Pearl Jewellery: The Modern Fashion Statement


Updated June 2023

Pearls are always appropriate

Jackie Onassis

Due to their understated elegance and simplicity, Pearls are a tour de force. Symmetry will always be in fashion – which means pearls will always be in style. In their unadorned simplicity, the everlasting elegance of pearls have all the versatility for ultimate cool-girl or tried-and-true classic. We explore The Modern Statement: Pearl Jewellery Fashion.

The tides have turned, pearls are so not passé: these luminescent gems are back in vogue. As the latest on-trend style from Harry Styles to Zendaya, Bella Hadid and Beyonce, pearls are the classic fashion accessory.

And as the birthstone for June, the classic pearl never goes wrong. Trends may fluctuate, but pearls and their appeal will always stay in vogue.

Clutch your pearls

Synonymous to icons and royalty, they are opulent and eclectic – but always luxurious with a unique charm. From as long ago as 2300 BC, pearls were presented as royal gifts and seen as the ultimate status symbol. In 1BC, Julius Caesar passed a law limiting pearls only to the ruling class.

With an abundance of pearls readily available from the Persian Gulf, Arabs believed pearls were the tears of Gods while the ancient Greeks believed they were the tears of Aphrodite. The Pearly Gates refer to heaven’s gates with Hindi god Krishna bestowing pearls to his wife for their wedding. In Ancient China, pearls were a symbol of purity, while knights during the Crusades wore them into battle as amulets of protection.

The passion for pearls launched Spanish armadas to the Mexican gulf and the British to Australia. They are nature’s greatest miracles: starting out as an irritant – such as a particle of shell or parasite – to the oyster, the pearl’s formation comes from the oyster secreting nacre to build up and form the famous moon white gemstone. With cultured pearls, freshwater pearls, lucite and glass coming onboard as modern additions to pearl fashion across the last century, pearls always retain their relevance. 

The moon in her chariot of pearl

Pearl fashion

The silent uniform for strong women and the aristocratic badge of fashion-forward men, these gemstones effortlessly stand between tradition and evolution. As the pinnacle of feminine power, the pearl is the protector, attracting good luck and wealth.

Timeless yet modern, reclaim pearls for their moment in the sun. Because we should always be two things: classy and fabulous. The world is your oyster, and you are the pearl: so be the pearl, the queen of gems and the gem of all queens.

Pearls are all about attitude and how you pair them.

Why wear one string when you can wear two?

– Coco Chanel

Pearl fashion jewellery

Mix Pearl Charms
A striking contrast of textures and shapes, the sleek treasures of MYJS Pearl Mix Charms harbour a glimmering luminescence in their unique profile.

Feel fresh – with an elegance boost to zhush up the everyday. As symbols of purity, perfection and long life with all the lustre of the moon, layer, mismatch and personalise your unique pearl style. 

No Grit. No Pearl.

Welcome to pearl paradise. Refined, chic and on-trend, echo the bold and the lavish where MYJS Pearl Mix Earrings Charms and Organic Freshwater Bar Necklace stand out for their dashing, edgy style.

From classically minimal to over the top baroque, wear pearls everyday to upgrade your monochromatic game or polish up your look: because pearls are always appropriate. Go edgy with dark pearls – just enough to hint at danger. 

Pearls go on and on . . . on everything. With a fierce history as a status symbol, pearls are never passé. Classic and feminine, pearls deliver for modern takes and traditional styles.

Who runs the world? Girls with pearls

June’s birthstone: pearl

Halo Freshwater Pearl Set
The spotlight sparkles on the natural iridescence of the unique MYJS Halo Freshwater Pearl set, bringing a fresh stylishness to a classic gemstone.

Light up June with Pearls, the magical gem of the moon and the ocean. Born from the earth’s waters through heavens powers with serene perfection and purity, these soft white lustrous orbs are treasures beyond measure. You’re a Pearl dear, the daughter of the moon, and the goddess of love from the sea. Embrace the light of the moon and shine lustrously, darling, shine.

Pearls of fabulous