The Iconic Personalised Cursive Name Necklace

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Updated July 2023

No one gets to decide who you are – except for you

– Nikka Banas

Stories speak to us of deep connections. Whether it’s a legacy piece with historical significance to capturing special moments, each story has something to say about who we are and where we’ve come from. And the right piece of jewellery is deeply personal with a great story always behind it. And there is no greater story in personalised jewellery, than The Iconic Cursive Name Necklace.

Frequently worn by Beyonce, J-Lo, Bella Hadid and many more fashion-forward celebs, the penultimate of the personalised ID necklaces will always be the calligraphy Carrie Name Necklace.

While Sex and the City might have brandished the piece more than two decades ago, the Carrie Necklace is iconic, standing as a talisman and symbol to the essence of the beloved character, Sarah Jessica Parker and the TV show. Just as with The Rachel Hair, Gossip Girl Blair’s fashion style and Mad Men’s cat eye makeup, the Carrie Name Necklace has set the benchmark for a classic fashion statement.

Success is measured by personal happiness

The MYJS Calligraphy Name Necklace goes beyond the standard flat laser cut, pioneering the iconic fashion statement in innovative 3D printing.

Personalised calligraphy name necklaces are a stunning style for meaningful self-expression that is also elegantly feminine. Presenting delicate flowing font as a monogram – or initials, or other meaningful words – the cursive script spells out individual letters carved from wax, cast into 925 Sterling Silver and then polished and finished in gold, rhodium or rose gold.

Personalised jewellery takes unique to a whole new level

For all the sparkle, the MYJS Personalised Name Collection presents luxurious designs for a bold statement of delicate strength and power.

Distinctive and timeless, the cursive name necklace is a versatile everyday accessory that pairs easily to every outfit. It can easily be worn solo for minimalist chic and instant polish. Also ideal for layering, the name necklace is an excellent anchor, serving as a stunning focal base piece in a layered stack. No doubt, the name necklace will continue to be refreshed and modernised as trends come and go, showcasing lowercase font, gemstones, enamel or even numbers – as a birthdate or other meaningful moments.

Personal style is accepting who you are

The MYJS Personalised Name Collection are unique keepsakes: sit in the designer chair and pick your special symbol, word, date or mark and imbue your jewellery with special powers – and stylish looks – unique to you.

In today’s world of fast fashion and mass production, these personalised pieces really push the envelope in jewellery design and craftsmanship. As the gift that keeps on giving, deep thought and meaning goes into the making of every personalised cursive name necklace. They are greater for the symbolism and superpowers we entrust them with. Gifting such iconic fashion statements to our mums, auntees, sisters or ride-or-dies, the personalised name necklace remains a bold fashion statement.

The Personalised Name Collection is perfect for your

  • mother
  • lover
  • partner
  • friend
  • sister
  • daughter
  • cousin

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom