The Brilliance Of Blue: Aquamarine Jewellery Fashion


Blue is the closest colour to truth

Steve Tyler

Renown for its clear aqua blue colour, the March birthstone of Aquamarine shines bright and sparkling. 

Aquamarine represents youth, hope and fidelity. The colour for calm authority, the sparkling pale blue green represents the ocean’s depths, inspiring compromise for flowing, peaceful energy. 

Admired through the ages by the Sumerians, Egyptians, Hebrews and Greeks as a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth, the gemstone known as the “water of the sea” was the sailor’s protection for a safe and prosperous passage. 

Reflecting both the sea and the sky, embrace open spaces, freedom and intuition with the vitality of health and hope. As the reflective hue for water with its shifting charm, the hybrid blue-green is versatile and flattering on every skin tone and hair colour. Aquamarine is brilliant without knowing it.

The sun is up, the sky is blue; it’s beautiful and so are you

John Lennon

The psychology behind aqua


As the colour of love and luck, aquamarine is dreamy, spiritual and flowing like the ocean surging close to your heart and controlling our emotions through balance and stability. The colour for friendliness and confidence, aqua is reassuring.

Blue is the colour for taking brave steps forward to journeys deep within.

Choose when you are the calm blue sea and when you are the storm

Aqua refreshes fashion

From Penelope Cruz to Kylie Jenner at the Met Gala After Party, Blake Lively erry day (night really) and Fan Bingbing, aqua in fashion is stunning.

As a versatile shade, aquamarine can look both sporty and expensive. Be it settling victory in battles to legal disputes in the courtroom, aquamarine stands for triumph, bringing a playful high end energy to couture and loungewear. Aqua in fashion makes you approachable – wear to exude authority, serenity, trust and loyalty.


But don’t go subtle: if you’re going to stand out, make a statement. 

Vogue offers great aqua ideas to add to our wardrobe with their article “10 looks that prove blue is the colour to wear.”

Life goes on – floating the souls in the depths of aqua bonds.

Zainab Mushtaq

Aqua in jewellery

The brilliant blue of aquamarine dominates the blue-green gem spectrum with Agate, Amethyst, Chalcedony, Sodalite, Turquoise, 

The royal Princess Diana Meghan Markle emerald-cut aquamarine ring with stunning solitaire diamonds is likely the most famous aquamarine piece on the planet: as the symbol of tranquility, the sparkling blueness draws you in with its refreshing hues. 

Mix + match MYJS Aquamarine Octagon Bezel Mix Charms to MYJS Mix Carrier Hoops for next level sparkle.

Aquamarine speaks to both the head and the heart. When pairing these powerhouses together, aquamarine gives rise to positive healthy emotions for powerful emotional stability. Aquamarine restores, warms and soothes the soul. As the perfect armour against stress and fatigue, aquamarine’s serene and sunny disposition makes everything sparklier.

Iconic to MYJS, our signature Bella Earrings exude a delicate fierceness to take you from the (home) office to special occasions – or even just over a cheeky wine in the kitchen.

Embrace command and serenity when frosted in these bright blue stones. Stay connected, knowing your calm authority is on alert.

With silver, gold or rose gold settings, the versatility of aquamarine twinkles for effortless style, segue-ing nicely from casual to After 5 – or even just over the kitchen sink.

Wade into the turquoise pool to swim in blue green depths and frost yourself with turquoise blue green themed MYJS Tennis Bracelets and Mix Charms.

Blue green stones

March’s Aquamarine, September’s Sapphire, October’s Tourmaline and December’s Blue Topaz offer tranquillity, serenity, clarity and courage. Sparkling pale blue-greens align with the ocean’s depths to inspire compromise for flowing, peaceful energy. Protect and purify your energy for emotional healing with the gems of vitality, health and hope.

Embrace your emotions for soothing calm and harmony, with chartreuse shadows and the glint of blue-green striking the sun.

Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and drink the wild air with reassuring Aquamarine power.