Timeless Earring Styles


Updated Oct 2023

You’re not quite dressed until a pair of earrings add sparkle

As fashions come and go, it is an art to find the timeless classics that streamline easily between dressing up and down. They are the winners; their versatility whether working between Zoom calls to cocktails.

Welcome to the classic essentials guaranteed to never lead us astray with Timeless Earring Styles.

Being fully in the present, you experience the timeless. In the timeless, you find your true self

– Deepak Chopra

The history of earrings

The ear is the avenue to the heart

– Voltaire
Wearing MYJS Mix Collection

Earlobes are a natural spot on our bodies to embellish, begging for something shiny glittering on there. Across human history, earrings have been a popular body decoration, iconic to cultural identity, group connections or status.

From the Ancient Sumerians in 2500 CE to Early Crete, Cyprus, Egypt, Greeks and Romans, hoops, twisted wire, beads and pendants in gold, silver, bronze and other natural materials, have been a significant part of human culture.

They have been worn as good luck charms by soldiers into battle, by slaves to signify ownership and by the rich to demonstrate wealth. They have had a deep religious significance and also been denounced as immoral.

Earrings are popular with all ages and cultural backgrounds. And with today’s range of materials, they can be worn by everyone.  

The way to keep traditions alive is through earrings

Ageless studs

The Earring Stud is popular for a reason – they go with everything. They add an easy touch of sparkle, no matter the occasion – be it gym or poolside.

Timeless and ultra-chic, stud earrings are gorgeous to look at and easy to wear. While they are small, they do a lot with so little. Their effortless fashion makes them an essential part of our jewellery collection.

Petite and compact, they are the most popular style for everyday wear. As the definition of minimal chic and the unsung heroes of luxury, studs are the adored jewellery staple, adding stunning symmetry to every outfit.

Tell me about it, Stud

Sandy Olsson
Cushion Statement Mix Carrier Earrings
Cushion Statement Mix Carrier Earrings are perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear with all the sparkle and none of the weight. Add Mix Charms for a splash of instant sparkle.

Studs are never out of fashion. The LBD of your jewellery box, studs add glamour to your outfit without breaking your look or being too subtle. Size never matters – big or tiny, the sparklier, the bolder, the better. As a power lift to your look, studs exude confidence and self-awareness

Designed to show off without stealing the show, stud earrings are understated classic style. Ideal for busy prints and patterns, studs will always elevate our look without going overboard, transitioning nicely from the office to dinner parties or formal occasions without needing to change. Versatile by design and suitable for all occasions, they are clean cut for classic looks for a put-together style. Minimal in style, they blend well into a look without screaming for attention as a timeless feature in our wardrobe.

Studs are the easiest way to add some edge to your outfit

– Brad Goreski

Endless hoops


Hand-crafted to perfection, our signature MYJS Eternity Hoops bring a unique style to your jewellery game for effortless elegance and eternal sparkle.

When it comes to earring fashion, Hoops are the quintessential piece of jewellery, transcending trends, time, cultures, stereotypes and personal style. The hoop earring is truly ubiquitous.

Hoops are an essential to every jewellery box with their neutral tone and the perfect match to every outfit. From intricate designs to featuring semi-precious stones, gems, pendants and cutouts, hoops can dress up, down, from jeans to a gown: hoop earrings go with everything.

You’re not quite dressed until a pair of hoops add swagger

When it comes to earring fashion, MYJS Mix Hoops are the quintessential piece of jewellery, transcending trends, time, cultures, stereotypes and personal style.

But hoops have evolved: as the perfect blend of studs and hoops, Huggies add shape to your face and outfit and strike the perfect balance of being small enough to wear comfortably all day, but big enough for the right attention. Chunkier than conventional hoops, huggies still offer a statement hoop look to compliment a look rather than stand out as the focal piece of the outfit.

Perfect for working out, exercise, change rooms or chilling poolside, the snug huggie is less likely to snag on clothes, equipment and hair.

