Reasons To Wear Pearls

You’re a Pearl dear, the daughter of the moon, and the goddess of love from the sea

Pearls are a tour de force because of their understated elegance and simplicity. Whether baroque or freshwater, the classic pearl never goes wrong. Symmetry will always be in fashion – which means pearls will always be in style. Trends may fluctuate, but pearls and their appeal will always stay in vogue.

In their unadorned simplicity, the everlasting elegance of pearls have all the versatility for ultimate cool-girl or tried-and-true classic. We delve into all the Reasons To Wear Pearls.

Clutch your pearls

We are always in a pearl renaissance. From Harry Styles to Zendaya, Rhianna and Beyonce, they are proving pearls are the modern statement piece.

Prized for centuries, the lustrous, organic gemstone has a unique beauty and elegance unmatched by any other gem. But beyond their aesthetic appeal, there are several practical reasons why we need pearls in our lives. Whether you wear them for their beauty, their symbolism or their practicality, pearls are a gemstone that will always be in vogue.

Who rules the world? Girls with pearls

Pearls are versatile

Welcome to pearl paradise: MYJS Mix HuggiesTriple Drop Freshwater Pearl Mix Charms and the Organic Freshwater Pearl Bar Necklace are opulent and eclectic.

Pearls don’t scream – they glow. This makes any pearl piece a blank canvas for classic or cutting edge, only accentuated by personal style. This means they can feature beautifully in many different jewellery designs, from classic pearl necklaces to modern, edgy pieces. They can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for any occasion.

💖 Perfect wearing for the bride, bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride for the big day, pearls add that ideal romantic look to the wedding ensemble
💖 Go glam for an understated statement piece with a cocktail dress or formal dress, with pearl sets being especially glamourous.
💖 For all the drama, layer strands or double over a strand for a striking effect.
💖 Take the staple of tshirt and jeans, workwear blazers or a neutral block look such as black to the next level with a singular pearl stone pendant and/or classic pearl studs.

Pearls endure because of their versatility. Their size and lustre might be different, but the message is always the same: simple, elegant and beautiful.

Why wear one string when you can wear two?

– Coco Chanel

Pearls have historical and cultural significance

As a bold circle pendant, the spotlight sparkles on the natural iridescence of the MYJS Halo Freshwater Pearl Set. Set in a modern design with high shine and elegant lustre, these pieces bring a chic freshness and modern feel to a classic gemstone.

Pearls play an important role in human history and culture – and have done so for thousands of years. From ancient Greece to modern-day Japan, pearls have been associated with wealth, status and beauty. They have been used as currency, religious symbols and for gifts to mark significant events.

Pearls have been a part of human culture for so long they have become deeply ingrained as to almost be passé – but pearls go on and on . . . on everything.

With their fierce history as a status symbol, the classic and feminine pearl will always deliver for modern takes and traditional styles.

The moon in her chariot of pearl

Pearls are environmentally friendly

Welcome to pearl paradise: Echo the bold and the lavish with MYJS Pearl Bracelets. These timeless pearl wrist twinkles are simple and sophisticated.

Unlike the gemstones mined from the earth, pearls are naturally created by living organisms or perfectly synthesised in labs. Their production has minimal impact on the environment where pearl farming or lab pearls are sustainable and environmentally friendly, while supporting local economies and preserving our natural habitat.

No grit, no pearl

The power of pearls

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In traditional Chinese medicine, wearing pearls has all the health benefits of bringing calm to the mind, boosting memory, and promoting a sense of tranquillity.

With that timeless, classic look, pearls certainly know how to exude purity and innocence. Fiercely feminine, pearls portray forceful leadership qualities – because these power pearls are in total control.

Pearls of fabulous