The Must-Have Circle Necklace: Jewellery’s LBD


The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in spirals and circles

The world is full of Circles, from mathematics to the divine and natural balance. It’s perfection in shape has become a vital foundation in the modern world of technology and architecture, to design in art and symbolism in cultures.

In fashion, accessories make or break the outfit, taking any outfit from drab to fab. One necklace to stand the test of time is the Circle Necklace.

A particular favourite with our Princess Katherine, the circle necklace is the little black dress of jewellery. With its versatile classic design, the piece is fundamental to every modern wardrobe.

As a universal shape, the circle transcends geography, language, culture, and time, representing eternity, femininity, wholeness and the cycle of life. The sun and the moon have captured humanity’s attention as some of these most memorable and powerful symbols.

The revered mandala of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam serves to stimulate the unconscious mind, representing the human’s journey through life toward unity and oneness. In Ancient Chinese philosophy, the Yin and the Yang come together as opposing complementary forces into the meaningful circular icon of one while the Ancient Greeks esteemed the circle’s perfection in geometry.

The Japanese “Enso” channels the circle as a universal expression of wholeness living deep within our beings, prizing the circle’s curves in calligraphy through impeccable brushstrokes while indigenous cultures respect its power of healing, family structure, and gatherings for meetings, songs and dances.

Most things look better when you put them in a circle

Circle jewellery

With one-of-a-kind perfection, the MYJS Personalised Holepunched Eternal Circle Necklace is a bold fashion statement.

Circles continue to influence technology, cultures and design, particularly as the building block of fashion and jewellery where it is essential to jewellery silhouettes such as pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings.

As a necklace, circles are a classic design, presenting a variety of styles built upon the universal shape. As a pendant, it is a timeless piece of jewellery that never goes out of style and a must-have for every stylish wardrobe.

The simplicity of the open circle necklace is a sleek sophisticated design as an elegant statement of forever.

The wheel is come full circle

– William Shakespeare

Love the chic curves of the Personalised Interlocking Triple Family Circles Necklaces from the MYJS Personalised Collection.

The open circle necklace embellished with a pavé setting of clear crystals takes the clean curves of the circle pendant next level, easily catching the light and adding a subtle shimmer.

If one circle is beautiful, more is better. With their sleek contours, a duo or trio of interlocking circles are a bold fashion statement. Emphasising endless love, devotion and everlasting memories, their connection represents the unbreakable bond between loved ones. With all the space to capture special names and dates, interlocking circles can be personalised for a truly unique keepsake to take jewellery to a whole new level of special.

It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love, ’til we find our place, on the path unwinding

– Sir Elton John, The Circle Of Life

Circle jewellery fashion

Defined by a sleek sophisticated design, the MYJS Concentric Circle Necklace embellished by a pavé setting of shimmering crystals is an elegant statement of forever.

As a staple of the modern jewellery box, these simple, elegant pieces complement every skin tone, working with every look and outfit for that perfect touch of sparkle and sophistication.

For a trendy, bohemian vibe, the versatility of the simple open circle necklace serves spectacularly as the base necklace for layering.

With a pavé setting of clear crystals on the circle pendant or interlocking double circles, add that perfect pop of elegance to the casual outfit of tshirt and jeans – simply pair to matching hoops, studs or simple drop earrings for that final finish.

For a definitive glamorous look, the interlocking triple circle necklace with a pave setting of clear crystals adds that final polish to a formal gown. Offset all that shimmer with upswept hair and sparkling drop or cluster earrings.

Life is a circle, of happiness, sadness, hard times and good times. If you are going through hard times, have faith good times are on the way.

Halo Jewellery: Spoilt For Sparkle


I feel there’s a halo around me, a constant sunshine wherever I go

– Vicky Kaushal

We can always count on stunning dazzling jewellery to bring the wow factor and drama to our look. Defiantly sparkly, halo jewellery is all about being loud and fabulous. As unique, timeless jewellery design, we explore how to successfully flaunt Halo Jewellery: Spoilt For Sparkle.

Halo jewellery sparkle

Alexis Bledel knows how to wear it, Olivia Wilde, J’Lo and Nicole Ritchie know how to flash it: Halo Jewellery is uniquely sparkly.

Simultaneously timeless and modern, halo jewellery design features a central stone surrounded by a ring – or halo – of smaller pavé-set gemstones. The halo setting draws attention to the centre piece, enhancing the brilliance and giving the impression of a larger, more luxurious sparkle. The result is a beautiful eye-catching piece adding sophistication to every look.

As a design, it is particularly popular with engagement rings and works just as well with pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings for unapologetic sparkle with all the romance of yesteryear.

The timeless versatility of halo jewellery is a standout for our capsule jewellery collection. The perfect combination of luxury and glamour, halo jewellery is the perfect sparkly statement collection to dress up and down our style for remarkable brilliance.

I’m a good girl who wears her halo stylishly askew

– Donna Figueroa

Halo jewellery history

Halo jewellery first originated during the 1700s to 1830s Georgian era when jewellery was designed to showcase the beauty and value of gemstones. But halo jewellery would be especially popular in the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s – alongside Octagon and Asscher cuts and Cluster earrings.

It was a style born post-crisis from the interwar years where boldness was embraced and imagination let loose. Art Deco traces its inspirations back to 1700s Industrial England as an era of dramatic technological change, social upheaval and political and economic crises.

While a century has passed since Art Deco was all the rage, we see now more than ever the need for these daring and courageous attitudes to still stand. In our quest for authenticity, our reach for fearless lines, irreverent inspiration and unusual design is all about standing out and being fabulously loud.

She’s a little bit of heaven with a wild side

Inspired by the fierce glamour of halo jewellery’s bygone eras, the MYJS Angelic Collection is unapologetically sparkly with dazzling eye-catching pieces.

The freedom in the design of halo jewellery means there is no limit in style for gemstones of all colours – from diamonds to clear crystals, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and more – cuts such as Round Brilliance to Cushion Cut, Octagon, Asscher, Pear and Oval cuts – and sizes.

The halo setting is effective for affordable jewellery pieces, as the halo of stones creates the illusion of a larger, more expensive stone. This is due to the surrounding smaller stones reflecting the light of the central stone back. The halo design adds extra sparkle and glamour to any piece of jewellery, making it perfect for special occasions or everyday wear.

Life is a luminous halo

Halo jewellery fashion

Defiantly sparkly, the stunning MYJS Angelic Statement Necklace and MYJS Angelic Bracelet are luxuriously framed for instant eye-catching radiance.

Halo jewellery is beautiful and glamorous, perfect for making a statement. As a timeless choice with more sparkle, halo jewellery is the instant confidence booster, so go fierce – in attitude and look. It’s a great choice for adding a touch of elegance and glamour to our wardrobe.

Halo jewellery can easily be worn solo for minimalist chic and instant polish. Also ideal for layering, a halo ring works beautifully alongside other rings, particularly when mixing metals. A halo necklace is an excellent anchor, serving as a stunning focal base piece in a stack.

Perfect for a luxurious, glammy look with special events, feel like a queen with swept-up hair and eye-catching clusters of gemstones with earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring.

I walked 500 miles to see a halo, when I opened my eyes, I was blind as can be

– Tom Waits
Blazing brilliance is celebrated with a dust of sparkle and stunning glitter with MYJS Angelic Pendant and MYJS Angelic Rings for a unique style that is both timeless and modern.

Halo jewellery also adds to the power business look with a touch of drama for polish, especially popping against conventional business suits.

Want it all? Halo jewellery works beautifully with bright colours: from brilliant reds, yellows and neons, go all the way to over-the-top-fabulousness.

Working the loose boho look or a baggy sweater? Halo jewellery balances all that softness with a dash of sparkle that’s just so right.

Shop the MYJS Angelic Collection for your

  • mother
  • lover
  • partner
  • friend
  • sister
  • daughter
  • cousin
  • or as a treat for you

Standin’ in the light of your halo, I got my angel now

– Beyonce

Occasions That Deserve Personalised Jewellery


Every day of your life is a special occasion

– Thomas Monson

Every chapter in our life story deserves to be immortalised with jewellery. As shiny bookmarks, jewellery narrate our unique adventure, marking each moment with the power to go back in time every time we pop them on⁠. Looking for the perfect event to immortalise the moment? Popping on that gifted personalised necklace from a loved one or gifting a personalised necklace with so much meaning sets the benchmark for a gift that keeps on giving. Thoughtful and meaningful, personalised jewellery has a memory deliberately and significantly attached to it – and there are Occasions That Deserve Personalised Jewellery.