Incredibly versatile, huggies are also the perfect home to sweet dangling charms, pearls and sparkly baubles for a playfulness on personality. Petite, understated and perfect for the modern woman-on-the-go, huggies strike the perfect balance of being small enough to wear comfortably all day, and bold enough to get noticed.

When the hoop earrings come on, the boss babe comes out

The enduring drop


Statement Bella Earrings adds all the zhush to up your earring game. With intense sparkle, these stones are always stunning

Ultra-chic and sophisticated, Drop Earrings break the earring rut. Stylish without being over-the-top, drop earrings perk up your everyday – and always have your back. For this reason alone, they are a must-have in our jewellery box.

Dangly drop earrings can always be depended upon to add the drama, adding oomph and stealing the scene. As the quintessential party accessory, they dangle below the earlobe to delightfully sway back and forth with every movement.

Nothing can dim the light which shines from within

Iconic MYJS Bella Earrings exude a delicate fierceness to take you from the (home) office to every special occasion – or even just over a cheeky wine in the kitchen.

Drop earrings highlight your jaw while adding length to your look, so are perfect when dressing up for parties. Effortlessly intriguing, always fun and stylish, drop earrings can be depended upon to bring the theatre – so pop them on for instant telenovela passion.

Connected with energy and sensuality, drop earrings are a subtle powerful statement declaring dynamic force. Long drop earrings magically transform any look, elongating the face, lending it femininity, grace and an aristocratic air. Drop earrings can be long, short, slender or chunky, adding a flattering radiance to your eyes while never looking out of line during daylight.

Every drop counts

Everlasting chandelier earrings

Shoulder-grazing statement earrings can be counted on to bring the drama, accenting the facial features, drawing attention straight to the face – they scream “diva” as you enter the room. A complete jewellery collection needs to have at least one statement piece.

As long dangling earrings named after the chandelier feature that descends dramatically from the ceiling, Chandelier Earrings are a fashion classic and must-have in every woman’s jewellery box.

Designed as clip ons, clip-on hoops, clusters, dangles, hoops, crystal and drop chandelier earrings, they are a timeless style statement throwing light onto the face to flatter the jawline while adding sparkle to the eyes. They move, shimmy, dance and swing for a flirty air of playfulness.

Chandeliers are marvels of drop-dead showiness, the jewellery of architecture

– Peter York
MYJS Statement and Drop Carrier Earrings are designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms for an endless variety of stunning earring combinations to take it straight to Diva.

As a style classic, they light up the room in a flash. From the Middle East and across India to ancient Greeks to medieval Anglo Saxons and across colonial Spain and Britain, chandelier earrings know how to produce that wow factor. Unlike their consistent sister drop earring, chandeliers flare out towards the bottom gaining more width as they fall for a dramatic eye-catching look.

Their versatility means they are equally at home at a coffee shop and on the runway, pairing just as beautifully to elegant gowns as they do with casual outfits such a tshirt and jeans. As the most transformative of all earrings, chandelier earrings instantly transform a dressed down look into a stunner.

Everything sparkles under a chandelier

Amaranthine cluster earrings

We can always count on fabulous sparkly earrings to bring the wow factor and drama to our look. As a coveted and iconic jewellery design, Cluster Earrings are the ultimate in timeless glamour and transcendent style.

And if we love gemstones, cluster earrings are the stand outs in our capsule jewellery collection. The perfect combination of luxury and glamour, Cluster Earrings are perfect sparkly statement earrings to dress up and down our style for remarkable brilliance.

Cluster earrings trace their history back to 1700s Industrial England, with the trend returning late 1800s and again as an inspiration of 1930s Art Deco.

Cluster together like stars

– Henry Miller
MYJS Statement Carrier Earrings shine bright and sparkly for a variety of show stopping cluster earrings.

A classic cluster is round or oval featuring a round of gemstones as a halo around a central gem. Modern clusters are more likely to use a mix of geometric shapes and can be either uniform or a mix of gemstones. They provide the perfect finishing touch and classic understated elegance to day and evening wear.

