The New Stone Age: Semi Precious Natural Stone Jewellery


Everything changes, even stone

Throughout history, humans have cherished and collaborated with sparkly rocks for artistic expression, power and adornment. The glitter of precious gems such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires will always catch our eye, but the allure of natural stones comes from their spiritual connection with our natural world.

Natural stone jewellery is representative of Mother Nature’s artistic ingenuity as a true celebration of individuality. Welcome to The New Stone Age: Semi Precious Natural Stone Jewellery.

A rolling stone gathers no moss

The power of natural stone jewellery


Deep and soft, turn a beige day into a rosy one where these Round Cabochon Rose Quartz Mix Drop Earrings exude loyalty with fabulousness for a boldly romantic sparkle.

The mosaic of diverse natural stones, each unique in shape, hue, and presentation is a poignant reminder that nature manifests in countless forms, sizes, and colours for unique perfection. Natural stone as a pendant, featuring in earrings or bracelets are a therapeutic reminder of the world’s natural wonders.

We can invoke love and passion through Rose Quartz, wisdom, patience and wealth with Pearls, luck and peace with Turquoise, the success of Amazonite or the healing and refreshment of Moon Stone. The universe of stones offers an option for every intention and purpose, allows you to stride toward your desired outcomes, personal growth or fulfilment. Natural stones beckon to the power of the natural world so the journey is attainable and rewarding.

Leave no stone unturned


Wade into the turquoise pool and swim in blue green depths for a spiritual awakening. The stone for loyalty and communication, dive into these vibrant Round Cabochon Turquoise Drop Mix Earrings for refreshing clarity.

The allure of natural stone jewellery lies in its capacity for uniqueness, allowing personalisation according to mood, character and outfit. The vast choices allow for a unique narrative, resonating colours and treasured qualities. Natural semi precious stone jewellery is an ode to your identity.

If you live for the moments to revel in the garden, serenely stroll through the park, popping on black onyx or turquoise is an invigorating boost to the spirit. Natural semi precious stone jewellery is a celebration of our ties with the Earth.

I alone can not change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples

Mother Theresa

Natural stone jewellery fashion

Celebrities from Black Lively to Iman, Marilyn Monroe have loved their natural gemstones, stones and pearls across the ages. As a remnant of Earth, the beauty lies in the diverse abilities of crystals, pearls and natural stones to enhance our wellbeing while looking artlessly beautiful.

There is a profound reverence in the symbiotic relationship between Earth and humanity. Despite our every intention to be caught up in modern life and leave her behind, we remain an integral part of nature’s tapestry.

Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope

Martin Luther King Jr

The stone for purity and restfulness, Green Onyx Mix Earring Charms have the power to relieve worries, fears, tension and stress for positive energy and clarity.

Natural stone has a real versatility in unique looks with Black Onyx, Moonstone, Amazonite, Opal, Pearls, Turquoise and more. They infuse vitality and celebration into life – and simply make things all the more brighter.

The charm of stones are hard to resist. From statement earrings to layered neckpieces and cocktail rings, crystals, pearls and stones are classic.

If only my heart were stone


Welcome to pearl paradise: Echo the bold and the lavish with MYJS Pearl Necklacces for simple and sophisticated.

Handy Style Tips
Add some drama to your evening look or give a fresh take on your office wardrobe

💎 Maintain balance with colour and style
💎 Select compatible colours to your skin tone and personality
💎 Stack for impact
💎 Layer to show your wild side
💎 Experiment: don’t be afraid to go bold

Write your sad times in sand, your good times in stone