Personalised jewellery commemorates significant milestones – especially birthdays. Personalised pieces for birthdays can be designed with birthstones, stamped with their zodiac sign or birthdate and initials – or even the iconic Carrie Name Necklace.

A birthday personalised piece is imbued with even more significant power – simply for the day it was gifted and what it will mean for every birthday ever after.

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MYJS Personalised Name Collection
MYJS Personalised For Her Collection
MYJS Personalised Family Collection

Don’t just count your years, make your years count

– George Meredith

Mother’s day

Love the chic curves of the Personalised Holepunched Interlocking Circles Necklace from the MYJS Personalised For Her Collection.

Mum deserves to be celebrated every day – and especially Mother’s Day. Personalised jewellery is the heartfelt way to honour and celebrate the best lady in our life.

Designing that special personalised necklace for mum on Mother’s Day with all the anticipation for the moment she opens the box and sees it, is a forever memory — it’s the gift that keeps giving, and will certainly make You the favourite.

From her name, initials or birthstones emblazoned on hearts or circles, personalised jewellery for Mother’s Day will always be a winner.

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MYJS Personalised For Her Collection
MYJS Personalised Family Collection

I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me

Christmas day

For all the sparkle, the MYJS Personalised Name Collection presents luxurious designs for a bold statement of delicate strength and power.

There is no other day on the calendar more meaningful than Christmas. As the day of love, appreciation and admiration, gifting personalised jewellery takes sentiment to the next level.

Personalised jewellery on Christmas Day will be cherished and remembered forever with all the meaning of effort and time truly capturing all the specialness for one of life’s most joyous memories.

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MYJS Personalised Name Collection
MYJS Personalised For Her Collection
MYJS Personalised Family Collection

Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling

– Edina Ferber

Galentine’ day, Valentine’s day

From the MYJS Personalised For Her Collection: Stay close to her heart with stylish tags, circles and hearts immortalising the perfect power of words, initials and birthstones

That special message or date or symbolic heart representing your love for your gal pal or forever love is a wonderful way to celebrate the days of love and friendship. With all the options of interlocking hearts and circles, personalised jewellery is the loving friendship gift that keeps on giving.

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MYJS Personalised Name Collection
MYJS Personalised For Her Collection
MYJS Personalised Family Collection

MYJS Personalised Friendship Collection

Friendship is the purest love

– Edina Ferber


The Personalised Interlocking Mini Heart Necklace from the MYJS Personalised For Her Collection is a luxurious design of eternal love.

Celebrating milestones with personalised jewellery is ideal for anniversaries. The couple’s initials, wedding date on interlocking hearts and circles capturing their eternal love is a faultless reminder of a special day. It stands as the thoughtful and meaningful gift to be cherished for years to come.

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MYJS Personalised Name Collection
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All love stories are great, but our love story is the greatest

In tribute

MYJS Personalised Pet Name Tags celebrate our bond with our pet family, adding sassy style to our dog or cat’s collar with safe modern designs.

Celebrating and honouring our loved ones with an expressive memorial means they will always be near to our heart. Plate ID or engraved circles with names and initials will always keep their special memory alive and close.

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MYJS Personalised Name Collection
MYJS Personalised Pet Collection

MYJS Personalised Friendship Collection

There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart


Stylishly heartfelt and timeless, the MYJS Personalised Family Tree Circle from the MYJS Personalised Family Collection is reimagined into this intricate piece as a unique visual creation.

We should celebrate the wins every day – especially graduation. All the years of hitting those books deserves a very special shiny bookmark.

This is a proud day, with a customised piece of the graduate’s name or initials or graduate year to commemorate all those hours of study and the new path ahead.

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MYJS Personalised For Her Collection
MYJS Personalised Family Collection

MYJS Personalised Friendship Collection

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

– Sun Tzu

As a symbol of love

The Personalised Heart Plate Necklace from the MYJS Personalised For Her Collection is a unique style emblem of one-of-a-kind polished perfection.

When it comes to romance, you can’t get any more personal than customised jewellery.

Engraving a message, initials or anniversary date onto hearts, plates or circles captures all the meaning and devotion of forever love.

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MYJS Personalised For Her Collection
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A love story could begin anywhere


The Personalised Interlocking Mini Double Circles Necklace from the MYJS Personalised Family Collection immortalises the perfect power of words, initials and dates.

When the Big Day is such a momentous celebration, personalised jewellery for the bridesmaids, groomsmen and wedding party makes your wedding extra special for everyone else.

