The MYJS Guide To Designer Pet Jewellery Fashion


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

Winnie the Pooh

Pet jewellery is the opportunity to share our love for our pets to the world: Welcome to The MYJS Guide To Designer Pet Jewellery Fashion.

Paris Hilton’s pets flaunt it and Lisa Vanderpump’s Giggy owns millions of dollars of it. Designer pet jewellery is a thing – and our pets deserve to sparkle too.

When Paris Hilton was first papped royally with her puppy languishing in her designer arms, we saw all the possibilities for next level pet pampering. And then Real Housewives of Hollywood alum Lisa van der Pump introduced Giggy to the world: the everyday pet owner realised it was perfectly fine to go large in celebrating and paying homage to their fur babies through pet jewellery.

We have adored and adorned our pets since the beginning of time, with Early Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptians art showcasing their pets with the first collars – Egyptians favoured amber for their aesthetic while deterring fleas and ticks. Ancient Egyptians loved their cats so much, the penalty for killing one – even by accident – resulted in death. 

The essentials: food, belly rubs and the MYJS Pet Collection

Pet Jewellery Fashion

Those MYJS Bella Earrings look good on you, kitty.

Our pets provide us with a sense of purpose. They decrease our stress levels and boost our sense of wellbeing. Our pets are our very own babies. They are our family – and we always want the best for them.

As fashion and jewellery allows us to express our individuality, pet jewellery celebrates our bond with our little beast. Pet jewellery is the opportunity to share our love for our doggo or kitty to the world. 

I’m a lover, not a biter

Fashion is for everyone. We all deserve to sparkle, and fashionable pet lovers – and their beloved pets – deserve to shine too.

We want to look good, feel great and guilt-free with modern sparkly pieces contributing positively to our everyday life. But just as we need to care about the quality and safety of jewellery for ourselves, we also need to care about this for our pets as well.

Jewellery fashion should always be inspired by high quality glamour. Jewellery created under poor working conditions and shoddy workmanship using inferior materials and design results in a poor-quality product. Through great design, craftsmanship and using quality materials, it is possible to empower and brighten the everyday with ethical, affordable, safe, designer pet jewellery.

Unless designed well, pet jewellery is more for fun than function. But when it comes to our pets, comfort should trump vanity – always. Some pets were made for glamour – some, not. Our pet’s comfort, safety and health should always be our first consideration. If our pets don’t like wearing their bling, they just don’t like it and we should accept their natural beauty is more than enough.

A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart

Welcome to the ultimate statement design in pet zhush with the MYJS Personalised Pet Collection.

Supervise pets so they don’t chew or swallow their pet bling.

Look for materials that are pet-safe, non-toxic and durable, and won’t choke them or break. Check for sharp irritable edges. Any lining that touches our pets’ skin should be smooth or soft to avoid irritating or scratching their skin and damaging their coat.
Excessive scratching to remove the jewellery results in irritated skin and can lead to infections. Cheap materials – particularly nickel – irritates sensitive skin, leading to rashes and hives.

Just as we pop on our pearls for special events, pet jewellery is best worn on special occasions – we shouldn’t let puppy or kitty romp around with their finest neck gems through the underbrush.

The world of pet jewellery includes just about everything you can find in your own jewellery box.

Bejewelled, encrusted, rhinestones, diamonds, crystals, pearls and charms are delightful adornments for our pets’ collars, name tags and pieces. It’s always about adding sassy style to our dog or cat’s collar with safe modern designs.

What greater gift than the love of our pet