MYJS Guide: Jewellery Mistakes You’re Making


You make mistakes, but mistakes don’t make you

Inner beauty is what truly brings light to this world: our immense capacity for kindness, compassion, humility, and honesty are our greatest most beautiful gems. Jewellery amplifies our inner shine for the world to enjoy. Sparkles have the power for instant change and charge – where age, occupation and our postcode doesn’t matter. So we need to know about the jewellery mistakes we make and avoid the extra costs on our communities or the earth, without also impacting on our health and wallets.

Save time, money and your jewellery following these little steps to see your jewellery always sparkling brightly. The MYJS Guide: Jewellery Mistakes To Stop Making. You’re welcome.

We love our bling. Bling makes us human.

What we wear sends a message and tells our story. Our jewellery are coded symbols, central to the unique ability of human symbolic communication. Our jewellery is an indication of status — available, married, affianced, leader, part of a fraternity, sisterhood or tribe.

Here at My Jewellery Story, we consider jewellery self-care – a reminder we deserve to shine. And wearing sparkly jewellery is a luxury – like a 2-hour bubble bath or adding that shiny trinket to add pop to our sweats or office wardrobe.

They all do wonders for our mind and soul while bringing out the best of ourselves.

You don’t have to be rich to sparkle

Misunderstanding the materials your jewellery is made from

The source of materials used in our jewellery can impact our communities, environment – and our health. If a piece is sparkly and shiny in colour, this doesn’t always mean it’s made using quality craftsmanship, from the best materials or under the best conditions.

Cheap jewellery products sourced from people working in poor conditions and shoddy workmanship using inferior materials and design results in a poor-quality cheap nickel or lead jewellery products.

Our jewellery choice does not have to cost our family, community, the environment or our health.

These are the questions to ask when we buy our jewellery:

As small scale manufacturing jewellers, you can count on knowing MYJS has 100% control over the source and materials in our jewellery.

🚨 Does the piece list the materials it’s made from?
πŸš¨β“ Is it clear what type of gemstones they are and where they’re sourced from?
🚨 Do the gems come from war zones?
🚨 Is the earth mined in obtaining these stones?

❌ Nickel and lead irritates the owner’s ears or skin and loses value through wear while quickly becoming outdated.

πŸ’– A great jewellery brand clearly states its materials and gemstones, whether lab grown, simulated or nickel- or lead-free.

The time is always right to do what is always right

Not changing up your everyday jewellery

It’s easy to get into the habit of wearing the same jewellery day in, day out. We don’t have to be boring – we deserve better.

As seasons change, so do the days – not to mention our moods. We are an ever-evolving creature, and we deserve to invest in ourselves on the daily. This means shaking things up and being creative about who we are and how we express this.

Designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms, Mix Hoops, Mix Statement Drop and Mix Stud Cluster earrings, the MYJS Mix Collection is the ultimate mini versatile jewellery set.

πŸ’– Experiment. Choose versatile pieces to extend your wardrobe.

πŸ’– Dress to the occasion, as well as your facial structure, skin, hair and eye shades and your outfit, from silhouettes to symmetry, colour, patterns, necklines, sleeves and styles.

πŸ’– Wearing the same jewellery every day means those pieces will need regular cleaning with a gentle bath of warm soapy water every 2 weeks.

πŸ’– Take jewellery off when swimming, showering and going to bed as this causes damage.

πŸ’– Change your jewellery up to add instant sparkle to each day while maintaining their quality and freshness.

The person who doesn’t make mistakes is the person who doesn’t learn

Not cleaning your jewellery

Just as your clothes need to be cleaned, so do your sparkles. Not cleaning your jewellery regularly – if at all – means your pieces will get grimy and become tarnished, losing their lovely colour, lustre and quality. Your jewellery has been designed to bring you joy. Let’s keep them that way.

MYJS Bella Earrings are designed to bring a luxury product to the everyday woman. Each crystal is meticulously handset by our MYJS craftspeople and finished in quality metals,

❌ Avoid harsh chemicals – especially any cleaning products, perfumes and alcohol.

❌ In the new era of hand hygiene, go easy on the sanitiser and handwashing with your rings.
Take your rings off before you sanitise or wash your hands (just don’t leave them behind!)

πŸ’– With the change of seasons four times a year, schedule in a good jewellery clean of your most important pieces.

πŸ’– If you have regular favourites, a good rub with a cleaning or polishing cloth every week or once a fortnight works wonders – and it’s easy.

Get distracted by shiny things

Wearing jewellery while being active

No ifs or buts: wearing necklaces, bracelets or dangly earrings while actively working, working out, swimming or showering is damaging. Too much perspiration, moisture or water will definitely dim the sparkle on your sparkles.

