MYJS Introduces The MYJS Mix Collection


There is no genius without a mixture of madness

Explore the MYJS Mix Collection showcasing our creativity and expert craftsmanship with a dedication to fresh, unique looks.

The MYJS Mix Collection

From Mix Studs to Huggies, Midi Hoops and Maxi Hoops, wear solo for a classic feel or zhush it up with a Mix Charm for all the sparkle and versatility.

For the modern woman seeking fabulous style, welcome to the MYJS Mix Collection: sleek mini statement jewellery sets to collect, mix and match and celebrate life’s sparkly moments.

Whether you want to add something extra to your everyday look or want to look flawless going out, finish every look with our sparkly Mix Collection pieces.

The MYJS Mix Collection allows you to curate your own unique set or create the perfect gift.

Life is a process where people mix and match, fall apart and come back together

How to mix + match

For all the sparkle, Mix Statement cluster Earrings stand out for all the right reasons. Clip your Mix Charms for next level dazzle.

The MYJS Mix Collection reinvents jewellery as customised collections.

Select your favourite Mix Charms and match to your favourite Mix Studs, Mix Hoops, Mix Drop Earrings or Mix Necklaces. Or wear solo for that classic feel.

Just create something new: it’s all about you.

Our design approach lets you build versatile mini-jewellery sets for your own everyday style. Sit in the designer seat and curate your very own mini versatile designer jewellery sets: you choose style, colour and size.

Designed to wear solo for a classic feel, up your jewellery game by adding dazzling Mix Charms to take a walk on the diva side of life.

Your fantasy is your only limit. Let’s just admit, you can never have too much statement jewellery.

The beauty is in the mix

Classic and simple, pair Mix Carrier Pendants with Mix Charms for neck twinkle glamour.

Mix and match styles and sizes.

Mix and match to create your own look.

Get creative and find the perfect combination for you.

  1. Pick your base carrier stud, huggie, drop earring, hoop or necklace
  2. Add your favourite charm
  3. Create the look you love.

Clip on, clip off, it’s that easy. Add one, two or three Mix Charms to your base carrier earring or necklace.
Create something new: it’s all about you

With our wide range of stud earrings, hoops, huggies, drop earrings, chains and charms – we’ve got something for everyone.

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Game. Set. Match.

The Cushion Brilliant Cut


Be calm: you are brilliant

A diamond or gem’s sparkle is determined by the shape it’s cut into. Gems possess a flawless, crisp shine from its facets and how light travels through the stone. With flat, polished surfaces from within the gem, facets work as tiny mirrors, cut and arranged to maximise the diamond’s ability to draw in and reflect the light. This makes the gem more brilliant and sparkly than any other cuts and shapes. 

Welcome to the Cushion Brilliant Cut.

Love is a fine cushion to rest upon

Ivanka rocks them. Eva Longoria flashes them. Nick Minaj wears them on her birthday. Cushion Cut gemstones are the classic favourite that never goes out of style.

Synonymous with royalty, the Cushion Cut combines a square or rectangle cut with rounded corners – just as a pillow. This has been a classic cut for the last two hundred years and one of the most popular engagement diamond shapes today.

Brilliance takes time

Designed for maximum sparkle and a style victory, Cushion Mix Statement Studs can be worn solo or clipped to MYJS Mix Charms.

The Cushion Cut dates back to the earliest diamond cuts, through the modern-day cushion was inspired by the Old Mine Cut of the 1700s. During the 18th century, Brazil was the world’s diamond mining capital to maximise the carats from the rougher Brazilian diamonds that took less time to execute the cut. The Hope Diamond stands out as the most valuable cushion cut diamond of all time.

Simplicity is the key to brilliance

Bruce Lee
MYJS Cushion Carrier Necklaces are designed as mini versatile jewellery sets to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms – or wear solo for minimal brilliance

While the Cushion is similar to the Round Brilliant and Princess, the Cushion Cut presents a high level of brilliance and fire for a vintage look and feel that combines classic fashion with modern flair.

As a cheaper cut than the Round, Cushion still looks elegant and understated all at once while retaining a high level of shine. The design of the artful facets allows more light to flow through the gem.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, zircon and man-made crystals feature Cushion Cut for all the style and dazzle. With the popularity of Round and Princess Cuts, the Cushion offers a more unique choice for flashing your gemstones where it’s all about a soft look with a lot of sparkle.

