave your look uncluttered to allow your gold pieces to stand out.

If opting for more than one piece, avoid the busy background of patterns to take the focus off our pieces. Let gold stun, opting for subtle rather than over-the-top.

Make a statement
Make an impact with a statement piece and build the entire look around this. Bold gold loves attention, so standout with elaborate pieces or a delicate stack

You are gold baby – solid gold

MYJS Trinity Necklace and Bracelets are a tribute to mixed metals, uniting gold, rose gold and silver for an always on-trend and stylish feel.

Mix those metals
Mixed metals will always trend, so mixing your gold with silver, rose gold or platinum is always in-fashun and far from being a fashion faux-pas. Just keep it balanced or layer up for a casual contrasting look.

Wear what you love
But it comes down to not sticking to the rules: wear what you love and don’t be afraid to experiment. Gold is classic, transcending trends and styles. Go for different lengths and don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes and textures for dazzling combinations, bold statements or a layered stack. Fashion and jewellery is all about attitude, so embrace who you are and rock what makes you feel great.

Have a heart of gold

Timeless Jewellery Colour Trends


Life is a sea of vibrant colour. Jump in

– AD Posey

To exude timelessness is to reflect the journey of the universe. As the cosmos has always been and always will be, the hues of eternity tell a story of exuberant artistry. From the pops of red and purple in fruits such as raspberries, blackberries and figs to the lush greens of plants, the ultramarine and clarity of the ocean deep or the heavens with flashes of sunlight and stars proves beauty is everywhere. Trends will come and go, Timeless Jewellery Colour Trends are here to stay.

When Pantone released vibrant Viva Magenta as Colour of the Year, we knew 2023 was the year to be brave and fearless. An animated red celebrating pure joy and unshackled self-expression, Viva Magenta welcomes everyone and everything with rebellious vitality.

This is a daring signal: this is clearly the year of fierce vibrance as Viva Magenta reflects intensity and dynamism. Bold playful hues on the warmer side of the wheel is our preference.

But we should always choose adventure, from the way we express ourselves to enhance our feelings of joy and wellbeing. Taking a leap into wearing more daring colours may not be easy – but to do so, is transformative.

May your journey through life be vibrant and full of colourful rainbows

– Harley King

We should always aim for adventurous with colours that are assertive without being aggressive; colours that boldly dominate without being violent, all the while driving to a positive, bright future. We look to the eternal bloom of natural forces for reassurance, protection and trust. We are looking for warmth and strength while expanding our boundaries of authenticity.

We must be inspired to be brave and confident. To reflect eternity is to echo power colours that balance boldness with fun. We can be simultaneously rebellious yet gentle, expressing fierce grace, while showing up with confidence and humility. The colours of immortality help us stand strong while we heal, allowing us to be cloaked in both power and grace.

Sure, our minimalist wardrobe means we may not be quite brave enough to go all out block and bold. But the greatness and versatility of timeless colours means they will always work radiantly as popping accessories. It’s about being adventurous. It’s all about adding zhush to the everyday – and standing out in your own unique way.

There is no beauty without colour

Lucious reds and blushing rose

MYJS Rose and Ruby Crystal Bella Earrings are associated with the heart and blood of our inner fire and life force, boosting our confidence, love, abundance, wealth and success.

Red and pinks take us out of our comfort zone, energising us and lifting our spirits. In a world of black or white, wearing life-affirming red and pink are our brightest coloured and most powerful armour. Choosing a lush impactful red or distinctive pink rose is a reminder of the ass-kicking fierce confident badass we really are.

Let that rosy red sparkle start a fire

Tranquil blue

Ageless and classic, frost yourself in the perfect armour of MYJS Aquamarine sparkles with the MYJS Mix and Bella Collection for blue power.

Visions of azure blue seas and the electric colour from the underwater takes a deep dive into aquatic dream where the colour of luck inspires us to take brave steps forward to journeys deep within.

Restorative and soothing to the soul, from aquamarine to sapphire, blue is the perfect armour against stress and fatigue to make everything sparklier.

The sun is up, the sky is blue; it’s beautiful and so are you

– John Lennon

A blank canvas

The sparkles of the MYJS Clear Crystal Mix Collection are designed to mix + match for an endless variety of stunning statement earring combinations.

Purity, perfection and invincible power belongs to diamonds and clear crystals to focus, amplify and transform energy.

Natural upheaval, immense geological shifts, volcanic activity and the grinding down of mountains means their gems and stones are imbued with the aura of magic to protect our bodies and spirits across the centuries.

From climate change to political and economic insecurity intended to erode our armour, it’s reasonable enough to seek sources of strength, comfort and meaning as powerful shields against daily life.

Sparkle and shine

Marvellous magentas

The colour of royalty and nobility, Amethyst is the colour of Queens. Bask in the effortless style of refinement with MYJS Bella Amethyst Crystal Earrings.

As the hue for breaking barriers and inspiring change, the mix between red and purple is a sensory uplifting colour to boost creativity levels for a transformation of the soul. A sense of balance comes with the reddish blue that covers the kaleidoscope of plum to violet, wine and pomegranate looking for balance, hope and serenity.

Transformation can only take place immediately: the revolution is now, not tomorrow

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

Quirky greens

Understated and crisp, the deep emeralds of MYJS Mix and Bella Collections presents vibrant monochromatic hues for maximum shine

Soothing with overtones of citrus, the balance between the acidity and refreshment of green creates space that is both playful and sophisticated. Greens are an organic hue embracing the raw beauty ideal as work-life go-tos. As the expression of our hopeful spirits, green is the colour to reconnect with the world, friends and loved ones. We can freshen our look with pops of emerald or subtle peridot while channelling all the luxury.

Love is an emerald: its brilliant light wards off dragons on this treacherous path

– Rumi

Luminous sunshine

Energetic and fun, the beauty of the setting sun shines on the grace of the MYJS Golden Shadow Mix Collection.

The warm honey of yellow and orange boosts the virtues of leadership, representing intuition and inner peace, standing for power, loyalty and prosperity. A lively fire, yellow and orange transforms negative energy into positive invigorating vibrations for vitality and healing power.

Release anger, surrender to forgiveness and bring balance to turbulent emotions for calm and peace. The inner blaze of fire protects against accidents and fire, protecting travellers while inspiring creativity.

You have a whole universe inside you

Jewellery Is Self-Care: I Choose Me


If you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love anybody else?


If only we came with a manual.

Life would be so much easier if we could take out that wiki and knew how to act, react and behave in every situation.

Our DNA is coded for our social structure, where living for others – our family, our friends and the rest of society – is the standard. We spend so much time living for others, we forget to take care of ourselves. So take a deep breath today and say .. I choose me.

Popping on your baubles is looking after you. Treating yourself to a glittery gift is mindfulness. Buying sparkles for your friends is the gift of giving and passing on the sparkle. Wearing jewellery is a conscious decision to shine. Jewellery Is Self-Care: I Choose Me – you’re welcome.

Jewellery is the most transformative thing you can wear

I choose me

Discover the MYJS Love Collection with designer heart jewellery. Honouring the most recognisable icon for compassion, understanding and love, these stylish pieces add a charming touch of romantic glamour to the everyday.

When you say “I choose me”, you are saying:

“I am being authentically me, I am accepting who I am, the life I live, my quirks and all the bits and pieces that make me uniquely me. I choose to move to the beat of my own drum.”

“I choose me” is self-care. It’s a decision that empowers us to look after our physical and mental wellness efficiently and conveniently. We set the standards of our life for our happiness and peace.

It means you love yourself enough to let go off anything that make you unhappy. It means you love yourself enough to sparkle and shine. Self-care is a necessity. Not looking after you is a sure way to mental and physical burnout.

No one knows us better than we know ourselves. This gives us the conscious decision and permission to always love ourselves above everyone else. This means you can always trust and depend upon you.

It doesn’t mean you can’t depend on and trust others: it means when you choose you, you won’t be disappointed.

Jewellery is always the perfect reminder to sparkle – with these reasons to say “I choose me”.

Surround yourself with sparkles


Designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms, Mix Hoops, Mix Statement Drop and Mix Stud Cluster earrings, the MYJS Mix Collection is the ultimate mini versatile jewellery set to bring pop to the everyday.

Popping on your baubles amplifies the shine from within. And jewellery is the perfect encouragement to drive you forward. Stagnation is death – not moving at all gets us nowhere and stops us in our track.

Progress is always preferred – even if it’s a few steps sideways, backwards to move forwards or even in circles. Moving means life. Moving motivates us to keep finding that fire and powering through – and sparkling brightly

I see bold accessories as a woman’s armour

– Rachel Zoe


Be the sensation. The Octagon Sensational Statement Necklace presents vibrant monochromatic hues for maximum shine, adding dynamic energy for stunning style.

Celebrating our achievements builds our self-confidence. Buying that bracelet after getting that promotion, popping on that gifted personalised necklace from a loved one or grabbing those sparkly earrings online “just because” sets benchmarks for memorable celebration moments. We should celebrate all the wins – not just the big wins either. Got through a big day without falling into a heap on the floor? That’s a win. Fell onto the floor because it was a big day? Thank goodness there was the floor – so that’s a win too.

Whatever win it is – no matter how big or small – if it matters to you, don’t let it go by unrecognised. Be proud of yourself – and treat yourself.

An empty lantern has no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly


The MYJS Bridal Collection adds the finishing touches to shine from morning to night – with all the sparkle every bride needs to look and feel her best.

Every piece of jewellery we own has a memory attached to it.

That great night when we went out and everyone saw our big dangly earrings sparkle under the disco ball. Designing that special personalised necklace for mum on Mother’s Day and all the anticipation for the moment she opens the box and sees it. The tennis bracelet everyone comments on because it twinkles so beautifully.

The engagement ring our boyfriend presents when they propose, the earrings, necklace and bracelet we wear with the wedding ring that slides onto our finger on our special day.

Jewellery marks special moments and experiences every time we buy them – and pop them on.

All my jewellery has stories

– Eva Green

Because it’s your favourite

Make a statement with the MYJS Personalised Collection and one-of-a-kind stylish perfection.

The reason to treat yourself can be as simple as finding that holy grail: the perfect piece that goes with anything.

A plain black suit goes from basic to wow with the perfect sparkly pendant. A sweetheart neckline pops with the right dangly earrings, or the staple white tshirt and jeans goes next level with the right tennis bracelet and statement cocktail ring.

It’s not just wearing the same piece over and over – it’s an investment that becomes your unique signature.

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside

– Coco Chanel


The MYJS Bella Collection is the unicorn of the designer jewellery world featuring stunning ethical non-mined Swarovski® or Austrian crystals designed in a setting for sparkle and shine with each movement

Feeling down? That’s ok. Humans always want to feel connected by being accepted and understood. A pair of sparkly earrings, that shiny necklace, your favourite wrist twinkles or that bright ring will motivate us to turn that frown upside down – even if’s just for a moment. Sparkly jewellery always lifts the doom and gloom, as a reminder no matter how dark, the light will always shines bright and lead the way.

It’s very easy to feel unnoticed and unappreciated by everyone around us, but you can depend on you to never overlook yourself and accept yourself simply by saying “I choose me” – and the bright happy jewellery to remind you to shine.

Life isn’t perfect – but your jewellery can be

MYJS Guide: Jewellery Mistakes You’re Making


You make mistakes, but mistakes don’t make you

Inner beauty is what truly brings light to this world: our immense capacity for kindness, compassion, humility, and honesty are our greatest most beautiful gems. Jewellery amplifies our inner shine for the world to enjoy. Sparkles have the power for instant change and charge – where age, occupation and our postcode doesn’t matter. So we need to know about the jewellery mistakes we make and avoid the extra costs on our communities or the earth, without also impacting on our health and wallets.

Save time, money and your jewellery following these little steps to see your jewellery always sparkling brightly. The MYJS Guide: Jewellery Mistakes To Stop Making. You’re welcome.

We love our bling. Bling makes us human.

What we wear sends a message and tells our story. Our jewellery are coded symbols, central to the unique ability of human symbolic communication. Our jewellery is an indication of status — available, married, affianced, leader, part of a fraternity, sisterhood or tribe.

Here at My Jewellery Story, we consider jewellery self-care – a reminder we deserve to shine. And wearing sparkly jewellery is a luxury – like a 2-hour bubble bath or adding that shiny trinket to add pop to our sweats or office wardrobe.

They all do wonders for our mind and soul while bringing out the best of ourselves.

You don’t have to be rich to sparkle

Misunderstanding the materials your jewellery is made from

The source of materials used in our jewellery can impact our communities, environment – and our health. If a piece is sparkly and shiny in colour, this doesn’t always mean it’s made using quality craftsmanship, from the best materials or under the best conditions.

Cheap jewellery products sourced from people working in poor conditions and shoddy workmanship using inferior materials and design results in a poor-quality cheap nickel or lead jewellery products.

Our jewellery choice does not have to cost our family, community, the environment or our health.

These are the questions to ask when we buy our jewellery:

As small scale manufacturing jewellers, you can count on knowing MYJS has 100% control over the source and materials in our jewellery.

🚨 Does the piece list the materials it’s made from?
🚨❓ Is it clear what type of gemstones they are and where they’re sourced from?
🚨 Do the gems come from war zones?
🚨 Is the earth mined in obtaining these stones?

❌ Nickel and lead irritates the owner’s ears or skin and loses value through wear while quickly becoming outdated.

💖 A great jewellery brand clearly states its materials and gemstones, whether lab grown, simulated or nickel- or lead-free.

The time is always right to do what is always right

Not changing up your everyday jewellery

It’s easy to get into the habit of wearing the same jewellery day in, day out. We don’t have to be boring – we deserve better.

As seasons change, so do the days – not to mention our moods. We are an ever-evolving creature, and we deserve to invest in ourselves on the daily. This means shaking things up and being creative about who we are and how we express this.

Designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms, Mix Hoops, Mix Statement Drop and Mix Stud Cluster earrings, the MYJS Mix Collection is the ultimate mini versatile jewellery set.

💖 Experiment. Choose versatile pieces to extend your wardrobe.

💖 Dress to the occasion, as well as your facial structure, skin, hair and eye shades and your outfit, from silhouettes to symmetry, colour, patterns, necklines, sleeves and styles.

💖 Wearing the same jewellery every day means those pieces will need regular cleaning with a gentle bath of warm soapy water every 2 weeks.

💖 Take jewellery off when swimming, showering and going to bed as this causes damage.

💖 Change your jewellery up to add instant sparkle to each day while maintaining their quality and freshness.

The person who doesn’t make mistakes is the person who doesn’t learn

Not cleaning your jewellery

Just as your clothes need to be cleaned, so do your sparkles. Not cleaning your jewellery regularly – if at all – means your pieces will get grimy and become tarnished, losing their lovely colour, lustre and quality. Your jewellery has been designed to bring you joy. Let’s keep them that way.

MYJS Bella Earrings are designed to bring a luxury product to the everyday woman. Each crystal is meticulously handset by our MYJS craftspeople and finished in quality metals,

❌ Avoid harsh chemicals – especially any cleaning products, perfumes and alcohol.

❌ In the new era of hand hygiene, go easy on the sanitiser and handwashing with your rings.
Take your rings off before you sanitise or wash your hands (just don’t leave them behind!)

💖 With the change of seasons four times a year, schedule in a good jewellery clean of your most important pieces.

💖 If you have regular favourites, a good rub with a cleaning or polishing cloth every week or once a fortnight works wonders – and it’s easy.

Get distracted by shiny things

Wearing jewellery while being active

No ifs or buts: wearing necklaces, bracelets or dangly earrings while actively working, working out, swimming or showering is damaging. Too much perspiration, moisture or water will definitely dim the sparkle on your sparkles.

If – like you – your jewellery is hard at work or partied all night, then the perspiration will seep into the materials leaving them dirty while extinguishing their shine.

Adding sparkle and pizzaz to any outfit so you shine for every occasion, MYJS Mix Huggies are so comfortable, you can sleep in them.

💖 Get into the routine of removing your jewellery before washing the dishes, bathing, and showering.

💖 Leave rings behind when doing chores, projects or gardening around the house. The damage can be irreversible, or worse – you could cause some harm to yourself if they get caught on anything or lose them.

💖 When swimming, showering or doing the dishes, it’s easy to dull their sparkle, or worse – lose your pieces. No matter how organic and kind to your body and the environment they are, the chemical residue from detergents, soaps, shampoos and conditioners affects your jewellery.

💖 When it comes to working out, jumping into the pool or heading to the beach, leave your good pieces at home and stick to unfussy jewellery – like studs and huggies – but make sure a good clean is scheduled in to wipe away any build-up of residue and perspiration.

❌ Swimming in chlorine pools and spas weakens gold and discolours silver and gemstones. The sand from the beach with the salty sea dulls gems and erodes metals. And nobody wants that.

Good thing jewellery works for every reason

Not looking after your jewellery

When we are not wearing our jewellery, we need to think of safety and storage.

Because our jewellery is so fine and petite with lots of little detachable pieces and bits and bobs, we always need to keep our sparkles out of reach of children.

Soft and luxurious, the MYJS velvet drawstring pouches are perfect for storage and easy travelling.

💖 Store jewellery in a closed jewellery box, jewellery roll, a special covered and padded container or pouches.

💖 Clasp necklaces when you take them off. This helps them from getting all jumbled or tangled up. Picking at tangled chains is not really a fun job (unless you are OCD and find joy in that kind of thing). If necklace tangles still happen on the daily, hanging them from a jewellery tree or peg will prevent those pesky snarls.

💖 When storing jewellery on a necklace tree, make sure to clean regularly so they don’t collect dust.

❌ Don’t wear dangly sparkly jewellery around children – because curiosity, glitter and little clutching hands makes My Jewellery Story something something.

❌ Don’t store your jewellery collection in a humid, moist area such as bathrooms, or around extreme change in temperatures, such as the kitchen or directly in the sun or exposed to air. Our pieces will suffer from expanding in temperatures, tarnish or get dusty.

❌ Our sparkles are not water babies. If they do get wet, dry with a clean, soft cloth as soon as you can to avoid discolouring and icky build ups.

❌ Avoid jewellery from rubbing against each other, gems or other hard surfaces, causing damage, scratches and scuff marks. Scuffing doesn’t look great on our shoes let along our sparkles.

