Life-Giving Warmth Of Luminous Topaz Jewellery Fashion


Whenever you touch topaz, it really touches you. It awakens a gentle fire, like wine awakens in grapes. 

As the imperial stone of gems, Topaz is a chameleon with the power to turn negative energy around for positive power. The talisman for abundance, joy, love, healing and communication, the luminous energy of golden-yellow topaz celebrates the birth month of November and the 23rd wedding anniversary.

A silicate metal of fluorine and aluminium, Topaz crystallises within lava flow or rocks, it’s inner glow and fire a stunning luminous and durable stone – coming just behind diamond on the hardness scale.

In its purist form, topaz is colourless with its unique colours the result of impurities in the crystal structure transforming it to yellow, gold, brown, blue, light blue, green, red, violet or pink.

While the pale blue is an alternative topaz colour, yellow, gold, orange and brownish colours are more familiar. Russians outlawed wearing the stone outside of the royal family, where the warmer yellowish hues became known as the Imperial Topaz.

Explore the radiant world of this warm-honey gem with the Life-Giving Warmth Of Luminous Topaz Jewellery Fashion.

Her soul was topaz – you could see it in her eyes

The history of topaz

First used in Sanskrit as ‘topas’ or ‘tapaz’ for fire and derived from Egyptian island ‘Topazios’ – now St Johns Island or Zabargad Island near the Red Sea – topaz traditionally referred to any yellow gemstones.

In Ancient Egypt, topaz was believed to capture the glow of Sun-God and giver of life Ra, protecting the wearer from injuries while endowing them with great strength. Its golden hues were also linked with the Sun-God Apollo.

The gem of sunshine and happiness, the radiant crystal of Topaz Crystal Bella Earrings represents calming influence for inner peace.

In India, the word ‘topaz’ stood for heat, and Hindus believed it a scared stone for its protective, live-giving abilities. In Africa, healing rituals with topaz established communion with the spirit.

Topaz is mentioned in the bible with high-priest Aaron, as well as Revelations as one of the stones of the apocalypse. Ancient Romans credited topaz with preventing sickness, dispelling bad omens, healing poor vision and calming anger, promoting topaz as the symbol for uprightness and virtue.

Initially sourced from Zabargad during ancient times, it is now believed the yellow stones of this island was actually the lemon gemstone Citrine. The first genuine topaz was found in Germany in 1737. Worn by royalty and clergy during the middle ages through to the 1800s, topaz became more affordable and available once large deposits were discovered. During the 1800s, the Ural Mountains of Russia and Brazil became the first large sources of topaz. Today, South America remains the largest producer of topaz, where it is also mined in Australia, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Norway, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Japan, Nigeria and the US.

Life. Beauty not included. You must create your own

– Topaz

The psychology of topaz

Statement Topaz Bella Earrings adds all the zhush to up your earring game. As liquid sunshine, these stones are always stunning.

Enduring the mythology of magical and healing powers, topaz has always been a powerful gemstone, boosting the virtues of leadership and love. As the gem for the third eye, topaz represents intuition and love, directly influencing our heart, eyes and insight for inner peace. The lively fire, clarity, colours and hardness of topaz recognises truth and wisdom to transform negative energy into positive, boosting happy and invigorating vibrations for an abundance of vitality and healing power.

The stone for love, truth and good fortune, wearing topaz boosts confidence to achieve goals and dispel cowardice while attracting fidelity and friendship. Renowned for its healing properties, topaz cures the heated blood of fevers and regulates the heart, stemming bleeding to ease inflammations, discomfort and pain for good digestion while promoting glandular health. As the gem for the heart, topaz releases anger and surrenders to forgiveness, bringing balance to turbulent emotions and cooling our blood from rage and anger to calm and peace. This is the gemstone for treating depression and alleviating fears to heal shock and trauma while bringing balance to our emotions. Topaz facilitates happy living, boosting our emotional nourishment for inner fulfilment, and higher productivity for inner peace.

As the gem for insight and protection, topaz enhances our eyesight, curing weak vision while protecting against the evil eye. Boosting our mental powers by calming tempers, topaz sharpens our wit while boosting honesty, self-control and self-realisation. This makes topaz ideal for aiding in good communications, its restorative powers boosting our confidence for problem-solving situations while expressing our thoughts and emotions.

The stone for inner peace, topaz aids with meditation and sleep, working against insomnia and nightmares while protecting against heart disease.

Its inner fire protecting against fire and accidents, Topaz counteracts greed, envy, intrigue, disease, injury and negative magic for calm, joy, generosity wisdom and good health as the ideal gemstone protecting travellers and inspiring creativity

Topaz and fashion

As the colour symbolising freedom, joy, happiness and hope, warm honey-gold topaz brings sunshine to our wardrobe. In Asian cultures, yellow represents luxury, nobility, bravery and wealth. The imperial colour for China, warm yellow was associated with the earth element, standing for power, loyalty and prosperity.

Yellow loves medium to olive skin tones but regardless of your skin colour, always expect to stand out traffic: topaz is massively energetic and fun, bringing out your bright, dynamic self.

Representative to summer, yellow topaz works best as a punctuation or exclamation to your look.

While it is synonymous to cowardice, it still takes guts to wear warm honey yellow, so wear sparingly rather than as an everyday canvas.

Yellow is particularly perfect as an accent to spice up your outfit, instantly bringing eye-catching warmth to a black outfit or minimal white, beige, tan, grey or denim look.

Immerse yourself in a life that moves you

Topaz fashion jewellery

While topaz was hugely popular with royalty, the rise of diamonds in the 1950s took away attention from this warm honey gem with stars like Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo keeping the love for the stone alive. Lady Gaga’s recent foray into the yellow stone has revived interest in the rare hue – particularly as we enter the age of fully embracing our uniqueness

Its many different combinations make topaz an easy match for our wardrobe. Topaz is striking against dark hair and skin tones. Wear with warm colours such as red, brown, tan or purple for a rich, seasonal look. Boost green, dark blue or black with topaz pieces for immediate sparkle.

If wearing a topaz ring, go for maximum bling. As the ultimate symbol for affluence and a ring fit for a queen, topaz looks best on the index fingers for a lux-casual look.

November’s Birthstone: Topaz

Bling for you! Bling for your wine! Add a touch of fabulousness to your and your girls’ wine and cocktail glasses with MYJS Topaz Wine Charms. Mark your glass with this stylish sparkly accessory, customising your glass to you.

Light up November with Topaz, the stone for the third-eye to boost love, happiness and wisdom for truth and inner peace. Renown for its calming, creativity and healing energies, illuminate the universe to bring peace and health to the mind, body and soul. Bask in your creative power and wit for dynamic energies aiding in problem solving and inspiring love and friendship. Born from the earth’s volcanic heat, topaz’ inner fire attracts abundance and good luck, transforming negative energies into positive ones. You hold the fire of topaz dear, so embrace the heat and shine.

Topaz is beautiful – largely because of the strangeness of her face

– Dodie Smith