The Round Brilliant Cut


Blaze a path of your own brilliance and illuminate the world

The cut of a diamond or gem’s shape ultimately determines their ability to sparkle. A gem will possess a  flawless, crisp shine by the number of facets and how light travels through the stone. With flat, polished surfaces from within the gem, facets work as tiny mirrors, cut and arranged to maximise the diamond’s ability to draw in and reflect the light. This makes the gem more brilliant and sparkly than any other cuts and shapes.  

Welcome to Round Brilliance with the Round Brilliant Cut.

Your power and brilliance is the most awesome force life could muster

Miranda Kerr loves it. Olivia Wilde said yes to it, and Emily Blunt flaunts it: As the hallmark of classic gemstones, the Round Brilliant Cut is all about sparkle and fire.

The Round Brilliant Cut stands out as one of the most popular shapes for its intense sparkle. Round brilliant diamonds and gemstones are cut for exceptional shine, featuring facets to reflect light and cast tiny rainbows for a stunning show of sparkle and contrast. Round with a cone bottom, the Round Brilliant allows for maximum light to travel through the top of the gem.

Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, zircons and man-made crystals feature Round Brilliant Cuts for all the dazzle.

Brilliance takes time

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The Round Brilliant Cut was first introduced to the jewellery world in the mid 1600s. with Venetian gem-cutter and polisher Vicente Peruzzi finding and adding more facets by the late 1600s. In the early 1920s, the modern brilliant cut evolved from Marcel Tolkowsky’s calculations. These continue to serve as the guide for today’s round brilliant cut gems.

Simplicity is the key to brilliance

Bruce Lee
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Today, the Round Brilliant Cut stands out as one of the most popular shapes for its intense sparkle.

Round Brilliance is both popular and classic, complementing many styles of vintage to modern pieces. We love them for their brilliance – and their simplicity.

Always dazzle them with brilliance