❌ Avoid harsh chemicals and alcohols – especially any cleaning products, soaps, perfumes and sanitisers.

💖 Take off your jewellery while cooking and cleaning.

💖 Always spray your hairspray, lotions and perfume before popping your jewellery on. This includes putting your ring on after washing your hands and sanitising.

💖 When washing hands, don’t forget your ring on the washing basin. Pretty, sparkly rings are eye-catching and alluring – especially when left behind in public bathrooms.

We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents

Not knowing where your jewellery comes from

Caring about the communities supporting our love for shiny things is crucial in the decisions we make when buying our pretty baubles, because we should be buying from business owners, creatives, designers and craftspeople.

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves when we buy our jewellery:

My Jewellery Story designers and craftspeople are independent artists and creatives exclusive to MYJS.

🚨 Do you know where in the world the pieces are made?

🚨 Are the working conditions ethical?

🚨Are the gems ethically sourced or do they come from war zones?

🚨 Is the earth mined in obtaining these stones?

💖 Supporting independent artists and creatives in the design and craftsmanship of jewellery means a great piece can be well designed and economically priced.

💖 Supporting local business is great for the community, while pieces from small scale manufacturing jewellers with a great reputation – just like us – means a better investment for buyers.

💖 Knowledge is power. The source of materials used in our jewellery impacts us, our communities and environment. If we truly care, paying attention, looking deeper and doing the research means we make better jewellery choices – without costing the earth or our health.

If you don’t know, jewellery is the answer

Buying cheap jewellery

The price tag of high-end jewellery might not always easily be within reach of our wallets – but it is possible to have beautifully designed timeless sparkly jewellery that lasts.

The beautifully-designed Octagon Sensational Statement Necklace presents vibrant monochromatic hues for maximum shine, adding dynamic energy and stunning style.

❌ Cheap jewellery products sourced from people working in poor conditions and shoddy workmanship using inferior materials and design results in a poor-quality cheap nickel or lead jewellery products.

❌ Cheap jewellery offers a world of sparkle while leaving behind black or green marks and irritating our skin.

💖 Avoiding cheap nickel or lead jewellery is a better investment because quality designed and crafted pieces lasts longer and look better.

💖 Make the conscious decision to buy well designed jewellery made from materials that aren’t harmful to our health, community or environment.

Be free, not cheap

Wearing jewellery that doesn’t suit you

Jewellery is essential to the everyday. We wear jewellery to complement the colour and style of an outfit for the ultimate polished look. We imbue jewellery with special powers to make us feel confident and happy. Jewellery takes a formal look to the next level, adding pop to our plain, monochrome, neutral or basic outfits. Jewellery is the timeless classic accessory reflecting our mood, personality and style.

To find the ubiquitous pieces versatile enough to segue from day into night, from the office to happy hour or for the most special of occasions (even if a glass of wine over the kitchen sink is the special occasion) without stealing the entire show, is to lay your hands on the holy grail — but it is possible.

When it comes to earring fashion, MYJS Mix Hoops are the quintessential piece of jewellery, transcending trends, time, cultures, stereotypes and personal style.

❌ Bad jewellery cheapens an outfit or turns a simple look into a graceless one. They can make your work clothes look unprofessional or leave your stunning dress looking unfinished.

💖 Know yourself so you can express yourself

💖 Dress to the occasion, the season or your mood.

💖 Understand your facial structure, skin, hair and eye shades so you’ve got the right piece that highlight and set these features to stunning.

💖 Accessorise to you outfit, and think about the silhouette, symmetry, colour, pattern, necklines, sleeves and style.

💖 Choosing your jewellery is all about creating a balanced look to turn heads wherever you go. And you deserve to shine at every opportunity.

You can take on the world with great jewellery

MYJS Style Guide To Christmas Party Jewellery


Updated Dec 2023

This Christmas, wear pretty jewellery

Tis the season to jingle, deck the halls and make merry. The party season has descended, and it means digging into our wardrobes for all the festive cheer we can wear.

Great holiday outfits depend on two things: the clothes and the jewellery that completes them. From adding festive cheer to your Xmas day dress or standing out in an LBD, holiday jewellery is more complicated from your standard everyday sparkle. The holiday season is the time to go big. Drag out those pieces from your jewellery box, dust them off and let them shine full and vibrant again. Welcome to the MYJS Style Guide To Christmas Party Jewellery.

Holiday mode: on

Holiday jewelery

Holiday jewellery is colourful, flashy and statement making.

Need a holiday injection but can’t get one? Just pop on your holiday jewels to make it feel like a party any day of the week.

Party-worthy jewellery makes you shine. Great statement pieces will amplify your star power for eye-catching glamour – you’ll be stopped by everyone asking, “where did you get those sparkles?”

Let’s make plans – I have cute jewellery to show off


Stylish statement earrings

A great pair of sparkly earrings frame our face with a dash of shine, drawing attention to our eyes.

For fun, feminine and flirty, dangling chandelier cluster earrings – clear or colourful – are a vibrant standout. Go for big in volume but opt for lightweight and supple in design

What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe

Love the chic curves of MYJS Personalised Trinity Interlocking Family Circles from the MYJS Family Collection.

Statement necklaces

As the perfect party accessory, statement necklaces add a dose of sparkle to the day – and goes with everything, because it’s all in the attitude.

Plunging or V necklines love drop pendants to draw attention to your breast assets.

The sculptured design of MYJS Bracelets and Rings powers you with forceful energy for a fresh modern look.

Tennis bracelets

Frost your wrist with the brilliance of sparkles designed to stand out in its simple edgy minimalism. With classic design and popular appeal, tennis bracelet are the ideal all-occasion jewellery.

Bold bangles

Christmas is the time to go big or go home. Go for bold with a defining signature arm piece worn with off-the-shoulder or sleeveless. All-black? A pop of colour from an audacious bangle presents a fearless edge. Follow in the footsteps of Wonder Woman and dare to wear one on each wrist.

Colourful cocktail rings

Gemstone rings are attention-grabbing and reflect your adventurous personality. Brandish that flamboyant, pronounced piece of jewellery from your fingers. When it comes to rings, there are no limits on size.

Ring in the holidays

The art of keeping it simple

The power of three with the MYJS Trinity Collection

Your everyday style gets to reflect your personal style, but holiday jewellery should take you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to go big and bold. Holiday jewellery is next level sparkle, so the real dilemma will be finding the balance between enough sparkle to pop without ending up competing with the Christmas tree.

If we’re paring back our gems for understated minimal accessories – particularly when worn with flashy patterns – we need to make each piece count.

A set of classic jewellery like the MYJS Trinity Collection goes a long way during the party season. The mixed metals of gold, rhodium and rose gold necklace, bracelet, earrings with a fun cocktail ring keeps the festive spirit alive.

If the gems are taking centre stage, pair to a neutral outfit or opt for daring silhouettes for a bold, sleek statement. Festive red lippy is the ultimate finishing touch – because it’s all about the next step….

Collect moments – not things

Make an impact

As the LBD of your jewellery box, MYJS Signature Studs are perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear to add a splash of instant zhush, with all the sparkle and none of the weight.

The holidays are about celebration. We’re expressing gratitude for what we have and what we can be, taking the party season to make each moment matter. Our shine deserves to be at its most vibrant and fullest while appreciating the wondrous lives we live.

It’s our time to shine – so turn up the dial to full illumination. Put on that sparkly jewellery and take out those dazzling outfits.

During holiday season, we have all the variety that sits between deliciously predictable to the piquant unexpected. We can keep to theme, revolving around the usually stunning clear, green or red pieces. Or forget holiday colours entirely – and just hit high wattage with pink, amethyst, violet or topaz. Want left-of-centre? Orange and yellows will always be stunning.

Anything glittery such as satin, sequin is the epitome of fun for this time of year. Pare back on the accessories for that flirty balance.

MYJS Tennis Bracelets are designed for smooth wearing and intense sparkle.

Bright shiny gems can’t compete against busy patterns such as brash Christmas jumpers. Pops of sparkle such as studs and delicate chains offer a balance with the right touch of shine and none of the overwhelm/

Fear the full sparkle or sequin look? Neutral outfits finished with glittering necklace, earrings, ring and bracelets still mean an eye-catching look. Opt for a main focal point that adds to the allure – such as pendants to bring out that plunging neckline, glittering earrings to draw attention to the face, sleek bracelets to highlight those slim wrists or the perfect cocktail ring to show off that manicure. Just get out there and illuminate the world.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful

– Norman Vincent Peale

What type of party is it?

With the calendar filling up fast, the ‘what to wear’ struggle is real.

The occasion calls for the outfit, and the right holiday jewellery will fit every holiday outfit. From black-tie events to intimate dinner parties or casual drinking soirees, the right jewellery adds all the sparkle for a lasting impression.

The holiday office party

When it comes to the office, it’s smart to keep it slightly formal. A conservative little black or red dress can’t go wrong. Add the right jewellery, the simple all-purpose little black/red dress goes from blah to bam! A statement necklace paired to subtle earrings like studs or minimal drop earrings finished with a single bracelet or cuff will twinkle in all the right places while keeping your look professionally trendy.

Christmas with the in-laws

The day to enjoy the comforts of floating dresses or skirts or jeans with the added edge of a great tailored shirt. Comfort can be chic.

