How To Build Your Capsule Jewellery Collection


Jewellery becomes interesting when it becomes timeless

Much like the capsule wardrobe, a jewellery capsule is a curated collection of wearable, versatile, individual pieces you love: your essentials and go-to pieces. The capsule jewellery wardrobe has to be the epitome of luxury: as a limited selection of interchangeable classic pieces that complement each other, your jewellery box will never go out of style while allowing for different looks. Cultivating a timeless, fabulous everyday look doesn’t mean boring either: Follow our lead How To Build Your Capsule Jewellery Collection.


Inspired by the fierce glamour of halo jewellery’s bygone eras, the MYJS Angelic Collection presents timeless and unapologetically sparkly designs.

Your jewellery capsule nails the basics from a statement pair of earrings, necklace, ring and bracelet and built from there. They need to be pieces easily worn together or by themselves and depending on how you’re feeling. Take risks with your jewellery and go for a piece when it speaks to you.

Your jewellery capsule makes life easier, so don’t feel like your jewellery box needs to be immediately built. Finding your personal style is its own process and your capsule will look different from everyone else’s.

Never forget what becomes truly timeless was once new

– Vogue

Capsule jewellery tips


Designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms, Mix Hoops, Mix Statement Drop and Mix Stud Cluster earrings, the MYJS Mix Collection is the ultimate mini versatile jewellery designed to bring pop to the everyday.

Mix and match
The key to any jewellery capsule is knowing how to style your pieces separately and together. Start with your vibe: are you a casual tshirt and jeans, or a dressy type? You can always combine or add more accessories once your collection is underway, but understanding who you are and what you like to wear is the foundation to the perfect capsule.

Learn to stack
While you can really stack any type of jewellery, bracelets, and necklaces are usually the easiest pieces to double down on.

A bracelet stack is an easy way to add something unique. Mixing metals, textures, colours or designs can adds the next level to a classic staple such as a gold chain.

Necklaces work with multiple lengths, so some strategy is involved when building your capsule out. Start with a small link, add a thicker gauge chain – perhaps with a pendant and then graduate to a longer one. Stack different lengths so each necklace is in full view and adds something to your look.

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever

– Walt Disney



MYJS Hoop Carrier Earrings and MYJS Mix Charms are progressive and interchangeable jewellery pieces to brighten up your look.

As the staple to every outfit, earrings are the exclamation to your personality and vibe – so pick the pieces that will work hard for you, day in, day out.

💖 Studs Earrings are simple and easy to style.
💖 Hoops look just as good with a tshirt during the day as they do with a dress at night.
💖 Huggies or an Ear Cuff add a touch of boss babe to your look whether in the office or on a date.
💖 Statement Earrings are designed to draw attention attracting the light to your face as the focal point to your look

A woman with class is timeless


When it comes to capsule necklaces, you need versatility.

💖 Pick a piece in your signature colour or your favourite metal. Mixed metals are always fun with a touch of edge.

💖 Find different lengths and link styles that work for you.

💖 A personalised pendant or statement necklace piece serves as the finishing touch for a gala-type event or the cool factor to amplify a vintage tee. An initial or name necklace, ID plates and interlocking pendants featuring names, initials, dates or special word immediately stamps individuality to your jewellery capsule while retaining meaningful power.

💖 When in doubt, go for the classic tennis necklace. With the right amount of sparkle to look good solo, the tennis necklace is the perfect zhush to every outfit.

All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that’s given to us

– JRR Tolkein



The sculptured design of MYJS Bracelets powers you with forceful energy for a fresh modern look.

Bracelets are the ultimate arm candy from dainty chains to a bold gold cuff as the perfect go-tos.

💖 Statement earrings can pair well to a large cuff as both pieces are bold enough to wear on their own or together.

💖 When building a stack, start with a solid base such as a bangle or cuff, then add as you go.

💖 With its versatility and luxury, the classic tennis bracelet has just the right amount of sparkle. It looks great on its own or in its set with the Tennis Necklace, adding instant lift to a tee or an LBD.

💖 If bracelets or a stack of bangles don’t work for your lifestyle, a cool timepiece or vintage watch is a functional and fashionable alternative.

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind

– Nathaniel Hawthorne



Go for gems for days with the Octagon Band Crystal Ring for the ultimate sparkly statement.

Earrings and rings are jewellery essentials because they can completely change you and work on everyone. Rings bring emotion and meaning into your jewellery collection so make sure they showcase your personal story and vibe.

💖 Apart from wearing the right size ring (so you don’t lose it), there are no rules for buying rings for your capsule collection. You just need to imagine wearing it regularly – or every day.

💖 Stacking rings add versatility to your jewellery and outfit. A statement cocktail ring is a large and bold choice, adding a powerful vibe to your look.

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind

– Nathaniel Hawthorne



MYJS Trinity Necklace and Bracelets are a tribute to mixed metals, uniting gold, rose gold and silver for an always on-trend and stylish feel.

The materials and metals of our jewellery also add our signature style to our jewellery capsule.

💖 Stacking and mixing metals is a great way to get the most out of your capsule.

💖 Combining a few pieces you don’t normally wear together can make you feel fresh for special events or at the change of the season.