Cluster earrings add to a power look with drama for polish, and especially pop against conventional dark looks while working beautifully with bright colours. We can count on our cluster earrings to serve as the instant confidence booster.

Earrings are a girl’s best friend

The Magic Of Azure: Blue Sapphire Jewellery Fashion


Updated September 2023

Morning, that first Sapphire dome of glow

CK Williams

Renowned for its striking azure, September’s birthstone of Sapphire sparkles brightly.

The symbol for heaven, celestial blue attracts wise judgement and sacred blessings, representing innocence, loyalty, good health and the revered – it is “sacré blue!” as the au courant French would admonish.

The hue for peace of mind, serenity and prosperity, the dazzling cerulean of Sapphire is the cast of divinity and royalty, inspiring luck, loyalty, happiness and love for flowing, peaceful energy.

Highly valued across centuries, sapphires have dominated human culture.

The Greeks cherished sapphires when seeking answers from the oracle while inscribing sapphires with the head of Zeus, as the god of the heavens claiming his pinnacle of power. Tibetan Buddhists and Hindus sought the gemstone for spiritual enlightenment to facilitate their devotion to prayer and meditation.

Hebrew kings cherished sapphire’s powers of protection in their ecclesiastical rings – King Solomon’s seal was an inscribed sapphire as a testament to his power over the spirits in the sky, earth and underworld. The colour for the virgin Madonna, Helen of Troy was also reputed to own a large star sapphire – which may have added to her enormous charm. Persian kings wore sapphires as protection from malice and bad health while sailors believed sapphires offered protection for a safe and prosperous passage.

Reflecting both the sea and the sky, embrace open spaces, freedom and intuition with the vitality of health and hope.

As the reflective hue for deep waters, the intense ultramarine is versatile and flattering on every skin tone and hair colour. Sapphire is brilliant – and knows it.

Ringed with the azure world, [s]he stands

– Alfred Lord Tennyson

The psychology of blue


MYJS Cushion Carrier Necklaces are designed as mini versatile jewellery sets to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms – or wear solo for minimal brilliance

As the colour of the mind, blue stimulates clear thought to calm the mind and boost concentration for clear concentration.

Flowing like the ocean, blue surges through our emotions for balance and stability. As the world’s favourite colour, blue is reassuring, friendly and confident.

Restore balance to the body for peace of mind. It is the cast for taking brave steps forward to journeys deep within.

Blue is the closest colour to truth

Blue exhilarates fashion

From Winnie Harlow on the red carpet at Cannes to Jennifer Garner at the Oscars, or clocking in as the favourite colours for Olivia Munn, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, Helen Mirrin and Blake Lively, sapphire is dazzling. Expect to attract attention in distinguished blue.

As the shade of divinity, sapphire blue is the colour for royalty – we just have to look at Princess Kate, the Netherlands’ Queen Consort Máxima and our dearly beloved Queen Elizabeth II’s Sapphire Jubilee for proof of this.

The sun shines in an uncluttered azure sky

Blue sapphire fashion jewellery

Defined by the depths of the sea, Ocean Blue crystals sleek curves and contours define these brilliant stones with clean contemporary lines and timeless style for a romantic sensibility and enduring sparkle.

The intense blue gemstone is a hero colour that only gets better with time for head turning style. Get everyone talking with the bold statement of sapphires – and a striking, bold style charge.

Oh the summer night has a smile of light, and she sits on a sapphire throne

– Bryan Procter

September’s birthstone: sapphire

Iconic to MYJS, MYJS signature Bella Earrings exude a delicate fierceness to take you from the (home) office to every special occasion – or even just over a cheeky wine in the kitchen.

Light up September with Sapphires, the stone of innocence, loyalty and good health for purity, perfection and invincible power.

With stunning brilliance attracting abundance, and blessings, bestow truth, preserve chastity and illuminate the universe with treasures beyond measure for pure enlightenment to keep bad energy and ill fortune at bay. You are wisdom, dear. They can’t fool you. As the stones for joy, inner peace and beauty, they can’t break you.