Sparkly earrings and a statement necklace adds the right glamour and shine. For added civility, a pearl necklace and earrings are always appropriate.

Get glammy

Hitting the clubs to see in the New Year? Chandelier Cluster Earrings and Hoops say “make way” for a sexy minimalist look.

Heading to a Xmas house party with friends? Go edgy, with dangling earrings bringing all the festive cheer.

This is the most wonderful time of the year

Meaningful Gifts: The MYJS Jewellery Xmas Gift Guide


Tis the season to sparkle

Christmas gifts you deserve

There’s no better gift than one that has extra special meaning. Send a powerful message this season with symbolic designs and power words that will be treasured long beyond Christmas. Start shopping for Christmas and celebrate the holidays in style. Bring sparkle to the holiday season with personalised goodies and must-have designer jewellery. From personalised jewellery to mix and match earrings, these pieces are guaranteed to bring sparkle to Christmas – and every day thereafter.

Love who you are in the world

The MYJS Semi Precious Stone Collection presents a kaleidoscope of rich colours as an ode to your very own natural identity.

Give them a reason to smile this season with a gift from the MYJS collection. Inspired by personal expression while celebrating identity, these styles are a reminder of the strength we find in happiness and the connections they create.

A consistent personal style can be challenging but the perfect well-chosen gemstone jewellery will always keep your look fresh. While gemstones love taking centre stage, they are just as powerful as understated accents. Delicate gemstone jewellery adds instant finesse without overpowering your look.

As sleek, modern fashion statements, the MYJS Semi Precious Stone Collection are bold, heroic charms appealing easily to everyone.

Shop MYJS Semi Precious Stone Collection

Christmas is the season for joy, of gift-giving and of families united

– Norman Vincent Peale

Get to the heart of the matter

From the MYJS Personalised For Her Collection: Stay close to her heart with stylish tags, circles and hearts immortalising the perfect power of words, initials and birthstones

Show your love this season.

The evocative heart shape is impressive in its simplicity. The universal symbol for compassion, understanding and romantic love, Heart Jewellery fits every phase of life.

Shop the MYJS Heart Jewellery Collection

Let love sparkle

Lasting love

Radiating timeless splendour and eternal brilliance, embrace the magic of technology and the craftsmanship of modern style with MYJS Lab Diamonds.

MYJS Lab Diamond Collection

Turn life’s moments into forever memories with the perfect present for your special someone.

With stylish contemporary designs, the MYJS Lab Diamond Collection will pass on that special message – perfect for Christmas.

Shop the MYJS Lab Diamond Collection

Love the chic curves of MYJS Personalised Trinity Interlocking Family Circles from the MYJS Family Collection.

MYJS Personalised Collection
Symbols of optimism and endless possibilities, MYJS Personalised Jewellery is the path to mum’s heart. With simple, streamlined styles and meaningful touches, these designs hold promise and hope, crafted to stand the test of time.

Shop the MYJS Personalised Collection
Shop the MYJS Personalised Family Collection
Shop the MYJS Name Collection
Shop the MYJS Friendship Collection
Shop the MYJS Personalised For Her Collection

Make a statement

Timeless jewellery that never goes out of style and a must-have for every stylish wardrobe. The simplicity of the MYJS Circles Collection is a sleek sophisticated design as an elegant statement of forever.

Statement jewellery always has something to say. So say it boldly and sparkle with these iconic MYJS collections.

From the MYJS Circles Collection, emphasising endless love, devotion and everlasting memories, the connection of Circles represents the unbreakable bond between loved ones. With all the space to capture special names and dates, these circles are a truly unique keepsake to take jewellery to a whole new level of special.

Shop the MYJS Circles Collection

Blazing brilliance is celebrated with a dust of sparkle and stunning glitter with MYJS Angelic Pendant and MYJS Angelic Rings for a unique style that is both timeless and modern.

Hand-crafted to perfection, our signature MYJS Angelic Collection brings a unique style to your jewellery game for effortless elegance and eternal sparkle.

Shop the MYJS Angelic Collection

The MYJS Trinity Collection presents sculpted polished style with a modern touch for the everyday.

Love, fidelity and friendship has a new look: MYJS revamps the tri-tone MYJS Trinity Collection as countless memories designed for an eternity. This lavish combination of classic, modern and feminine unites for three-times the charm.

Shop the MYJS Trinity Collection

Make a wish

Shine bright

MYJS Bella Earrings are designed to bring luxury to the everyday woman. As a sparkling statement, The MYJS Bella Collection goes beyond beautiful designer jewellery – they’re an attitude to life.

The gift of MYJS will be loved for years to come with MYJS’s iconic sparkling designs. Featuring unique style and bold dazzle, glitter and shine with these chic sparklers.

MYJS Bella Collection
The essential must-have, these dazzlers are for all seasons.

Shop the MYJS Bella Collection

Designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Hoops and Mix Statement Drop and Stud Cluster earrings, MYJS Petite and Statement Teardrop Mix Charms are the ultimate mini versatile jewellery set.

The MYJS Teardrop Collection

It’s an earring, it’s a necklace pendant, it’s a charm!

Designed as versatile mini jewellery sets, MYJS Teardrops can be curated as the perfect gift.

Wearing Teardrop jewellery is associated with fierce confidence, marking new beginnings and hope. The Teardrop Cut is bold and adventurous, making a unique statement wherever it goes. 

As festive jewellery pieces, they’re ready to mix and match as timeless pieces never losing their shine.

Shop the MYJS Teardrop collection
Shop the MYJS Mix collection
Shop Mix charms
Shop base carrier Mix stud earrings
Shop base carrier Mix drop earrings
Shop base carrier Mix necklaces

The MYJS Tennis bracelet designed for seamless smooth wearing.

MYJS Tennis Bracelets

With its versatility and luxury, the classic tennis bracelet has just the right amount of sparkle. Frost your wrist with the brilliance of sparkles designed to stand out in its simple edgy minimalism. With classic design and popular appeal, MYJS Tennis Bracelets are ideal all-occasion jewellery.

Shop MYJS Tennis Bracelets

Sparkle all the way

My Jewellery Story is the perfect Xmas jewellery stop for your

  • lover
  • partner
  • friend
  • mother
  • sister
  • daughter
  • cousin

Sparkle, shimmer and shine with joy

Timeless Earring Styles


Updated Oct 2023

You’re not quite dressed until a pair of earrings add sparkle

As fashions come and go, it is an art to find the timeless classics that streamline easily between dressing up and down. They are the winners; their versatility whether working between Zoom calls to cocktails.

Welcome to the classic essentials guaranteed to never lead us astray with Timeless Earring Styles.

Being fully in the present, you experience the timeless. In the timeless, you find your true self

– Deepak Chopra

The history of earrings

The ear is the avenue to the heart

– Voltaire
Wearing MYJS Mix Collection

Earlobes are a natural spot on our bodies to embellish, begging for something shiny glittering on there. Across human history, earrings have been a popular body decoration, iconic to cultural identity, group connections or status.

From the Ancient Sumerians in 2500 CE to Early Crete, Cyprus, Egypt, Greeks and Romans, hoops, twisted wire, beads and pendants in gold, silver, bronze and other natural materials, have been a significant part of human culture.

They have been worn as good luck charms by soldiers into battle, by slaves to signify ownership and by the rich to demonstrate wealth. They have had a deep religious significance and also been denounced as immoral.

Earrings are popular with all ages and cultural backgrounds. And with today’s range of materials, they can be worn by everyone.  

The way to keep traditions alive is through earrings

Ageless studs

The Earring Stud is popular for a reason – they go with everything. They add an easy touch of sparkle, no matter the occasion – be it gym or poolside.

Timeless and ultra-chic, stud earrings are gorgeous to look at and easy to wear. While they are small, they do a lot with so little. Their effortless fashion makes them an essential part of our jewellery collection.

Petite and compact, they are the most popular style for everyday wear. As the definition of minimal chic and the unsung heroes of luxury, studs are the adored jewellery staple, adding stunning symmetry to every outfit.

Tell me about it, Stud

Sandy Olsson
Cushion Statement Mix Carrier Earrings
Cushion Statement Mix Carrier Earrings are perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear with all the sparkle and none of the weight. Add Mix Charms for a splash of instant sparkle.

Studs are never out of fashion. The LBD of your jewellery box, studs add glamour to your outfit without breaking your look or being too subtle. Size never matters – big or tiny, the sparklier, the bolder, the better. As a power lift to your look, studs exude confidence and self-awareness

Designed to show off without stealing the show, stud earrings are understated classic style. Ideal for busy prints and patterns, studs will always elevate our look without going overboard, transitioning nicely from the office to dinner parties or formal occasions without needing to change. Versatile by design and suitable for all occasions, they are clean cut for classic looks for a put-together style. Minimal in style, they blend well into a look without screaming for attention as a timeless feature in our wardrobe.

Studs are the easiest way to add some edge to your outfit

– Brad Goreski

Endless hoops


Hand-crafted to perfection, our signature MYJS Eternity Hoops bring a unique style to your jewellery game for effortless elegance and eternal sparkle.

When it comes to earring fashion, Hoops are the quintessential piece of jewellery, transcending trends, time, cultures, stereotypes and personal style. The hoop earring is truly ubiquitous.