What is soft is strong

The Round Brilliant Cut


Blaze a path of your own brilliance and illuminate the world

The cut of a diamond or gem’s shape ultimately determines their ability to sparkle. A gem will possess a  flawless, crisp shine by the number of facets and how light travels through the stone. With flat, polished surfaces from within the gem, facets work as tiny mirrors, cut and arranged to maximise the diamond’s ability to draw in and reflect the light. This makes the gem more brilliant and sparkly than any other cuts and shapes.  

Welcome to Round Brilliance with the Round Brilliant Cut.

Your power and brilliance is the most awesome force life could muster

Miranda Kerr loves it. Olivia Wilde said yes to it, and Emily Blunt flaunts it: As the hallmark of classic gemstones, the Round Brilliant Cut is all about sparkle and fire.

The Round Brilliant Cut stands out as one of the most popular shapes for its intense sparkle. Round brilliant diamonds and gemstones are cut for exceptional shine, featuring facets to reflect light and cast tiny rainbows for a stunning show of sparkle and contrast. Round with a cone bottom, the Round Brilliant allows for maximum light to travel through the top of the gem.

Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, zircons and man-made crystals feature Round Brilliant Cuts for all the dazzle.

Brilliance takes time

Create instant iconic charm with MYJS Round Mix Charms designed to capture maximum sparkle. Personalise your looks by pairing to your favourite MYJS Hoops & Huggies for a style victory.

The Round Brilliant Cut was first introduced to the jewellery world in the mid 1600s. with Venetian gem-cutter and polisher Vicente Peruzzi finding and adding more facets by the late 1600s. In the early 1920s, the modern brilliant cut evolved from Marcel Tolkowsky’s calculations. These continue to serve as the guide for today’s round brilliant cut gems.

Simplicity is the key to brilliance

Bruce Lee
MYJS Signature Studs are built on the Rounded Brilliant Cut: add a splash of instant zhush, perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear with all the sparkle and none of the weight.

Today, the Round Brilliant Cut stands out as one of the most popular shapes for its intense sparkle.

Round Brilliance is both popular and classic, complementing many styles of vintage to modern pieces. We love them for their brilliance – and their simplicity.

Always dazzle them with brilliance

Huggie Earrings And How To Wear Them


Hoop earrings on? She means business

The latest must-have on-trend fashion accessory for single or multiple piercings, Huggie Earrings are the perfect go-to for every occasion, season or reason.

The perfect blend of studs and hoops, Huggies bring a unique style to your earring game. From simple and minimal styles to bold, bright pieces or adding charms, look chic, casual or cute with your favourite pair. But what exactly are Huggies and how do you wear them?

Wear a fabulous smile and great jewellery, and know that you are totally in control

Donatella Versace
MYJS Hoop Carrier Earrings are meticulously handmade hinged hoops in Sterling Silver and available in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold plating – ideal for fashionable everyday wear. Wear as is, or glam up with MYJS Mix Charms for added sparkle.

Huggie earrings are small hoop earrings designed to hug the earlobe. Chunkier than conventional hoops, huggies still offer a statement hoop look to compliment a look rather than stand out as the focal piece of the outfit. Intricately designed and featuring semi precious stones, gems, pendants and cutouts, the lobe-hugging mini hoops are perfect for wearing solo or stacked along the ear in second or third piercings with solid metals or dotted in pavé. 

Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique

Elizabeth Taylor
The perfect combination of style and class with uber stylish MYJS Huggie moments. Featuring ethically sourced non-mined Swarovski crystals, wear as is or pair to MYJS Mix Earring Charms for your very own unique statement look.

Huggies are incredibly versatile. We appreciate sparkling our way through the day with fabulous glittery statement clusters dangling from our ears. But just like our ever changing moods, there are outfits we want to pare back from making an overthetop glittery statement without skimping on the sparkle: the mini hoop earrings with charms are the answer.

Huggies also offer the perfect home to sweet dangling charms, pearls and sparkly baubles. The addition of charms offer a playfulness on personality.

Adorn your ears with a selection of pea-size pearls or stunning crystals for a modern yet understated feel that adds fun to the everyday. They’re great companions for Zoom meetings, transforming basic sweaters and tees into elevated on screen looks.

Whether at the office or at lunch with the girls, Huggies strike the perfect balance of being small enough to wear comfortably all day, but big enough to get noticed. Rock the perfect piece for everyday wear.

Another day, another chance to sparkle

MYJS Guide To Daytime Sparkly Earrings


Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

Traditionally, bold sparkly earrings are meant for after hours only. But breaking the rules is fun – and leads to unique, fabulous looks. Bringing out the flashy ear twinkles from 9 to 5 is the new modern and absolutely appropriate. Shine all hours, with the MYJS Guide To Daytime Sparkly Earrings.

