MYJS Style Guide To Jewellery For The Office


Give a girl the right jewellery, and she can conquer the world

How much is too much when it comes to work wear jewellery? Sparkles are wonderful and always bring a pop of joy to the day, but when is too much jewellery, too much in the workplace? Reinvent our work wardrobe by making what we already have work harder with a simple solution to our work wear woes. Welcome to the MYJS Style Guide To Jewellery For The Office.

Jewellery is simultaneously the most understated and powerful element to every outfit.

Modern jewellery designs allow for simple clean pieces to be worn casually and elegantly, segueing easily through the workplace to end of work drinks. But jewellery is also about making statements – just be sure that statement is appropriate to your workplace. In our professional world, it can be a precarious balance between work appropriate and a night out with the girls. We want our look to express who we are: a force to be reckoned with, and plenty of flair.

I get distracted by shiny things

Start the day

As you pop your jewellery on for the day ahead, always ask:

Will my jewellery distract me and others from my work?

At work, we should command rather than demand – and let our work do all the talking.

From clipping on hoops or throwing on chains and bracelets, jewellery guarantees instant polish for your work wardrobe – from the uniform to the standard business suit. Work is about not disrupting your everyday duties and working in safety and comfort – while still retaining your personality and style.

Bold accessories are a woman’s armour

The don’ts

Bad jewellery can cheapen an outfit or turn a simple look into a clumsy one. It can make you look unprofessional or worse, inappropriate. If you work in a creative workplace, you’re likely to be lucky enough to go large with as many sparkles as you can. If your workplace has a dress code, leave the gaudy, flashy pieces in your jewellery box.

❎ Avoid large gems, chandelier earrings, oversized statements pieces, chunky bracelets, blingy rings, loud jingling bangles, dangly earrings and massive brooches where they’ll distract from your professional look while also getting in the way

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to show your personality.

Surround yourself with sparkles, not negativity

The do’s

If uniforms or business attire with blazers, work shirts and pulled back or up hair is the way of work-life, simple, understated, minimal and elegant never fails.

Since flashy statements are out for meetings and the workplace, classic and smart will always win.

Small pieces give the aura of stability and self-assurance without the need for calling attention to yourself.

Stick to the rule of three: choose three pieces so you don’t overdo the look – such as earrings, necklace and ring or bracelet or watch.

Neutral colours are your friend. Leave the neons and busy patterns and stay close to gold or silver metals with jewellery that is either understated or designed to add to your work clothes.

Classic gemstones easily add pops of colour to your outfit, so stick to diamonds, clear crystals and pearls for a subtle shine.

The MYJS Rules To Wearing Office Jewellery

✨ Less is more
✨ Keep it simple
✨ Stick to minimal
✨ Go miniature
✨ Stay modest
✨ Opt for the classics

Dare to be fearless

The jewellery

You can still manage to stand out and bring a little sparkle with you to work every day. Just add elegance with delicate pieces such as classic studs, drop earrings, a tennis bracelet or an elegant pendant.


The MYJS Personalised Collection are unique keepsakes: sit in the designer chair and pick your special symbol, word, date or mark and imbue your jewellery with special powers – and stylish looks – unique only to you.

If you’re active in the workplace, heavy and long necklaces can be awkward – if not dangerous.

❎ Avoid chunky statement necklaces and bold coloured gemstones.

✅ Opt for versatility – slim necklaces are elegant and easy to match to business outfits. Delicate, short gold chains fit in easily with a work-lifestyle. Have a long chain? Wrap it for a double chain reaction.

Pendants are a staple for the wardrobe with plain, minimal styles elevating your professional look. Simple yet effective, they look beautiful with smart casual looks and uniforms.

Personalised jewellery especially brings your individual style to the boardroom table, so add a charm, your initials, birthstone or a unique pendant to your work look. You are still you at work; your personalised pieces will still keep you looking interesting and professional.

Tap into your magic


While wearing earrings to work can be risky, choose wisely to frame your face for a subtle fashion statement.

As the LBD of your jewellery box, MYJS Signature Studs are perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear to add a splash of instant zhush, with all the sparkle and none of the weight.


As a simple and elegant choice, Studs are a fabulous feature to our business wardrobe.