Hoops are an essential to every jewellery box with their neutral tone and the perfect match to every outfit. From intricate designs to featuring semi-precious stones, gems, pendants and cutouts, hoops can dress up, down, from jeans to a gown: hoop earrings go with everything.

You’re not quite dressed until a pair of hoops add swagger

When it comes to earring fashion, MYJS Mix Hoops are the quintessential piece of jewellery, transcending trends, time, cultures, stereotypes and personal style.

But hoops have evolved: as the perfect blend of studs and hoops, Huggies add shape to your face and outfit and strike the perfect balance of being small enough to wear comfortably all day, but big enough for the right attention. Chunkier than conventional hoops, huggies still offer a statement hoop look to compliment a look rather than stand out as the focal piece of the outfit.

Perfect for working out, exercise, change rooms or chilling poolside, the snug huggie is less likely to snag on clothes, equipment and hair.

Incredibly versatile, huggies are also the perfect home to sweet dangling charms, pearls and sparkly baubles for a playfulness on personality. Petite, understated and perfect for the modern woman-on-the-go, huggies strike the perfect balance of being small enough to wear comfortably all day, and bold enough to get noticed.

When the hoop earrings come on, the boss babe comes out

The enduring drop


Statement Bella Earrings adds all the zhush to up your earring game. With intense sparkle, these stones are always stunning

Ultra-chic and sophisticated, Drop Earrings break the earring rut. Stylish without being over-the-top, drop earrings perk up your everyday – and always have your back. For this reason alone, they are a must-have in our jewellery box.

Dangly drop earrings can always be depended upon to add the drama, adding oomph and stealing the scene. As the quintessential party accessory, they dangle below the earlobe to delightfully sway back and forth with every movement.

Nothing can dim the light which shines from within

Iconic MYJS Bella Earrings exude a delicate fierceness to take you from the (home) office to every special occasion – or even just over a cheeky wine in the kitchen.

Drop earrings highlight your jaw while adding length to your look, so are perfect when dressing up for parties. Effortlessly intriguing, always fun and stylish, drop earrings can be depended upon to bring the theatre – so pop them on for instant telenovela passion.

Connected with energy and sensuality, drop earrings are a subtle powerful statement declaring dynamic force. Long drop earrings magically transform any look, elongating the face, lending it femininity, grace and an aristocratic air. Drop earrings can be long, short, slender or chunky, adding a flattering radiance to your eyes while never looking out of line during daylight.

Every drop counts

Everlasting chandelier earrings

Shoulder-grazing statement earrings can be counted on to bring the drama, accenting the facial features, drawing attention straight to the face – they scream “diva” as you enter the room. A complete jewellery collection needs to have at least one statement piece.

As long dangling earrings named after the chandelier feature that descends dramatically from the ceiling, Chandelier Earrings are a fashion classic and must-have in every woman’s jewellery box.

Designed as clip ons, clip-on hoops, clusters, dangles, hoops, crystal and drop chandelier earrings, they are a timeless style statement throwing light onto the face to flatter the jawline while adding sparkle to the eyes. They move, shimmy, dance and swing for a flirty air of playfulness.

Chandeliers are marvels of drop-dead showiness, the jewellery of architecture

– Peter York
MYJS Statement and Drop Carrier Earrings are designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms for an endless variety of stunning earring combinations to take it straight to Diva.

As a style classic, they light up the room in a flash. From the Middle East and across India to ancient Greeks to medieval Anglo Saxons and across colonial Spain and Britain, chandelier earrings know how to produce that wow factor. Unlike their consistent sister drop earring, chandeliers flare out towards the bottom gaining more width as they fall for a dramatic eye-catching look.

Their versatility means they are equally at home at a coffee shop and on the runway, pairing just as beautifully to elegant gowns as they do with casual outfits such a tshirt and jeans. As the most transformative of all earrings, chandelier earrings instantly transform a dressed down look into a stunner.

Everything sparkles under a chandelier

Amaranthine cluster earrings

We can always count on fabulous sparkly earrings to bring the wow factor and drama to our look. As a coveted and iconic jewellery design, Cluster Earrings are the ultimate in timeless glamour and transcendent style.

And if we love gemstones, cluster earrings are the stand outs in our capsule jewellery collection. The perfect combination of luxury and glamour, Cluster Earrings are perfect sparkly statement earrings to dress up and down our style for remarkable brilliance.

Cluster earrings trace their history back to 1700s Industrial England, with the trend returning late 1800s and again as an inspiration of 1930s Art Deco.

Cluster together like stars

– Henry Miller
MYJS Statement Carrier Earrings shine bright and sparkly for a variety of show stopping cluster earrings.

A classic cluster is round or oval featuring a round of gemstones as a halo around a central gem. Modern clusters are more likely to use a mix of geometric shapes and can be either uniform or a mix of gemstones. They provide the perfect finishing touch and classic understated elegance to day and evening wear.

Cluster earrings add to a power look with drama for polish, and especially pop against conventional dark looks while working beautifully with bright colours. We can count on our cluster earrings to serve as the instant confidence booster.

Earrings are a girl’s best friend

The Magic Of Azure: Blue Sapphire Jewellery Fashion


Updated September 2023

Morning, that first Sapphire dome of glow

CK Williams

Renowned for its striking azure, September’s birthstone of Sapphire sparkles brightly.

The symbol for heaven, celestial blue attracts wise judgement and sacred blessings, representing innocence, loyalty, good health and the revered – it is “sacré blue!” as the au courant French would admonish.

The hue for peace of mind, serenity and prosperity, the dazzling cerulean of Sapphire is the cast of divinity and royalty, inspiring luck, loyalty, happiness and love for flowing, peaceful energy.

Highly valued across centuries, sapphires have dominated human culture.

The Greeks cherished sapphires when seeking answers from the oracle while inscribing sapphires with the head of Zeus, as the god of the heavens claiming his pinnacle of power. Tibetan Buddhists and Hindus sought the gemstone for spiritual enlightenment to facilitate their devotion to prayer and meditation.

Hebrew kings cherished sapphire’s powers of protection in their ecclesiastical rings – King Solomon’s seal was an inscribed sapphire as a testament to his power over the spirits in the sky, earth and underworld. The colour for the virgin Madonna, Helen of Troy was also reputed to own a large star sapphire – which may have added to her enormous charm. Persian kings wore sapphires as protection from malice and bad health while sailors believed sapphires offered protection for a safe and prosperous passage.

Reflecting both the sea and the sky, embrace open spaces, freedom and intuition with the vitality of health and hope.

As the reflective hue for deep waters, the intense ultramarine is versatile and flattering on every skin tone and hair colour. Sapphire is brilliant – and knows it.

Ringed with the azure world, [s]he stands

– Alfred Lord Tennyson

The psychology of blue


MYJS Cushion Carrier Necklaces are designed as mini versatile jewellery sets to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms – or wear solo for minimal brilliance

As the colour of the mind, blue stimulates clear thought to calm the mind and boost concentration for clear concentration.

Flowing like the ocean, blue surges through our emotions for balance and stability. As the world’s favourite colour, blue is reassuring, friendly and confident.

Restore balance to the body for peace of mind. It is the cast for taking brave steps forward to journeys deep within.

Blue is the closest colour to truth

Blue exhilarates fashion

From Winnie Harlow on the red carpet at Cannes to Jennifer Garner at the Oscars, or clocking in as the favourite colours for Olivia Munn, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, Helen Mirrin and Blake Lively, sapphire is dazzling. Expect to attract attention in distinguished blue.

As the shade of divinity, sapphire blue is the colour for royalty – we just have to look at Princess Kate, the Netherlands’ Queen Consort Máxima and our dearly beloved Queen Elizabeth II’s Sapphire Jubilee for proof of this.

The sun shines in an uncluttered azure sky

Blue sapphire fashion jewellery

Defined by the depths of the sea, Ocean Blue crystals sleek curves and contours define these brilliant stones with clean contemporary lines and timeless style for a romantic sensibility and enduring sparkle.

The intense blue gemstone is a hero colour that only gets better with time for head turning style. Get everyone talking with the bold statement of sapphires – and a striking, bold style charge.

Oh the summer night has a smile of light, and she sits on a sapphire throne

– Bryan Procter

September’s birthstone: sapphire

Iconic to MYJS, MYJS signature Bella Earrings exude a delicate fierceness to take you from the (home) office to every special occasion – or even just over a cheeky wine in the kitchen.

Light up September with Sapphires, the stone of innocence, loyalty and good health for purity, perfection and invincible power.

With stunning brilliance attracting abundance, and blessings, bestow truth, preserve chastity and illuminate the universe with treasures beyond measure for pure enlightenment to keep bad energy and ill fortune at bay. You are wisdom, dear. They can’t fool you. As the stones for joy, inner peace and beauty, they can’t break you.

Embrace life and the sun to the fullest. And shine splendidly, darling.

The sun is up, the sky is blue. It is beautiful and so are you.

The MYJS Style Guide To Virtual Meeting Flawlessness


Throw glitter in today’s face

It’s been relatively easy to sink into a lovely induced state of comfortable activewear or sweatsuit rut. Have you ever wanted to replace tailored trousers and pant suits with track suits? Heels for slippers?