Embrace life and the sun to the fullest. And shine splendidly, darling.

The sun is up, the sky is blue. It is beautiful and so are you.

ID Tags, Initials Discs, Name Plate Jewellery: You’re It


Human identity is the most fragile thing we have, and it’s often only found in moments of truth

– Alan Rudolph

ID Tags, Name Pendants, Initials Discs or Heart and Circle Plate Necklaces have always been about personal identification. They’re a sleek, modern fashion statement more subtle than a ring or bracelet that adds a touch of flair to any outfit.  

Frequently featuring from the wardrobes of Ryan Gosling, Kristen Stewart, Kate Middleton, Rhianna, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more celebs, the penultimate of ID name plate necklaces will always be the calligraphy Carrie necklace.

Be happy. Be bright. Be you.

MYJS Personalised Pet Name Tags celebrate our bond with our pet family, adding sassy style to our dog or cat’s collar with safe modern designs

Cast from brass or sterling silver as hearts, circles and rectangles polished to a mirror shine, enamelled or holepunched, ID tags, discs and name plate pendants are ideal for immortalising the initials or names of your partner, children, family and best friend – both of the human and furry kind.

Personal style is about accepting who you are

The meaning behind the ID tag, initials discs, name plate pendant

The Personalised Circle Plate Necklace from the For Her Collection captures unique symbols, initials and dates for the fabulous everyday mum.

Personalised plate jewellery is a great keepsake reminding us of the strength we offer to our families while bringing us ease and comfort as a talismanic amulet.

Straightforward, modern and distinctive, ID tags, disc pendant necklaces and name plates communicate the willingness to strive for personal strength, while leading to wisdom and refuge and a daily reminder moment for growth and progress.

We are reminded of who we are and what we stand for. We can wear them as symbols of stepping out into the world for a new experience or the next step or our journey, reminding us while we’ve had stumbling blocks and difficulties, we will nevertheless endure and persist.

Believe the little voice inside of you that knows you are made for more – the voice inside of you that believes in you

– Nikki Banas
The Personalised Heart Plate Necklace from the For Her Collection is a unique style emblem of one-of-a-kind polished perfection for the fabulous everyday mum.

Essentially, tags hold information that describes what it is attached to. We can appreciate a good tag at any age: babies are hypnotised by them. Give them a toy, they’ll clutch it by the tag.

We appreciate tags because they label all parts of life, from brand name labels on our shirt to the price of a mug or even a medical condition. We even tag our pets. An ID tag and name plate pendants have an incredibly fearless aesthetic, with the space to honour, celebrate or capture special moments, words or dates.

They’re fashionable, functional and incredibly expressive. Dressed down with an open-necked shirt, a great tshirt or a blazer makes for a great statement piece. Name plate pendant necklaces and initials discs are always a steppingstone to a great conversation.

No one gets to decide who you are – except for you

– Nikki Banas

ID tag, initials discs, name plate pendant history

Their design first emerged during the Civil War when soldiers would create their own “name discs” or “soldier pins” out of wood or old coins. While they were haphazardly used during the European wars, the US government understood the value of these tags very quickly, with the armed forces officially bringing them into standard use from 1906.

By the 1920s, all combat and Navy troops were allocated ID tags made from brass, aluminium or nickel-copper alloy. The familiar rectangular shape emerged from WW2 to include their name, blood type, social security number and religion. Today, while the archetypal double corrosion-resistant sheet-steel tags are standard military issue, there are also commemorative, symbolic ID tags available in sterling silver, yellow or white gold and platinum too.

Own your identity. Love who you are in the world

– Nyle DiMarco

ID tag, initials discs, name plate pendant fashion

The Personalised Rectangle Plate from The Family Collection is an effortless way to wear or gift meaningful designer jewellery, injecting luxury into your necklace game to wear year in, year out.

During the 1990s, military inspirations including ID pendant tags hit fashion in a big way. After ending up in second-hand shops, disposals and military shops, they emerged with the popularity of ex-army tshirts, Docs and other combat shoes. Crossing to hip hop, they’ve since become firmly entrenched in streetwear.