If – like you – your jewellery is hard at work or partied all night, then the perspiration will seep into the materials leaving them dirty while extinguishing their shine.

Adding sparkle and pizzaz to any outfit so you shine for every occasion, MYJS Mix Huggies are so comfortable, you can sleep in them.

πŸ’– Get into the routine of removing your jewellery before washing the dishes, bathing, and showering.

πŸ’– Leave rings behind when doing chores, projects or gardening around the house. The damage can be irreversible, or worse – you could cause some harm to yourself if they get caught on anything or lose them.

πŸ’– When swimming, showering or doing the dishes, it’s easy to dull their sparkle, or worse – lose your pieces. No matter how organic and kind to your body and the environment they are, the chemical residue from detergents, soaps, shampoos and conditioners affects your jewellery.

πŸ’– When it comes to working out, jumping into the pool or heading to the beach, leave your good pieces at home and stick to unfussy jewellery – like studs and huggies – but make sure a good clean is scheduled in to wipe away any build-up of residue and perspiration.

❌ Swimming in chlorine pools and spas weakens gold and discolours silver and gemstones. The sand from the beach with the salty sea dulls gems and erodes metals. And nobody wants that.

Good thing jewellery works for every reason

Not looking after your jewellery

When we are not wearing our jewellery, we need to think of safety and storage.

Because our jewellery is so fine and petite with lots of little detachable pieces and bits and bobs, we always need to keep our sparkles out of reach of children.

Soft and luxurious, the MYJS velvet drawstring pouches are perfect for storage and easy travelling.

πŸ’– Store jewellery in a closed jewellery box, jewellery roll, a special covered and padded container or pouches.

πŸ’– Clasp necklaces when you take them off. This helps them from getting all jumbled or tangled up. Picking at tangled chains is not really a fun job (unless you are OCD and find joy in that kind of thing). If necklace tangles still happen on the daily, hanging them from a jewellery tree or peg will prevent those pesky snarls.

πŸ’– When storing jewellery on a necklace tree, make sure to clean regularly so they don’t collect dust.

❌ Don’t wear dangly sparkly jewellery around children – because curiosity, glitter and little clutching hands makes My Jewellery Story something something.

❌ Don’t store your jewellery collection in a humid, moist area such as bathrooms, or around extreme change in temperatures, such as the kitchen or directly in the sun or exposed to air. Our pieces will suffer from expanding in temperatures, tarnish or get dusty.

❌ Our sparkles are not water babies. If they do get wet, dry with a clean, soft cloth as soon as you can to avoid discolouring and icky build ups.

❌ Avoid jewellery from rubbing against each other, gems or other hard surfaces, causing damage, scratches and scuff marks. Scuffing doesn’t look great on our shoes let along our sparkles.

❌ Avoid harsh chemicals and alcohols – especially any cleaning products, soaps, perfumes and sanitisers.

πŸ’– Take off your jewellery while cooking and cleaning.

πŸ’– Always spray your hairspray, lotions and perfume before popping your jewellery on. This includes putting your ring on after washing your hands and sanitising.

πŸ’– When washing hands, don’t forget your ring on the washing basin. Pretty, sparkly rings are eye-catching and alluring – especially when left behind in public bathrooms.

We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents

Not knowing where your jewellery comes from

Caring about the communities supporting our love for shiny things is crucial in the decisions we make when buying our pretty baubles, because we should be buying from business owners, creatives, designers and craftspeople.

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves when we buy our jewellery:

My Jewellery Story designers and craftspeople are independent artists and creatives exclusive to MYJS.

🚨 Do you know where in the world the pieces are made?

🚨 Are the working conditions ethical?

🚨Are the gems ethically sourced or do they come from war zones?

🚨 Is the earth mined in obtaining these stones?

πŸ’– Supporting independent artists and creatives in the design and craftsmanship of jewellery means a great piece can be well designed and economically priced.

πŸ’– Supporting local business is great for the community, while pieces from small scale manufacturing jewellers with a great reputation – just like us – means a better investment for buyers.

πŸ’– Knowledge is power. The source of materials used in our jewellery impacts us, our communities and environment. If we truly care, paying attention, looking deeper and doing the research means we make better jewellery choices – without costing the earth or our health.

If you don’t know, jewellery is the answer

Buying cheap jewellery

The price tag of high-end jewellery might not always easily be within reach of our wallets – but it is possible to have beautifully designed timeless sparkly jewellery that lasts.

The beautifully-designed Octagon Sensational Statement Necklace presents vibrant monochromatic hues for maximum shine, adding dynamic energy and stunning style.