In this brave new world of online living and meetings, we still need to look like we dress the part. Psychologists love to remind us we are what we wear. As we virtually live online with colleagues and clients, a simple accessory switch can change our mindset and serve as a pleasing ritual to keep our days structured and peaceful. Thank goodness there’s jewellery to fit every occasion.

From zoom sessions with our colleagues to online client meetings and virtual conferences, sparkling on the screen is so easy. Welcome to the MYJS Style Guide To Virtual Meeting Flawlessness, and charting your onscreen look with all the joy of work-from-home comforts.

Top tips for every occasion

MYJS Bella Earrings are designed to bring luxury to the everyday woman. As a sparkling statement, The MYJS Bella Collection goes beyond beautiful designer jewellery – they’re an attitude to life.

✨ Pick one statement piece and dress around it – be it a jacket, shirt or jewellery pieces. 

✨ Play with innovative necklines and dazzling pieces from your ears, neck and wrists for power looks to see you through every virtual event. 

✨ Pop on a bright lipstick for the icing on the cake.  

✨ Keep your go-to baubles, Bella Earrings and a variety of lipsticks in your zoom space – and pop them on as you connect.

Keep calm and sparkle on

Let’s talk business

This is all about powerful communication without distracting from talking business. If you are what you wear, then using your screen for a power look will get you everywhere.

Amp it up with MYJS Bracelets, Bangles and Cuffs for a flash of your wrist.

✨ Tailored jackets and blazers are instant visual tags for powerful communication where subtle colours will make you pop from the screen.

✨ Only have standard black, grey or dark? Add a bright top beneath – or don’t wear one at all for a plunging neckline.

✨ Layer dainty necklaces to accentuate the neckline of your jacket and shirt.

✨ Frost your wrist with bracelets – tennis bracelets have the maximum shine and all the elegance. Then fold back your sleeves to reveal a cuff that speaks smart business when your hands form temples to push your point.

Dare to be fearless

As the LBD of your jewellery box, MYJS Signature Studs are perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear to add a splash of instant zhush, with all the sparkle and none of the weight.

✨ Pair to studs – because studs mean business.

✨ Manicure those hands to showcase cocktail rings – stack them, alternate them, the more, the merrier. Sparkle with rings that spell success.

✨ Too much jewellery is never enough, and you only live once. Over accessorising online can be appropriate.

✨ As an essential to a business woman’s arsenal, bright red lipstick is an unapologetic statement and really makes sure your message is getting across – so keep your Mac Red Russian handy.

Life won’t sparkle unless you do


A bit of a cuppa or happy hour: the online edition can be just as much fun. This is the chance to express joy, so be the one to lead the pack and stand out from the screen. 

The perfect blend of studs and hoops, MYJS Huggies bring a unique style to your earring game. Just add MYJS Mix Charms for extra zhush

✨ Keep your top simple and classic – all the better for your statement pieces to shine, shine shine.

✨ Occasions with the girls always call for flirty hoops – add an understated pendant to balance the style.

✨ Sparkly cocktail rings always flash nicely across the screen.

Spread the glitter


Finding your day filling up with catch-up zooms? Don’t forget, we deserve flawlessness at all hours. Be prepared – for everything and anything with a look that goes from your kitchen to your iPhone to the bus and your work desk.

MYJS Statement Earrings shine bright and sparkly for a variety of show stopping cluster earrings.

✨ The classic shirt for a muted look works each and every time and also forms the base to layer your jewellery pieces. 

✨ Opt for subtle yet striking earrings, delicate pendants and on-the-daily statement rings.

✨ Keep those lips refreshed and plump with gloss or lip balm – lipstick might be a bit too messy, but if you’re the fearless type, don’t let mess stop you. 

Create your own sparkle. Be the sparkle

Screen for 1?

Is it looking like Netflix & Chill just for you? As Paris would say – s’living.

MYJS Tennis Bracelets are designed for smooth wearing and intense sparkle.

✨ Create the space to be fabulous, such as a candle-lit bubble bath; settling amongst cushions galore; from a chair draped with a plush throwover beside a bright window or your crazy plant lady balcony. It’s only you – and your trusty screen.

✨ Knits with lush necklines and drop earrings to match always does the trick.

✨ Or opt for silky robes – and leave on the drop earrings, statement necklace, layered bracelets with stackable sparkly rings for lush comforts

✨ Pair to decadent berry tea or a glass of bubbly for genuine divalicious delights. Add a pop of fabulous with wine charms.

✨ Just be careful with your ‘puter – liquids and lappy’s don’t always mix.

Glitter for breakfast makes you shine all day

MYJS Mother’s Day Jewellery Gift Guide


Updated March 2023

Forever Mother’s Day gifts to celebrate Mum

Perfect presents for Mum

From statement-making designs to one-of-a-kind memorable necklaces, stunning bracelets and earrings and lustrous pearls, we have luxurious gifts for mum to make her Mother’s Day.

Discover brilliant ways to celebrate every mum today and every day.

Explore gift ideas for mum with these picks to make You the favourite.

Mothers make life beautiful

Because she’s one of a kind

Love the chic curves of MYJS Personalised Trinity Interlocking Family Circles symbolising eternal and endless love.

There is only one mum.

Capture mum’s moments forever through the unique power of personalised pieces as a reminder of precious moments, people, symbols, dates and words.

Celebrate those unique bonds, forged through love and special moments. The MYJS Personalised Collection will bring mum’s unique story to life – meticulously hand carved, 100% nickel free and hypoallergenic.

MYJS Personalised Collection

We are all unique. And our relationship with mum is just the same – all the love, years, tears, fun and laughter rolled into one incredible relationship that sees us through fights, tears, laughter, great meals and wine.

It is the moments that matter, the ones we want to last forever: special words, dates, times and signs that we know, at a glance, shows we are so much wonderful.

Capture those moments with the MYJS Personalised Collection for unique designer jewellery.

From the MYJS Personalised For Her Collection: Stay close to her heart with the stylish Heart Tag Necklace.

Personalised For Her Collection

The MYJS Personalised For Her Collection has been curated especially for She who must be obeyed.

Personalised with names, special dates or meaningful sentiments, these keepsakes are unique style emblems, easily segueing from the everyday to special occasions.

To describe my mother would be to write about a diamond in its perfection

A reinvented all-time favourite design, the pint-sized trio of the MYJS Personalised Mini Interlocking Triple Family Circles adds a uniquely modern touch to every look

Personalised Family Collection

Forever chic and sleek, the MYJS Personalised Family Collection is designed to celebrate bonds forged in family as a truly special keepsake to keep those you love close.

The Mother’s heart, the hero’s will

Swami Vivekanada

Because she’s all heart

The iconic heart shaped symbols of MYJS Personalised Mini Interlocking Hearts are a reinvented classic designed for timeless luxury.

MYJS Personalised Heart Collection

Our iconic heart jewellery is a great place to start for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Celebrate her generosity with our signature heart-shaped designs.

From the MYJS Personalised Heart Collection of interlocking mini hearts to holepunched or enamel heart tags, classic double-sided heart necklaces, and more – all the rings, earrings and pendants – mum will always keep you close. 

At least your mum thinks it’s pretty

Because she’s thoughtful

Be the sensation. The Octagon Cut Collection presents vibrant monochromatic hues for maximum shine, adding dynamic energy for stunning style.

MYJS Iconic Collections

She’s always thinking of you, so return the favour – with stunning statement jewellery.

Explore MYJS Icons designed to stop traffic and turn heads with all the sparkle.

Love Collection
Infinity Collection
Octagon Cut Collection
Celestial Moon & Stars Collection
Tennis Bracelets
Angelic Collection
Circles Collection
Trinity Collection
Eternity Collection

Mum will think of you every time she pops on her bling.

Because she’s a great listener

Shop MYJS Earrings from MYJS Signature Studs to MYJS Bella Earrings and bring her joy this Mother’s Day and every day after. Give Mum all the more reason to show off her ears and enjoy listening to your fears.

MYJS Bella Earrings

MYJS Bella Earrings are designed to bring a luxury product to the everyday woman. Each crystal is meticulously handset by our MYJS craftspeople and finished in quality metals.

The MYJS Bella Collection is the unicorn of the designer jewellery world featuring stunning ethical non-mined Swarovski® or Austrian crystals designed in a setting for sparkle and shine with each movement. From 4 carats to 10, it’s all about finding the sparkle in the everyday – and mum always deserves to shine.

MYJS Bella O Earrings are a drop of sparkle for the fabulous everyday woman.

MYJS Bella O Drop Earrings

Our MYJS Bella Os are designed for a more subtle shine to accentuate our natural features.

Mum will love these sparkly drop earrings reminiscent of a shining bead of morning dew in the sunrise.

MYJS Signature Studs

As the LBD of your jewellery box, MYJS Signature Studs add glamour to your outfit without breaking your look or being too subtle.

Just like mum, studs are the unsung heroes of luxury.

MYJS Signature Studs add a splash of instant zhush, perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear with all the sparkle and none of the weight

Mum is more likely to show she’s listening with these lovelies in her ears.

Motherhood – all love begins and ends there

– Robert Browning

Because she can do everything

MYJS Mix Collection

The MYJS Mix Collection ups your earring game with simple bling elegance for your very own unique statement look.