Ideal for busy prints and patterns, studs will always elevate our uniform or suit without going overboard and transition nicely from the office to dinner parties or formal occasions without needing to change.

Just tie hair back or up for that subtle shine to stand out.

Drop Earrings

Ultra-chic and sophisticated, break the work earring rut with Drop Earrings. Stylish without being over-the-top, drop earrings perk up your everyday – and always have your back. Just stick to subtle and classic.

Jewellery is our favourite art

The perfect blend of studs and hoops, MYJS Huggies bring a unique style to your earring game. Just add MYJS Mix Charms for extra zhush


While Hoops can be a bit ho’ for the office, the next level of elegance and sophistication come with Huggies.

As the perfect blend of studs and hoops, Huggies add shape to your face and outfit and strike the perfect balance of being small enough to wear comfortably all day, but big enough for the right attention. With no uncomfortable hoops to push against your ear when you’re on the phone or catch in your hair and no lost earring backs, simply hinge your Huggies in, sit back and shine.

Midi hoops

Hoops are great for a final touch to your outfit, but in the workplace, less is always more. As a playful option, opt for midi hoops for added edge and eternal class to frame your face for a delicate fashion statement. Stick to plain, thin styles and be sure to wear your hair up high or in a bun to and showcase those Midi hoops for a delicately fierce yet understated shine.

Wear a fabulous smile and great jewellery, and know that you are totally and utterly in control

– Donatella Versace


MYJS Tennis Bracelets are designed for smooth wearing and intense sparkle.

Lovely and feminine, Bracelets are an elegant subtle complement to your office wardrobe. But wearing more than one can be risky — from shaking hands to typing at your desk, the sound of multiple bangles can be distracting and loud.

Tennis Bracelets are ideal for the office with Cuff Bracelets an understated statement in strength.


MYJS Stackable Rings are the mark of simplistic sophistication. 

Classy and delicate, stackable minimal rings will always fit the work bill nicely. Thin with minimal decoration and design, never say never to a subtle elegant ring stack.

Or keep it simple with understated gems such as a diamond or clear crystals on a simple ring.

❎ Avoid wearing more than one gemstone ring as it could be too much bling.

Want to go bold and show who is the boss b*tch in charge? A bold signet ring will sing. Just wear it fabulous – and with attitude.

Beauty is who you are. Jewellery is the icing on the cake

– Misty Burgess

The MYJS Style Guide To Virtual Meeting Flawlessness


Throw glitter in today’s face

It’s been relatively easy to sink into a lovely induced state of comfortable activewear or sweatsuit rut. Have you ever wanted to replace tailored trousers and pant suits with track suits? Heels for slippers?

In this brave new world of online living and meetings, we still need to look like we dress the part. Psychologists love to remind us we are what we wear. As we virtually live online with colleagues and clients, a simple accessory switch can change our mindset and serve as a pleasing ritual to keep our days structured and peaceful. Thank goodness there’s jewellery to fit every occasion.

From zoom sessions with our colleagues to online client meetings and virtual conferences, sparkling on the screen is so easy. Welcome to the MYJS Style Guide To Virtual Meeting Flawlessness, and charting your onscreen look with all the joy of work-from-home comforts.

Top tips for every occasion

MYJS Bella Earrings are designed to bring luxury to the everyday woman. As a sparkling statement, The MYJS Bella Collection goes beyond beautiful designer jewellery – they’re an attitude to life.

✨ Pick one statement piece and dress around it – be it a jacket, shirt or jewellery pieces. 

✨ Play with innovative necklines and dazzling pieces from your ears, neck and wrists for power looks to see you through every virtual event. 

✨ Pop on a bright lipstick for the icing on the cake.  

✨ Keep your go-to baubles, Bella Earrings and a variety of lipsticks in your zoom space – and pop them on as you connect.

Keep calm and sparkle on

Let’s talk business

This is all about powerful communication without distracting from talking business. If you are what you wear, then using your screen for a power look will get you everywhere.

Amp it up with MYJS Bracelets, Bangles and Cuffs for a flash of your wrist.

✨ Tailored jackets and blazers are instant visual tags for powerful communication where subtle colours will make you pop from the screen.

