How To Build Your Capsule Jewellery Collection


Jewellery becomes interesting when it becomes timeless

Much like the capsule wardrobe, a jewellery capsule is a curated collection of wearable, versatile, individual pieces you love: your essentials and go-to pieces. The capsule jewellery wardrobe has to be the epitome of luxury: as a limited selection of interchangeable classic pieces that complement each other, your jewellery box will never go out of style while allowing for different looks. Cultivating a timeless, fabulous everyday look doesn’t mean boring either: Follow our lead How To Build Your Capsule Jewellery Collection.


Inspired by the fierce glamour of halo jewellery’s bygone eras, the MYJS Angelic Collection presents timeless and unapologetically sparkly designs.

Your jewellery capsule nails the basics from a statement pair of earrings, necklace, ring and bracelet and built from there. They need to be pieces easily worn together or by themselves and depending on how you’re feeling. Take risks with your jewellery and go for a piece when it speaks to you.

Your jewellery capsule makes life easier, so don’t feel like your jewellery box needs to be immediately built. Finding your personal style is its own process and your capsule will look different from everyone else’s.

Never forget what becomes truly timeless was once new

– Vogue

Capsule jewellery tips


Designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms, Mix Hoops, Mix Statement Drop and Mix Stud Cluster earrings, the MYJS Mix Collection is the ultimate mini versatile jewellery designed to bring pop to the everyday.

Mix and match
The key to any jewellery capsule is knowing how to style your pieces separately and together. Start with your vibe: are you a casual tshirt and jeans, or a dressy type? You can always combine or add more accessories once your collection is underway, but understanding who you are and what you like to wear is the foundation to the perfect capsule.

Learn to stack
While you can really stack any type of jewellery, bracelets, and necklaces are usually the easiest pieces to double down on.

A bracelet stack is an easy way to add something unique. Mixing metals, textures, colours or designs can adds the next level to a classic staple such as a gold chain.

Necklaces work with multiple lengths, so some strategy is involved when building your capsule out. Start with a small link, add a thicker gauge chain – perhaps with a pendant and then graduate to a longer one. Stack different lengths so each necklace is in full view and adds something to your look.

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever

– Walt Disney



MYJS Hoop Carrier Earrings and MYJS Mix Charms are progressive and interchangeable jewellery pieces to brighten up your look.

As the staple to every outfit, earrings are the exclamation to your personality and vibe – so pick the pieces that will work hard for you, day in, day out.

💖 Studs Earrings are simple and easy to style.
💖 Hoops look just as good with a tshirt during the day as they do with a dress at night.
💖 Huggies or an Ear Cuff add a touch of boss babe to your look whether in the office or on a date.
💖 Statement Earrings are designed to draw attention attracting the light to your face as the focal point to your look

A woman with class is timeless


When it comes to capsule necklaces, you need versatility.

💖 Pick a piece in your signature colour or your favourite metal. Mixed metals are always fun with a touch of edge.

💖 Find different lengths and link styles that work for you.

💖 A personalised pendant or statement necklace piece serves as the finishing touch for a gala-type event or the cool factor to amplify a vintage tee. An initial or name necklace, ID plates and interlocking pendants featuring names, initials, dates or special word immediately stamps individuality to your jewellery capsule while retaining meaningful power.

💖 When in doubt, go for the classic tennis necklace. With the right amount of sparkle to look good solo, the tennis necklace is the perfect zhush to every outfit.

All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that’s given to us

– JRR Tolkein



The sculptured design of MYJS Bracelets powers you with forceful energy for a fresh modern look.

Bracelets are the ultimate arm candy from dainty chains to a bold gold cuff as the perfect go-tos.

💖 Statement earrings can pair well to a large cuff as both pieces are bold enough to wear on their own or together.

💖 When building a stack, start with a solid base such as a bangle or cuff, then add as you go.

💖 With its versatility and luxury, the classic tennis bracelet has just the right amount of sparkle. It looks great on its own or in its set with the Tennis Necklace, adding instant lift to a tee or an LBD.

💖 If bracelets or a stack of bangles don’t work for your lifestyle, a cool timepiece or vintage watch is a functional and fashionable alternative.

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind

– Nathaniel Hawthorne



Go for gems for days with the Octagon Band Crystal Ring for the ultimate sparkly statement.

Earrings and rings are jewellery essentials because they can completely change you and work on everyone. Rings bring emotion and meaning into your jewellery collection so make sure they showcase your personal story and vibe.

💖 Apart from wearing the right size ring (so you don’t lose it), there are no rules for buying rings for your capsule collection. You just need to imagine wearing it regularly – or every day.

💖 Stacking rings add versatility to your jewellery and outfit. A statement cocktail ring is a large and bold choice, adding a powerful vibe to your look.

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind

– Nathaniel Hawthorne



MYJS Trinity Necklace and Bracelets are a tribute to mixed metals, uniting gold, rose gold and silver for an always on-trend and stylish feel.

The materials and metals of our jewellery also add our signature style to our jewellery capsule.

💖 Stacking and mixing metals is a great way to get the most out of your capsule.

💖 Combining a few pieces you don’t normally wear together can make you feel fresh for special events or at the change of the season.

💖 Curate pieces and sets in gold, silver and rose gold for complete versatility.

