Meaningful Gifts: The MYJS Jewellery Xmas Gift Guide


Tis the season to sparkle

Christmas gifts you deserve

There’s no better gift than one that has extra special meaning. Send a powerful message this season with symbolic designs and power words that will be treasured long beyond Christmas. Start shopping for Christmas and celebrate the holidays in style. Bring sparkle to the holiday season with personalised goodies and must-have designer jewellery. From personalised jewellery to mix and match earrings, these pieces are guaranteed to bring sparkle to Christmas – and every day thereafter.

Love who you are in the world

The MYJS Semi Precious Stone Collection presents a kaleidoscope of rich colours as an ode to your very own natural identity.

Give them a reason to smile this season with a gift from the MYJS collection. Inspired by personal expression while celebrating identity, these styles are a reminder of the strength we find in happiness and the connections they create.

A consistent personal style can be challenging but the perfect well-chosen gemstone jewellery will always keep your look fresh. While gemstones love taking centre stage, they are just as powerful as understated accents. Delicate gemstone jewellery adds instant finesse without overpowering your look.

As sleek, modern fashion statements, the MYJS Semi Precious Stone Collection are bold, heroic charms appealing easily to everyone.

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Christmas is the season for joy, of gift-giving and of families united

– Norman Vincent Peale

Get to the heart of the matter

From the MYJS Personalised For Her Collection: Stay close to her heart with stylish tags, circles and hearts immortalising the perfect power of words, initials and birthstones

Show your love this season.

The evocative heart shape is impressive in its simplicity. The universal symbol for compassion, understanding and romantic love, Heart Jewellery fits every phase of life.

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Let love sparkle

Lasting love

Radiating timeless splendour and eternal brilliance, embrace the magic of technology and the craftsmanship of modern style with MYJS Lab Diamonds.

MYJS Lab Diamond Collection

Turn life’s moments into forever memories with the perfect present for your special someone.

With stylish contemporary designs, the MYJS Lab Diamond Collection will pass on that special message – perfect for Christmas.

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Love the chic curves of MYJS Personalised Trinity Interlocking Family Circles from the MYJS Family Collection.

MYJS Personalised Collection
Symbols of optimism and endless possibilities, MYJS Personalised Jewellery is the path to mum’s heart. With simple, streamlined styles and meaningful touches, these designs hold promise and hope, crafted to stand the test of time.

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Make a statement

Timeless jewellery that never goes out of style and a must-have for every stylish wardrobe. The simplicity of the MYJS Circles Collection is a sleek sophisticated design as an elegant statement of forever.

Statement jewellery always has something to say. So say it boldly and sparkle with these iconic MYJS collections.

From the MYJS Circles Collection, emphasising endless love, devotion and everlasting memories, the connection of Circles represents the unbreakable bond between loved ones. With all the space to capture special names and dates, these circles are a truly unique keepsake to take jewellery to a whole new level of special.

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Blazing brilliance is celebrated with a dust of sparkle and stunning glitter with MYJS Angelic Pendant and MYJS Angelic Rings for a unique style that is both timeless and modern.

Hand-crafted to perfection, our signature MYJS Angelic Collection brings a unique style to your jewellery game for effortless elegance and eternal sparkle.

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The MYJS Trinity Collection presents sculpted polished style with a modern touch for the everyday.

Love, fidelity and friendship has a new look: MYJS revamps the tri-tone MYJS Trinity Collection as countless memories designed for an eternity. This lavish combination of classic, modern and feminine unites for three-times the charm.

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Make a wish

Shine bright

MYJS Bella Earrings are designed to bring luxury to the everyday woman. As a sparkling statement, The MYJS Bella Collection goes beyond beautiful designer jewellery – they’re an attitude to life.

The gift of MYJS will be loved for years to come with MYJS’s iconic sparkling designs. Featuring unique style and bold dazzle, glitter and shine with these chic sparklers.

MYJS Bella Collection
The essential must-have, these dazzlers are for all seasons.

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Designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Hoops and Mix Statement Drop and Stud Cluster earrings, MYJS Petite and Statement Teardrop Mix Charms are the ultimate mini versatile jewellery set.

