The MYJS Style Guide To Virtual Meeting Flawlessness


Throw glitter in today’s face

It’s been relatively easy to sink into a lovely induced state of comfortable activewear or sweatsuit rut. Have you ever wanted to replace tailored trousers and pant suits with track suits? Heels for slippers?

In this brave new world of online living and meetings, we still need to look like we dress the part. Psychologists love to remind us we are what we wear. As we virtually live online with colleagues and clients, a simple accessory switch can change our mindset and serve as a pleasing ritual to keep our days structured and peaceful. Thank goodness there’s jewellery to fit every occasion.

From zoom sessions with our colleagues to online client meetings and virtual conferences, sparkling on the screen is so easy. Welcome to the MYJS Style Guide To Virtual Meeting Flawlessness, and charting your onscreen look with all the joy of work-from-home comforts.

Top tips for every occasion

MYJS Bella Earrings are designed to bring luxury to the everyday woman. As a sparkling statement, The MYJS Bella Collection goes beyond beautiful designer jewellery – they’re an attitude to life.

✨ Pick one statement piece and dress around it – be it a jacket, shirt or jewellery pieces. 

✨ Play with innovative necklines and dazzling pieces from your ears, neck and wrists for power looks to see you through every virtual event. 

✨ Pop on a bright lipstick for the icing on the cake.  

✨ Keep your go-to baubles, Bella Earrings and a variety of lipsticks in your zoom space – and pop them on as you connect.

Keep calm and sparkle on

Let’s talk business

This is all about powerful communication without distracting from talking business. If you are what you wear, then using your screen for a power look will get you everywhere.

Amp it up with MYJS Bracelets, Bangles and Cuffs for a flash of your wrist.

✨ Tailored jackets and blazers are instant visual tags for powerful communication where subtle colours will make you pop from the screen.

✨ Only have standard black, grey or dark? Add a bright top beneath – or don’t wear one at all for a plunging neckline.

✨ Layer dainty necklaces to accentuate the neckline of your jacket and shirt.

✨ Frost your wrist with bracelets – tennis bracelets have the maximum shine and all the elegance. Then fold back your sleeves to reveal a cuff that speaks smart business when your hands form temples to push your point.

Dare to be fearless

As the LBD of your jewellery box, MYJS Signature Studs are perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear to add a splash of instant zhush, with all the sparkle and none of the weight.

✨ Pair to studs – because studs mean business.

✨ Manicure those hands to showcase cocktail rings – stack them, alternate them, the more, the merrier. Sparkle with rings that spell success.

✨ Too much jewellery is never enough, and you only live once. Over accessorising online can be appropriate.

✨ As an essential to a business woman’s arsenal, bright red lipstick is an unapologetic statement and really makes sure your message is getting across – so keep your Mac Red Russian handy.

Life won’t sparkle unless you do


A bit of a cuppa or happy hour: the online edition can be just as much fun. This is the chance to express joy, so be the one to lead the pack and stand out from the screen. 

The perfect blend of studs and hoops, MYJS Huggies bring a unique style to your earring game. Just add MYJS Mix Charms for extra zhush

✨ Keep your top simple and classic – all the better for your statement pieces to shine, shine shine.

✨ Occasions with the girls always call for flirty hoops – add an understated pendant to balance the style.

✨ Sparkly cocktail rings always flash nicely across the screen.

Spread the glitter


Finding your day filling up with catch-up zooms? Don’t forget, we deserve flawlessness at all hours. Be prepared – for everything and anything with a look that goes from your kitchen to your iPhone to the bus and your work desk.

MYJS Statement Earrings shine bright and sparkly for a variety of show stopping cluster earrings.

✨ The classic shirt for a muted look works each and every time and also forms the base to layer your jewellery pieces. 

✨ Opt for subtle yet striking earrings, delicate pendants and on-the-daily statement rings.

✨ Keep those lips refreshed and plump with gloss or lip balm – lipstick might be a bit too messy, but if you’re the fearless type, don’t let mess stop you. 

Create your own sparkle. Be the sparkle

Screen for 1?

Is it looking like Netflix & Chill just for you? As Paris would say – s’living.

MYJS Tennis Bracelets are designed for smooth wearing and intense sparkle.

✨ Create the space to be fabulous, such as a candle-lit bubble bath; settling amongst cushions galore; from a chair draped with a plush throwover beside a bright window or your crazy plant lady balcony. It’s only you – and your trusty screen.

✨ Knits with lush necklines and drop earrings to match always does the trick.

✨ Or opt for silky robes – and leave on the drop earrings, statement necklace, layered bracelets with stackable sparkly rings for lush comforts

✨ Pair to decadent berry tea or a glass of bubbly for genuine divalicious delights. Add a pop of fabulous with wine charms.

✨ Just be careful with your ‘puter – liquids and lappy’s don’t always mix.

Glitter for breakfast makes you shine all day