The Hidden Meaning Of Jewellery Symbols & Signs


Signs and symbols rule the world


Have you ever wondered about the meaning of jewellery symbols?

As the most transformative pieces to our look, jewellery has incredible power. Since the dawn of time, we’ve always turned to our power talismans of prayer beads, amulets, bracelets and rings for healing, long life and protection. Jewellery is our most powerful armour. We wear it to represent our faith and culture, or for luck and protection against bad spirits and energies.

A sign is a message sent to you by the universe

– Laura Lynne Jackson

Symbols have always been an integral part of our communication and interactions. We see and use them every day where they play a powerful role in how we express ourselves and communicate to each other. From channelling ideas and information through a picture or pattern, symbols are a unifying sign infused with meaning. Symbols of love, nature, spirituality and power can bind us together with a common icon, language or belief.

As the timeless classic accessory reflecting our mood, personality and style, we imbue our jewellery with special influence to boost our confidence and joy. Learn the significant meanings and symbols in jewellery to take our story from cliched to the extraordinary.

Symbols are powerful, because they are the visible signs of invisible realities

– Saint Augustine


As the universal symbol for love, the Heart represents the seat of emotion, affection, unity and romance. First used during the Middle Ages as a symbol for Jesus, the heart became much more popular after the 1600s through the launch of Valentine’s Day. From 💖 emojis to honouring St Valentine, the heart is the most recognisable icon for expressing compassion, understanding and romantic love,

From heart lockets to heart shaped rings, charms, tags or open interlocking pendants, heart jewellery fits every phase of life.

The sideways 8 Infinity symbol of no beginning or end has been a love metaphor throughout ancient Greece, Rome, India and Tibet. Iconic for perfection, Infinity stands for balance, regeneration, focus, harmony, peace and oneness as the eternal nature of energy and the universe.   

Other love symbols include Cupid’s bow and arrow, the Ladybird, Flowers especially the Lotus Flower and Rose in addition to the Egyptian Ankh, Heart Chakra, Seashells and the iconic Irish Claddagh, with Diamonds and Rose Quartz the gems for romance.  

Where there is love, there is jewellery


The natural world is translated into incredibly detailed personalised jewellery as a stunning sculptural icon with the MYJS Personalised Family Tree Circle.

Nature’s beauty is organic, yet simultaneously complex and simple, bold and delicate; influencing humans, artists and designers for centuries. We are inspired by nature from the clothes we wear to the settings we surround ourselves in, so it is no wonder Trees, Leaves, Flowers, Seashells and Animals feature so heavily in our lives – and jewellery.

The Tree of Life is an ancient iconic symbol, serving as a connection to our ancestors while representing physical and spiritual transformation. As powerful symbols of growth and resurrection for the Garden of Eden, life and death, family, and the home of the Gods, the Tree of Life is a classic icon for strength and empowerment.

Delicate Leaf motifs are ideal for whimsical boho styles, with the Irish Four-Leaf Clover particularly imbued with good luck and fortune. Floral symbols such as the Lotus Flower is symbolic to rebirth and purity with Roses eternal icons for love. Doves represent peace and fidelity, with Peacocks emblematic to spiritual growth, With Ladybirds a sign for love, Butterflies are symbolic to beauty, elegance and joy for great change and endurance.

As keepers of secrets, Cats stand out as the guardians of the otherworld for a journey into self-discovery, mystery and freedom, while Elephants remain the symbol for strength, majesty and power to guide us in our journey of patience and wisdom. Overall, animal jewellery correlates with fertility and vitality, shaped by the distinctive nature of each creature.

Pearls bring a chic freshness for a modern feel to the classics. With their warm lustre a magical gem of the moon and the ocean, they are the silent uniform for strong women and the aristocratic badge of fashion-forward men. Pearls are the pinnacle of feminine power. Associated with wealth, purity, wisdom and peace, pearls have a calming, protective impact.

There is no better designer than nature

– Alexander McQueen


The human spirit always aims for perfection, the divine and ultimate knowledge. As a celebration of humanity and our transcendence into the universe, celestial symbols such as the Moon, Stars, our Zodiac Signs and Birthstones can be understated, sophisticated, edgy and delicate.