While ID tags have always been a popular accessory for men, they have evolved into initials circle discs and rectangular or heart name plates; their bold, heroic charm with space for all sorts of personal details appealing easily to everyone.

Designed to be level with a shirt pocket, they can also be worn a little longer or shorter according to our neckline. Tag plate pendant are also fantastic with layering, adding a daring splash to the accompanying lines of necklaces.

They’re a durable, versatile accessory perfect for “anytime”, complementing rather than overpowering our style. ID tag plate pendants necklaces take iconic to the next level of zhush, style and personal expression – because names are timeless – and everyone has one.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

The Rules Of Statement Jewellery


Why fit in when you were born to stand out

Coco Chanel said “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” My Jewellery Story says to put one or two (or even three) more pieces of jewellery on. Because with My Jewellery Story, too much is never enough. Be unique, be bold and express yourself – especially through the power of statement jewellery. Welcome to The Rules Of Statement Jewellery – and rock the most out of your bold, unique and unapologetically dramatic pieces. From being dressed up or down, our statement jewellery will always be fashionably modern – and fierce. Just let your statement piece do all the talking.

The most profound statements are said in silence

– Lynn Johnson

1. Statement jewellery always has something to say

We all have a voice. Our statement is our purpose. Our statement inspires us to take action, to express facts, ideas and beliefs. They require courage and are unique to us. Statements do not ask questions, make requests or give commands. They simply are.

As our statements define who we are and where we stand, Statement Jewellery is designed to boldly and uniquely express our personality while adding extra colour and sparkle to our individual style.

When it comes to making an entrance, a statement is mandatory. Statement jewellery is always about standing out. Statement pieces are not quiet things – we can’t expect to fade into the background with glittery, colourful striking pieces. Statements make you free.

The everyday can be elevated simply with the addition of statement pieces. Grabbing your 2pm coffee is the opportunity to show off that dramatic cocktail ring. Flick your hair back to shine the spotlight on those dangly sparkly earrings. Or open a few buttons to allow your chunky necklace to accidentally on purpose keep peeping out.

It’s always your time – and you can do big, effortlessly.

Be a voice, not an echo

2. Pick the centrepiece

MYJS Personalised Necklaces are fierce fashion statements – with meaning.

Wherever you wear your statement jewellery is where the eye is drawn, so start with the focal point: whether it’s an interesting necklace, stunning earrings or a stack of bracelets, the eye will be drawn immediately to this.

Choose one piece as the centrepiece of your accessories – and build from there. Alternatively, layer lots of pieces – such as necklaces – for a whole lot of interesting detail and sparkle.

If it’s all about the statement necklace, you need to think about your neckline (more on that later).

If earrings are your base statement jewellery piece, keep your hairstyle simple. Up dos will draw all the attention to your face – and those ear lobes. Big sparkly earrings are guaranteed showstoppers, so stop traffic with a flash of your head.

If you opt for both necklace and earrings, keep it proportioned: a statement necklace is ideal with classic studs or paid bold earrings to a subtle necklace. Your arm and finger candy will simply be the icing on the cake.

You mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter

3. Choose your outfit

Ultimately, the key to pairing your statement jewellery to your outfit is balance for an overall striking look. They should work together rather than them competing against each other.

When it comes to our statement jewellery, our outfits tend to fade in the background.

Coordinate your outfit colour, sleeve lengths and necklines, then style your hair around this.

If you want all the focus on your statement piece, tone down the colours of your outfit.

Scooped necklines, v-necks and off the shoulder beg for interesting big and bold necklaces or pendants.

Strapless styles bring focus to your neck, arms and collar bones, so chunky colourful designs or pops of gems will enhance these areas while adding glamour and glitz to the overall look.

Structured high necklines such as turtlenecks or halters love dangling statement earrings.

Sleeveless outfits love stacked or chunky bracelets and cuffs.

