MYJS Style Guide To Gold Jewellery


But gold shines like fire blazing in the night, supreme of lordly wealth

– Pindar, Olympian Odes, c518-438 BC

Gold has illustrious qualities. Pure and durable, gold can be beaten, hammered and spun. Its brilliance survives time, burial and time. Gold has played an important role in history and stories, where the Tree of Life was said to have roots of gold, and referenced across literature from Greek mythology with King Midas to the Lord of the Rings. The precious metal is essential to identity, status and power, defining social position, wealth and grandeur and synonymous with jewellery. Welcome to the MYJS Style Guide To Gold Jewellery.

Stay golden

The meaning and history of gold

Since Pharoahs walked the earth, we have been irresistibly drawn to the glitter of gold. Its enduring allure has seen us use it as currency, gifting it and adorning ourselves and our surroundings in it. The warm sun-drenched coloured metal is beautiful to behold, representing wealth, generosity, and compassion, while being synonymous with divinity, wisdom and power.

On a spiritual level, gold stands as the master healer, acting as the conduit to the source of all being.

Gold has featured prominently in our stories, where the Tree of Life was said to have roots of gold, and referenced across ancient literature in Greek mythology with King Midas to the Lord of the Rings’ Precious.

The MYJS Personalised Family Engraved Ring plated in gold is a unique and timeless keepsake.

Treasured for centuries, gold remains the popular setting for contemporary jewellery. With its lustrous yellow colour, gold is highly valued for many reasons, including its rarity and durability. Its rareness has been imbued with temptation. Ancient tombs from Egypt’s Tutankhamun and Cleopatra to Greek temples and Roman Emperors have unearthed beautiful golden pieces.

Since 6,000 BC, goldsmithing has been prized in ancient cultures, from Mesopotamia to China, Egypt, India, Greece and Rome. Techniques of chasing, granulation, filigree and repoussé have influenced jewellery design with necklaces, pendant, earrings, bracelets and rings, presenting a variety of shapes, colours and carats. In its purist form, gold is very soft at 24 carats. This malleability means it can be easily shaped and moulded for versatile intricate designs and shapes.

Gold can also be mixed with copper or silver for a more durable alloy at 18K, 14K and 9K making it ideal for everyday wear.

And most importantly, gold is hypoallergenic, meaning it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

Stay bold, stay gold

How to wear gold jewellery

Gold endures because of its timeless allure. Gold can dress a look up or down, taking a casual look to smart and a formal look to stunning. Gold’s value and durability also allows pieces to be passed down generations as meaningful sentimental heirlooms.

In fashion and jewellery, gold’s warm lustre complements every skin tone, illuminating natural tones, especially darker hair and warmer skin tones.

Gold shines with simple, neutral looks, particularly black, white and red, as well as green, yellow and blue. Busy patterns don’t work as well, because gold loves to shine – though this doesn’t mean we can’t experiment to make it work.

Like gold, she is radiant and pure

Gold and sparkles

The warmth of yellow gold with MYJS Clear Crystal Mix Charms makes for a stunning combination.

Yellow gold loves sparkly gemstones and suits every gemstone.

Diamonds and clear crystal are a stylish go-to for staple jewellery designs.

Deep blue such as sapphire, aquamarine or blue topaz are a sophisticated and luxurious mix.

Bright pinks such as rose crystals give a bold feminine twist to classic jewellery designs adding a touch of vintage style.

Royal purple hues such as amethyst are opulent and plush while the dark charcoal of black crystal or black pearls make a minimalist modern statement.

The bright colours of white pearls, yellow topaz, orange hyacinth or greens of emerald and peridot are a gorgeous nature-inspired palette perfect for the earth goddess, uniting modern style with a boho feel.

Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold

– Proverbs 11:27

Gold tips

The MYJS 8.5 carat Bella Golden Shadow Crystal Earrings plated in gold were born to shine with simple flair and timeless elegance.

Let each piece shine
Gold is beautiful – and deserves its place under the spotlight or in the sun. So keep it simple, because less is more. Leave your look uncluttered to allow your gold pieces to stand out.

If opting for more than one piece, avoid the busy background of patterns to take the focus off our pieces. Let gold stun, opting for subtle rather than over-the-top.

Make a statement
Make an impact with a statement piece and build the entire look around this. Bold gold loves attention, so standout with elaborate pieces or a delicate stack

You are gold baby – solid gold

MYJS Trinity Necklace and Bracelets are a tribute to mixed metals, uniting gold, rose gold and silver for an always on-trend and stylish feel.

Mix those metals
Mixed metals will always trend, so mixing your gold with silver, rose gold or platinum is always in-fashun and far from being a fashion faux-pas. Just keep it balanced or layer up for a casual contrasting look.

Wear what you love
But it comes down to not sticking to the rules: wear what you love and don’t be afraid to experiment. Gold is classic, transcending trends and styles. Go for different lengths and don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes and textures for dazzling combinations, bold statements or a layered stack. Fashion and jewellery is all about attitude, so embrace who you are and rock what makes you feel great.

Have a heart of gold