The MYJS Guide To Statement Jewellery


Updated December 2023

Once you have the statement, it will design itself

Bob Gill

They may say to take one thing off before leaving the house; we say put one or two (or even three!) more pieces of jewellery on. With My Jewellery Story, too much is never enough.

Welcome to the MYJS Guide to Statement Jewellery to get the most out of your bold, unique and unapologetically dramatic pieces.

The MYJS Mantra To Wear Statement Jewellery By

💖 Make every moment an occasion

💖 Keep it glamour to go

💖 Always steal the spotlight

When it comes to making an entrance, sparkling gems are mandatory. The everyday can be elevated with the addition of a statement piece. Your 2pm coffee run is another excuse to show off an armful of bracelets. After dark, brandish a dramatic cocktail ring.

It’s always your time to shine – and you can do big, effortlessly.

From necklaces to earrings, bracelets and rings, there is every option for the new seasonal fashion staple or meaningful gifts – even when it’s a gift to oneself.

Making a statement with words is the least effective method

Grey Livingston

The point about statement pieces are they stand out – they’re screaming to be seen and heard. Clean, graphic silhouettes always tie everything together. These timeless, minimalist and refined pieces means dressed up or dressed down, your statement jewellery will always be fashionably modern – and fierce.

Let one piece do all the talking, and pare back on your other pieces so they don’t end up competing against each other. But when you do make your choice, dare to go big, bold and unapologetically dramatic. Forget the rules – it’s all about attitude.

A statement necklace glams up any outfit without feeling like too much

Tracy Reese

Statement Necklaces

MYJS Personalised Necklaces are fierce fashion statements – with meaning.

We always need a go-to necklace in our jewellery arsenal – one that is unique and bold. Drawing attention to your chest, it’s the piece that makes us feel confident and strong – and adds spice and drama to every outfit. From showstopping pendants to chains for that LBD or a tshirt and jacket, we can rock a statement necklace any time, day and night of the week.

The most profound statements are said in silence

Lynn Johnson

Statement Earrings

MYJS Statement Drop and Statement Carrier Earrings are designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms for an endless variety of stunning statement earring combinations and unapologetic sparkle.

Be it for during the day or After 5, Statement Earrings are an expression of attitude. Designed to pack a punch, Statement Earrings can be elegant, a little wild, and complicated.

Statement Earrings were never designed to follow the rules. They’re all about personality, creating a focal point for your outfit while injecting a thrill to the look. So dare to add an element of the unexpected and level up casual monochrome, all black or denim.

Drawing attention to your face, statement earrings add personality to every outfit from a plain sweater to a business suit. To make sure they’re showstoppers, wear with a low, messy bun, a high ponytail or a low up-do.

Statement Rings


Be the sensation. Go bold with gems for days for the ultimate in sparkly twinkles with our Statement Rings from the Octagon Cut Collection. Share your brightest light with the world.

Bold and audacious in design, statement rings are generally worn from ‘cocktail hour’ onwards due to the impracticality for all-day, every-day wear – apparently. Ok, maybe boardroom meetings are out for flashy statement rings, but never say never to an elegant ring stack on the one finger or bold signet rings in the office. When it comes to fun, wear it fabulous – and with attitude.

Be a voice, not an echo


MYJS Bangles and Bracelets are designed for smooth wearing and intense sparkle.

Amp up a tshirt, short sleeved shirt or rolled up cuffs with a flash of your wrist.

From stacking bangles to wearing cuffs or rocking a one-of-a-kind charm bracelet, always opt for bold and interesting.

Fashion is about owning whatever you’re wearing, regardless if it’s a high fashion statement or not

– Darren Criss

Know Your Ear Jewels: The MYJS Guide To Earrings


Trust and love are wonderful, but don’t forget the earrings

Estée Lauder

As the butterflies of the jewellery kingdom, studs, hoops, huggies and drop earrings have all the ways of taking our look to the next level. Whether going for subtle or stand out while depending on our face shape, skin, eyes and hair colour, Earrings are transformative.

Take it to the max and frost your ears in your happiness and joy armour. Explore the wonderful world of earrings to find your fabulous.