If there are neckline details such as bows, large flowers, lace or jewelled embellishments, this will impact on the pieces you choose to wear. When it’s busy, statement earrings always stand out.

The MYJS Eternity Collection is always about making a statement, featuring pave or studded crystals and designed as stunning jewellery to wear and love forever.

Casual clothing always works a treat with statement jewellery. A statement necklace or cocktail ring adds an unexpected charge to relaxed style.

Of course, statement pieces always work well with dressy and formal looks. An elegant black dress with a bold eye-catching necklace or a dramatic pair of earrings is always stylish.

Overall, keep the outfit simple so the jewellery does all the talking. Let your statement piece take centre stage without competing against complex patterns, styles or silhouettes. In saying that: Love the look of that leopard print with that huge chunky golden chain and pendant? Go for it. We can make the rules – and we can also break them.

Fashion is about owning whatever you’re wearing, regardless of it’s a high fashion statement or not

– Marc Jacobs

4. Balance

MYJS Statement Earrings are designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Statement Charms for an endless variety of stunning statement earring combinations and unapologetic sparkle.

Our statement pieces stand out and attract attention as soon as people approach us.

We can create symmetry and let the outfit to do all the work – just pair to stunning drop earrings to draw attention to the face. Or our statement pieces can also work higher from our neck, peeking out from a partly open shirt.

If you opt for both necklace and earrings keep the sparkle in proportion to each other: bold earrings work with a subtle necklace or your statement necklace with classic studs.

Add subtle bracelets and rings to complement – rather than detract – from the drama.

If you do decide it must be about the drama, then don’t hold back – the bigger, the bolder, the better.

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create

– Jana Kingsford

5. Choose your arm candy

MYJS Bangles and Bracelets are designed for smooth wearing and intense shine.

Always keep arm jewellery bold and interesting.

Dressing bare arms with stacked or chunky bracelets or cuffs work as statement pieces on their own. If necklace and earrings are big, either go all out with your bracelets or take a subtle step back.

Charm bracelets are always a talking point and statements in themselves with the mementos they represent. Got some twinkling chimes going on in the wrist area with a stack of bracelets? Make sure those bracelets sing.

Every piece of jewellery tells a story

– Gem Hunt

6. Round out with rings

MYJS Stackable Rings are the height of simplistic sophistication.

Elizabeth Taylor always knew a good cocktail ring when she wore one, because statement rings never go out of style.

Keep those nails manicured and sleeves (if any) rolled back to nicely showcase that bauble – just make sure your nail colour complement your ring rather than clash with it. Feel like going overboard? Wear more than one statement ring on one hand – it’s all the rage.

Or wear a bunch of stacking rings on different fingers for all the sparkle and interest.

The ring always believes the finger lives for it

– Malcolm de Chazal

7. Know the rules, then break them

Statement jewellery is designed to stand out from the crowd. They’re great to wear with a simple outfit, dress up a boring one or add that next level of zhush for formal occasions. Statement pieces add great versatility to your wardrobe, to change the look of the clothes you love wearing over and over again. It’s all about adding the drama – and having fun.

Choosing and wearing the right statement pieces for you are a challenge, but with plenty of thought, practice and the right attitude, you’ll always boldly and uniquely shine.

Know the rules well – so you know how to break them. If you feel confident about what works for you, don’t’ let the rules stop you: make up your own.

Dare to go big, bold and unapologetically dramatic. Because when you make a statement, it’s all in the attitude. Behave as though you deserve the spotlight – because guess what? You actually do.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist

– Pablo Picasso

The Hidden Meaning Of Jewellery Symbols & Signs


Signs and symbols rule the world


Have you ever wondered about the meaning of jewellery symbols?

As the most transformative pieces to our look, jewellery has incredible power. Since the dawn of time, we’ve always turned to our power talismans of prayer beads, amulets, bracelets and rings for healing, long life and protection. Jewellery is our most powerful armour. We wear it to represent our faith and culture, or for luck and protection against bad spirits and energies.