💖 A pearl piece or set with necklace, bracelet, earrings and bracelet are a must have. From first dates to the office, pearls are iconic power pieces.

Semi Precious Natural Stone
💖 With semi precious natural stone pieces, stick to neutral tones to coordinate with your wardrobe, or go for signature colours iconic to your style.

Time isn’t the only thing. It’s the main thing

– Miles Davis-

The ideal capsule jewellery wardrobe


Welcome to pearl paradise: Echo the bold and the lavish with MYJS Pearl Collection. These timeless pearl wrist twinkles are simple and sophisticated.

Quality, versatility, personal style and your wardrobe need to be the foundations of your collection.

Stud earrings
Hoop earrings
Huggie earrings
Statement earrings
Pearl earrings

Personalised statement necklace
Semi Precious Natural Stone statement necklace
Pearl necklace
Medium length chain
Long length chain

Tennis bracelet

Colourful gemstone or semi precious natural stone statement ring
Cocktail ring

It’s all about you. But if all else fails, the basics of chains, hoops, tennis bracelets and a statement cocktail ring are classics for a reason.

Time isn’t the only thing. It’s the main thing

– Miles Davis-

MYJS Style Guide To Semi Precious Stone Jewellery


You rock

Gemstone jewellery is a versatile adornment to add to your wardrobe, adding class, uniqueness and personality. No doubt, the allure of natural stones comes from their spiritual connection with our natural world.

Representative to Mother Nature’s artistic ingenuity, semi precious natural stones are a true celebration of individuality. Define your fashion narrative and boost your style with gemstone jewellery. From accentuating your everyday look to commanding attention, semi precious natural stone jewellery are your style allies. Their versatility and beauty adds to a captivating look for a lasting impression. Welcome to the MYJS Style Guide To Semi Precious Stone Jewellery.

The secret of life is making stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.

Elevate the everyday with a signature stone


The natural mood booster for willpower and discipline, don Green Onyx Cabochon Drop Earrings to soothe the mind and speak truth from the heart. 

A consistent personal style can be challenging but the perfect well-chosen gemstone jewellery will always keep your look fresh.

The timelessness of a gemstone necklace, bracelet, earring or ring is ideal as a signature piece. Keep it subtle to complement every outfit, allowing your piece to be iconic to you and become a part of your own unique identity.

The man who moves a mountain starts by carrying small stones

– Confucius

Make a statement with bold gemstone jewellery

Transform a simple outfit into a showstopper simply by adding a bold statement piece. Vivid hues and striking designs are tailor-made for this style strategy. From vibrant necklaces to matching earrings, these pieces unite boldness with sophistication.

A chunky gemstone necklace paired with the conventional casual uniform of jeans and a tee creates an effortlessly chic look. Vibrant earrings inject life into the work wardrobe, turning dull days into dazzling ones. A semi precious natural stone necklace with an LBD adds plenty of drama to set the tone for the evening – the red carpet is proof.

For an instant confidence boost, bold jewellery is the modern woman’s secret weapon. A standout necklace and earring set, or a set of attention-grabbing rings will unleash your inner fashionista.

A drop of water breaks a stone

Add subtle elegance with delicate pieces


MYJS Rose Cut Mix Drop Earrings present a kaleidoscope of rich colours as an ode to your very own natural identity.

While gemstones love taking centre stage, they are just as powerful as understated accents. Delicate gemstone jewellery adds instant finesse without overpowering your look.

A business outfit goes next level with a dainty pendant necklace, drop earrings offer understated glamour and a gemstone bracelet effortlessly injects colour and shine into the evening. Delicate pieces will always segue effortlessly from business meetings to romantic dinners.

Unassuming rings, fine earrings and subtle bracelets possess the power to exude immediate elegance. The varying personalities of semi precious natural stones easily takes your look from sweet and elegant to subtly edgy.

To build a wall, lay the foundation stone by stone

Embrace vintage vibes with traditional pieces


MYJS Square Cut Mix Charms are a chic and unique addition to your jewellery wardrobe .

The charm of yesteryears with gemstone jewellery resonates from classic eras, infusing a vintage aesthetic for timeless looks.

Square-cut gemstone jewellery hearkens to the fun of the Roaring Twenties. Flaunting large oval or square rings evoke the 1940s. Or embrace the flower child spirit of the 1960s with vibrant cluster earrings. The hint of nostalgia imparts an air of sophistication to your look.

Channel your inner classic icon with the right vintage-inspired gemstone jewellery piece to set the tone. Experiment with bracelets, earrings, or rings to evoke the elegance of bygone eras in your modern-day outfits.

Handy style tips
Add some drama to your evening look or give a fresh take on your office wardrobe with these handy hacks

💎 Maintain balance with colour and style
💎 Select compatible colours to your skin tone and personality
💎 Stack for impact
💎 Layer to show your wild side
💎 Experiment: don’t be afraid to go bold

With patience, you can even cook a stone

The New Stone Age: Semi Precious Natural Stone Jewellery


Everything changes, even stone

Throughout history, humans have cherished and collaborated with sparkly rocks for artistic expression, power and adornment. The glitter of precious gems such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires will always catch our eye, but the allure of natural stones comes from their spiritual connection with our natural world.

Natural stone jewellery is representative of Mother Nature’s artistic ingenuity as a true celebration of individuality. Welcome to The New Stone Age: Semi Precious Natural Stone Jewellery.

A rolling stone gathers no moss

The power of natural stone jewellery


Deep and soft, turn a beige day into a rosy one where these Round Cabochon Rose Quartz Mix Drop Earrings exude loyalty with fabulousness for a boldly romantic sparkle.

The mosaic of diverse natural stones, each unique in shape, hue, and presentation is a poignant reminder that nature manifests in countless forms, sizes, and colours for unique perfection. Natural stone as a pendant, featuring in earrings or bracelets are a therapeutic reminder of the world’s natural wonders.

We can invoke love and passion through Rose Quartz, wisdom, patience and wealth with Pearls, luck and peace with Turquoise, the success of Amazonite or the healing and refreshment of Moon Stone. The universe of stones offers an option for every intention and purpose, allows you to stride toward your desired outcomes, personal growth or fulfilment. Natural stones beckon to the power of the natural world so the journey is attainable and rewarding.

Leave no stone unturned


Wade into the turquoise pool and swim in blue green depths for a spiritual awakening. The stone for loyalty and communication, dive into these vibrant Round Cabochon Turquoise Drop Mix Earrings for refreshing clarity.

The allure of natural stone jewellery lies in its capacity for uniqueness, allowing personalisation according to mood, character and outfit. The vast choices allow for a unique narrative, resonating colours and treasured qualities. Natural semi precious stone jewellery is an ode to your identity.

If you live for the moments to revel in the garden, serenely stroll through the park, popping on black onyx or turquoise is an invigorating boost to the spirit. Natural semi precious stone jewellery is a celebration of our ties with the Earth.

I alone can not change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples

Mother Theresa

Natural stone jewellery fashion

Celebrities from Black Lively to Iman, Marilyn Monroe have loved their natural gemstones, stones and pearls across the ages. As a remnant of Earth, the beauty lies in the diverse abilities of crystals, pearls and natural stones to enhance our wellbeing while looking artlessly beautiful.

There is a profound reverence in the symbiotic relationship between Earth and humanity. Despite our every intention to be caught up in modern life and leave her behind, we remain an integral part of nature’s tapestry.

Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope

Martin Luther King Jr

The stone for purity and restfulness, Green Onyx Mix Earring Charms have the power to relieve worries, fears, tension and stress for positive energy and clarity.

Natural stone has a real versatility in unique looks with Black Onyx, Moonstone, Amazonite, Opal, Pearls, Turquoise and more. They infuse vitality and celebration into life – and simply make things all the more brighter.

The charm of stones are hard to resist. From statement earrings to layered neckpieces and cocktail rings, crystals, pearls and stones are classic.

If only my heart were stone


Welcome to pearl paradise: Echo the bold and the lavish with MYJS Pearl Necklacces for simple and sophisticated.

Handy Style Tips
Add some drama to your evening look or give a fresh take on your office wardrobe

💎 Maintain balance with colour and style
💎 Select compatible colours to your skin tone and personality
💎 Stack for impact
💎 Layer to show your wild side
💎 Experiment: don’t be afraid to go bold

Write your sad times in sand, your good times in stone

Stud Earrings: The Jewellery Fashion Essential


Studs always fit

As the LBD of your jewellery box, studs are the classic style accessory. Size never matters – big or tiny, the sparklier, the bolder, the better.

Welcome to Studs: The Jewellery Fashion Essential.

You’re not dressed until a pair of studs add sparkle

Unlimited forms of expression

The Princess Kate Staple with Natalie Portman, Oprah and many more celebs found rocking them on the red carpet. Simple as the humble stud is, Stud Earrings are the most versatile piece in your wardrobe, suiting every age, personality and occasion.

Segueing easily between men and women’s jewellery boxes, studs have a universal appeal. The irresistible charm of studs blends smart design with timeless elegance, working easily from formal events with cocktail dresses to jeans and a leather jacket for a subtle striking style.

My style is too versatile to be compared to anybody

Versatile elegance

MYJS Signature Studs are perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear with all the sparkle and none of the weight.

As the perfect accessory for the modern woman who feels naked without an earring, studs are perfection. They are the definition of minimal chic, versatile by design and ideal for every occasion without ever going out of style.

Studs offer a clean-cut look, adding symmetry to every outfit. And as the safest choice for beginners, there’s a nostalgia that always comes with popping on our studs.

The perfect marriage of simplicity and sparkle, stud earrings are petite and compact; subtle enough for maximum impact, lightweight for ease in wearing. A great base piece to our jewellery collection – being our first earring and all – studs offer a singular head, attached to a post to pass through the earlobe or cartilage. Secured snugly to the ear with an earring backing, the head offers a minimal platform for a splash of decoration and sparkle. Unlike hoops, drop earrings and earring jackets, studs stay fixed to our ear – ideal for active lifestyles.

The epitome of classic ageless beauty, studs come in so many different styles with unlimited combinations.

Endless possibilities

MYJS Mix Carrier Studs are designed to wear solo for a classic feel.

Push backs
As the most common back to secure an earring, the Push Back is easy to push on and pull off with a small notch in the end of the post.

Screw back
Found with vintage designs and high-end earrings, Screw Backs are difficult to put on and remove for the most secure way to fasten your earrings.

