The Rules Of Statement Jewellery


Why fit in when you were born to stand out

Coco Chanel said “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” My Jewellery Story says to put one or two (or even three) more pieces of jewellery on. Because with My Jewellery Story, too much is never enough. Be unique, be bold and express yourself – especially through the power of statement jewellery. Welcome to The Rules Of Statement Jewellery – and rock the most out of your bold, unique and unapologetically dramatic pieces. From being dressed up or down, our statement jewellery will always be fashionably modern – and fierce. Just let your statement piece do all the talking.

The most profound statements are said in silence

– Lynn Johnson

1. Statement jewellery always has something to say

We all have a voice. Our statement is our purpose. Our statement inspires us to take action, to express facts, ideas and beliefs. They require courage and are unique to us. Statements do not ask questions, make requests or give commands. They simply are.

As our statements define who we are and where we stand, Statement Jewellery is designed to boldly and uniquely express our personality while adding extra colour and sparkle to our individual style.

When it comes to making an entrance, a statement is mandatory. Statement jewellery is always about standing out. Statement pieces are not quiet things – we can’t expect to fade into the background with glittery, colourful striking pieces. Statements make you free.

The everyday can be elevated simply with the addition of statement pieces. Grabbing your 2pm coffee is the opportunity to show off that dramatic cocktail ring. Flick your hair back to shine the spotlight on those dangly sparkly earrings. Or open a few buttons to allow your chunky necklace to accidentally on purpose keep peeping out.

It’s always your time – and you can do big, effortlessly.

Be a voice, not an echo

2. Pick the centrepiece

MYJS Personalised Necklaces are fierce fashion statements – with meaning.

Wherever you wear your statement jewellery is where the eye is drawn, so start with the focal point: whether it’s an interesting necklace, stunning earrings or a stack of bracelets, the eye will be drawn immediately to this.

Choose one piece as the centrepiece of your accessories – and build from there. Alternatively, layer lots of pieces – such as necklaces – for a whole lot of interesting detail and sparkle.

If it’s all about the statement necklace, you need to think about your neckline (more on that later).

If earrings are your base statement jewellery piece, keep your hairstyle simple. Up dos will draw all the attention to your face – and those ear lobes. Big sparkly earrings are guaranteed showstoppers, so stop traffic with a flash of your head.

If you opt for both necklace and earrings, keep it proportioned: a statement necklace is ideal with classic studs or paid bold earrings to a subtle necklace. Your arm and finger candy will simply be the icing on the cake.

You mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter

3. Choose your outfit

Ultimately, the key to pairing your statement jewellery to your outfit is balance for an overall striking look. They should work together rather than them competing against each other.

When it comes to our statement jewellery, our outfits tend to fade in the background.

Coordinate your outfit colour, sleeve lengths and necklines, then style your hair around this.

If you want all the focus on your statement piece, tone down the colours of your outfit.

Scooped necklines, v-necks and off the shoulder beg for interesting big and bold necklaces or pendants.

Strapless styles bring focus to your neck, arms and collar bones, so chunky colourful designs or pops of gems will enhance these areas while adding glamour and glitz to the overall look.

Structured high necklines such as turtlenecks or halters love dangling statement earrings.

Sleeveless outfits love stacked or chunky bracelets and cuffs.

If there are neckline details such as bows, large flowers, lace or jewelled embellishments, this will impact on the pieces you choose to wear. When it’s busy, statement earrings always stand out.

The MYJS Eternity Collection is always about making a statement, featuring pave or studded crystals and designed as stunning jewellery to wear and love forever.

Casual clothing always works a treat with statement jewellery. A statement necklace or cocktail ring adds an unexpected charge to relaxed style.

Of course, statement pieces always work well with dressy and formal looks. An elegant black dress with a bold eye-catching necklace or a dramatic pair of earrings is always stylish.

Overall, keep the outfit simple so the jewellery does all the talking. Let your statement piece take centre stage without competing against complex patterns, styles or silhouettes. In saying that: Love the look of that leopard print with that huge chunky golden chain and pendant? Go for it. We can make the rules – and we can also break them.

Fashion is about owning whatever you’re wearing, regardless of it’s a high fashion statement or not

– Marc Jacobs

4. Balance

MYJS Statement Earrings are designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Statement Charms for an endless variety of stunning statement earring combinations and unapologetic sparkle.

Our statement pieces stand out and attract attention as soon as people approach us.

We can create symmetry and let the outfit to do all the work – just pair to stunning drop earrings to draw attention to the face. Or our statement pieces can also work higher from our neck, peeking out from a partly open shirt.

If you opt for both necklace and earrings keep the sparkle in proportion to each other: bold earrings work with a subtle necklace or your statement necklace with classic studs.

Add subtle bracelets and rings to complement – rather than detract – from the drama.

If you do decide it must be about the drama, then don’t hold back – the bigger, the bolder, the better.

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create

– Jana Kingsford

5. Choose your arm candy

MYJS Bangles and Bracelets are designed for smooth wearing and intense shine.

Always keep arm jewellery bold and interesting.

Dressing bare arms with stacked or chunky bracelets or cuffs work as statement pieces on their own. If necklace and earrings are big, either go all out with your bracelets or take a subtle step back.

Charm bracelets are always a talking point and statements in themselves with the mementos they represent. Got some twinkling chimes going on in the wrist area with a stack of bracelets? Make sure those bracelets sing.

Every piece of jewellery tells a story

– Gem Hunt

6. Round out with rings

MYJS Stackable Rings are the height of simplistic sophistication.

Elizabeth Taylor always knew a good cocktail ring when she wore one, because statement rings never go out of style.

Keep those nails manicured and sleeves (if any) rolled back to nicely showcase that bauble – just make sure your nail colour complement your ring rather than clash with it. Feel like going overboard? Wear more than one statement ring on one hand – it’s all the rage.

Or wear a bunch of stacking rings on different fingers for all the sparkle and interest.

The ring always believes the finger lives for it

– Malcolm de Chazal

7. Know the rules, then break them

Statement jewellery is designed to stand out from the crowd. They’re great to wear with a simple outfit, dress up a boring one or add that next level of zhush for formal occasions. Statement pieces add great versatility to your wardrobe, to change the look of the clothes you love wearing over and over again. It’s all about adding the drama – and having fun.

Choosing and wearing the right statement pieces for you are a challenge, but with plenty of thought, practice and the right attitude, you’ll always boldly and uniquely shine.

Know the rules well – so you know how to break them. If you feel confident about what works for you, don’t’ let the rules stop you: make up your own.

Dare to go big, bold and unapologetically dramatic. Because when you make a statement, it’s all in the attitude. Behave as though you deserve the spotlight – because guess what? You actually do.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist

– Pablo Picasso