A sign is a message sent to you by the universe

– Laura Lynne Jackson

Symbols have always been an integral part of our communication and interactions. We see and use them every day where they play a powerful role in how we express ourselves and communicate to each other. From channelling ideas and information through a picture or pattern, symbols are a unifying sign infused with meaning. Symbols of love, nature, spirituality and power can bind us together with a common icon, language or belief.

As the timeless classic accessory reflecting our mood, personality and style, we imbue our jewellery with special influence to boost our confidence and joy. Learn the significant meanings and symbols in jewellery to take our story from cliched to the extraordinary.

Symbols are powerful, because they are the visible signs of invisible realities

– Saint Augustine


As the universal symbol for love, the Heart represents the seat of emotion, affection, unity and romance. First used during the Middle Ages as a symbol for Jesus, the heart became much more popular after the 1600s through the launch of Valentine’s Day. From 💖 emojis to honouring St Valentine, the heart is the most recognisable icon for expressing compassion, understanding and romantic love,

From heart lockets to heart shaped rings, charms, tags or open interlocking pendants, heart jewellery fits every phase of life.

The sideways 8 Infinity symbol of no beginning or end has been a love metaphor throughout ancient Greece, Rome, India and Tibet. Iconic for perfection, Infinity stands for balance, regeneration, focus, harmony, peace and oneness as the eternal nature of energy and the universe.   

Other love symbols include Cupid’s bow and arrow, the Ladybird, Flowers especially the Lotus Flower and Rose in addition to the Egyptian Ankh, Heart Chakra, Seashells and the iconic Irish Claddagh, with Diamonds and Rose Quartz the gems for romance.  

Where there is love, there is jewellery


The natural world is translated into incredibly detailed personalised jewellery as a stunning sculptural icon with the MYJS Personalised Family Tree Circle.

Nature’s beauty is organic, yet simultaneously complex and simple, bold and delicate; influencing humans, artists and designers for centuries. We are inspired by nature from the clothes we wear to the settings we surround ourselves in, so it is no wonder Trees, Leaves, Flowers, Seashells and Animals feature so heavily in our lives – and jewellery.

The Tree of Life is an ancient iconic symbol, serving as a connection to our ancestors while representing physical and spiritual transformation. As powerful symbols of growth and resurrection for the Garden of Eden, life and death, family, and the home of the Gods, the Tree of Life is a classic icon for strength and empowerment.

Delicate Leaf motifs are ideal for whimsical boho styles, with the Irish Four-Leaf Clover particularly imbued with good luck and fortune. Floral symbols such as the Lotus Flower is symbolic to rebirth and purity with Roses eternal icons for love. Doves represent peace and fidelity, with Peacocks emblematic to spiritual growth, With Ladybirds a sign for love, Butterflies are symbolic to beauty, elegance and joy for great change and endurance.

As keepers of secrets, Cats stand out as the guardians of the otherworld for a journey into self-discovery, mystery and freedom, while Elephants remain the symbol for strength, majesty and power to guide us in our journey of patience and wisdom. Overall, animal jewellery correlates with fertility and vitality, shaped by the distinctive nature of each creature.

Pearls bring a chic freshness for a modern feel to the classics. With their warm lustre a magical gem of the moon and the ocean, they are the silent uniform for strong women and the aristocratic badge of fashion-forward men. Pearls are the pinnacle of feminine power. Associated with wealth, purity, wisdom and peace, pearls have a calming, protective impact.

There is no better designer than nature

– Alexander McQueen


The human spirit always aims for perfection, the divine and ultimate knowledge. As a celebration of humanity and our transcendence into the universe, celestial symbols such as the Moon, Stars, our Zodiac Signs and Birthstones can be understated, sophisticated, edgy and delicate.

Make waves, the moon does it all the time

MYJS Star and Moon Crystal studded Mix Charms summons all the celestial powers leading us to our destiny

Playing a major role in moods and motivation. the lunar power of the Moon is emblematic of transformation, evolution and permanence, as the symbol for female empowerment.