The MYJS Teardrop Collection

It’s an earring, it’s a necklace pendant, it’s a charm!

Designed as versatile mini jewellery sets, MYJS Teardrops can be curated as the perfect gift.

Wearing Teardrop jewellery is associated with fierce confidence, marking new beginnings and hope. The Teardrop Cut is bold and adventurous, making a unique statement wherever it goes. 

As festive jewellery pieces, they’re ready to mix and match as timeless pieces never losing their shine.

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The MYJS Tennis bracelet designed for seamless smooth wearing.

MYJS Tennis Bracelets

With its versatility and luxury, the classic tennis bracelet has just the right amount of sparkle. Frost your wrist with the brilliance of sparkles designed to stand out in its simple edgy minimalism. With classic design and popular appeal, MYJS Tennis Bracelets are ideal all-occasion jewellery.

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Sparkle all the way

My Jewellery Story is the perfect Xmas jewellery stop for your

  • lover
  • partner
  • friend
  • mother
  • sister
  • daughter
  • cousin

Sparkle, shimmer and shine with joy

MYJS Revamps The Trinity Collection


Never sacrifice three things: your family, your heart or your jewellery

– Old MYJS Saying

Explore My Jewellery Story’s newest arrivals showcasing our creativity and expert craftsmanship.

MYJS Trinity Collection

Add a luxurious and modern touch with extra zhush to your look with the MYJS Trinity Collection.

Love. Fidelity. Friendship: The MYJS Trinity Collection presents enduring symbols of relationships. Welcome to the cult design with three intertwined bands of silver, gold and rose gold forever joined in a tactile embrace for three-times the charm.

MYJS revamps the iconic symbols for the trinity of relationships with countless memories, designed for an eternity. As an iconic creation, the Trinity Collection is a testament to one of the most instantly recognisable jewellery designs of all time.

MYJS presents a revamped collection, bringing back the Trinity Bracelet – the first MYJS bracelet ever launched – with the iconic matching Trinity Pendant and Trinity Rings.

A lavish combination for a harmonious blend of classic, modern and feminine with MYJS Trinity Earrings.

And debuting this month, the tri tone MYJS Trinity Earrings rounds out the Trinity Collection for a superbly designed ensemble to add to our jewellery boxes.

Available in three subtle designs from minimal polished to plated brilliance and studded with crystal, the Trinity Earrings’ sculpted styles are precisely crafted for a lavish look.

Things look better when you cover them in sparkles

MYJS Trinity Earrings present a sculpted polished style with a modern touch for the everyday.

A classic and modern design uniting three metals, this collection is suitable for every occasion. Featured in cool lustrous rhodium, radiant glistening gold and warm, burnished rose gold, for immaculate polish, the combination is a harmonious blend of classic, modern and feminine. With elegant and timeless, style, the sleek bands always make a striking statement as a fresh take on the mixed metal look.

The refined shapes unite as a delicately intertwined trio, designed to express love, and the love shared; whether the love between mother and child, siblings, best friends or greatest loves; forever and an eternity.

Circles are symbols of wholeness, totality, eternity and timelessness for original perfection. Interlocking circles take these familial connections to the next level, uniting the many into one as a representation of bringing elements together and sharing bonds. They are symbolic to the joining of souls, from the intersection of the human self and their inner guiding spirit to relationships between people in love, friends, parents, and child in celebration of lifetime bonds.

Life comes full circle

MYJS wanted to honour the legacy of family and connection, while elevating and modernising the design. These pieces are perfect for special occasions – but they can also be worn every day as a celebration of you and someone special.

MYJS Interlocking Triple Circles Necklace and Bracelets are a tribute to the holy trinity of meaningful jewellery: quality, design and one-of-a-kind.

As icons of strength and unity for the interconnectedness of life, My Jewellery Story recreates family and connection through stylish design and luxury. Designed for the fabulous everyday woman, the MYJS Trinity Collection is an effortless way to wear – and gift – meaningful, designer jewellery.

Claim your own statement design with a modern touch for the everyday.

The Trinity Collection is perfect for your

  • lover
  • partner
  • friend
  • mother
  • sister
  • daughter
  • cousin

Dazzle them with brilliance

Over The Rainbow: Opal Jewellery Fashion


As an opal changes its colours and its fire to match the nature of a day, so do I

– John Steinbeck

As the queen of the gems, the fragile opal has a complex personality and history. The symbolism of opals is as much of a kaleidoscope as the gemstone’s unique play of colour. The talisman of luck and magic, opal celebrates the birth month of October and 14 years of marriage.

As a mineral from millions of tiny amorphous silica spheres, the opal is distinctive with markings, its colourful flecks presenting a rainbow iridescent play of colours to showcase different patterns and hues in the light. The unique opalescence offers rainbow like flashes in a kaleidoscope of hues, and the symbolism attached to it makes it an intriguing and arresting gem. The opal takes on many shapes and hues, the rainbow colours of blue, red, yellow, green and purple exotic, poetic descriptions.

Join us as we deep dive into the wonderful world of iridescent opulence with Over The Rainbow: Opal Jewellery Fashion.

There are worlds in an opal

The history of opals

The luminous opal can be traced as far back to the Sanskrit word Upala meaning “precious stone”. It would evolve into the Greek derivative Opallis and Roman Opalus meaning “change of colour”.

In Greek mythology, opals were considered the tears of Zeus after the defeat of the titans. The opal was believed to give the gift of prophecy while protecting from disease.

The Indian virgin Goddess of the Rainbow was turned to opal by the Mother Goddess to protect her against the romantic advances of Indian Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Persians believed the stones fell from the sky, imbued by the flashes of lighting that bought them to earth.

The gem of femininity, innocence and sincerity, this soft and gentle crystal of Rose Water Opal Crystal Bella Earrings represent the endless strength of woman.

Following the plague, the gem became associated with the Black Death where stories stirred across Europe of a patient’s opal burning with colour losing its brilliance after their death. This narrative would be taken on by Sir Walter Scott’s novel Anne of Geuerstein.

Tragic main character Lady Hermoine is accused as a demoness and dying after a drop of holy water fell onto her opal, destroying its colour. The novel demonised the opal, with the opal market crashing within months of the book’s release.

The discovery of black opal from New South Wales in the 1870s some 50 years later would revive the market. Prince Albert would design many pieces for Queen Victoria with the Queen gifting her daughters the gems for their wedding.

The earth writes its memoir in each opal

The psychology of opals

Aurore Boreale Mix Charms adds all the zhush to up your earring game. Inspired by the northern lights, these iridescent and rainbow-like stones are beautiful, shimmering and ethereal.

The inner colours of opal attract the forces for good luck and protection, representing hope, innocence and purity, faithfulness and loyalty.

The opal has the reputation of amplifying traits for transformation. A stone for love and passion, opals release our inhibitions of seduction, desire and eroticism for sexual harmony.

As the protective gem for dangerous places, opals stand for justice and harmony, its inner play of dancing fire sparking dynamic creativity.

Symbolic to the eye, the opal is commonly associated with the imagination and the future. Bestowing the gift of unfailing vision, the stone is worn as a cure to eye diseases with powers to boost the mind and memory while detoxifying our kidneys and liver to improve our immunity. Opals seep into our energies, cleansing negativity from our mind, spirit, emotions and body.

Said to possess magical properties, the opal is the protector of thieves and spies, rendering the wearer invisible – as a sparklier version of Harry’s Cloak of Invisibility. The darkness and depth of opals set in wands increased the powers of magicians and sorcerers.

Opals and fashion

Featuring with fashion houses such as Balmain, Dior and Cartier and others across the last decade, opals seamlessly fit into our everyday collection while bringing a magical charm to our look.

While iridescence and reticulation seems to fit better in the world of party decorations, rulers, discos and rave gear, shine will always have its moment. Iridescence celebrates all things that shimmer and glow. The pearly, glossy, shimmery unicorn colour story is playful, sleek and edgy – all at once. While we are unlikely to add full length reticulated coats and entire iridescent outfits to our everyday wardrobe, splashes of the sheen will add instant intrigue to our style.

