MYJS Introduces Personalised Brilliance To The MYJS Personalised Family Collection


Beauty is the brilliance of truth

– Saint Augustine

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MYJS Personalised Brilliance

The MYJS Personalised Interlocking Double Brilliance Circles are a powerful style statement stylishly representing perpetual strength and power in connections – with a dash of dazzle.

The latest addition to the My Jewellery Story Personalised Collection reinvents iconic MYJS pieces for the fabulous jewellery house. Get a first look at the new MYJS Personalised Brilliance pieces here.

Brand new to the MYJS Personalised Family Collection, MYJS Personalised Brilliance celebrates the spirit of family connections, defined by sleek curves and contours as a modern touch to your look – with pops of sparkle.

Relish in the aesthetic and craftsmanship of modern style with our new personalised interlocking circle designs.

Things look better when you put them in a circle

Add a luxurious and modern touch with extra zhush to your look with the MYJS Personalised Interlocking Triple Brilliance Circles.

Symbolic of the soul, circles represent wholeness, totality, eternity and timelessness for original perfection.

Interlocking circles take these familial connections to the next level, uniting the many into one to represent bringing elements together and sharing bonds. They are symbolic to the joining of two souls, from the intersection of the human self and their inner guiding spirit to relationships between people in love, friends, parents, and child in celebration of lifetime bonds.

Life comes full circle

As icons of strength and unity for the interconnectedness of life, interlocking circles can have many significant meanings:

Christianity’s The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit as the three holy entities join to form the supreme entity of God.

In the Celtic culture, triple interlocked circles symbolise the joining of the earth, sky, and ocean. In relationships, they are symbols of love, fidelity, and friends or the bond between three friends or siblings.

My Jewellery Story recreates family and connection through stylish design and luxury. Designed for the fabulous everyday woman, MYJS Personalised Brilliance are an effortless way to wear – or gift – meaningful, designer jewellery.

MYJS Personalised Interlocking Triple Circles are a tribute to the holy trinity of meaningful jewellery: quality, design and one-of-a-kind.

The MYJS design of entwined rings allow for personalised words or dates to be cast into sterling silver. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted by our skilled artisans and then polished and finished to perfection. Striking interlocking circles are meticulously crafted in the finest 925 sterling silver, and finished in rhodium, 16k gold or rose gold then set with cubic zirconia pave.

The refined shapes unite as a delicate duo or trio of engraved tags to capture meaningful names, special dates or meaningful sentiments. They are designed to express love, and the love shared; whether the love between mother and child, siblings, best friends or greatest loves; forever and an eternity.

Interlocking circles are perfect for your

  • lover
  • partner
  • friend
  • mother
  • father
  • sister
  • brother
  • daughter
  • cousin

Dazzle them with brilliance

The MYJS Personalised Family Collection captures special moments, words or dates for the fabulous everyday woman as an effortless way to wear – or gift – meaningful designer jewellery.

In creating the MYJS Personalised Interlocking Circles, we wanted to honour the legacy of family and connection, while elevating and modernising the design. These pieces are perfect for special occasions – but they can also be worn every day as a celebration of you and someone special.

Claim your own statement design with a modern personalised touch for the everyday.

Brilliance is one part talent, two parts wisdom and three parts passion

Margaret Mitchell