✨ Only have standard black, grey or dark? Add a bright top beneath – or don’t wear one at all for a plunging neckline.

✨ Layer dainty necklaces to accentuate the neckline of your jacket and shirt.

✨ Frost your wrist with bracelets – tennis bracelets have the maximum shine and all the elegance. Then fold back your sleeves to reveal a cuff that speaks smart business when your hands form temples to push your point.

Dare to be fearless

As the LBD of your jewellery box, MYJS Signature Studs are perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear to add a splash of instant zhush, with all the sparkle and none of the weight.

✨ Pair to studs – because studs mean business.

✨ Manicure those hands to showcase cocktail rings – stack them, alternate them, the more, the merrier. Sparkle with rings that spell success.

✨ Too much jewellery is never enough, and you only live once. Over accessorising online can be appropriate.

✨ As an essential to a business woman’s arsenal, bright red lipstick is an unapologetic statement and really makes sure your message is getting across – so keep your Mac Red Russian handy.

Life won’t sparkle unless you do


A bit of a cuppa or happy hour: the online edition can be just as much fun. This is the chance to express joy, so be the one to lead the pack and stand out from the screen. 

The perfect blend of studs and hoops, MYJS Huggies bring a unique style to your earring game. Just add MYJS Mix Charms for extra zhush

✨ Keep your top simple and classic – all the better for your statement pieces to shine, shine shine.

✨ Occasions with the girls always call for flirty hoops – add an understated pendant to balance the style.

✨ Sparkly cocktail rings always flash nicely across the screen.

Spread the glitter


Finding your day filling up with catch-up zooms? Don’t forget, we deserve flawlessness at all hours. Be prepared – for everything and anything with a look that goes from your kitchen to your iPhone to the bus and your work desk.

MYJS Statement Earrings shine bright and sparkly for a variety of show stopping cluster earrings.

✨ The classic shirt for a muted look works each and every time and also forms the base to layer your jewellery pieces. 

✨ Opt for subtle yet striking earrings, delicate pendants and on-the-daily statement rings.

✨ Keep those lips refreshed and plump with gloss or lip balm – lipstick might be a bit too messy, but if you’re the fearless type, don’t let mess stop you. 

Create your own sparkle. Be the sparkle

Screen for 1?

Is it looking like Netflix & Chill just for you? As Paris would say – s’living.

MYJS Tennis Bracelets are designed for smooth wearing and intense sparkle.

✨ Create the space to be fabulous, such as a candle-lit bubble bath; settling amongst cushions galore; from a chair draped with a plush throwover beside a bright window or your crazy plant lady balcony. It’s only you – and your trusty screen.

✨ Knits with lush necklines and drop earrings to match always does the trick.

✨ Or opt for silky robes – and leave on the drop earrings, statement necklace, layered bracelets with stackable sparkly rings for lush comforts

✨ Pair to decadent berry tea or a glass of bubbly for genuine divalicious delights. Add a pop of fabulous with wine charms.

✨ Just be careful with your ‘puter – liquids and lappy’s don’t always mix.

Glitter for breakfast makes you shine all day

MYJS Introduces The MYJS Mix Collection


There is no genius without a mixture of madness

Explore the MYJS Mix Collection showcasing our creativity and expert craftsmanship with a dedication to fresh, unique looks.

The MYJS Mix Collection

From Mix Studs to Huggies, Midi Hoops and Maxi Hoops, wear solo for a classic feel or zhush it up with a Mix Charm for all the sparkle and versatility.

For the modern woman seeking fabulous style, welcome to the MYJS Mix Collection: sleek mini statement jewellery sets to collect, mix and match and celebrate life’s sparkly moments.

Whether you want to add something extra to your everyday look or want to look flawless going out, finish every look with our sparkly Mix Collection pieces.

The MYJS Mix Collection allows you to curate your own unique set or create the perfect gift.

Life is a process where people mix and match, fall apart and come back together

How to mix + match

For all the sparkle, Mix Statement cluster Earrings stand out for all the right reasons. Clip your Mix Charms for next level dazzle.

The MYJS Mix Collection reinvents jewellery as customised collections.

