MYJS Unveils New Personalised Family Collection: Open Hearts


Only do what your heart tells you

– Princess Diana

Explore My Jewellery Story’s newest arrivals showcasing our creativity and expert craftsmanship.

MYJS Personalised Open Hearts

The latest addition to the My Jewellery Story Personalised Collection reinvents an iconic symbol for the fabulous jewellery house. Get a first look at the new MYJS Personalised Open Hearts pieces here.

The MYJS Minimal Open Hearts is a statement design reinventing a classic for a modern personalised touch.

MYJS Personalised Open Hearts celebrate the spirit of love, featuring a striking pair of iconic heart charms with the option of brilliant crystals set in the heart tag.

The loving pairing of heart-shaped charms are meticulously crafted in the finest 925 sterling silver, and finished in rhodium, 16k gold or rose gold. Refined heart shapes unite as a delicate duo of engraved tags to exude sophistication and elegance.

Relish in the aesthetic and craftsmanship of this timeless classic.

Open heart jewellery is associated with love and adoration. Our pieces value both beauty with ethical sustainability, perfect for the modern woman – without costing the earth.

Simple evocative heart tags set with your birthstone or favourite crystal: MYJS Crystal Open Hearts – a unique keepsake.

My Jewellery Story has recreated the timeless classic of love and connection through iconic design and luxury. Designed for the modern woman determined to find the fabulous in life, the MYJS Personalised Open Hearts offer an effortless way to wear meaningful, designer jewellery.

The MYJS design of heart charms allows for personalised words or dates to be cast into sterling silver. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted by our skilled artisans and then polished and finished to perfection. Opt for eternal perfection with the MYJS Personalised Minimal Open Hearts, or add dashes of sparkle with the MYJS Personalised Crystal Open Hearts.

Open hearts signify opening the pendant receiver’s heart through receiving the giver’s love and affection. Open hearts express love, and the love shared; whether the love between mother and child, siblings, best friends or greatest loves; forever and an eternity.

Open hearts are perfect for your
• lover
• partner
• friends
• mother
• sister
• daughter

The MYJS Personalised Open Hearts are designed for personalising with meaningful names and dates to capture special memories forever. Take to the next level set with a stunning crystal.

Double hearts stand for the strong connection as symbols of the emotions, moments and experiences shared between two people. Open hearts jewellery are a powerful talisman for luck and hope, protecting against negative energy and misfortune as the symbols of a clear heart and motherhood’s purity.

In designing the MYJS Personalised Open Hearts, we wanted to honour the legacy of family and connection, while elevating and modernising the design. These pieces aren’t just for special occasions – they can be worn every day as a celebration of you and someone special. Add a loving note to your minimal look with these standout silhouettes a part of your everyday.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart