What Your Jewellery Cut Says About You


Never cut corners

Jewellery is not just an accessory – it’s a window into the soul. The jewellery we choose reflects not only our style preferences but also our personalities and values, speaking volumes about who we are as individuals.

Each jewellery cut speaks a unique language, revealing to the world who we are and what we hold dear. From traditional to adventurous, whether a classic round cut or a bold teardrop shape, your jewellery becomes a reflection of your inner self, making every piece you wear truly one-of-a-kind. We explore What Your Jewellery Cut Says About You.

Round Brilliant Cut


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– All the dazzle

Round Brilliant Cut is all about sparkle and fire. A classic and timeless choice, it is the epitome of traditional elegance.

The Round Brilliant Cut was first introduced to the jewellery world in the mid 1600s. with Venetian gem-cutter and polisher Vicente Peruzzi finding and adding more facets by the late 1600s. In the early 1920s, the modern brilliant cut evolved from Marcel Tolkowsky’s calculations. These continue to serve as the guide for today’s round brilliant cut gems.

As one of the most popular shapes for its intense sparkle, round brilliant gems are cut for exceptional shine, featuring facets to reflect light and cast tiny rainbows for a stunning show of sparkle and contrast. Round with a cone bottom, the Round Brilliant allows for maximum light to travel through the top of the gem.

Traditional, elegant and sincere, you likely value traditions and sincerity with a genuine approach to life. You appreciate the beauty of simplicity and have a refined taste that stands the test of time.

Your power and brilliance is the most awesome force life could muster

Cushion Cut


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– Romantic, feminine, dependable

Synonymous with royalty, the Cushion Brilliant Cut combines a square or rectangle cut with rounded corners – just as a pillow. This has been a classic cut for the last two hundred years and one of the most popular engagement diamond shapes today.

The Cushion Cut dates back to the earliest diamond cuts, though the modern-day cushion was inspired by the Old Mine Cut of the 1700s. During the 18th century, Brazil was the world’s diamond mining capital to maximise the carats from the rougher Brazilian diamonds that took less time to execute the cut – the Hope Diamond remains the most valuable cushion cut diamond of all time.

While the Cushion is similar to the Round Brilliant and Princess, the cut presents a high level of brilliance and fire for a vintage look and feel that combines classic fashion with modern flair. The design of the artful facets allows more light to flow through the gem.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, zircon and man-made crystals feature Cushion Cut for all the style and dazzle. With the popularity of Round and Princess Cuts, the Cushion offers a more unique choice for flashing your gemstones where it’s all about a soft look with a lot of sparkle.

With its soft, rounded corners, the Cushion Cut exudes romance and femininity. If you gravitate towards this cut, you are likely someone who values dependability, comfort, and strong emotional connections. You are a reliable partner and a true romantic at heart, cherishing the sentimental aspects of life.

Cherish all your happy moments – they make a fine cushion for old age.

Emerald Cut


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– A class act with charm and plenty of personality

Richly ravishing and radiant, Emeralds are show stopping. As the hardest stone after diamond, their striking brilliance has inspired the Emerald Cut, designed for maximum vividness, luxury and shine.

Emerald cut jewellery embodies sophisticated style, characterised by a rectangular or square-shaped gemstone with trimmed corners. Celebrated for its elegance and simplicity, the main attraction is on the stunning play of light.

Featuring step-cut facets for a hall-of-mirrors effect, light reflects from each facet in a dramatically captivating manner. While other cuts prioritise brilliance, the Emerald Cut emphasises clarity and the gemstone’s natural colour. The elongated shape of this cut creates the illusion of a larger stone for a bold and visually impactful piece of jewellery. The versatile nature of this cut allows for creative and stunning designs.

The Emerald Cut is a class act that exudes charm and personality. If you prefer this cut, you are someone who appreciates the finer things in life and values elegance above all else. Your refined taste and attention to detail make you stand out in any crowd.

An emerald is a gateway to the realm of dreams and imagination

Octagon Cut


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– Boldly stylish

A symbol of infinity, the Octagon Cut is representative of timeless style. It presents a polished and structured look that effortlessly exudes style.

The unconventional design of Octagon Cut jewellery puts on a colourful show of understated sparkle. The strong, bold, sleek look leans towards minimalists and vintage fans who still love a pop of shine. Similarly to the emerald cut, the octagon cut works with the step cut approach where rectangular facets go up into the crown – the upper part of the cut stone – and down into the pavilion – the lower half of the cut stone. This cut offers a large table facet to showcase the stone’s colour and clarity for a strikingly understated twinkle.

Developed more than a century ago, the Octagon Cut intended to get the most out of Emeralds. With its abilities to showcase the exceptional clarity and colour of gems, octagon cut Amethysts quickly became fashionable, with the modern cut applied across other coloured gemstones and crystals including Topaz and Citrine.

Symbolic for rebirth and resurrection, the octagon is a reference to the bonds of family and life. It is the vehicle for good health and fortune.

The Octagon Cut stands out as a more unconventional cut for the modern generation of lovers keen for unique coloured gemstones over traditional diamonds. If this is your cut, you pay attention to aesthetics and believe in presenting yourself with grace and poise. Your effortless style leaves a lasting impression on everyone you meet. Bold yet refined, octagon cut jewellery is an effortless choice for the versatile everyday.

