Tips For Matching Your MYJS Bella Earrings With Your Outfit


Every piece of MYJS jewellery tells a story

Jewellery is essential to the everyday. We wear jewellery to complement the colour and style of an outfit for the ultimate polished look. We imbue jewellery with special powers to make us feel confident and happy. Jewellery takes a formal look to the next level, or adds pop to our plain, monochrome, neutral or basic outfits. Jewellery is the timeless classic accessory reflecting our mood, personality and style.

To find the ubiquitous piece versatile enough to segue from day into night, from the office to happy hour or for the most special of occasions (even if a glass of wine over the kitchen sink is the special occasion) without stealing the entire show, is to lay your hands on the holy grail.

Bad jewellery can cheapen an outfit, or turn a simple look into a clumsy one. It can make your work clothes look unprofessional or leave your stunning dress looking unpolished. It can be bad for your health with the cheap materials leaving rashes and marks on your skin.

Choosing your jewellery is all about creating a balanced look to turn heads wherever you go.

– Old My Jewellery Story saying

The MYJS Bella Collection is the unicorn of the designer jewellery world featuring stunning ethical non-mined Swarovski® or Austrian crystals designed in a setting for sparkle and shine with each movement.

With 40 colour combinations, the piece de resistance of the collection are MYJS Bella earrings, designed to capture the light of every brave woman from within – to shine, shine, shine. MYJS Bella Earrings are the sparkling statement where the edge of graceful design meets polished perfection.

They’re subtle enough to be classy and big enough to make a statement and incredibly effective to enhance every outfit.


For the girly girl, they’re your best friend: nothing adds that feminine touch more than a pair of sparkly elegant earrings.

Feeling bold? Go big and solid with colour.

Don’t have a reason to pop on a sparkle? Pop them on anyway – even if the reason is that you have a pair of Bellas in your jewellery box.

Bella Earrings are not just about sparkly earrings – they’re an attitude.

Be yourself and you can be anything

The psychology behind Bella Earrings: The Bella woman

A Bella woman was not born fabulous. Just like diamonds, the Bella woman is forged under pressure.


The Bella woman is the epitome of stunning female energy – authentic, resilient and always fabulous. Just like the Bella Collection, the Bella woman sparkles and shines with each movement, capturing the light within to shine out into the world.

She is representative of the everyday woman: that dynamic feminine energy always on the go, disassembling arguments, kissing away hurts and saving the day.

MYJS Bella Earrings were designed to complement the fabulous modern woman’s everyday life:

💖 Easy to wear
💖 Never too heavy for your ears
💖 Mask-friendly
💖 Nickel-free and 100% hypoallergenic
💖 Ethical and non-mined

– safe for you without costing the earth


Bellas were designed to pair well to everything: ornate necklaces, pendants and rings; delicate chains; chunky, glittery bracelets; thin arm cuffs; layered; minimal. From important work lunches to happy hour with the girls, date night or family BBQs; easy for the gym, easy on life and easy in a bubble bath with a glass of Aldi Rosé: MYJS Bellas bring unapologetic sparkle to the day.

It all starts with choosing the right colours to highlight our eyes and face – for the right occasion.

Start with colour

Colour attracts attention and creates an emotional connection. Colour reflects our mood and confidence and is the first thing people see – with instant impact. It’s our armour – there to protect us from bad juju while boosting our good spirits. Colour is incredibly personal, from rich, bold hues to soft, delicate shades, wild patterns or neutral palettes.

Colours are the smiles or nature

James Henry Leigh Hunt

A change is as good as a season


Mix warm jewellery with cool colours in Spring and Summer, and cool jewellery with warm colours in Autumn and Winter – for seasonal changeups to your look.

Gold. Black. White.

Gold with Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal Bella Earrings give a lift for edgy sparkle.

The black LBD or simple white outfits deserve simple powerful statements such as bright gold with black diamond.

Busy patterns and prints

Iconic to MYJS, our signature Bella Earrings exude a delicate fierceness to take you from the (home) office to special occasions, and are versatile enough to work with everything – even prints.

Up for double duty where you mix play with abundance? Patterns are classy, timeless and slimming but require keeping pieces minimal. Go-to rose gold with clear crystals never fail. Want something with a little more lift? Pick out a solid complementary colour for checks, polka dots or stripes – and make sure earrings pair to belts, bags and shoes for effortless polish.

The eye is the jewel of the body

– Henry David Thoreau

Highlight eyes

Our eyes are the windows to our soul. From deep brown to light blue, the simple way to bring out the colour in your eyes is with earrings.

Let blue eyes shine with Colorado Topaz crystals in the MYJS Bella Collection

Blue eyes

Blue eyes come into the spotlight with more neutral or simple colours such as orange, silver, opal or pearly gemstones. Citrine, Peach, Opal, Agate, Aurora Borealis and Topaz bring out the best in blue eyes.

Wade into hazel pools with shimmery Opal crystals from the MYJS Bella Collection.

Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are stunning with hints of green, brown and blue shifting within each other and love pink, purple, blue, green and shimmer gemstones.

Pink Tourmaline or Rose crystals, Amethyst, Sapphire, Montana Blue, Tanzanite, Turquoise, Teal, Emerald, Peridot, Opal and Aurora Borealis bring out the best in hazel so they shine in all their glory.

Brown eyes go deep with Amythest crystals from the MYJS Bella Collection.

Brown eyes

Brown eyes love colour – especially bright green, blue and purple gemstones.

The contrast of Jade, Turquoise, Sapphire, Emerald and Amethyst allow brown eyes to steal the show.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out

– Dr Seuss

Jewellery matches the occasion

The occasion – big or small – is the decision-making factor for every look to match.

Minimal colour fashionistas love MYJS Bella Earrings for the pop and sparkle they add to neutral outfits.


Whether brunch, lunch or dinner with friends, family or the girls, casual situations allow for great opportunities to wear something really colourful.
Enjoy rich colours to add pop to shirt and jeans, or simple, neutral looks of black, grey and/or white – including ivory, beige, tan, brown and camel.

Rose gold with Rose, silver with Violet or gold with Peridot effortlessly adds pop to any neutral look – just enough to be arresting.

Opting for dainty florals? Rose gold with Pink or Rose Opal, gold with Vintage Rose or silver with Amethyst are unabashedly fun, flirty and feminine.

Gold with Emerald crystals from the MYJS Bella Collection are perfect for work-life.


For work-life, simple, understated, minimal and elegant always work well with blazers, work shirts and pulled back or up hair.
Think classic and smart: Keep close to gold or silver metals with jewellery that is either understated or adds pop to your work clothes.

Gold with dark green or silver with royal blue are ideal work-life jewellery go-tos.

Opting for more of a sophisticated look? Silver with White Opal or gold with the rainbow-like iridescence of AB Aurora Borealis offers a feminine pearly shimmer. 

Gold with Topaz is underrated for the office, yet rich enough to look cooly expensive – the perfect aura for the woman with things to do.

Are you a woman on a mission? Be just as strong in your gem choice as you are with your lipstick: Gold with Ruby always means business

Rose gold with clear crystal from the MYJS Bella Collection are sophistication go-tos.

After 5

Exquisite earrings add all the sparkle you need and can really pull an outfit together: the sparklier, the better.

Gold, silver or rose gold with Clear Crystal is the night-out go to, adding the perfect amount of zhush to every cocktail dress or LBD.

When the dress is the showstopper, pare back on the earrings and let the dress do all the talking. Consistent shades such as rose gold with Peach or Rose, gold with AB Aurora Borealis, Rose Opal or Topaz offsets couture beautifully – without stealing all of the attention.

Rose gold with Jet Hematite from the MYJS Bella Collection offer a dark edge to looks.

Want an edge? Silver with Jet Black or Silvershade (for that left-of-centre diamond look), rose gold with Black Crystal or Jet Hematite, and gold with Black Diamond adds grit for an unconventionally glamorous approach. 

In saying all this: there is no such thing as the wrong type of jewellery for the occasion.

It always starts with attitude. 

My life. My rules. My attitude.