Timeless Jewellery Colour Trends


Life is a sea of vibrant colour. Jump in

– AD Posey

To exude timelessness is to reflect the journey of the universe. As the cosmos has always been and always will be, the hues of eternity tell a story of exuberant artistry. From the pops of red and purple in fruits such as raspberries, blackberries and figs to the lush greens of plants, the ultramarine and clarity of the ocean deep or the heavens with flashes of sunlight and stars proves beauty is everywhere. Trends will come and go, Timeless Jewellery Colour Trends are here to stay.

When Pantone released vibrant Viva Magenta as Colour of the Year, we knew 2023 was the year to be brave and fearless. An animated red celebrating pure joy and unshackled self-expression, Viva Magenta welcomes everyone and everything with rebellious vitality.

This is a daring signal: this is clearly the year of fierce vibrance as Viva Magenta reflects intensity and dynamism. Bold playful hues on the warmer side of the wheel is our preference.

But we should always choose adventure, from the way we express ourselves to enhance our feelings of joy and wellbeing. Taking a leap into wearing more daring colours may not be easy – but to do so, is transformative.

May your journey through life be vibrant and full of colourful rainbows

– Harley King

We should always aim for adventurous with colours that are assertive without being aggressive; colours that boldly dominate without being violent, all the while driving to a positive, bright future. We look to the eternal bloom of natural forces for reassurance, protection and trust. We are looking for warmth and strength while expanding our boundaries of authenticity.

We must be inspired to be brave and confident. To reflect eternity is to echo power colours that balance boldness with fun. We can be simultaneously rebellious yet gentle, expressing fierce grace, while showing up with confidence and humility. The colours of immortality help us stand strong while we heal, allowing us to be cloaked in both power and grace.

Sure, our minimalist wardrobe means we may not be quite brave enough to go all out block and bold. But the greatness and versatility of timeless colours means they will always work radiantly as popping accessories. It’s about being adventurous. It’s all about adding zhush to the everyday – and standing out in your own unique way.

There is no beauty without colour

Lucious reds and blushing rose

MYJS Rose and Ruby Crystal Bella Earrings are associated with the heart and blood of our inner fire and life force, boosting our confidence, love, abundance, wealth and success.

Red and pinks take us out of our comfort zone, energising us and lifting our spirits. In a world of black or white, wearing life-affirming red and pink are our brightest coloured and most powerful armour. Choosing a lush impactful red or distinctive pink rose is a reminder of the ass-kicking fierce confident badass we really are.

Let that rosy red sparkle start a fire

Tranquil blue

Ageless and classic, frost yourself in the perfect armour of MYJS Aquamarine sparkles with the MYJS Mix and Bella Collection for blue power.

Visions of azure blue seas and the electric colour from the underwater takes a deep dive into aquatic dream where the colour of luck inspires us to take brave steps forward to journeys deep within.

Restorative and soothing to the soul, from aquamarine to sapphire, blue is the perfect armour against stress and fatigue to make everything sparklier.

The sun is up, the sky is blue; it’s beautiful and so are you

– John Lennon

A blank canvas

The sparkles of the MYJS Clear Crystal Mix Collection are designed to mix + match for an endless variety of stunning statement earring combinations.

Purity, perfection and invincible power belongs to diamonds and clear crystals to focus, amplify and transform energy.

Natural upheaval, immense geological shifts, volcanic activity and the grinding down of mountains means their gems and stones are imbued with the aura of magic to protect our bodies and spirits across the centuries.

From climate change to political and economic insecurity intended to erode our armour, it’s reasonable enough to seek sources of strength, comfort and meaning as powerful shields against daily life.

Sparkle and shine

Marvellous magentas

The colour of royalty and nobility, Amethyst is the colour of Queens. Bask in the effortless style of refinement with MYJS Bella Amethyst Crystal Earrings.

As the hue for breaking barriers and inspiring change, the mix between red and purple is a sensory uplifting colour to boost creativity levels for a transformation of the soul. A sense of balance comes with the reddish blue that covers the kaleidoscope of plum to violet, wine and pomegranate looking for balance, hope and serenity.

Transformation can only take place immediately: the revolution is now, not tomorrow

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

Quirky greens

Understated and crisp, the deep emeralds of MYJS Mix and Bella Collections presents vibrant monochromatic hues for maximum shine

Soothing with overtones of citrus, the balance between the acidity and refreshment of green creates space that is both playful and sophisticated. Greens are an organic hue embracing the raw beauty ideal as work-life go-tos. As the expression of our hopeful spirits, green is the colour to reconnect with the world, friends and loved ones. We can freshen our look with pops of emerald or subtle peridot while channelling all the luxury.

Love is an emerald: its brilliant light wards off dragons on this treacherous path

– Rumi

Luminous sunshine

Energetic and fun, the beauty of the setting sun shines on the grace of the MYJS Golden Shadow Mix Collection.

The warm honey of yellow and orange boosts the virtues of leadership, representing intuition and inner peace, standing for power, loyalty and prosperity. A lively fire, yellow and orange transforms negative energy into positive invigorating vibrations for vitality and healing power.

Release anger, surrender to forgiveness and bring balance to turbulent emotions for calm and peace. The inner blaze of fire protects against accidents and fire, protecting travellers while inspiring creativity.

You have a whole universe inside you