MYJS Signature Studs add a splash of instant zhush, perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear with all the sparkle and none of the weight

As the LBD of your jewellery box, Studs are always appropriate.

Add a power lift to your look with studs for confidence and self-awareness. Size never matters – the sparklier, the bolder, the better. 

Want more than one stud in each ear? You’re the person who loves to have it all – and can’t see why you shouldn’t. 

Brunch? Girl date? Zoom? Luxuriating in the bubble bath? Tick, tick, tick, tick.

Earring Jackets

MYJS Earring Jackets to dress up your favourite Signature Studs. A beautiful take on a classic.

Dress it up. With unique front and back flair, flaunt all the curves and add an extra layer of sparkle and oomph to your look. Go bold: dare to make a statement. Add an edge.

Earring Jackets wrap around your stud earrings to totally up your earring game.

When the hoop earrings go on, the boss babe comes out

Hoop Earrings

The MYJS Eternity Hoop Earrings are classic in design for all day wear and perfect for an edgy, gritty vibe.

Need street-cred? Reach for hoops when you need sass, energy and a big personality to let everyone in the room know exactly who’s in charge.

As the ultimate visual cue to who’s the real bossb’tch around here, just remember to keep hair pulled back and a bare neckline for best results – just make sure those hoops move with fearless swagger.

Earrings always fit


Hoops a bit too ho’ for the office? Huggies are the next level of elegance and sophistication as the perfect blend of studs and hoops for a unique style with your earring game. 

Adding sparkle and pizzaz to any outfit so you shine for every occasion, Huggies are so comfortable, you can sleep in them. There are no uncomfortable hoops to push against your ear when you’re on the phone; no more earrings catching in your hair and no lost earring backs – hinge them in, sit back and sparkle. And with a name like Huggies, how can you not love them?

The perfect blend of studs and hoops, MYJS Huggies bring a unique style to your earring game.

Designed for a subtle commanding showcase of your personality, Huggies reflect your dependability and take-charge attitude of leaving no loose strings, inspiring people to look to you for direction and guidance. 

From simple and minimal styles to bright, bold pieces or adding charms, Huggie earrings are the perfect go-to for any event or occasion. Wear as is or glam up with our MYJS Mix Charms for extra personality.

Big girls need big earrings

Misquoted Elizabeth Taylor

Cluster Earrings

MYJS Statement Carrier Earrings shine bright and sparkly for a variety of show stopping cluster earrings.

Cluster earrings trace their history back to 1700s Industrial England, with the trend returning late 1800s and again as an inspiration of 1930s Art Deco. A classic cluster is round or oval featuring a round of gemstones as a halo around a central gem. Modern clusters are more likely to use a mix of geometric shapes and can be either uniform or a mix of gemstones.  

As studs or drop, cluster earrings are the instant confidence booster, so go fierce – in attitude and look.

MYJS Statement Drop Earrings take it straight to Diva.

Clear crystal cluster earrings are perfect for a luxurious, glammy look for a special event. Feel like a queen with swept-up hair and eye-catching cluster earrings.

They also add to a powerful business woman look with a bit more drama for polish. Cluster earrings especially pop against the conventional dark business look. Want it all? Cluster earrings work beautifully with bright colours: from brilliant reds, yellows and neons, go all the way to over-the-top-fabulousness and balance with cluster earrings.

Working the loose boho look or a baggy sweater? Cluster drop earrings balances it all out with a dash of sparkle that’s just so right. 

Drop Earrings

Designed for a subtle shine to accentuate our natural features, MYJS Bella O’s are sparkly drop earrings reminiscent of a shining bead of morning dew in the sunrise.

Connected with energy and sensuality, drop earrings are a subtle powerful statement declaring dynamic force. Long drop earrings magically transform any look, elongating the face, lending it femininity, grace and an aristocratic air. Drop earrings can be long, short, slender or chunky. Bring a drop of sparkle to the everyday, whether business, casual, boho, smart, dressy – whatever. Choose what makes you feel fearless.

MYJS Bella Earrings go beyond beautiful designer jewellery – they’re an attitude to life.

Bella Earrings

Need to liven up jeans and a tshirt or segue from the office to happy hour? MYJS Bella Earrings are the sparkling statement where the edge of graceful design meets polished perfection.

When she pops on her bella earrings, the Bella Woman becomes the epitome of stunning female energy – authentic, resilient and always fabulous.

Don’t have a reason to wear your sparkle? Pop them on anyway – even if the reason is that you have a pair of Bellas in your jewellery box

Statement Earrings

MYJS Statement Drop and Statement Carrier Earrings are designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms for an endless variety of stunning statement earring combinations.

Add drama to your look or an extra boost of authority with Statement Earrings.

Statement earrings were never meant to follow the rules – they’re all about reflecting energy and commanding attention.

Take casual to the next level by adding statement earrings such as a tee and jeans. Or go all the way fabulous with swept up hair and ball gown, glittering for the gods.

Life isn’t perfect, but my earrings can be

MYJS Unveils New Personalised Family Collection: Open Hearts


Only do what your heart tells you

– Princess Diana

Explore My Jewellery Story’s newest arrivals showcasing our creativity and expert craftsmanship.

MYJS Personalised Open Hearts

The latest addition to the My Jewellery Story Personalised Collection reinvents an iconic symbol for the fabulous jewellery house. Get a first look at the new MYJS Personalised Open Hearts pieces here.

The MYJS Minimal Open Hearts is a statement design reinventing a classic for a modern personalised touch.

MYJS Personalised Open Hearts celebrate the spirit of love, featuring a striking pair of iconic heart charms with the option of brilliant crystals set in the heart tag.

The loving pairing of heart-shaped charms are meticulously crafted in the finest 925 sterling silver, and finished in rhodium, 16k gold or rose gold. Refined heart shapes unite as a delicate duo of engraved tags to exude sophistication and elegance.

Relish in the aesthetic and craftsmanship of this timeless classic.

Open heart jewellery is associated with love and adoration. Our pieces value both beauty with ethical sustainability, perfect for the modern woman – without costing the earth.

Simple evocative heart tags set with your birthstone or favourite crystal: MYJS Crystal Open Hearts – a unique keepsake.

My Jewellery Story has recreated the timeless classic of love and connection through iconic design and luxury. Designed for the modern woman determined to find the fabulous in life, the MYJS Personalised Open Hearts offer an effortless way to wear meaningful, designer jewellery.

The MYJS design of heart charms allows for personalised words or dates to be cast into sterling silver. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted by our skilled artisans and then polished and finished to perfection. Opt for eternal perfection with the MYJS Personalised Minimal Open Hearts, or add dashes of sparkle with the MYJS Personalised Crystal Open Hearts.

Open hearts signify opening the pendant receiver’s heart through receiving the giver’s love and affection. Open hearts express love, and the love shared; whether the love between mother and child, siblings, best friends or greatest loves; forever and an eternity.

Open hearts are perfect for your
• lover
• partner
• friends
• mother
• sister
• daughter

The MYJS Personalised Open Hearts are designed for personalising with meaningful names and dates to capture special memories forever. Take to the next level set with a stunning crystal.

Double hearts stand for the strong connection as symbols of the emotions, moments and experiences shared between two people. Open hearts jewellery are a powerful talisman for luck and hope, protecting against negative energy and misfortune as the symbols of a clear heart and motherhood’s purity.

In designing the MYJS Personalised Open Hearts, we wanted to honour the legacy of family and connection, while elevating and modernising the design. These pieces aren’t just for special occasions – they can be worn every day as a celebration of you and someone special. Add a loving note to your minimal look with these standout silhouettes a part of your everyday.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart

April’s Birthstone: Rocking Sparkly Jewellery Fashion


I see but one rule: to be clear


Renowned for their strength and brilliance, April’s birthstone of Diamonds welcomes all sparkly jewellery as the stones of purity, perfection and invincible power. As the master healer of all gemstones, diamonds and clear crystals focuses, amplifies, stores and transforms energy while enhancing mental clarity. There is dynamism in their perfection, where they inspire love, imagination, courage and integrity with the power to drive away bad energy or fortune.

April’s Birthstone: Diamond

Iconic to MYJS, our signature Bella Earrings exude a delicate fierceness to take you from the (home) office to special occasions – or even just over a cheeky wine in the kitchen.

Light up April with Diamonds, the stone of purity, perfection and invincible power. With stunning brilliance, illuminate the universe with treasures beyond measure for pure enlightenment while keeping bad energy and ill fortune at bay. You’re a diamond dear. They can’t break you. Our ethical non-mined sparkles are the stones of strength and courage, so embrace life and the sun to the fullest.

And shine splendidly, darling. Always.

MYJS Statement and Drop Carrier Earrings are designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms for an endless variety of stunning statement earring combinations.

The results of natural upheaval, immense geological shifts, volcanic activity and the grinding down of mountains means gems and stones are imbued with the aura of magic; they are the silent white knights protecting our bodies and spirits across the centuries.

Climate change, politics and economic insecurity are all anxiety-inducing events eroding our armour, and it’s reasonable enough to seek sources of strength, comfort and meaning as powerful shields against daily life.

You’re a sparkly diamond dear, they can’t break you.

MYJS Bella Earrings are not just a pair of earrings – they’re an attitude to life. 

Diamond and crystal jewellery are the little black dress of our jewellery box: they work for all occasions, add pop to every outfit without being too over the top and always appropriate. From intimate dinners to days by the pool or nights with the girls or the perfect masterdate (the art form of dating oneself), it’s about adding the perfect amount of razzle dazzle to your look.  

Legends emphasise how powerful sparkles are – how they are for winners, worn by kings, queens, movie stars and other fancy people. As the hardest substance on earth, the diamond is prided for its strength. And as its younger sister, the clear crystal brings a new sense of self-care for a new strength in spirituality of a modern magical style trend.

Big girls deserve big sparkles –

Elizabeth Taylor misquoted

Sparkly jewellery fashion

From Lady Gaga to Cate Blanchette, Ava Gardner, Lady Diana and more, sparkly jewellery fashion is stunning.

Diamonds and crystals are a comforting connection. They are true luxury: diamonds and clear crystals do not tolerate mediocrity and routine. And for this, a whole bunch of rules have been established across the centuries guiding when and how we wear our sparkles.

Tatler’s article ‘The Jewellery Rules’ which you can read >here, writes:

Diamonds, including diamond watches, are not for the daytime. You may only frost yourself after dusk, when the stones add lustre and twinkle to a woman’s eyes. Engagement rings are clearly exempt. And if you are so honkingly rich that you own a diamond hair clip, then we salute you and you may chuck it on whenever you like.

Sparkles are the perfect daily expression of our individuality and taste. They’re versatile when paired with favourite outfits or bought together with other pieces. Sparkles are also the ideal way to transition your look from laid-back daytime chic to drama and dazzle at night.

While historically diamonds and high-end jewellery are worn with formal attire, modern designs allow for simple clean pieces to be worn casually – whether from the gym or to office drinks.

Life won’t sparkle unless you do

Sparkle: it’s all in the attitude

There are two ways of wearing sparkles: Go delicate and timeless, or go bold and make a statement.

Power through life with MYJS Sparkles – and illuminate the universe

If your style is creative, go flashy, bright and layered. You can never have enough bling.

If your style is classic, keep it simple.

Turn basic into stylish by popping on flashes of sparkles to change your mood.

Wear a messy bun with crystal studs or teardrop earrings for a relaxed, casual look.

MYJS Bella O‘s add sparkle and pizzaz to any outfit so you shine for every occasion.

For the professional office, avoid large gems, bracelets, massive earrings and brooches in the professional office.

Focus on miniature and modest, where small and simple pieces give off the aura of stability and self-assurance without the need to call attention to yourself. Add elegance with delicate pieces such as classic studs, drop earrings, tennis bracelet or an elegant pendant that easily segue from office to evening wear.

If it’s a creative workplace, go large with as many sparkles as you can.

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

The Sparkle Rules

✨ Buy and wear what brings you joy: if sparkle it is, then sparkle you should.

✨ Less is more; and more is more

✨ Mix and match: versatility is the spice of life

✨ Always have fun. Always.

Dream big. Shine bright. Sparkle more.