Purple & Fierce: Purple Jewellery Fashion


As the colour of royalty and nobility, Purple is the colour of Queens.

Purple is elaborate majesty, fantasy and magic; the colour of bravery, wisdom, imagination and creativity.

Purple is unique and exotic – and stunning. Purple turns heads. The colour for harmony, the violet hue represents the balance between opposing forces. It has stood out in history as the signature colour for Roman emperors and the 1900s Suffragette Movement, extending to Prince and his 80s track Purple Rain. 

Purple keeps our backs straight and heads held high

Byllye Avery

The psychology behind purple

Purple is one of those topics of contention: is it purple? Is it pink? Is it mauve? Is it something in between? Can we get away with calling lilac purple? Where does lavender fit in? What about wine? There are so many shades, our opinion are divided.

A base blend of red and blue, every other colour in the rainbow can be added to create so many different shades, tints and hues. But as a union of both cool and warm shades – the calm stability of blue and the energy and strength of red – purple unites the best in both for graceful independence and dignity.

Purple is the colour to break barriers and create change.


When Pantone announced the bold and daring Veri Peri as Colour of the Year, they were embracing the vivid joy and fierceness of purple. But Very Peri takes it one step further – representing the strange, mystique and unconventional. The colour is reflective on the world around us while placing the future in a new light. Purple – and Very Peri – changes the way we look at the world. As the colour for 2022, we are living in transformative times, opening the door to new possibilities. Very Peri illustrates the stylish fusion of modern life with our online one.

While calming the body and mind, purple is also uplifting and inspiring, boosting creativity levels and inspiration. It is the colour for seeking the meaning of life and spiritual fulfilment, expanding our awareness and connecting to the greater consciousness for a transformation of the soul.

Transformation can only take place immediately: the revolution is now, not tomorrow

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Purple polarises fashion


Designers have been steadily embracing purple on the runway. While purple is polarising, lavender, lilac, mauve, violet or plum come together as part of the purple family offering a more muted choice to purple’s vibrance.

Warm up your silhouette with a pop or pops of purple accents or accessories to white or black outfits, and dressing up jeans.

Vogue has valuable stylish advice adding purple to our wardrobe with their article “Fashion color trend: Why purple is set to dethrone pink.”

Purple in jewellery

Purple dominates the gem spectrum with Purple Diamonds, Purple Chalcedony, Purple Sapphire, Iolite, Purple Jade, Fluorite, Purple Tourmaline, Kunzite, Suglite, Jasper, Charoite or Purple Agate.

But out of them all, Amethyst rules the roost. Take your jewellery to the max: frost yourself in Amethyst for dynamic fearlessness.

Amethyst brings love, light and a crowning calm to life. As Nature’s tranquilliser, earrings and bracelets embrace the healing energy of Amethyst for connecting to your serenity and balancing your body and soul. Embrace its powers for calmness, clarity and decision making.

Power up with amethyst to work wonders for the immune system, ease tension and headaches for restorative recovery. Stay connected, steady and as cool as a cucumber knowing your wisdom, intuition and the greater good is always at hand.

Amethyst gems and crystals in silver settings twinkle nicely with relaxed looks for effortless style.

Rose gold settings add an extra layer of refinement that segues easily from casual to After 5 – and beyond.

MYJS’ Swarovski® Provence Lavender Crystal Collection is designed around the soft violet crystal named for the purple landscapes of lavender fields of Provence, in the south of France.

Purple Birthstone

The all-purpose stones of peace, humility and spiritual wisdom, February’s birthstone Amethyst and October’s birthstone Tourmaline align with the universe for balancing mind flow to heal and purify, crushing and protecting against all vestiges of anger, rage and fear. The stone for beauty, femininity and independence, embrace your nobility and power – and shine bright.


Stay calm and find peace within chaos where your mysterious purple soul is reflected in Amethyst eyes.