Hard Times? Never Underestimate The Power Of Sparkles


Updated January 2024

Let us sparkle brightly, always.

Unexpected life changes and revolution are the spark to intense periods of reflection. 

Whether for women’s rights, democracy and equality or even just to keep our community, families and homes intact, our fight never ends.

And with the fight comes our call to arms: the powerful weapons we as strong women don to break the bias, unite the community, and guide our families and teams through the rocky pitfalls life throws our way.

Since the dawn of time, from prayer beads to amulets, we’ve always turned to power jewellery for protection and healing – as reminders of how tough we really are and to feel protected, strong and comforted. 

Finding it tough to see the shine in the world? We’ve got all the tips in choosing your power sparkles for empowerment and fearlessness – and get your sparkle back.

Everything is better with sparkles

The power of three with the MYJS Trinity Collection

We can imbue our jewellery with protective and healing powers – whether spiritual, emotional or physical – for that extra boost to the many aspects of our life. With all the worry and anxiety of the future, we gravitate to familiar signs we associate with happier times – especially for something as easy to reach as our sparkles. We hang onto our sparkles in moments of fear and crisis, as symbols helping us to transition through loss and grief

In times of crisis, everything might seem overwhelming and unknown, but there’s something psychological and subconscious about our sparkles.

Jewellery is a woman’s most powerful armour to keep bad juju at bay while showcasing our most disarming weapon: our take-charge charm and our indefatigable energy to get the job done. 

Put good things into the universe and pop on your sparkles, because a life without shine is no life at all. By adding the simple steps of popping on our earrings, necklace and bracelets to our everyday, we are taking charge of our mindset.

Let your light shine and be the reason we believe in good


As the butterflies of the jewellery kingdom, studs, hoops, huggies and drop earrings have all the ways of emphasising our strength with delicate statements.


MYJS Signature Studs are perfectly engineered to fit to the human ear with all the sparkle and none of the weight.


Add a power lift to your look with studs for confidence and self-awareness.

Want more than one stud in each ear? You’re the person who loves to have it all – and can’t see why you shouldn’t. 

Life won’t sparkle – unless you do.

The MYJS Eternity Hoop Earrings are classic in design for all day wear and perfect for an edgy, gritty vibe.


Need street-cred? Reach for hoops when you need sass, energy and a big personality to let everyone in the room know exactly who’s in charge.

As the ultimate visual cue to who’s the real bossb’tch around here, just remember to keep hair pulled back and a bare neckline for best results – just make sure to wear them with fearless swagger.


Put your hoops in and remember who you are

The perfect blend of studs and hoops, MYJS Huggies bring a unique style to your earring game.


Hoops a bit too ho’ for the office? Huggies are the next level of elegance and sophistication as the perfect blend of studs and hoops for a unique style with your earring game. 

There are no uncomfortable hoops to push against your ear when you’re on the phone; no more earrings catching in your hair and no lost earring backs – hinge them in, sit back and sparkle. And with a name like Huggies, how can you not love them?

Adding sparkle and pizzaz to any outfit so you shine for every occasion, Huggies are so comfortable, you can sleep in them.

Designed for a subtle commanding showcase of your personality, Huggies reflect your dependability and take-charge attitude of leaving no loose strings, inspiring people to look to you for direction and guidance. 

When the huggies go on, the boss babe comes out

MYJS Bella Earrings are not just a pair of earrings – they’re an attitude to life. 

Drop Earrings

Connected with energy and sensuality, drop earrings are a subtle powerful statement declaring dynamic force.   

Need to liven up jeans and a tshirt or segue from the office to happy hour? MYJS Bella Earrings are the sparkling statement where the edge of graceful design meets polished perfection.

When she pops on her bella earrings, the Bella Woman becomes the epitome of stunning female energy – authentic, resilient and always fabulous.

Don’t have a reason to wear your sparkle? Pop them on anyway – even if the reason is that you have a pair of Bellas in your jewellery box.

Spread the sparkle

MYJS Statement and Drop Carrier Earrings are designed to mix + match with MYJS Mix Charms for an endless variety of stunning statement earring combinations.

Need that extra boost of authority? Statement Earrings take you there.

Statement earrings were never meant to follow the rules – they’re all about reflecting energy and commanding attention.


You don’t make a statement unless you make noise

– Adam Cole


As powerful talismans, necklaces are power statements for long life and protection, and used to overcome difficulties for self-realisation.

The MYJS Personalised Collection presents luxurious designs worn for bold statements of delicate strength and perpetual power.

Personalised Necklaces

The freedom in designing your own pieces means imbuing your necklace game with special powers unique only to you.

From your birthstone to initials, zodiac sign, power symbol, words or dates, personalised jewellery is the ultimate reminder in times of crisis to dig deep – and remember who you are.

I wear a necklace because I wanna know when I’m upside down

– Mitch Hedberg

MYJS Affinity Cable Carrier Necklace Chains exude bold confidence. Mix + match MYJS Affinity Charms to suit your moods.


Chains are the ultimate freedom of expression.

As symbols of connection, chains unite the masculine and feminine, romance and rebellion with the old and the new.

It’s what you have inside that shines in the dark



Designed for seamless smooth wearing, the MYJS Tennis Bracelet gives us the strength to persevere – and look great while doing so 

It’s a tough world out there and it can be difficult to keep our spirits high.

As power symbols, bracelets reflect confidence and always make a statement – even if it’s a subtle one. Channelling luck and energy, bracelets showcase our loyalty and level-headedness, boosting our mind and body for high performance focus.

Good memories are like charms – each is special. You collect them, one by one, until one day, you look back and and discover they make a colourful, long bracelet

– James Patterson
The sculptured design of the MYJS Infinity Cuff Bangle powers you through the day with forceful energy for a fresh modern look.

With its simple silhouette, the cuff bangle adds daring flare to our mood.

As a sign of determination and commitment, cuff bangles are pure sparkle and courageous stamina.

A true friend reaches out for your hand but touches your heart



MYJS Statement Rings
demonstrate forceful energy to command instant attention and lead the way.

Rings have always symbolised our devotion and loyalty. As the ultimate symbol of wealth and power, the ring has dominated for centuries.

Just like Statement Earrings, Statement Rings demand attention. Choose flashy rings for statement sparkle. Statement rings add extra emphasis to your authority and direction while aiming for original perfection.

Don’t be afraid to show your true sparkle. Sparkle is your power colour