The MYJS Mantra To Wear Sparkly Earrings By

💖 Make every moment an occasion

💖 Keep it glamour to go

💖 Always steal the spotlight

Statement jewellery is bold and unique – and designed for commanding attention. Wearing statement jewellery is all about standing out. Slipping on some sparkles is a demonstration of adventure, courage and fearlessness – the very qualities we need every hour of the day and not just for after 5pm.

And the easiest way to flaunt the rules with maximum impact is by popping on a pair of sparkly ear jewels. We buy our beautiful sparkly earrings for a reason – to shine. We deserve to get the most out of our bold, unique and unapologetically dramatic pieces.

Rise and sparkle

From the office to casual lunches, shopping or cavorting in the park, adding a pair of sparkly earrings takes our tailored shirt and suit, tee and jeans or wrap-around dress to the next level of fierce. With sparkly earrings, we can dare to be big and bold.

Forget the rules. Be it for during the day or After 5, sparkle statement earrings are an expression of attitude – because a fabulous attitude is everything.

If you are going to throw the rules out of the office window, it’s about balance: match the right daytime look with your sparkles – and build around them.

If you want to shine, you must burn first

MYJS Statement Drop and Statement Carrier Earrings are designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms for an endless variety of stunning statement earring combinations and unapologetic sparkle.

Sparkle and shimmer are always breathtaking. Bold jewels look especially fresh with the simplest of wardrobe staples. Designed to pack a punch, they can be elegant, a little wild and complicated. When adding a bracelet, necklace and rings, either go all out fabulous big and sparkly or balance the glitz with subtle, delicate and minimal.

Sparkly earrings are designed to draw attention to your face and add personality to your outfit – from a plain sweater to a business suit. Dare to add an element of the unexpected and level up casual monochrome, all black or denim. To make sure they’re show stoppers, wear with a low, messy bun, a high ponytail or a low up-do.

Designed for a subtle shine to accentuate our natural features, MYJS Bella O’s are sparkly drop earrings reminiscent of a shining bead of morning dew in the sunrise.

Drop earrings add a flattering radiance to your eyes and never look out of line during daylight. As a subtle powerful statement of dynamic force, bring a drop of sparkle to the everyday, whether business, casual, boho, smart, dressy – whatever. Just choose what makes you feel fearless. 

Nothing can dim the light which shines from within

MYJS Statement Drop Earrings take it straight to Diva.

Fabulous sparkly earrings always bring the wow factor and drama to your look. Fashion-forward and shoulder-grazing statement earrings can be counted on to bring the drama, accenting the facial features, drawing attention straight to the face – they scream “diva” as you enter the room.

MYJS Statement Carrier Earrings shine bright and sparkly for a variety of show stopping cluster earrings.

Sparkly statement earrings add to a powerful business woman look with a bit more drama for polish.

Cluster earrings especially pop against the conventional dark business look. Want it all? Cluster earrings work beautifully with bright colours. From brilliant reds, yellows and neons, go all the way to over-the-top-fabulousness with cluster earrings bringing a glammy balance to the look.

Sparkly earrings were never designed to follow the rules. They’re all about boldly expressing your personality, creating a focal point for your outfit while injecting a thrill into your look.

Don’t settle for mediocrity: embrace the power of sparkle and illuminate your shine to the universe.

She sparkles, because she believes

MYJS Mother’s Day Jewellery Gift Guide


Forever Mother’s Day gifts to celebrate Mum

Perfect presents for Mum

From statement-making designs to one-of-a-kind memorable necklaces, stunning bracelets and earrings and lustrous pearls, we have luxurious gifts for mum to make her Mother’s Day.

Discover brilliant ways to celebrate every mum today and every day.

Explore gift ideas for mum with these picks to make You the favourite.

Mothers make life beautiful

Because she’s one of a kind

Love the chic curves of MYJS Personalised Trinity Interlocking Family Circles symbolising eternal and endless love.

There is only one mum.

Capture mum’s moments forever through the unique power of personalised pieces as a reminder of precious moments, people, symbols, dates and words.

Celebrate those unique bonds, forged through love and special moments. The MYJS Personalised Collection will bring mum’s unique story to life – meticulously hand carved, 100% nickel free and hypoallergenic.

MYJS Personalised Collection

We are all unique. And our relationship with mum is just the same – all the love, years, tears, fun and laughter rolled into one incredible relationship that sees us through fights, tears, laughter, great meals and wine.

It is the moments that matter, the ones we want to last forever: special words, dates, times and signs that we know, at a glance, shows we are so much wonderful.

Capture those moments with the MYJS Personalised Collection for unique designer jewellery.