Prong stud earrings
Offering 4 prongs for the basket stud or 3 for the martini, the prong setting houses the brilliant roundness of a single gem. As the standard classic earring, Prong Stud Earrings are ideal for really allowing the centre stone to sparkle.

Sphere stud earrings
For the elegant minimalist, Sphere Studs offer endless possibilities with the right touch of shine. Perfect for second or third piercings, Sphere studs are a simple ball of metal, versatile and comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Classic gemstones
Timeless style comes with single stud posts and our favourite sparkly gemstones for plenty of everyday flair. Add dazzle to your earring game with your birthstone or favourite sparkly gem. One pair not enough? Go two, three or more! The sparklier, the bolder, the better.

Halo stud earrings
Designed for maximum shine, Halo Studs feature a centre stone surrounded by smaller gemstones for ultimate elegance. As a simpler cluster earring, their regal nature is fit for a queen, giving plenty of bang for buck with all the sparkle and shine. With versatility and grace, halo stud earrings are always a fashion choice.

Bezel stud earrings
As a single stone set within a rim of precious metal, the contemporary design of the Bezel stud offers a stylish, fashion-forward edge.

The MYJS Pearl Collection brings a chic freshness for a modern feel to the classics. With their warm lustre, they are a magical gem of the moon and the ocean.

Statement stud earrings
Amp up the volume and go extra, with oversized colourful studs for a stylish statement.

Pearl stud earrings
A classic understatement, the pearl stud has all the simplicity of studs – with a special flourish of pearly shimmer for the ultimate in effortless sophistication.

Contemporary studs
Traditional stud earrings can always be counted on for their timelessness and subtle elegance but the modern stud takes the basic formula of a classic design with a contemporary twist, presenting square, geometric or asymmetrical shapes.   

Studs always fit

Life-Giving Warmth Of Luminous Topaz Jewellery Fashion


Whenever you touch topaz, it really touches you. It awakens a gentle fire, like wine awakens in grapes. 

As the imperial stone of gems, Topaz is a chameleon with the power to turn negative energy around for positive power. The talisman for abundance, joy, love, healing and communication, the luminous energy of golden-yellow topaz celebrates the birth month of November and the 23rd wedding anniversary.

A silicate metal of fluorine and aluminium, Topaz crystallises within lava flow or rocks, it’s inner glow and fire a stunning luminous and durable stone – coming just behind diamond on the hardness scale.

In its purist form, topaz is colourless with its unique colours the result of impurities in the crystal structure transforming it to yellow, gold, brown, blue, light blue, green, red, violet or pink.

While the pale blue is an alternative topaz colour, yellow, gold, orange and brownish colours are more familiar. Russians outlawed wearing the stone outside of the royal family, where the warmer yellowish hues became known as the Imperial Topaz.

Explore the radiant world of this warm-honey gem with the Life-Giving Warmth Of Luminous Topaz Jewellery Fashion.

Her soul was topaz – you could see it in her eyes

The history of topaz

First used in Sanskrit as ‘topas’ or ‘tapaz’ for fire and derived from Egyptian island ‘Topazios’ – now St Johns Island or Zabargad Island near the Red Sea – topaz traditionally referred to any yellow gemstones.

In Ancient Egypt, topaz was believed to capture the glow of Sun-God and giver of life Ra, protecting the wearer from injuries while endowing them with great strength. Its golden hues were also linked with the Sun-God Apollo.

The gem of sunshine and happiness, the radiant crystal of Topaz Crystal Bella Earrings represents calming influence for inner peace.

In India, the word ‘topaz’ stood for heat, and Hindus believed it a scared stone for its protective, live-giving abilities. In Africa, healing rituals with topaz established communion with the spirit.

Topaz is mentioned in the bible with high-priest Aaron, as well as Revelations as one of the stones of the apocalypse. Ancient Romans credited topaz with preventing sickness, dispelling bad omens, healing poor vision and calming anger, promoting topaz as the symbol for uprightness and virtue.

Initially sourced from Zabargad during ancient times, it is now believed the yellow stones of this island was actually the lemon gemstone Citrine. The first genuine topaz was found in Germany in 1737. Worn by royalty and clergy during the middle ages through to the 1800s, topaz became more affordable and available once large deposits were discovered. During the 1800s, the Ural Mountains of Russia and Brazil became the first large sources of topaz. Today, South America remains the largest producer of topaz, where it is also mined in Australia, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Norway, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Japan, Nigeria and the US.

Life. Beauty not included. You must create your own

– Topaz

The psychology of topaz

Statement Topaz Bella Earrings adds all the zhush to up your earring game. As liquid sunshine, these stones are always stunning.

Enduring the mythology of magical and healing powers, topaz has always been a powerful gemstone, boosting the virtues of leadership and love. As the gem for the third eye, topaz represents intuition and love, directly influencing our heart, eyes and insight for inner peace. The lively fire, clarity, colours and hardness of topaz recognises truth and wisdom to transform negative energy into positive, boosting happy and invigorating vibrations for an abundance of vitality and healing power.

The stone for love, truth and good fortune, wearing topaz boosts confidence to achieve goals and dispel cowardice while attracting fidelity and friendship. Renowned for its healing properties, topaz cures the heated blood of fevers and regulates the heart, stemming bleeding to ease inflammations, discomfort and pain for good digestion while promoting glandular health. As the gem for the heart, topaz releases anger and surrenders to forgiveness, bringing balance to turbulent emotions and cooling our blood from rage and anger to calm and peace. This is the gemstone for treating depression and alleviating fears to heal shock and trauma while bringing balance to our emotions. Topaz facilitates happy living, boosting our emotional nourishment for inner fulfilment, and higher productivity for inner peace.

As the gem for insight and protection, topaz enhances our eyesight, curing weak vision while protecting against the evil eye. Boosting our mental powers by calming tempers, topaz sharpens our wit while boosting honesty, self-control and self-realisation. This makes topaz ideal for aiding in good communications, its restorative powers boosting our confidence for problem-solving situations while expressing our thoughts and emotions.

The stone for inner peace, topaz aids with meditation and sleep, working against insomnia and nightmares while protecting against heart disease.

Its inner fire protecting against fire and accidents, Topaz counteracts greed, envy, intrigue, disease, injury and negative magic for calm, joy, generosity wisdom and good health as the ideal gemstone protecting travellers and inspiring creativity

Topaz and fashion

As the colour symbolising freedom, joy, happiness and hope, warm honey-gold topaz brings sunshine to our wardrobe. In Asian cultures, yellow represents luxury, nobility, bravery and wealth. The imperial colour for China, warm yellow was associated with the earth element, standing for power, loyalty and prosperity.

Yellow loves medium to olive skin tones but regardless of your skin colour, always expect to stand out traffic: topaz is massively energetic and fun, bringing out your bright, dynamic self.

Representative to summer, yellow topaz works best as a punctuation or exclamation to your look.

While it is synonymous to cowardice, it still takes guts to wear warm honey yellow, so wear sparingly rather than as an everyday canvas.

Yellow is particularly perfect as an accent to spice up your outfit, instantly bringing eye-catching warmth to a black outfit or minimal white, beige, tan, grey or denim look.

Immerse yourself in a life that moves you

Topaz fashion jewellery

While topaz was hugely popular with royalty, the rise of diamonds in the 1950s took away attention from this warm honey gem with stars like Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo keeping the love for the stone alive. Lady Gaga’s recent foray into the yellow stone has revived interest in the rare hue – particularly as we enter the age of fully embracing our uniqueness

Its many different combinations make topaz an easy match for our wardrobe. Topaz is striking against dark hair and skin tones. Wear with warm colours such as red, brown, tan or purple for a rich, seasonal look. Boost green, dark blue or black with topaz pieces for immediate sparkle.

If wearing a topaz ring, go for maximum bling. As the ultimate symbol for affluence and a ring fit for a queen, topaz looks best on the index fingers for a lux-casual look.

November’s Birthstone: Topaz

Bling for you! Bling for your wine! Add a touch of fabulousness to your and your girls’ wine and cocktail glasses with MYJS Topaz Wine Charms. Mark your glass with this stylish sparkly accessory, customising your glass to you.

Light up November with Topaz, the stone for the third-eye to boost love, happiness and wisdom for truth and inner peace. Renown for its calming, creativity and healing energies, illuminate the universe to bring peace and health to the mind, body and soul. Bask in your creative power and wit for dynamic energies aiding in problem solving and inspiring love and friendship. Born from the earth’s volcanic heat, topaz’ inner fire attracts abundance and good luck, transforming negative energies into positive ones. You hold the fire of topaz dear, so embrace the heat and shine.

Topaz is beautiful – largely because of the strangeness of her face

– Dodie Smith

Over The Rainbow: Opal Jewellery Fashion


As an opal changes its colours and its fire to match the nature of a day, so do I

– John Steinbeck

As the queen of the gems, the fragile opal has a complex personality and history. The symbolism of opals is as much of a kaleidoscope as the gemstone’s unique play of colour. The talisman of luck and magic, opal celebrates the birth month of October and 14 years of marriage.

As a mineral from millions of tiny amorphous silica spheres, the opal is distinctive with markings, its colourful flecks presenting a rainbow iridescent play of colours to showcase different patterns and hues in the light. The unique opalescence offers rainbow like flashes in a kaleidoscope of hues, and the symbolism attached to it makes it an intriguing and arresting gem. The opal takes on many shapes and hues, the rainbow colours of blue, red, yellow, green and purple exotic, poetic descriptions.

Join us as we deep dive into the wonderful world of iridescent opulence with Over The Rainbow: Opal Jewellery Fashion.

There are worlds in an opal

The history of opals

The luminous opal can be traced as far back to the Sanskrit word Upala meaning “precious stone”. It would evolve into the Greek derivative Opallis and Roman Opalus meaning “change of colour”.

In Greek mythology, opals were considered the tears of Zeus after the defeat of the titans. The opal was believed to give the gift of prophecy while protecting from disease.

The Indian virgin Goddess of the Rainbow was turned to opal by the Mother Goddess to protect her against the romantic advances of Indian Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Persians believed the stones fell from the sky, imbued by the flashes of lighting that bought them to earth.

The gem of femininity, innocence and sincerity, this soft and gentle crystal of Rose Water Opal Crystal Bella Earrings represent the endless strength of woman.

Following the plague, the gem became associated with the Black Death where stories stirred across Europe of a patient’s opal burning with colour losing its brilliance after their death. This narrative would be taken on by Sir Walter Scott’s novel Anne of Geuerstein.

Tragic main character Lady Hermoine is accused as a demoness and dying after a drop of holy water fell onto her opal, destroying its colour. The novel demonised the opal, with the opal market crashing within months of the book’s release.

The discovery of black opal from New South Wales in the 1870s some 50 years later would revive the market. Prince Albert would design many pieces for Queen Victoria with the Queen gifting her daughters the gems for their wedding.

The earth writes its memoir in each opal

The psychology of opals

Aurore Boreale Mix Charms adds all the zhush to up your earring game. Inspired by the northern lights, these iridescent and rainbow-like stones are beautiful, shimmering and ethereal.

The inner colours of opal attract the forces for good luck and protection, representing hope, innocence and purity, faithfulness and loyalty.

The opal has the reputation of amplifying traits for transformation. A stone for love and passion, opals release our inhibitions of seduction, desire and eroticism for sexual harmony.

As the protective gem for dangerous places, opals stand for justice and harmony, its inner play of dancing fire sparking dynamic creativity.

Symbolic to the eye, the opal is commonly associated with the imagination and the future. Bestowing the gift of unfailing vision, the stone is worn as a cure to eye diseases with powers to boost the mind and memory while detoxifying our kidneys and liver to improve our immunity. Opals seep into our energies, cleansing negativity from our mind, spirit, emotions and body.

Said to possess magical properties, the opal is the protector of thieves and spies, rendering the wearer invisible – as a sparklier version of Harry’s Cloak of Invisibility. The darkness and depth of opals set in wands increased the powers of magicians and sorcerers.

Opals and fashion

Featuring with fashion houses such as Balmain, Dior and Cartier and others across the last decade, opals seamlessly fit into our everyday collection while bringing a magical charm to our look.

While iridescence and reticulation seems to fit better in the world of party decorations, rulers, discos and rave gear, shine will always have its moment. Iridescence celebrates all things that shimmer and glow. The pearly, glossy, shimmery unicorn colour story is playful, sleek and edgy – all at once. While we are unlikely to add full length reticulated coats and entire iridescent outfits to our everyday wardrobe, splashes of the sheen will add instant intrigue to our style.

Opals love fashion, blending in easily to our everyday look with an edge of intrigue. Simultaneously bold and delicate, opals instantly add special flair with its subtle flashing hues and unique shine. The simplicity and minimalism of opals especially love the office and special occasions, elevating casual style easily. Use its distinctive rainbow colours to brighten up a minimal look of black, greys or neutrals.

Some opali carry such a play within them that they equal the deepest and richest colours of painters. Others…simulate the flaming fire of burning sulphur and even the bright blaze of burning oil

– Pliny

Opal fashion jewellery

Opals have been worn by some of the world’s most famous historical figures. From Holy Roman Emperors to Empress Josephine, Victoria, Elizabeth II, Dutch Maxima, Danish Crown Princess Mary and even Hawaiian King Kalakaua, opals have sparkled in crowns, ears and necks. Even Mark Antony wanted to gift a Slovakian opal to Cleopatra.

Today, we’ll catch J’Lo, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Paris Hilton s’living with opals.

Light opals are striking against dark hair and skin tones while darker opals stand out on lighter – silver and opal especially bring out the best in blue eyes.

The milky gemstone of purity, love and goodness, all the colours of daylight are captured in White Opal Crystal Bella Earrings. Impassioned and easily stirred, this crystal encourages living for freedom and independence, leading the way to loyalty, faithfulness – and plenty of fun.

Opal’s unique simplicity works best with clean designs. Statement drop opal earrings will immediately draw attention to the face. A statement opal pendent will highlight the neckline.

Want office sophistication? Silver with White Opal or gold with the rainbow-like iridescence of AB Aurora Borealis offers a feminine pearly shimmer.

Opal adores blonde hair, its properties said to preserve the pure colour by adding magical lustre to pale locks. Medieval Germans and Scandinavians were renown for wearing European opals set in their hair pins.

Perfect for anniversaries and birthdays, opals highlight our entire look and add a dash of sophistication and elegance. Self-confidence and the right attitude opens every door; as the stone boosting happiness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence, opal jewellery will always take your look to the next level, adding layers of style and colour.

Mysterious opals contain the wonders of the skies

– Jerry Smith

The Magic Of Azure: Blue Sapphire Jewellery Fashion


Updated September 2023

Morning, that first Sapphire dome of glow

CK Williams

Renowned for its striking azure, September’s birthstone of Sapphire sparkles brightly.

The symbol for heaven, celestial blue attracts wise judgement and sacred blessings, representing innocence, loyalty, good health and the revered – it is “sacré blue!” as the au courant French would admonish.

The hue for peace of mind, serenity and prosperity, the dazzling cerulean of Sapphire is the cast of divinity and royalty, inspiring luck, loyalty, happiness and love for flowing, peaceful energy.

Highly valued across centuries, sapphires have dominated human culture.

The Greeks cherished sapphires when seeking answers from the oracle while inscribing sapphires with the head of Zeus, as the god of the heavens claiming his pinnacle of power. Tibetan Buddhists and Hindus sought the gemstone for spiritual enlightenment to facilitate their devotion to prayer and meditation.

