MYJS Style Guide To Rose Gold Jewellery


Keep calm and go for rose gold

The world isn’t just black or white. It’s not strictly silver or gold either. There is also rose gold.

Rose gold – also known as pink gold – is beautiful, soft and feminine. Its subtle colour complements all skin tones, adding a glow to the blush tones of your skin while offering timeless elegance for every occasion. With its soft pink hue, it’s an excellent choice to stand out and versatile and simple enough to work with everything. The pink-toned metal of rose gold is romantic and modern all at once, projecting a stylish elegant appeal.

While yellow gold and cool silver will always rule the scene, rose gold creates distinctive jewellery moments. Welcome to the MYJS Style Guide To Rose Gold Jewellery.

Gold Rosé sil vous plait

Rose gold

Accessorising to silver and gold have been our go-to metals for so long. As a newer addition to the metal family, stepping into the world of rose gold jewellery allows the pink-toned pieces to add simple flair to your look for timeless elegance.

A metal blend of yellow gold with copper and silver alloys, the blend gives gold more strength and durability. The more copper, the greater the pink tinge for that classic minimalist look. The metal was introduced by the Russian royal family in the early 1800s with Carl Faberge wanting to create a blush metal tone for his elaborate Faberge royal egg artworks.

Blending gold with copper alloys, the popularity of this metal lead to the dusty pink metal being known as Russian gold. In the 1920s, rose gold rose in popularity once Cartier started creating rose gold moments. In more modern times, Apple released rose gold iphones and Macbooks while Kylie Jenner has taken rose gold to new heights, with the rose gold ombre becoming the celebrity go-to hair style.

Stop and smell the rose gold

How to wear rose gold jewellery

MYJS Interlocking Triple Circles Necklace and Bracelets are a tribute to the holy trinity of meaningful jewellery: quality, design and one-of-a-kind.

Rose gold is all about making a subtle statement. Symbolic to whimsy, elegance and endearment, its soft rosy colour identifies with love and romance, while its gold composition showcases timeless elegance and luxury. Rose gold is incredibly versatile for multiple settings with a durability suitable for everyday wear. Working across casual to professional and formal occasions, the unique look also suits every skin tone, hair hue, gemstone and colour.

Mixed metals will always trend, so mixing your rose gold in with your usual silver, gold or platinum is always in-fashun. Layer up rose gold necklaces with silver or white necklaces for a casual contrasting look.

Stay rose gold

The warmth of rose gold with MYJS Peach, Ivory Cream or Clear Crystal Mix Charms makes for stunning combinations.

Rose gold jewellery and gemstones are made for each other – particularly warm and cool stones where the warm rose hue creates a stylish, vintage feel.

From pink to blue, red, purple and clear gemstones, the warmth of rose gold is an easy pairing.

Pink or red gemstones particularly look amazing in rose gold settings, where the transition from the rose hues are easy on the eye.

For added drama, dark gemstones such as black and purple becomes chic and stark for an highly distinctive yet understated look.

The pink shade of any MYJS rose gold piece adds sparkle and depth to white outfits, adding simple flair for timeless elegance.

Soft and charming, rose gold works well with a broad spectrum of colours, nudes and neutrals. The pink shade particularly adds sparkle and depth to white, beige, cream, sandy pinks, nude and browns.

For a bold statement, gray and navy are uplifted by rose gold for stylish sophistication, while the sheer contrast of rose gold jewellery with a black outfit is incredibly arresting.

For a light professional style, yellow, aqua, sky blue, mint or teal are also stunning with rose gold accessories. Floral patterns pop with rose gold while pairing to geometric patterns makes for a big statement.

The dusty rose trend is great with modern, stripped-back edgy looks such as black or white fitted open-collared shirts, skinny black jeans and ankle boots with buckles.  

For the  office, small accents such as stud earrings or a cuff adds a pop of flair to your workwear without taking over.

Luxurious and opulent, rose gold also fits formal occasions beautifully for an understated yet dramatic look.

You are rose gold baby