❌ Cheap jewellery products sourced from people working in poor conditions and shoddy workmanship using inferior materials and design results in a poor-quality cheap nickel or lead jewellery products.

❌ Cheap jewellery offers a world of sparkle while leaving behind black or green marks and irritating our skin.

πŸ’– Avoiding cheap nickel or lead jewellery is a better investment because quality designed and crafted pieces lasts longer and look better.

πŸ’– Make the conscious decision to buy well designed jewellery made from materials that aren’t harmful to our health, community or environment.

Be free, not cheap

Wearing jewellery that doesn’t suit you

Jewellery is essential to the everyday. We wear jewellery to complement the colour and style of an outfit for the ultimate polished look. We imbue jewellery with special powers to make us feel confident and happy. Jewellery takes a formal look to the next level, adding pop to our plain, monochrome, neutral or basic outfits. Jewellery is the timeless classic accessory reflecting our mood, personality and style.

To find the ubiquitous pieces versatile enough to segue from day into night, from the office to happy hour or for the most special of occasions (even if a glass of wine over the kitchen sink is the special occasion) without stealing the entire show, is to lay your hands on the holy grail — but it is possible.

When it comes to earring fashion, MYJS Mix Hoops are the quintessential piece of jewellery, transcending trends, time, cultures, stereotypes and personal style.

❌ Bad jewellery cheapens an outfit or turns a simple look into a graceless one. They can make your work clothes look unprofessional or leave your stunning dress looking unfinished.

πŸ’– Know yourself so you can express yourself

πŸ’– Dress to the occasion, the season or your mood.

πŸ’– Understand your facial structure, skin, hair and eye shades so you’ve got the right piece that highlight and set these features to stunning.

πŸ’– Accessorise to you outfit, and think about the silhouette, symmetry, colour, pattern, necklines, sleeves and style.

πŸ’– Choosing your jewellery is all about creating a balanced look to turn heads wherever you go. And you deserve to shine at every opportunity.

You can take on the world with great jewellery

The Subtle Shine Of The Octagon Cut


Updated August 2023

Life is better when you are covered in octagon cut jewellery

The cut of a gem defines their sparkle ability. A gem’s flawless, crisp shine depends on the number of facets and how light travels through the stone. With flat, polished surfaces from within the gem, facets work as tiny mirrors and cut to maximise the gemstone’s ability to draw in and reflect the light. The gem is more brilliant and sparkly as a result.

Welcome to ultramodern, unconventional jewellery, with The Subtle Shine Of The Octagon Cut.

Pieces of eight

Bella Hadid rocks it. Beyonce said yes to it, and Kim K flaunts it: With a contemporary edge, the classic grace and understated elegance of the Octagon Cut has emerged to overtake the more traditional cuts and jewellery pieces.

The unconventional design of octagon cut jewellery puts on a colourful show of understated sparkle. The strong, bold, sleek look leans towards minimalists and vintage fans who still love a pop of shine. Similarly to the emerald cut, the octagon cut works with the step cut approach where rectangular facets go up into the crown – the upper part of the cut stone – and down into the pavilion – the lower half of the cut stone. This cut offers a large table facet to showcase the stone’s colour and clarity for a strikingly understated twinkle.

If you cut corners, you just go around in circles

Showcasing the symbol for limitlessness with the octagon cut, the colourful Octagon Mix Carrier Stud Earrings are a modern tribute to everlasting style. Add a MYJS Mix Charm for understated glamour.

Developed more than a century ago, the octagon cut intended to get the most out of emeralds. With its abilities to showcase the exceptional clarity and colour of gems, octagon cut amethysts quickly became fashionable, with the modern cut applied across other coloured gemstones and crystals including Topaz and Citrine.

Octagon cut jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there

Channel all-out fabulousness for the everyday and steal the spotlight with the boldly stunning design of MYJS Octagon Cut Drop Earrings.

Symbolic for rebirth and resurrection, the octagon is a reference to the bonds of family and life. It is the vehicle for good health and fortune.

The Octagon Cut stands out as a more unconventional cut for the modern generation of lovers keen for unique coloured gemstones over traditional diamonds.

I’m not a success. I’m a sensation

Be the sensation. The Octagon Sensational Statement Necklace presents vibrant monochromatic hues for maximum shine, adding dynamic energy for stunning style.

And as we become more environmentally conscious about the products we support, coloured non-mined crystals, gemstones and natural pearls and stones are the ethical go-to over the more commonplace diamond.

Whereas the more cliched round brilliant cut ferociously showcases a diamond’s sparkle, the octagon cut presents every colourful gemstone beautifully – and uniquely. Stand out for all the right reasons with the octagon cut.

Spread the sparkle