Hebrew kings cherished sapphire’s powers of protection in their ecclesiastical rings – King Solomon’s seal was an inscribed sapphire as a testament to his power over the spirits in the sky, earth and underworld. The colour for the virgin Madonna, Helen of Troy was also reputed to own a large star sapphire – which may have added to her enormous charm. Persian kings wore sapphires as protection from malice and bad health while sailors believed sapphires offered protection for a safe and prosperous passage.

Reflecting both the sea and the sky, embrace open spaces, freedom and intuition with the vitality of health and hope.

As the reflective hue for deep waters, the intense ultramarine is versatile and flattering on every skin tone and hair colour. Sapphire is brilliant – and knows it.

Ringed with the azure world, [s]he stands

– Alfred Lord Tennyson

The psychology of blue


MYJS Cushion Carrier Necklaces are designed as mini versatile jewellery sets to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms – or wear solo for minimal brilliance

As the colour of the mind, blue stimulates clear thought to calm the mind and boost concentration for clear concentration.

Flowing like the ocean, blue surges through our emotions for balance and stability. As the world’s favourite colour, blue is reassuring, friendly and confident.

Restore balance to the body for peace of mind. It is the cast for taking brave steps forward to journeys deep within.

Blue is the closest colour to truth

Blue exhilarates fashion

From Winnie Harlow on the red carpet at Cannes to Jennifer Garner at the Oscars, or clocking in as the favourite colours for Olivia Munn, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, Helen Mirrin and Blake Lively, sapphire is dazzling. Expect to attract attention in distinguished blue.

As the shade of divinity, sapphire blue is the colour for royalty – we just have to look at Princess Kate, the Netherlands’ Queen Consort Máxima and our dearly beloved Queen Elizabeth II’s Sapphire Jubilee for proof of this.

The sun shines in an uncluttered azure sky

Blue sapphire fashion jewellery

Defined by the depths of the sea, Ocean Blue crystals sleek curves and contours define these brilliant stones with clean contemporary lines and timeless style for a romantic sensibility and enduring sparkle.

The intense blue gemstone is a hero colour that only gets better with time for head turning style. Get everyone talking with the bold statement of sapphires – and a striking, bold style charge.

Oh the summer night has a smile of light, and she sits on a sapphire throne

– Bryan Procter

September’s birthstone: sapphire

Iconic to MYJS, MYJS signature Bella Earrings exude a delicate fierceness to take you from the (home) office to every special occasion – or even just over a cheeky wine in the kitchen.

Light up September with Sapphires, the stone of innocence, loyalty and good health for purity, perfection and invincible power.

With stunning brilliance attracting abundance, and blessings, bestow truth, preserve chastity and illuminate the universe with treasures beyond measure for pure enlightenment to keep bad energy and ill fortune at bay. You are wisdom, dear. They can’t fool you. As the stones for joy, inner peace and beauty, they can’t break you.

Embrace life and the sun to the fullest. And shine splendidly, darling.

The sun is up, the sky is blue. It is beautiful and so are you.

Pearl Jewellery: The Modern Fashion Statement


Updated June 2023

Pearls are always appropriate

Jackie Onassis

Due to their understated elegance and simplicity, Pearls are a tour de force. Symmetry will always be in fashion – which means pearls will always be in style. In their unadorned simplicity, the everlasting elegance of pearls have all the versatility for ultimate cool-girl or tried-and-true classic. We explore The Modern Statement: Pearl Jewellery Fashion.

The tides have turned, pearls are so not passé: these luminescent gems are back in vogue. As the latest on-trend style from Harry Styles to Zendaya, Bella Hadid and Beyonce, pearls are the classic fashion accessory.

And as the birthstone for June, the classic pearl never goes wrong. Trends may fluctuate, but pearls and their appeal will always stay in vogue.

Clutch your pearls

Synonymous to icons and royalty, they are opulent and eclectic – but always luxurious with a unique charm. From as long ago as 2300 BC, pearls were presented as royal gifts and seen as the ultimate status symbol. In 1BC, Julius Caesar passed a law limiting pearls only to the ruling class.

With an abundance of pearls readily available from the Persian Gulf, Arabs believed pearls were the tears of Gods while the ancient Greeks believed they were the tears of Aphrodite. The Pearly Gates refer to heaven’s gates with Hindi god Krishna bestowing pearls to his wife for their wedding. In Ancient China, pearls were a symbol of purity, while knights during the Crusades wore them into battle as amulets of protection.

The passion for pearls launched Spanish armadas to the Mexican gulf and the British to Australia. They are nature’s greatest miracles: starting out as an irritant – such as a particle of shell or parasite – to the oyster, the pearl’s formation comes from the oyster secreting nacre to build up and form the famous moon white gemstone. With cultured pearls, freshwater pearls, lucite and glass coming onboard as modern additions to pearl fashion across the last century, pearls always retain their relevance. 

The moon in her chariot of pearl

Pearl fashion

The silent uniform for strong women and the aristocratic badge of fashion-forward men, these gemstones effortlessly stand between tradition and evolution. As the pinnacle of feminine power, the pearl is the protector, attracting good luck and wealth.

Timeless yet modern, reclaim pearls for their moment in the sun. Because we should always be two things: classy and fabulous. The world is your oyster, and you are the pearl: so be the pearl, the queen of gems and the gem of all queens.

