The Splendour Of May’s Birthstone: Green Emerald Jewellery Fashion


Updated April 2023

Nothing greens greener than emerald

Pliny the Elder

For more than 3,000 years, the Emerald has been treasured above other gemstones for its rarity and brilliance. The colour for Venus, adored by Cleopatra and beloved by Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie and celebrities galore, the Emerald is symbolic of rebirth, representing good fortune, youth, balance, growth and peace.

It is the gem for wealth, refinement and royalty. As the colour of nature, green embodies life, fertility and abundance. Green soothes the mind and body, inspiring comfort, safety and security.

Working with the heart chakra, energy channels are cleared of negativity for hope, optimism and wellbeing.

Whatever anyone does or says, I must be emerald and keep my colour

Marcus Aurelius

Emerald fashion

Green is the new black: it is the colour that reigns supreme in the fashion world – the closest to bathing yourself in nature, forests and grass.

As the expression of our hopeful spirits, wear green to reconnect with the world, friends and loved ones.

Freshen your look with pops of emerald or go monochrome green to really project your kindness and abundance while channeling all the luxury.

Give me songs to sing and emerald dreams to dream and I’ll give you love unfolding

Jim Morrison

Brilliant green emerald jewellery fashion

Richly ravishing and radiant, Emeralds are show stopping. As the hardest stone after diamond, their striking brilliance has inspired the Emerald cut, designed for maximum vividness, luxury and shine.

Coordinate with peach, aubergine, rose, pink or purple for a brilliant backdrop to showcase the green of your emerald jewellery.

Dress up jeans, tee and a blazer with emeralds to go from casual office Fridays to end of week drinks easily.

Keep makeup neutral or smokey to enhance the rich green of sparkly emeralds. 

MYS Emerald Swarovski® Crystal Bella Earrings are designed to add pops of vivid sparkle to the everyday.

In your everyday, choose simple looks and clean lines with neutral colours. The contrast in colours brilliantly brings out the green tones for a subtle pop of brilliance. While still beautiful, patterns and details designs won’t showcase emerald in its best light, drowning out its distinctive beauty.

Scoop necklines are perfect for showcasing emerald studs or drop earrings. 

The future is green

Dress up your look with Emerald Swarovski Charms from the MYJS Mix Collection.

A special occasion always calls for special jewels. Emerald green jewellery fashion deserves to stand out with intricate design and added sparkle for a real statement. As statement pieces, we can celebrate emeralds in envious style.

Choose a standout piece and build around it with smaller, more simpler designs to balance the look. 

The MYJS Angelic Bracelet with Emerald Austrian Crystals is designed for sophisticated extravagance.

Opt for figure hugging silhouettes to allow emeralds to shine. Statement necklaces work best against low cut necklines, while emerald rings are beautiful when paired with sleek elegant short-sleeve and halter neck outfits.

If adding wrist twinkles, either go all the way with a matching bracelet or pare back and go simple.

Whatever anyone does or says, I must be emerald and keep my colour

– Marcus Aurelius

May’s birthstone: emerald

Asscher Emerald Crystal Mix Charm with Minimal Mix Carrier Pendant adds gleaming zhush to the everyday

Light up May with emeralds, the stone of luck, new beginnings and eloquence.

With dazzling gleaming beauty and calming and healing energies, ignite the universe with balance and clarity to stay chaos and disorder. You are the jewel of Queens dear. No one can break you. As the superior gem of all gems, embrace hope and renewal to live life to the fullest. And shine brilliantly darling.

Love is an emerald: its brilliant light wards off dragons on this treacherous path

– Rumi