Symbolic to the circle of life, there is nothing more sacred than the unity of the MYJS Personalised Holepunched Eternal Circle Necklace: timeless design, eternal perfection.

Personalised For Her Collection

The MYJS Personalised For Her Collection has been curated especially for She who must be obeyed.

Personalised with names, special dates or meaningful sentiments, these keepsakes are unique style emblems, easily segueing from the everyday to special occasions.

A reinvented all-time favourite design, the pint-sized trio of the MYJS Personalised Mini Interlocking Triple Family Circles adds a uniquely modern touch to every look

Personalised Family Collection

Forever chic and sleek, the MYJS Personalised Family Collection is designed to celebrate bonds forged in family as a truly special keepsake to keep those you love close.

The Mother’s heart, the hero’s will

Swami Vivekanada

Because she’s all heart

The iconic heart shaped symbols of MYJS Personalised Mini Interlocking Hearts are a reinvented classic designed for timeless luxury.

MYJS Personalised Heart Collection

Our iconic heart jewellery is a great place to start for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Celebrate her generosity with our signature heart-shaped designs.

From the MYJS Personalised Heart Collection of interlocking mini hearts to holepunched or enamel heart tags, classic double-sided heart necklaces, and more – all the rings, earrings and pendants – mum will always keep you close. 

At least your mum thinks it’s pretty

Because she’s thoughtful

The MYJS Purple Provence Mix Collection has a calming restorative impact with the flush of luxury. Pop with regality to show exactly who is Queen.

MYJS Iconic Collections

She’s always thinking of you, so return the favour – with stunning statement jewellery.

Explore MYJS Iconic Collections – designed to stop traffic and turn heads with all the sparkle.

From our specially curated dazzling designs of smooth-wearing MYJS Tennis Bracelets to the dainty MYJS Angelic Collection or our iconic MYJS Wine Charms, mum will think of you every time she pops on her sparkles.

Because she’s a great listener

Shop MYJS Earrings from MYJS Signature Studs to MYJS Bella Earrings and bring her joy this Mother’s Day and every day after. Give Mum all the more reason to show off her ears and enjoy listening to your fears.

MYJS Bella Earrings

MYJS Bella Earrings are designed to bring a luxury product to the everyday woman. Each crystal is meticulously handset by our MYJS craftspeople and finished in quality metals.

The MYJS Bella Collection is the unicorn of the designer jewellery world featuring stunning ethical non-mined Swarovski® or Austrian crystals designed in a setting for sparkle and shine with each movement. From 4 carats to 10, it’s all about finding the sparkle in the everyday – and mum always deserves to shine.

MYJS Bella O Earrings are a drop of sparkle for the fabulous everyday woman.

MYJS Bella O Drop Earrings

Our MYJS Bella Os are designed for a more subtle shine to accentuate our natural features.

Mum will love these sparkly drop earrings reminiscent of a shining bead of morning dew in the sunrise.

MYJS Signature Studs

As the LBD of your jewellery box, MYJS Signature Studs add glamour to your outfit without breaking your look or being too subtle.

Just like mum, studs are the unsung heroes of luxury.

MYJS Signature Studs add a splash of instant zhush, perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear with all the sparkle and none of the weight

Mum is more likely to show she’s listening with these lovelies in her ears.

Because she can do everything

MYJS Mix Collection

The MYJS Mix Collection ups your earring game with simple bling elegance for your very own unique statement look.

As versatile interchanging mini jewellery sets, contrast sparkly gemstones with hoops or drop earrings for a striking take on statement-making designs with the MYJS Mix Collection.

Mum can easily mix + match MYJS Mix Charms to Hoop Carrier Earrings, Drop Carrier Earrings and Statement Carrier Earrings for all the dazzle to suit her wardrobe, mood and occasion.

Because she’s a true classic

Mum wants it easy, timeless and classic. We’ve got you with these iconic pieces.

MYJS Pearl Collection

The MYJS Pearl Collection presents ethically-sustainable organic and freshwater pearls: it’s time to flash those pearly whites.

The enduring gemstones of pearls is nothing less than what mum deserves.

With whimsical shapes, a warm lustre and unique charm, mum will feel chic and fresh with the MYJS Pearl Collection. From freshwater pearl to Swarovski pearl crystal rings, earring jackets, studs, earrings, mix charms, bracelets, pendants and necklaces, it’s pearls for mum.

I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me

Because she always makes time for you

From cuffs to tennis bracelets, bangles – open and closed – with gemstones and polished metals, the MYJS Bracelet Collection is sleek perfection.

Thank mum for her never-ending support with a luxurious bracelet from our MYJS Bracelet Collection.