Pearls are all about attitude and how you pair them.

Why wear one string when you can wear two?

– Coco Chanel

Pearl fashion jewellery

Mix Pearl Charms
A striking contrast of textures and shapes, the sleek treasures of MYJS Pearl Mix Charms harbour a glimmering luminescence in their unique profile.

Feel fresh – with an elegance boost to zhush up the everyday. As symbols of purity, perfection and long life with all the lustre of the moon, layer, mismatch and personalise your unique pearl style. 

No Grit. No Pearl.

Welcome to pearl paradise. Refined, chic and on-trend, echo the bold and the lavish where MYJS Pearl Mix Earrings Charms and Organic Freshwater Bar Necklace stand out for their dashing, edgy style.

From classically minimal to over the top baroque, wear pearls everyday to upgrade your monochromatic game or polish up your look: because pearls are always appropriate. Go edgy with dark pearls – just enough to hint at danger. 

Pearls go on and on . . . on everything. With a fierce history as a status symbol, pearls are never passé. Classic and feminine, pearls deliver for modern takes and traditional styles.

Who runs the world? Girls with pearls

June’s birthstone: pearl

Halo Freshwater Pearl Set
The spotlight sparkles on the natural iridescence of the unique MYJS Halo Freshwater Pearl set, bringing a fresh stylishness to a classic gemstone.

Light up June with Pearls, the magical gem of the moon and the ocean. Born from the earth’s waters through heavens powers with serene perfection and purity, these soft white lustrous orbs are treasures beyond measure. You’re a Pearl dear, the daughter of the moon, and the goddess of love from the sea. Embrace the light of the moon and shine lustrously, darling, shine.

Pearls of fabulous

The Splendour Of May’s Birthstone: Green Emerald Jewellery Fashion


Updated April 2023

Nothing greens greener than emerald

Pliny the Elder

For more than 3,000 years, the Emerald has been treasured above other gemstones for its rarity and brilliance. The colour for Venus, adored by Cleopatra and beloved by Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie and celebrities galore, the Emerald is symbolic of rebirth, representing good fortune, youth, balance, growth and peace.

It is the gem for wealth, refinement and royalty. As the colour of nature, green embodies life, fertility and abundance. Green soothes the mind and body, inspiring comfort, safety and security.

Working with the heart chakra, energy channels are cleared of negativity for hope, optimism and wellbeing.

Whatever anyone does or says, I must be emerald and keep my colour

Marcus Aurelius

Emerald fashion

Green is the new black: it is the colour that reigns supreme in the fashion world – the closest to bathing yourself in nature, forests and grass.

As the expression of our hopeful spirits, wear green to reconnect with the world, friends and loved ones.

Freshen your look with pops of emerald or go monochrome green to really project your kindness and abundance while channeling all the luxury.

Give me songs to sing and emerald dreams to dream and I’ll give you love unfolding

Jim Morrison

Brilliant green emerald jewellery fashion

Richly ravishing and radiant, Emeralds are show stopping. As the hardest stone after diamond, their striking brilliance has inspired the Emerald cut, designed for maximum vividness, luxury and shine.

Coordinate with peach, aubergine, rose, pink or purple for a brilliant backdrop to showcase the green of your emerald jewellery.

Dress up jeans, tee and a blazer with emeralds to go from casual office Fridays to end of week drinks easily.

Keep makeup neutral or smokey to enhance the rich green of sparkly emeralds. 

MYS Emerald Swarovski® Crystal Bella Earrings are designed to add pops of vivid sparkle to the everyday.

In your everyday, choose simple looks and clean lines with neutral colours. The contrast in colours brilliantly brings out the green tones for a subtle pop of brilliance. While still beautiful, patterns and details designs won’t showcase emerald in its best light, drowning out its distinctive beauty.

Scoop necklines are perfect for showcasing emerald studs or drop earrings. 

The future is green

Dress up your look with Emerald Swarovski Charms from the MYJS Mix Collection.

A special occasion always calls for special jewels. Emerald green jewellery fashion deserves to stand out with intricate design and added sparkle for a real statement. As statement pieces, we can celebrate emeralds in envious style.

Choose a standout piece and build around it with smaller, more simpler designs to balance the look. 

The MYJS Angelic Bracelet with Emerald Austrian Crystals is designed for sophisticated extravagance.

Opt for figure hugging silhouettes to allow emeralds to shine. Statement necklaces work best against low cut necklines, while emerald rings are beautiful when paired with sleek elegant short-sleeve and halter neck outfits.

If adding wrist twinkles, either go all the way with a matching bracelet or pare back and go simple.

Whatever anyone does or says, I must be emerald and keep my colour

– Marcus Aurelius

May’s birthstone: emerald

Asscher Emerald Crystal Mix Charm with Minimal Mix Carrier Pendant adds gleaming zhush to the everyday

Light up May with emeralds, the stone of luck, new beginnings and eloquence.

With dazzling gleaming beauty and calming and healing energies, ignite the universe with balance and clarity to stay chaos and disorder. You are the jewel of Queens dear. No one can break you. As the superior gem of all gems, embrace hope and renewal to live life to the fullest. And shine brilliantly darling.

Love is an emerald: its brilliant light wards off dragons on this treacherous path

– Rumi