As versatile interchanging mini jewellery sets, contrast sparkly gemstones with hoops or drop earrings for a striking take on statement-making designs with the MYJS Mix Collection.

Mum can easily mix + match MYJS Mix Charms to Hoop Carrier Earrings, Drop Carrier Earrings and Statement Carrier Earrings for all the dazzle to suit her wardrobe, mood and occasion.

Because she’s a true classic

Mum wants it easy, timeless and classic. We’ve got you with these iconic pieces.

MYJS Pearl Collection

The MYJS Pearl Collection presents ethically-sustainable organic and freshwater pearls: it’s time to flash those pearly whites.

The enduring gemstones of pearls is nothing less than what mum deserves.

With whimsical shapes, a warm lustre and unique charm, mum will feel chic and fresh with the MYJS Pearl Collection. From freshwater pearl to Swarovski pearl crystal rings, earring jackets, studs, earrings, mix charms, bracelets, pendants and necklaces, it’s pearls for mum.

I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me

Because she always makes time for you

From cuffs to tennis bracelets, bangles – open and closed – with gemstones and polished metals, the MYJS Bracelet Collection is sleek perfection.

Thank mum for her never-ending support with a luxurious bracelet from our MYJS Bracelet Collection.

Bracelets reflect confidence and always make a statement – even if it’s a subtle one. And mums are always up for subtle statements.

Because she knows no limits

MYJS Mix Charms pair to Mix Carrier Necklaces for all the versatility.

MYJS Statement Mix Collection

Celebrate the brave, fierce women and their never-say-no rule-breaking attitudes with pieces designed to stand out.

As versatile mini jewellery sets interchangeable to suit every mood and occasion, mum can easily mix + match MYJS Mix Charms with MYJS Mix Statement Carrier Earrings, Drop Carrier Earrings and Mix Carrier Necklaces for instant glamour.

Thanks for everything mum. You taught me fear is not an option

Tips For Matching Your MYJS Bella Earrings With Your Outfit


Updated May 2023

Every piece of MYJS jewellery tells a story

The iconic MYJS Bella Collection is essential to the everyday. We wear jewellery to complement the colour and style of an outfit for the ultimate polished look. We imbue jewellery with special powers to make us feel confident and happy. Jewellery takes a formal look to the next level, or adds pop to our plain, monochrome, neutral or basic outfits. Jewellery is the timeless classic accessory reflecting our mood, personality and style.

To find the ubiquitous piece versatile enough to segue from day into night, from the office to happy hour or for the most special of occasions (even if a glass of wine over the kitchen sink is the special occasion) without stealing the entire show, is to lay your hands on the holy grail.

Bad jewellery can cheapen an outfit, or turn a simple look into a clumsy one. It can make your work clothes look unprofessional or leave your stunning dress looking unpolished. It can be bad for your health with the cheap materials leaving rashes and marks on your skin.

Choosing your jewellery is all about creating a balanced look to turn heads wherever you go.

– Old My Jewellery Story saying

The MYJS Bella Collection is the unicorn of the designer jewellery world featuring stunning ethical non-mined Swarovski® or Austrian crystals designed in a setting for sparkle and shine with each movement.

With 40 colour combinations, the piece de resistance of the collection are MYJS Bella earrings, designed to capture the light of every brave woman from within – to shine, shine, shine. MYJS Bella Earrings are the sparkling statement where the edge of graceful design meets polished perfection.


They’re subtle enough to be classy and big enough to make a statement and incredibly effective to enhance every outfit.

For the girly girl, they’re your best friend: nothing adds that feminine touch more than a pair of sparkly elegant earrings.

Feeling bold? Go big and solid with colour.

Don’t have a reason to pop on a sparkle? Pop them on anyway – even if the reason is that you have a pair of Bellas in your jewellery box.

Bella Earrings are not just about sparkly earrings – they’re an attitude.

Be yourself and you can be anything

The psychology behind Bella Earrings: The Bella woman


The Bella woman is the epitome of stunning female energy – authentic, resilient and always fabulous. Just like the Bella Collection, the Bella woman sparkles and shines with each movement, capturing the light within to shine out into the world.

She is representative of the everyday woman: that dynamic feminine energy always on the go, disassembling arguments, kissing away hurts and saving the day.

MYJS Bella Earrings were designed to complement the fabulous modern woman’s everyday life:

💖 Easy to wear
💖 Never too heavy for your ears
💖 Mask-friendly
💖 Nickel-free and 100% hypoallergenic
💖 Ethical and non-mined

– safe for you without costing the earth

A Bella woman was not born fabulous. Just like diamonds, the Bella woman is forged under pressure.


Bellas were designed to pair well to everything: ornate necklaces, pendants and rings; delicate chains; chunky, glittery bracelets; thin arm cuffs; layered; minimal. From important work lunches to happy hour with the girls, date night or family BBQs; easy for the gym, easy on life and easy in a bubble bath with a glass of Aldi Rosé: MYJS Bellas bring unapologetic sparkle to the day.

It all starts with choosing the right colours to highlight our eyes and face – for the right occasion.

Start with colour


Colour attracts attention and creates an emotional connection. Colour reflects our mood and confidence and is the first thing people see – with instant impact. It’s our armour – there to protect us from bad juju while boosting our good spirits. Colour is incredibly personal, from rich, bold hues to soft, delicate shades, wild patterns or neutral palettes.

Colours are the smiles or nature

James Henry Leigh Hunt

A change is as good as a season


Mix warm jewellery with cool colours in Spring and Summer, and cool jewellery with warm colours in Autumn and Winter – for seasonal changeups to your look.

Gold. Black. White.


The black LBD or simple white outfits deserve simple powerful statements such as bright gold with black diamond.

Gold with Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal Bella Earrings give a lift for edgy sparkle.

Busy patterns and prints

Iconic to MYJS, our signature Bella Earrings exude a delicate fierceness to take you from the (home) office to special occasions, and are versatile enough to work with everything – even prints.

Up for double duty where you mix play with abundance? Patterns are classy, timeless and slimming but require keeping pieces minimal. Go-to rose gold with clear crystals never fail. Want something with a little more lift? Pick out a solid complementary colour for checks, polka dots or stripes – and make sure earrings pair to belts, bags and shoes for effortless polish.

The eye is the jewel of the body

– Henry David Thoreau

Highlight eyes

Our eyes are the windows to our soul. From deep brown to light blue, the simple way to bring out the colour in your eyes is with earrings.

Let blue eyes shine with Colorado Topaz crystals in the MYJS Bella Collection

Blue eyes

Blue eyes come into the spotlight with more neutral or simple colours such as orange, silver, opal or pearly gemstones. Citrine, Peach, Opal, Agate, Aurora Borealis and Topaz bring out the best in blue eyes.

Wade into hazel pools with shimmery Opal crystals from the MYJS Bella Collection.

Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are stunning with hints of green, brown and blue shifting within each other and love pink, purple, blue, green and shimmer gemstones.

Pink Tourmaline or Rose crystals, Amethyst, Sapphire, Montana Blue, Tanzanite, Turquoise, Teal, Emerald, Peridot, Opal and Aurora Borealis bring out the best in hazel so they shine in all their glory.

Brown eyes go deep with Amythest crystals from the MYJS Bella Collection.

Brown eyes

Brown eyes love colour – especially bright green, blue and purple gemstones.

The contrast of Jade, Turquoise, Sapphire, Emerald and Amethyst allow brown eyes to steal the show.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out

– Dr Seuss

Jewellery matches the occasion

Minimal colour fashionistas love MYJS Bella Earrings for the pop and sparkle they add to neutral outfits.

The occasion – big or small – is the decision-making factor for every look to match


Whether brunch, lunch or dinner with friends, family or the girls, casual situations allow for great opportunities to wear something really colourful.
Enjoy rich colours to add pop to shirt and jeans, or simple, neutral looks of black, grey and/or white – including ivory, beige, tan, brown and camel.

Rose gold with Rose, silver with Violet or gold with Peridot effortlessly adds pop to any neutral look – just enough to be arresting.

Opting for dainty florals? Rose gold with Pink or Rose Opal, gold with Vintage Rose or silver with Amethyst are unabashedly fun, flirty and feminine.

Gold with Emerald crystals from the MYJS Bella Collection are perfect for work-life.


For work-life, simple, understated, minimal and elegant always work well with blazers, work shirts and pulled back or up hair.
Think classic and smart: Keep close to gold or silver metals with jewellery that is either understated or adds pop to your work clothes.

Gold with dark green or silver with royal blue are ideal work-life jewellery go-tos.

Opting for more of a sophisticated look? Silver with White Opal or gold with the rainbow-like iridescence of AB Aurora Borealis offers a feminine pearly shimmer.

Gold with Emerald crystals from the MYJS Bella Collection are perfect for work-life. 

Gold with Topaz is underrated for the office, yet rich enough to look cooly expensive – the perfect aura for the woman with things to do.

Are you a woman on a mission? Be just as strong in your gem choice as you are with your lipstick: Gold with Ruby always means business

Rose gold with clear crystal from the MYJS Bella Collection are sophistication go-tos.

After 5

Exquisite earrings add all the sparkle you need and can really pull an outfit together: the sparklier, the better.