Opals love fashion, blending in easily to our everyday look with an edge of intrigue. Simultaneously bold and delicate, opals instantly add special flair with its subtle flashing hues and unique shine. The simplicity and minimalism of opals especially love the office and special occasions, elevating casual style easily. Use its distinctive rainbow colours to brighten up a minimal look of black, greys or neutrals.

Some opali carry such a play within them that they equal the deepest and richest colours of painters. Others…simulate the flaming fire of burning sulphur and even the bright blaze of burning oil

– Pliny

Opal fashion jewellery

Opals have been worn by some of the world’s most famous historical figures. From Holy Roman Emperors to Empress Josephine, Victoria, Elizabeth II, Dutch Maxima, Danish Crown Princess Mary and even Hawaiian King Kalakaua, opals have sparkled in crowns, ears and necks. Even Mark Antony wanted to gift a Slovakian opal to Cleopatra.

Today, we’ll catch J’Lo, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Paris Hilton s’living with opals.

Light opals are striking against dark hair and skin tones while darker opals stand out on lighter – silver and opal especially bring out the best in blue eyes.

The milky gemstone of purity, love and goodness, all the colours of daylight are captured in White Opal Crystal Bella Earrings. Impassioned and easily stirred, this crystal encourages living for freedom and independence, leading the way to loyalty, faithfulness – and plenty of fun.

Opal’s unique simplicity works best with clean designs. Statement drop opal earrings will immediately draw attention to the face. A statement opal pendent will highlight the neckline.

Want office sophistication? Silver with White Opal or gold with the rainbow-like iridescence of AB Aurora Borealis offers a feminine pearly shimmer.

Opal adores blonde hair, its properties said to preserve the pure colour by adding magical lustre to pale locks. Medieval Germans and Scandinavians were renown for wearing European opals set in their hair pins.

Perfect for anniversaries and birthdays, opals highlight our entire look and add a dash of sophistication and elegance. Self-confidence and the right attitude opens every door; as the stone boosting happiness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence, opal jewellery will always take your look to the next level, adding layers of style and colour.

Mysterious opals contain the wonders of the skies

– Jerry Smith

The Charm Of Personalised Jewellery


Updated September 2023

Personalised jewellery takes unique to a whole new level

Custom jewellery is about creating something that’s never been made before. Take a deep dive into the world of personalised jewellery – and everything you need to know to shop the latest trend for the perfect gift for mum or ideal treat for you with The Charm Of Personalised Jewellery.

No one gets to decide who you are – except for you

– Nikka Banas

Personalised jewellery

The right piece of jewellery is deeply personal. There is an art to personalising our jewellery so it’s unique to us. As the perfect gift for capturing unique symbols, initials, dates and moments, personalised jewellery are great keepsakes reminding us who we are and what we stand for.

We apply special gifts to our jewellery. Throughout history, anything shiny or colourful have been imbued with powers protecting us from harm while boosting positive energy. From pearls as the power symbol for kings and queens to sapphires protecting sailors for a safe and prosperous passage across the seas, our jewels have a hold over us as magic charms and amulets.

Personal style is accepting who you are

Why personalised jewellery

If you needed any inspiration to embark on the personalised jewellery journey, here they are: The top five reasons why personalised jewellery is the perfect gift.

Make a statement with the MYJS Personalised Collection and one-of-a-kind stylish perfection

1. Personalised jewellery tells a story
Stories speak to us for deep connections. Whether it’s a legacy piece with historical significance to capturing special moments, each story has something to say about who we are and where we’ve come from.

2. Personalised jewellery is unique
In this modern world of fast fashion and mass production, each personalised piece pushes the envelope in jewellery design and craftsmanship.

Each MYJS keepsake is carved from wax, cast into fine 925 Sterling Silver and then polished and finished to perfection by our artisans for meaningful modern jewellery. No one else in the world will own a piece like yours — and that’s the point.

A sleek, modern fashion statement that speaks volumes of roots that go deep while adding a touch of flair to any outfit: The MYJS Family Collection.

3. Personalised jewellery your way
From a bracelet to a ring, necklace or earrings: would you like your name on it? Perhaps your initials or dates? Do you want silver, gold or rose gold? Do you want to add gemstones or a charm or four? Take a spin in the designer seat and make all the decisions for stunning one-of-a-kind momentos.