💖 Curate pieces and sets in gold, silver and rose gold for complete versatility.

💖 A pearl piece or set with necklace, bracelet, earrings and bracelet are a must have. From first dates to the office, pearls are iconic power pieces.

Semi Precious Natural Stone
💖 With semi precious natural stone pieces, stick to neutral tones to coordinate with your wardrobe, or go for signature colours iconic to your style.

Time isn’t the only thing. It’s the main thing

– Miles Davis-

The ideal capsule jewellery wardrobe


Welcome to pearl paradise: Echo the bold and the lavish with MYJS Pearl Collection. These timeless pearl wrist twinkles are simple and sophisticated.

Quality, versatility, personal style and your wardrobe need to be the foundations of your collection.

Stud earrings
Hoop earrings
Huggie earrings
Statement earrings
Pearl earrings

Personalised statement necklace
Semi Precious Natural Stone statement necklace
Pearl necklace
Medium length chain
Long length chain

Tennis bracelet

Colourful gemstone or semi precious natural stone statement ring
Cocktail ring

It’s all about you. But if all else fails, the basics of chains, hoops, tennis bracelets and a statement cocktail ring are classics for a reason.

Time isn’t the only thing. It’s the main thing

– Miles Davis-

Stud Earrings: The Jewellery Fashion Essential


Studs always fit

As the LBD of your jewellery box, studs are the classic style accessory. Size never matters – big or tiny, the sparklier, the bolder, the better.

Welcome to Studs: The Jewellery Fashion Essential.

You’re not dressed until a pair of studs add sparkle

Unlimited forms of expression

The Princess Kate Staple with Natalie Portman, Oprah and many more celebs found rocking them on the red carpet. Simple as the humble stud is, Stud Earrings are the most versatile piece in your wardrobe, suiting every age, personality and occasion.

Segueing easily between men and women’s jewellery boxes, studs have a universal appeal. The irresistible charm of studs blends smart design with timeless elegance, working easily from formal events with cocktail dresses to jeans and a leather jacket for a subtle striking style.

My style is too versatile to be compared to anybody

Versatile elegance

MYJS Signature Studs are perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear with all the sparkle and none of the weight.

As the perfect accessory for the modern woman who feels naked without an earring, studs are perfection. They are the definition of minimal chic, versatile by design and ideal for every occasion without ever going out of style.

Studs offer a clean-cut look, adding symmetry to every outfit. And as the safest choice for beginners, there’s a nostalgia that always comes with popping on our studs.

The perfect marriage of simplicity and sparkle, stud earrings are petite and compact; subtle enough for maximum impact, lightweight for ease in wearing. A great base piece to our jewellery collection – being our first earring and all – studs offer a singular head, attached to a post to pass through the earlobe or cartilage. Secured snugly to the ear with an earring backing, the head offers a minimal platform for a splash of decoration and sparkle. Unlike hoops, drop earrings and earring jackets, studs stay fixed to our ear – ideal for active lifestyles.

The epitome of classic ageless beauty, studs come in so many different styles with unlimited combinations.

Endless possibilities

MYJS Mix Carrier Studs are designed to wear solo for a classic feel.

Push backs
As the most common back to secure an earring, the Push Back is easy to push on and pull off with a small notch in the end of the post.

Screw back
Found with vintage designs and high-end earrings, Screw Backs are difficult to put on and remove for the most secure way to fasten your earrings.

Prong stud earrings
Offering 4 prongs for the basket stud or 3 for the martini, the prong setting houses the brilliant roundness of a single gem. As the standard classic earring, Prong Stud Earrings are ideal for really allowing the centre stone to sparkle.

Sphere stud earrings
For the elegant minimalist, Sphere Studs offer endless possibilities with the right touch of shine. Perfect for second or third piercings, Sphere studs are a simple ball of metal, versatile and comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Classic gemstones
Timeless style comes with single stud posts and our favourite sparkly gemstones for plenty of everyday flair. Add dazzle to your earring game with your birthstone or favourite sparkly gem. One pair not enough? Go two, three or more! The sparklier, the bolder, the better.

Halo stud earrings
Designed for maximum shine, Halo Studs feature a centre stone surrounded by smaller gemstones for ultimate elegance. As a simpler cluster earring, their regal nature is fit for a queen, giving plenty of bang for buck with all the sparkle and shine. With versatility and grace, halo stud earrings are always a fashion choice.

Bezel stud earrings
As a single stone set within a rim of precious metal, the contemporary design of the Bezel stud offers a stylish, fashion-forward edge.

The MYJS Pearl Collection brings a chic freshness for a modern feel to the classics. With their warm lustre, they are a magical gem of the moon and the ocean.

Statement stud earrings
Amp up the volume and go extra, with oversized colourful studs for a stylish statement.

Pearl stud earrings
A classic understatement, the pearl stud has all the simplicity of studs – with a special flourish of pearly shimmer for the ultimate in effortless sophistication.

Contemporary studs
Traditional stud earrings can always be counted on for their timelessness and subtle elegance but the modern stud takes the basic formula of a classic design with a contemporary twist, presenting square, geometric or asymmetrical shapes.   

Studs always fit