Bracelets reflect confidence and always make a statement – even if it’s a subtle one. And mums are always up for subtle statements.

Because she knows no limits

MYJS Mix Charms pair to Mix Carrier Necklaces for all the versatility.

MYJS Statement Mix Collection

Celebrate the brave, fierce women and their never-say-no rule-breaking attitudes with pieces designed to stand out.

As versatile mini jewellery sets interchangeable to suit every mood and occasion, mum can easily mix + match MYJS Mix Charms with MYJS Mix Statement Carrier Earrings, Drop Carrier Earrings and Mix Carrier Necklaces for instant glamour.

Thanks for everything mum. You taught me fear is not an option

MYJS Galentine’s Day Jewellery Gift Guide


Cute Galentine’s Day Gifts to celebrate gal pal togetherness and lady love

Single? Taken? Who cares! Our BFFs deserve to be spoiled.

Love or hate St Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day February 13 will always be the best.

Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating your lady friends, as a day dedicated to covering your amazing, wonderful, incredible gal pals in cards, gifts and attention. Celebrate love and friendship with the MYJS Galentine’s Day Jewellery Gift Guide.

Friends are stars that make your life sparkle

Because our happiness, worth and self-confidence does not depend on our relationship status.

It is the people we love and care about who have the power to make us sparkle. You are a diamond darling, and your friends are facets of that brilliant shine.

It’s your choice – the choice to not let your life be defined and to live your life every day happily, with your own ever-after.

Make saying “I love you” to yourself and your friends easy. Or forget about love – and just say “I’m awesome” instead.

Celebrate awesome – for Galentine’s Day, every day. Celebrate with heartfelt, thoughtful, ethical designer jewellery gifts – that don’t break the bank. Jewellery to treat your friends. Jewellery to shine.

Bring on the rosé, heartfelt girl power, badass, bossb’tch conversation and hearts. All the warm feelings and sparkles.

MYJS Personalised Collection

We are all unique in our special, crazy wonderful ways. And our friendships are just the same – all the love, years, tears, fun and laughter rolled into one incredible relationship that sees us through bad fashion, suntans, boyfriends and flat champagne.

The Interlocked Double Circles Necklace keeps your loved ones close.

But it is the moments that matter, the ones we want to last forever: special words, dates, times and signs that we know, at a glance, we are so much awesome.

Capture those moments with the MYJS Personalised Collection for unique designer jewellery >here.

Stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine

Mix Collection

Mix and match is the rule of life with our versatile designer range for the modern woman seeking everyday fabulous style. 

The Pastel Pink Mix Collection embodies sensitivity, femininity and sweetness.

Match earrings charms with hoop carrier earrings or drop carrier earrings for reinventive personal style.

With over 50 charm designs to build versatile mini-jewellery sets, the possibilities as the perfect gift is endless. Explore the MYJS Mix Collection >here.

Beauty is always in the mix

MYJS Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelet elegance

A game-set-match in any jewellery line up, versatile and stylish tennis bracelets steps up every outfit. Sparkly and minimal featuring an endless circle with symmetrical settings of sparkly stones, MYJS Tennis Bracelets are designed for seamless smooth wearing. Explore MYJS Tennis Bracelet >here.

A woman can be over dressed, but never over elegant

Coco Chanel

MYJS Bella Earrings

You are a diamond darling, and your friends, facets of that brilliant shine. Be the sparkle with the MYJS Signature Bella Collection.

MYJS Bella Earrings capture the fierce light of every brave woman from within to shine, shine shine.

Featuring the finest Swarovski and Austrian Crystals, MYJS Bella Earrings present over 40 colour combinations. For the Bella Woman, life is about being authentic and following her heart, for the Bella Woman always shines. Explore the MYJS Bella Collection >here.

Pssst 2 for the price of 1 means double the sparkle (one for you, one for me).

She remembered who she was and the game changed

Lalah Deliah

MYJS Wine Charms

Live in Australia? You’re lucky, with access to the best charms of all: Bling for you! Bling for your wine! Add a touch of class to your and your girls’ wine and cocktail glasses with MYJS Wine Charms. Mark your glass with our stylish sparkly accessories, customising your glass to you.

Designed for wine, martini and margarita glass stems, MYJS Wine Charms store easily on the fridge. 

Perfect for zoom happy hours, entertaining, gifting, outdoor and office parties, weddings, celebrations, hostess gifts and backyard BBQs. 

Click to MYJS Wine Charm to your stem for happy hour happiness right >here.

Pssst coming international soon!


Love and laughter and lots of wine. Happy Galentine’s Day 💋