Stars are associated with the souls of gods for positive messages, inspiration, wishes and new beginnings to travellers looking for good luck and clarity while fulfilling ambitions. Wishing upon a star means reaching for our dreams, believing stars will lead us to our destiny and never lead us astray

We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle

– Marilyn Monroe
Stylishly timeless and unique, the Personalised Open Circle Birthstone Necklace is reimagined into this intricate piece as a unique visual creation.

Just as we look to the stars, we also look to our Astrological Signs to connect us to our cosmic heritage. Since Ancient Babylonia, priests have been able to use the constellations to divine our fate and predict our future. Even today, wearing our zodiac signs guides us to our destiny while unleashing our personal power. We can always guarantee a boost of confidence, luck and protection with the timeless feel and vintage appeal of our unique zodiac symbols.

As the precious gems marking the month of our birth, our Birthstones hold unique meanings rooted in ancient myths and religions. Imbued with special powers to bring love, luck or special powers and meanings, birthstones are personal and special.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why

– Mark Twain


Ancient religions, myths and cultures have translated across time with icons of strength and force. Despite traversing time and locations, these symbols still manage to find something in common, designed to represent dynamic energy and power.

From our Initials to Keys, the Cross, Hamsa Hand, Evil Eye and whimsical shapes of Circles, Triangles and Squares, power jewellery is designed to reinforce our fortitude and bolster our courage.

Tap into your magic

The Personalised Holepunched Circle Key Necklace is a unique piece of detailed craftsmanship featuring our initials, and designed to celebrate family milestones, great achievements or as a fashionable statement of the heart.

We all have an identity: Initial Jewellery captures a customisable edge of fashion with a classic approach. Timeless while representing a unique, modern take to personal style – particularly for edgy streetwear – our initials are ideal for every occasion.

The rich symbolism bestowed by Key pendants from many cultures makes them a versatile symbol for any occasion. Especially popular for coming of age at 21 as a sign of being responsible enough to receive the keys to the house, they are symbolic to new beginnings and excellent efforts. In the Far East, keys are seen as symbols of good luck, opening doors to physical, intellectual and spiritual prosperity while attracting all the riches of nature. Keys stand as a symbolic gesture for the great achievements of distinguished people while celebrating family milestones. Romantically, they can be a sign as the key to the heart.

As an ancient symbol, the Cross pendant is a visible sign of the Christian, Roman Catholic or personal faith. As an ancient sign dating beyond the Ancient Egyptians with the Ankh through to modern day Goths, the cross remains a sign of hope, fortitude and resilience in the face of adversity.

While the world changes, the cross stands firm

Easily identifiable by its open hand design, the Hamsa dates back centuries to Ancient North Africa and the Middle East. Used as a sign of protection against the evil eye of illness, misfortune and death, this sign stands for strength, power and blessings.

Similar to the Hamsa Hand, the Evil Eye is an ancient symbol of protection against illness, misfortune and death. Dating back centuries to Ancient Mesopotamia and even possibly the Neolithic Period across Asia and Latin America, the evil eye stands out as a stylish lucky charm.

Life is full of circles

Love the chic curves of MYJS Personalised Interlocking Triple Brilliance Circles symbolising eternal and endless love.

The power of the Circle is ubiquitous, from the celestial bodies of the universe to the wheel and modern day logos of Google Chrome, Garnier, BMW and more. The circle represents the eternal, with neither an end or a beginning. From change of seasons to the cycles of life, the circle is a symbol for wholeness and divine unity, serving as protection and comfort, while standing out as the ultimate power symbol of femininity.  

As the ancient symbols for the blade, chalice and water to the religious trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the three-sided Triangle is the dual aspiration for male force and female divinity with the power of three. As the holder of many different timeworn meanings, the triangle certainly stands for an edgy geometric statement while channelling our strength, vision and mystic power.

As the symbol for stability, expertise and trust, the Square creates a sense of equality and conformity. While the square harnesses masculine energy, the shape is handy as an impactful power symbol to boost effortless elegance and confidence.

Give a girl the right jewellery, and she can conquer the world