Octagon cut jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there

Asscher Cut

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– Mysterious, refined with an appreciation for elegance and femininity

Asscher Cut jewellery presents a distinctive and elegant gemstone cut characterised by its square shape with trimmed corners and a series of step-cut facets. Named after the Asscher brothers who popularised it in the early 20th century, the cut exudes a vintage charm while maintaining a modern appeal. Asscher Cut gemstones are prized for their clean lines, geometric symmetry and ability to showcase exceptional clarity and sparkle.

The hallmark of the Asscher Cut is its deeply cut pavilion and high crown, for a mesmerising play of light and dark facets within the gemstone. This distinctive arrangement of facets forms a captivating “hall-of-mirrors” effect. The step-cut facets provide a sophisticated and understated brilliance, emphasising the gemstone’s clarity and purity.

The clean lines and bold angles of the Asscher Cut embodies a sense of vintage sophistication. With an air of mystery and refinement, the Asscher Cut appeals to an appreciation for elegance and femininity. If you are attracted to this cut, you are likely someone who values deep connections and possesses a mysterious aura that intrigues others.

The Asscher is loved by those who appreciates distinctive style

Square Cut


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Easy-going, adventurous and boldly unique

Square cut jewellery refers to gemstones shaped into square or rectangular cuts. This cut is known for its clean lines, sharp corners, and symmetrical appearance, a popular choice for a modern and geometric aesthetic. The precise angles and facets of the square cut contribute to the gemstone’s brilliance and sparkle.

In the Square Cut, the four corners of the stone are cut to form right angles. The flat top and bottom surfaces, combined with the straight edges, give the gemstone a sleek and contemporary look. The square cut can also be modified into variations such as the Princess and Asscher Cuts with their own unique charm and brilliance as bold and modern alternatives to traditional Round or Oval Cuts.

Square Cut jewellery’s contemporary appeal and timeless design are always a distinctive and modern statement piece. If the Square Cut is your go-to, you value order and neatness in design, have a minimalist mindset while valuing clean and uncluttered aesthetics as a striking and assertive figure.

It’s hip to be square

Teardrop Cut


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– Excellence above all else

Resembling a dew droplet and the shape of the luscious pear, Teardrop-shaped gems with their asymmetrical curves combine the Round Brilliant Cut with the points of a Marquise. Known for its distinctive pear shape, the Teardrop features one rounded end tapering to an opposite point for a striking silhouette. This makes the gem appear larger while increasing the sparkle.

With more surface area than Round Cut diamond rings, the overall effect of its brilliant symmetry and design is a stunning dangling bead for a sleek look that is both unique, timeless and classic.

First fashioned by Flemish diamond polisher and cutter Lodewyk van Berquem of Belgium in the early 1400s, his one-of-a-kind placement of diamonds laid the foundations for today’s modern symmetry in diamond polishing and cutting. The teardrop pear-shaped cut uses either 71 or 58 triangle shaped facets and often causes the loss of a great deal of rough diamond – an expensive process that makes for an exceptionally rare shape.

While the Teardrop is not as popular as the Princess or Round Brilliant Cuts, its shape holds an unconventional appeal for modern vintage-inspired and modern-yet-timeless designs to elongate the area it’s featured upon – particularly fingers, décolletages and ears.

The symbolism of pear-shape gems are associated with tears of joy, linking with marriage, happy occasions and love. Wearing Teardrop jewellery is associated with fierce confidence, marking new beginnings and hope.

The Teardrop Cut is bold and adventurous, making a unique statement wherever it goes. If you opt for Teardrop jewellery, you are easy-going, open to new experiences, and not afraid to take risks. You exude a sense of superiority and present an air of “don’t you know who I am?” A unique statement unto themselves, your earrings are bold – and so are you without overwhelming others.

It’s funny how a heart is two teardrops upside down

Heart-shaped Cut


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– Nurturing, devoted and passionate

The Heart-shaped Cut is undeniably flirty, romantic, and filled with boundless passion. If you adore heart-shaped jewellery, you are someone who wears your heart on your sleeve, expressing your emotions with intensity and passion. You value deep connections and cherish the power of love.

The heart shape is the universally recognised symbol of affection and devotion, and so takes centre stage in a unique and cherished cut. Heart-shaped gemstones are crafted to resemble the iconic heart silhouette for expressing love and commitment.

The Heart-shaped Cut is characterised by its rounded bottom and two distinct lobes that form the top – similar to a double teardrop- creating a delightful and symmetrical heart outline. This cut is a testament to the skill of jewellers, as the perfect proportions and curves are essential to draw out the beauty and symbolism of the heart shape.

Ideal for romantic occasions, such as engagements, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day, Heart-shaped Cut jewellery represents the emotional connection between people.

For those drawn to Heart-shaped Cut jewellery, you’ll be sentimental, romantic, and nurturing in nature. You value relationships, love celebrating special moments and find joy in expressing emotions through meaningful and heartfelt gifts. You’ll figuratively wear your hearts on your sleeves, embodying the timeless language of love and devotion.

No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart

– Shanina Shaik