With the couple’s initials or wedding date immortalised onto personalised pieces, this is an evocative forever gift of love for those extra special people celebrating your new life together.

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MYJS Personalised Name Collection
MYJS Personalised Family Collection

MYJS Personalised Friendship Collection

And so the adventure begins

Life changes

Love the chic curves of the Personalised Mini Interlocking Triple Family Circles Necklace from the MYJS Personalised Family Collection symbolises eternal and endless love.

Celebrating our achievements reminds us who we are while boosting our self-confidence. We should celebrate all the wins and whatever win it is – if it matters to you – don’t let it go by unrecognised.

Be proud of yourself – and treat yourself with a personalised piece that marks the significance of the date or event.

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MYJS Personalised For Her Collection
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MYJS Personalised Friendship Collection

Change is in all things sweet

– Aristotle

For no reason at all

The Personalised Rectangle Plate Necklace from the MYJS Friendship Collection captures unique symbols, initials and dates for the fabulous everyday woman.

Birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day all have their place in the calendar but “just because” also sets memorable benchmarks. Inspired by self-expression while celebrating identity, personalised jewellery can remind us of the strength we find in happiness and the connections we create.

Break from tradition and add to your own forward-thinking self-love story with an inspirational piece reminding you of your goals and aspirations. As sleek, modern fashion statements, Personalised Rectangle, Circle and Heart Identity Plates are bold, heroic charms seizing those special points in time.

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MYJS Personalised Name Collection
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MYJS Personalised Friendship Collection

Everything happens for a reason

The Iconic Personalised Cursive Name Necklace

myjewellerystory personalised carrie name necklace

Updated July 2023

No one gets to decide who you are – except for you

– Nikka Banas

Stories speak to us of deep connections. Whether it’s a legacy piece with historical significance to capturing special moments, each story has something to say about who we are and where we’ve come from. And the right piece of jewellery is deeply personal with a great story always behind it. And there is no greater story in personalised jewellery, than The Iconic Cursive Name Necklace.

Frequently worn by Beyonce, J-Lo, Bella Hadid and many more fashion-forward celebs, the penultimate of the personalised ID necklaces will always be the calligraphy Carrie Name Necklace.

While Sex and the City might have brandished the piece more than two decades ago, the Carrie Necklace is iconic, standing as a talisman and symbol to the essence of the beloved character, Sarah Jessica Parker and the TV show. Just as with The Rachel Hair, Gossip Girl Blair’s fashion style and Mad Men’s cat eye makeup, the Carrie Name Necklace has set the benchmark for a classic fashion statement.

Success is measured by personal happiness

The MYJS Calligraphy Name Necklace goes beyond the standard flat laser cut, pioneering the iconic fashion statement in innovative 3D printing.

Personalised calligraphy name necklaces are a stunning style for meaningful self-expression that is also elegantly feminine. Presenting delicate flowing font as a monogram – or initials, or other meaningful words – the cursive script spells out individual letters carved from wax, cast into 925 Sterling Silver and then polished and finished in gold, rhodium or rose gold.

Personalised jewellery takes unique to a whole new level

For all the sparkle, the MYJS Personalised Name Collection presents luxurious designs for a bold statement of delicate strength and power.

Distinctive and timeless, the cursive name necklace is a versatile everyday accessory that pairs easily to every outfit. It can easily be worn solo for minimalist chic and instant polish. Also ideal for layering, the name necklace is an excellent anchor, serving as a stunning focal base piece in a layered stack. No doubt, the name necklace will continue to be refreshed and modernised as trends come and go, showcasing lowercase font, gemstones, enamel or even numbers – as a birthdate or other meaningful moments.

Personal style is accepting who you are

The MYJS Personalised Name Collection are unique keepsakes: sit in the designer chair and pick your special symbol, word, date or mark and imbue your jewellery with special powers – and stylish looks – unique to you.

In today’s world of fast fashion and mass production, these personalised pieces really push the envelope in jewellery design and craftsmanship. As the gift that keeps on giving, deep thought and meaning goes into the making of every personalised cursive name necklace. They are greater for the symbolism and superpowers we entrust them with. Gifting such iconic fashion statements to our mums, auntees, sisters or ride-or-dies, the personalised name necklace remains a bold fashion statement.

The Personalised Name Collection is perfect for your

  • mother
  • lover
  • partner
  • friend
  • sister
  • daughter
  • cousin

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom