The Subtle Shine Of The Octagon Cut


Updated August 2023

Life is better when you are covered in octagon cut jewellery

The cut of a gem defines their sparkle ability. A gem’s flawless, crisp shine depends on the number of facets and how light travels through the stone. With flat, polished surfaces from within the gem, facets work as tiny mirrors and cut to maximise the gemstone’s ability to draw in and reflect the light. The gem is more brilliant and sparkly as a result.

Welcome to ultramodern, unconventional jewellery, with The Subtle Shine Of The Octagon Cut.

Pieces of eight

Bella Hadid rocks it. Beyonce said yes to it, and Kim K flaunts it: With a contemporary edge, the classic grace and understated elegance of the Octagon Cut has emerged to overtake the more traditional cuts and jewellery pieces.

The unconventional design of octagon cut jewellery puts on a colourful show of understated sparkle. The strong, bold, sleek look leans towards minimalists and vintage fans who still love a pop of shine. Similarly to the emerald cut, the octagon cut works with the step cut approach where rectangular facets go up into the crown – the upper part of the cut stone – and down into the pavilion – the lower half of the cut stone. This cut offers a large table facet to showcase the stone’s colour and clarity for a strikingly understated twinkle.

If you cut corners, you just go around in circles

Showcasing the symbol for limitlessness with the octagon cut, the colourful Octagon Mix Carrier Stud Earrings are a modern tribute to everlasting style. Add a MYJS Mix Charm for understated glamour.

Developed more than a century ago, the octagon cut intended to get the most out of emeralds. With its abilities to showcase the exceptional clarity and colour of gems, octagon cut amethysts quickly became fashionable, with the modern cut applied across other coloured gemstones and crystals including Topaz and Citrine.

Octagon cut jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there

Channel all-out fabulousness for the everyday and steal the spotlight with the boldly stunning design of MYJS Octagon Cut Drop Earrings.

Symbolic for rebirth and resurrection, the octagon is a reference to the bonds of family and life. It is the vehicle for good health and fortune.

The Octagon Cut stands out as a more unconventional cut for the modern generation of lovers keen for unique coloured gemstones over traditional diamonds.

I’m not a success. I’m a sensation

Be the sensation. The Octagon Sensational Statement Necklace presents vibrant monochromatic hues for maximum shine, adding dynamic energy for stunning style.

And as we become more environmentally conscious about the products we support, coloured non-mined crystals, gemstones and natural pearls and stones are the ethical go-to over the more commonplace diamond.

Whereas the more cliched round brilliant cut ferociously showcases a diamond’s sparkle, the octagon cut presents every colourful gemstone beautifully – and uniquely. Stand out for all the right reasons with the octagon cut.

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