Select your favourite Mix Charms and match to your favourite Mix Studs, Mix Hoops, Mix Drop Earrings or Mix Necklaces. Or wear solo for that classic feel.

Just create something new: it’s all about you.

Our design approach lets you build versatile mini-jewellery sets for your own everyday style. Sit in the designer seat and curate your very own mini versatile designer jewellery sets: you choose style, colour and size.

Designed to wear solo for a classic feel, up your jewellery game by adding dazzling Mix Charms to take a walk on the diva side of life.

Your fantasy is your only limit. Let’s just admit, you can never have too much statement jewellery.

The beauty is in the mix

Classic and simple, pair Mix Carrier Pendants with Mix Charms for neck twinkle glamour.

Mix and match styles and sizes.

Mix and match to create your own look.

Get creative and find the perfect combination for you.

  1. Pick your base carrier stud, huggie, drop earring, hoop or necklace
  2. Add your favourite charm
  3. Create the look you love.

Clip on, clip off, it’s that easy. Add one, two or three Mix Charms to your base carrier earring or necklace.
Create something new: it’s all about you

With our wide range of stud earrings, hoops, huggies, drop earrings, chains and charms – we’ve got something for everyone.

Shop charms
Shop base carrier stud earrings
Shop base carrier drop earrings
Shop base carrier necklaces
Shop all in this collection

Game. Set. Match.

The Magic Charm Of Charm Jewellery


It’s your story, wear it your way

In the world of charm jewellery, more is more. Charms are symbolic, sentimental, collectible and fun as the jewellery equivalent of a photo album across the ages. We wear them for good luck and on special occasions. We wear them as memories of what has been and to say “I miss you”. We wear them to glow in the sunshine. Charms come to us through broken roads, impossible challenges and unforgettable moments.

Charms, talismanic jewellery and amulets have always been used to ward off evil and harness good luck as a container of magic powers. Charms can be traced as far as the Neolithic period, when bones, shells and wood were strung onto leather for elaborate bracelets and necklaces. From Ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, charms began to identify the wearer as something special – whether part of a secret society or royalty.

Queen Victoria loved her jewellery – and especially her charms. She gave charms as gifts with Prince Albert designing charms for her birthdays. Albert’s gift of a bracelet to Queen Victoria in 1857 for the birth of their first child ended up housing nine charms for the birth of each child, with each charm a different colour and containing a lock of their hair.

Charm is more than beauty

As wearable memories, they can be added to necklaces, bracelets and earrings – and more. From Princess Kate to Elizabeth Taylor Bette Davis and even Justin Bieber, charms have all the power of delighting, attracting and fascinating us. Mariah loved them so much, she wrote her 2002 album Charmbracelet as a tribute to love, introspection, celebration and fun.

Charms have become a way to express our style, pay homage to our loved ones, celebrate special memories and zhush up our everyday.

From lockets to cutout charms, beads, flat charms and three-dimensional shapes, we can use single charms as memory markers or string together for a personal history of special people, places and times. While they’ve come and gone across the years in popularity, charms have never really gone out of style.

Nothing is more dangerous than a girl with charm

Charm jewellery fashion

Reminiscent of the lavender fields of Provence, Purple Provence Mix Charms bring peace and wisdom to our everyday.

As small trinkets with a single loop or hole at the top designed to attach to a ring, eyelet or hook, Charms can be worn wherever you go: on your keychain or even as a statement on your belt, bag or phone.

In the last decade, they’ve become entrenched in popular culture as necklaces and especially bracelets – from DIY at-home specials to luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton.

We use charms to tell the stories of our lives, showing them off to mark important occasions or places we’ve been.

Charms can be as kitschy or colourful and glamorous as we choose. They can add playful vibes to our outfits, a boho feel to our look as cheery jewels with crochet hats and bikinis or simply as our individual style. Charms always bring joy as a gift and as a treat.

Featuring distinctive graphic lines and geometric forms, the Art Deco vintage cut of Asscher Charms are all about modern bling with the romance of yesteryear.
Designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Hoops and Mix Statement Drop and Stud Cluster earrings, MYJS Cushion Mix Charms are the ultimate mini versatile jewellery set.

To shine better is the greatest of gems