4. Personalised jewellery is a legacy
Custom designer jewellery loves everyone, every day as a lifelong keepsake. Its storage of memories and eternal chic style is the greatest gift to pass along to someone really special.

5. Personalised jewellery is the gift that keeps on giving
Deep thought and meaning goes into the making of every personalised piece. It is almost as if the piece is greater for the symbolism and superpowers we entrust them with. Gift giving is all about establishing and confirming connections so personalised gifts are guaranteed to maintain and improve relationships.. We are communicating our feelings and appreciation to produce all the happy endorphins — for them and ourselves.

Success is measured by personal happiness

All the personalised jewellery

Mix + match MYJS Mix Charms to MYJS Carrier Earrings and Necklaces to curate mini versatile jewellery sets and shake up the everyday.

Charm jewellery
Charms are symbolic, sentimental, collectible and fun as the jewellery equivalent of a photo album across the ages. We wear them for good luck and on special occasions. We wear them as memories of what has been and to say “I miss you”. We wear them to glow in the sunshine. Charms come to us through broken roads, impossible challenges and unforgettable moments.

As the ultimate moveable and progressive piece, we can add charms to bracelets, necklaces, earrings – and even our wine and cocktail glasses.

The Personalised Rectangle Plate Necklace from the MYJS For Her Collection captures unique symbols, initials and dates for the fabulous everyday mum.

Name and initial jewellery
From charms to plated studs, ID tag necklaces and signet rings, the initials or names of our partners, children, family, BFF sister-wives are unique style emblems that stand out and make a statement from the everyday to special events.

Symbolic jewellery
Choosing a piece with a story or symbol speaks to us. From meaningful motifs to power emblems or the zodiac, these personalised pieces are imbued with special powers unique only to you for effortless modern style.

A pop of colour and a personalised piece in one: birthstone gems are a great launch to adding more ‘you’ to your jewellery wardrobe.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

Personalised jewellery for every occasion

The MYJS Personalised Interlocking Mini Hearts Necklace is a luxurious design as a bold statement of delicate strength and power.

As the most significant time of year for family and gift giving, personalised pieces will never steer you wrong.

New Year
Want to ring in the year and capture an incredibly special moment? New year, new you, new jewellery – right? The gift or treat of personalised jewellery immortalises the clock striking 12 and every other meaningful moment connected to the official end to party week.

Galentine’s Gifts
Single? Taken? Who cares! Our gal pals deserve all the love. Love or hate Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day February 13 is always the best to celebrate our BFFS with cards, gifts and attention. It is the people we love and care about who have the power to make us sparkle. Take all the tips from our MYJS Galentine’s Day Jewellery Gift Guide which you can read >here.


As a signature piece from the MYJS Personalised Friendship Collection, inject luxury into your birthstone necklace game to wear your personalised necklace year in, year out.

Show your love and how much you treasure them with a personalised birthday gift – birthstone jewellery fits the tee. Personalised birthday gifts are reflections of your feelings, capturing the moment and making it even more precious.

Bridesmaids love special jewellery. Show you care and mark a hugely important life event with handcrafted personalised jewellery designed just for them.

Memorable occasions
Any special event deserves a unique keepsake. When it’s all about honouring, celebrating and capturing special moments, words, dates and meaningful symbols become a stylish forever mark.

The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why

– Mark Twain

Personalised pet jewellery

MYJS Personalised Pet Name Tags celebrate our bond with our pet family, adding sassy style to our dog or cat’s collar with safe modern designs

There is every opportunity to take custom to next level.

Cast from brass or sterling silver as hearts, circles and rectangles polished to a mirror shine, enamelled or holepunched, ID tags, discs and name plate pendants are ideal for immortalising the initials or names of your greatest loves, children, family or best friend – both of the human and furry kind.

MYJS personalised jewellery


From the MYJS Personalised For Her Collection: Stay close to her heart with stylish tags, circles and hearts immortalising the perfect power of words, initials and birthstones

Love is never having to share your personalised jewellery