MYJS Style Guide To Statement Rings

MYJS Pave Crystal Statement Ring

Be a voice, not an echo


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Jewellery should announce us – whether it’s the jingling of bracelets, the chimes of our dangling chandelier earrings or the light reflecting from a blingy statement ring.

A statement ring is a powerful fashion accessory to instantly elevate a look and express personal style. Showstopping statement rings are an expression of your style and personality, but they are also a sense of protection and comfort – the ultimate armour in a world always ready to dull the shine. From making a bold and daring statement to a subtle and elegant approach, embrace the power of the MYJS Style Guide To Statement Rings.

Fashion is about owning whatever you’re wearing, regardless of it’s a high fashion statement or not

– Marc Jacobs

A celebration of the statement ring

Statement rings are all about star power. Certainly Lady Gaga flaunts them, Elizabeth Taylor was renown for them, and Paris Hilton knows how to flash them

Statement rings, also known as cocktail rings, are larger than normal fashion rings, showcasing an oversized gem, diamond or metal motif for the ultimate reason of standing out with a flash to catch attention.

The most profound statements are said in silence

– Lynn Johnson

Statement ring history


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Normally worn on the right hand, middle finger or ring finger, a statement ring is never meant to detract from the wedding or engagement rings. 

The statement ring emerged as a symbol of feminism during the 1920s. Rebellious flapper girls growing up amidst the rise of blue stocking feminism and the prohibition law of illegal alcohol meant showy dresses and jewellery were ideal for illicit parties in underground jazz spots. Raising your right hand to catch the bartender’s eye with a flashy ring has transcended from the secret signal of ordering a drink to today where we still want to stand out – and catch the bartender’s eye. This tradition of catching the bartender’s eye for a cocktail led to the name cocktail ring where it continues to be worn on the right hand.

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create

– Jana Kingsford

Statement ring fashion


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Statement rings were originally worn by the multiple across several fingers. Today, how statement rings are worn – and how many – are dictated by the outfit and occasion. Ultimately It should feel natural and unique to the personality and mood you want to express, your outfit and the occasion to wear it.

From bold signet rings to conversation starters, vintage-inspired finger twinkles, or cocktail rings with gems for days, there are plenty of statement fashion rings for every occasion – and their unique boldness means you are unlikely to see them on anyone else’s hand. 

✨ For the office, choose something minimalistic so it’s not “too much”.
✨ Formal events are perfect for the biggest, most glamorous sparkler you can lay your fingers on
✨ Casual occasions with friends are great with quirky, playful finger twinkles

The ring always believes the finger lives for it

– Malcom de Chazal

How to statement ring fashion


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Statement rings are meant to catch attention, so choose a size that stands out without overwhelming your hand.

Statement ring fashion tips
💖 Design
Look for rings with unique designs, interesting textures, gemstones, or intricate metalwork that reflects your personality.
💖 Choose your metal
Your skin tone and outfit should feature when choosing gold, silver, rose gold, or other metal rings
💖 Complement the look
The ring should work with the colours in your outfit. If your outfit is monochrome, experiment with a pop of colour through the ring. Go for style harmony where the ring’s style matches the overall vibe of the look. A boho-inspired ring can work well with a formal business attire.
💖 Balance
A statement ring can be worn as the sole bold accessory to avoid visual clutter. Other jewellery should be more subdued or delicate, understated pieces.
💖 Finger choice
While the traditional ring finger is a popular choice, a statement ring on any finger will always look stylish. Go OTT with multiple rings, but make sure they complement each other in style and size.
💖 Occasion and mood
The occasion always dictates the choice. Large intricate rings might be better suited for special events, while smaller ones can be worn daily, but a bold ring with a casual look rocks well.
💖 Embrace diversity
Make sure there are plenty of choice in your statement ring collection to cover those whimsical and playful or elegant and sophisticated moods and occasion.
💖 Confidence matters
Statement rings are a power move and draw attention, so wear them with confidence. They’re an extension of your personal style, and your attitude makes them even more appealing.
💖 Care
Statement rings tend to be incredibly unique, so they are unlikely to be foundjust anywhere. This means you need to preserve their quality. Remove your ring before using harsh cleaning chemicals or an active lifestyle that could damage it. Clean your ring regularly using a soft cloth.
💖 Personal expression
Fashion rules are meant to be broken, and your style should be a reflection of your personality. Embrace experimentation and have fun expressing yourself through the significance of the gemstone, its symbol or design.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist

– Pablo Picasso