Make waves, the moon does it all the time

MYJS Star and Moon Crystal studded Mix Charms summons all the celestial powers leading us to our destiny

Playing a major role in moods and motivation. the lunar power of the Moon is emblematic of transformation, evolution and permanence, as the symbol for female empowerment.

Stars are associated with the souls of gods for positive messages, inspiration, wishes and new beginnings to travellers looking for good luck and clarity while fulfilling ambitions. Wishing upon a star means reaching for our dreams, believing stars will lead us to our destiny and never lead us astray

We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle

– Marilyn Monroe
Stylishly timeless and unique, the Personalised Open Circle Birthstone Necklace is reimagined into this intricate piece as a unique visual creation.

Just as we look to the stars, we also look to our Astrological Signs to connect us to our cosmic heritage. Since Ancient Babylonia, priests have been able to use the constellations to divine our fate and predict our future. Even today, wearing our zodiac signs guides us to our destiny while unleashing our personal power. We can always guarantee a boost of confidence, luck and protection with the timeless feel and vintage appeal of our unique zodiac symbols.

As the precious gems marking the month of our birth, our Birthstones hold unique meanings rooted in ancient myths and religions. Imbued with special powers to bring love, luck or special powers and meanings, birthstones are personal and special.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why

– Mark Twain


Ancient religions, myths and cultures have translated across time with icons of strength and force. Despite traversing time and locations, these symbols still manage to find something in common, designed to represent dynamic energy and power.

From our Initials to Keys, the Cross, Hamsa Hand, Evil Eye and whimsical shapes of Circles, Triangles and Squares, power jewellery is designed to reinforce our fortitude and bolster our courage.

Tap into your magic

The Personalised Holepunched Circle Key Necklace is a unique piece of detailed craftsmanship featuring our initials, and designed to celebrate family milestones, great achievements or as a fashionable statement of the heart.

We all have an identity: Initial Jewellery captures a customisable edge of fashion with a classic approach. Timeless while representing a unique, modern take to personal style – particularly for edgy streetwear – our initials are ideal for every occasion.

The rich symbolism bestowed by Key pendants from many cultures makes them a versatile symbol for any occasion. Especially popular for coming of age at 21 as a sign of being responsible enough to receive the keys to the house, they are symbolic to new beginnings and excellent efforts. In the Far East, keys are seen as symbols of good luck, opening doors to physical, intellectual and spiritual prosperity while attracting all the riches of nature. Keys stand as a symbolic gesture for the great achievements of distinguished people while celebrating family milestones. Romantically, they can be a sign as the key to the heart.

As an ancient symbol, the Cross pendant is a visible sign of the Christian, Roman Catholic or personal faith. As an ancient sign dating beyond the Ancient Egyptians with the Ankh through to modern day Goths, the cross remains a sign of hope, fortitude and resilience in the face of adversity.

While the world changes, the cross stands firm

Easily identifiable by its open hand design, the Hamsa dates back centuries to Ancient North Africa and the Middle East. Used as a sign of protection against the evil eye of illness, misfortune and death, this sign stands for strength, power and blessings.

Similar to the Hamsa Hand, the Evil Eye is an ancient symbol of protection against illness, misfortune and death. Dating back centuries to Ancient Mesopotamia and even possibly the Neolithic Period across Asia and Latin America, the evil eye stands out as a stylish lucky charm.

Life is full of circles

Love the chic curves of MYJS Personalised Interlocking Triple Brilliance Circles symbolising eternal and endless love.

The power of the Circle is ubiquitous, from the celestial bodies of the universe to the wheel and modern day logos of Google Chrome, Garnier, BMW and more. The circle represents the eternal, with neither an end or a beginning. From change of seasons to the cycles of life, the circle is a symbol for wholeness and divine unity, serving as protection and comfort, while standing out as the ultimate power symbol of femininity.  

As the ancient symbols for the blade, chalice and water to the religious trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the three-sided Triangle is the dual aspiration for male force and female divinity with the power of three. As the holder of many different timeworn meanings, the triangle certainly stands for an edgy geometric statement while channelling our strength, vision and mystic power.

As the symbol for stability, expertise and trust, the Square creates a sense of equality and conformity. While the square harnesses masculine energy, the shape is handy as an impactful power symbol to boost effortless elegance and confidence.

Give a girl the right jewellery, and she can conquer the world