Gold, silver or rose gold with Clear Crystal is the night-out go to, adding the perfect amount of zhush to every cocktail dress or LBD.

When the dress is the showstopper, pare back on the earrings and let the dress do all the talking. Consistent shades such as rose gold with Peach or Rose, gold with AB Aurora Borealis, Rose Opal or Topaz offsets couture beautifully – without stealing all of the attention.

Rose gold with Jet Hematite from the MYJS Bella Collection offer a dark edge to looks.

Want an edge? Silver with Jet Black or Silvershade (for that left-of-centre diamond look), rose gold with Black Crystal or Jet Hematite, and gold with Black Diamond adds grit for an unconventionally glamorous approach.

In saying all this: there is no such thing as the wrong type of jewellery for the occasion.

It always starts – and ends – with attitude. 


My life. My rules. My attitude

Designer Jewellery: The New Fashion Essential


Because every great design starts with an even better story – the story of you

Few things allow for joy to come as simply or swiftly as putting on a stunning piece of jewellery – especially the heartfelt variety. Even the most basic b’tches have a special – though streamlined – collection of solid-gold-somethings that secretly mean a lot.

While jewellery is the essential accessory, the criteria for beautifully-designed jewellery

  • brings sparkle to the everyday
  • offers a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity for a great investment

Designer jewellery is the new fashion essential, where premium design, quality materials and craftsmanship meet. But what exactly defines designer jewellery? Is it the price? The materials? The accessibility?

Celebs from Zendaya to Ashley Graham, Lupita Nyong’o, Margot Robbie and Reese Witherspoon all travel on the designer jewellery train – and it’s easy to understand why.

The ethos of designer jewellery is simple but extraordinary

Handcrafted for its timelessness and uniqueness – with just that extra dash of special – designer jewellery consciously segues from the everyday through to happy hour and special occasions as a wallet-friendly way to get in on all the trends, while transcending every fashion craze and style.

MYJS Jewellery is handcrafted by our inhouse artisan jewellers where each piece is polished and finished to perfection.

Designer jewellery also refers to collections conceived and executed with artistic ability and craftsmanship.

Custom-designed for timelessness, designer jewellery is produced in limited series to preserve the collections’ and piece’s exceptional quality and preciousness.

The MYJS Personalised Collection are unique keepsakes. We sit you in the designer chair to pick your special symbol, word, date or mark and imbue your jewellery with special powers – and stylish looks – unique only to you.

Personal talismans from symbolic sparklers and gemstones offer the additional endowment of special powers for protection or good fortune.

From fortune-finding symbols to shielding crystals or gemstones, our designer good luck charms lift the mood and spirit – because we all deserve joy in our day.

The MYJS Bella Collection feature show-stopping non-mined man-made Swarovski® or Austrian crystals designed in a setting for sparkle and shine with each movement.

But it is the feature of ecological and ethical jewels as the significant marker in designer jewellery. A connection to our environment and community drives the eco-responsibility of designer jewellery houses.

Onsite production allows for the quality control of each piece while supporting the local artisan community – without costing the earth.


Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway

Coco Chanel

MYJS Galentine’s Day Jewellery Gift Guide


Updated Jan 2024

Cute Galentine’s Day Gifts to celebrate gal pal togetherness and lady love

Single? Taken? Who cares! Our BFFs and lady loves deserve to be spoiled.

Love or hate St Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day 13 February will always be the best.

Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating your lady friends, as a day dedicated to showering your amazing, wonderful, incredible gal pals in cards, gifts and attention.

Celebrate love and friendship with our mum, auntees, ride-or-dies and sista-wives, with the MYJS Galentine’s Day Jewellery Gift Guide.

Because our happiness, worth and self-confidence does not depend on our relationship status.

It is the people we love and care about who have the power to make us sparkle. You are a diamond darling, and your friends are facets of that brilliant shine.

It’s your choice – the choice to not let your life be defined and to live your life every day happily, with your own ever-after.

Make saying “I love you” to yourself and your friends easy. Or forget about love – and just say “I’m awesome” instead.

Celebrate awesome – for Galentine’s Day and every day. Celebrate with heartfelt, thoughtful, ethical designer jewellery gifts – that don’t break the bank. Jewellery to treat your friends. Jewellery to shine.

Bring on the rosé, heartfelt girl power, badass, bossb’tch conversation and hearts to infinity and beyond. All the warm feelings and sparkles.

Friends are stars that make your life sparkle

MYJS love collection

Discover the MYJS Love Collection with designer heart jewellery. Honouring the most recognisable icon for compassion, understanding and love, these stylish pieces add a charming touch of romantic glamour to the everyday.

As the universal symbol for love, the Heart represents the seat of emotion, affection, unity and romance.

First used during the Middle Ages as a symbol for Jesus, the heart became much more popular after the 1600s through the launch of Valentine’s Day.

From 💖 emojis to honouring St Valentine, the heart is the most recognisable icon for expressing compassion, understanding and romantic love.

Heart jewellery fits every phase of life. Celebrate the spirit of love and romance with heart lockets, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and charms.

Shop the MYJS Love Collection

All you need is love jewellery

MYJS lab diamond collection

The irresistible charm of MYJS Lab Diamond Stud Earrings blend smart design with timeless elegance for the perfectly ethical sparkling treat and a jewellery box essential.

Lab-grown diamonds have gained significant popularity as an ethical and sustainable alternative to natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are where technology and magic unite for dazzling sparkle, allowing access to affordable beautiful diamonds for the fabulous everyday woman.

Lab diamonds are a brilliant alternative to natural diamonds, combining ethical sourcing, environmental responsibility, and impressive quality. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful engagement ring, a dazzling piece of jewellery, or simply as a special treat for you or someone who deserves it, lab diamonds are an excellent choice. Explore the world of lab grown diamonds for a gemstone as radiant as it is responsible.

Shop the MYJS Lab Diamond Collection

No pressure, no diamond

MYJS infinity collection

Explore the MYJS Infinity Collection. Find timeless style with designer infinity jewellery capturing the iconic symbol for eternal connection and perfection.

The sideways 8 Infinity symbol of no beginning or end has been a love metaphor throughout ancient Greece, Rome, India and Tibet.

Iconic for perfection, Infinity stands for balance, regeneration, focus, harmony, peace and oneness as the eternal nature of energy and the universe.

Celebrate the spirit of oneness to add classic glamour to the everyday.  

Shop the MYJS Infinity Collection

To infinity jewellery and beyond

MYJS personalised collection

We are all unique in our special, crazy wonderful ways. And our friendships are just the same – all the love, years, tears, fun and laughter rolled into one incredible relationship that sees us through bad fashion, suntans, boyfriends and flat champagne.

The MYJS Personalised Collection is designed to keep your loved ones near.

But it is the moments that matter, the ones we want to last forever: special words, dates, times and signs that we know, at a glance, we are so much awesome.

Capture those unique moments with personalised jewellery.

Shop the MYJS Personalised Collection

Stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine

MYJS mix collection

Mix and match is the rule of life with our versatile designer range for the modern woman seeking everyday fabulous style. 

The MYJS Mix Collection embodies sensitivity, femininity and sweetness as versatile mini jewellery sets.

Match MYJS Charms to Mix Hoops, Mix Studs and Mix Necklaces for reinventive personal style. With over 50 charm designs to build versatile mini-jewellery sets, the possibilities as the perfect gift is endless.

Shop the MYJS Mix Collection

Beauty is always in the mix

MYJS tennis bracelets

Frost your wrist with the brilliance of sparkles designed to stand out in its simple edgy minimalism. With classic design and popular appeal, MYJS Tennis Bracelets are the ideal all-occasion jewellery.

A game-set-match in any jewellery line up, versatile and stylish tennis bracelets steps up every outfit. Sparkly and minimal featuring an endless circle with symmetrical settings of sparkly stones, MYJS Tennis Bracelets are designed for seamless smooth wearing.

Shop MYJS tennis bracelets

A woman can be over dressed, but never over elegant

Coco Chanel

MYJS bella earrings

You are a diamond darling, and your friends, facets of that brilliant shine. Be the sparkle with the MYJS Signature Bella Collection.

MYJS Bella Earrings capture the fierce light of every brave woman from within to shine, shine shine.

Featuring the finest Swarovski and Austrian Crystals, MYJS Bella Earrings present over 40 colour combinations. For the Bella Woman, life is about being authentic and following her heart, for the Bella Woman always shines.

Shop the MYJS Bella Collection

Pssst 2 for the price of 1 means double the sparkle (one for you, one for me).

She remembered who she was and the game changed

– Lalah Deliah

MYJS wine charms

Live in Australia? You’re lucky, with access to the best charms of all: Bling for you! Bling for your wine! Add a touch of class to your and your girls’ wine and cocktail glasses with MYJS Wine Charms. Mark your glass with our stylish sparkly accessories, customising your glass to you.

Designed to personalise wine, martini and margarita glass stems, MYJS Wine Charms store easily on the fridge.

Perfect for zoom happy hours, entertaining, gifting, outdoor and office parties, weddings, celebrations, hostess gifts and backyard BBQs. 

Shop the MYJS Wine Charm Collection.
Pssst coming international soon!


Love and laughter and lots of wine. Happy Galentine’s Day 💋

– Lalah Deliah