The MYJS Style Guide To Necklaces


Updated June 2023

If you kiss my neck, I’m not responsible for what happens next

As both the most understated and most powerful elements of your outfit, necklaces are the most transformative pieces in your jewellery box. From chunky chains to bold statement pieces or delicate strands, necklaces take plain tshirts and little black dresses to new heights. With the right necklace, go from hot-mess or basic b’tch to looking like you’ve got your sh’t together (even if that isn’t 120% the truth).

Since the dawn of time, from prayer beads to amulets, we’ve always turned to power jewellery for protection and healing – as reminders of how tough we really are and to feel protected, strong and comforted.

Jewellery is a woman’s most powerful armour to keep bad juju at bay while showcasing our most disarming weapon: our take-charge charm and our indefatigable energy to get the job done. As powerful talismans, necklaces are power statements for long life and protection, and used to overcome difficulties for self-realisation.

The perfect necklace is like a mythological creature: something discussed in stories and impossible to find. But, there are can be the elusive unicorns for our jewellery box.

Life isn’t perfect, but your necklace can be

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It starts with your daily habits and personal style.

If you’re active, heavy and long necklaces can be awkward, if not potentially dangerous. Simple, short gold chains with small pendants fit in easily with an active lifestyle.

If you’re one with nature, peace and zen, all necklace styles are open to you. Long strands or large statement necklaces will always work.

Regardless of your activity, tucking your necklace away inside your shirt helps without disrupting your everyday.

When a woman wants to look festive, she should add some shine, sheen or sparkle to her outfit, like a metallic clutch, an embellished shoe or a blingy statement necklace

– Clinton Kelly
MYJS Bella Necklace
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Love to follow trends? Or do you have a consistent aesthetic?

If you’re a fashion maven, love change and new fads, choose necklaces that will always complement the latest fashion fads, such as bold statement pieces, weighty chains and large pendants

For classic timeless style, delicate chains, pearls and simple pendants are eternal winners.

Start with colour

Colour attracts attention and creates an emotional connection. Colour reflects our mood and confidence and is the first thing people see – with instant impact. Colour is incredibly personal.

Match your necklace with bold accessories, such as your purse, heels or belt.

For colourful, bold prints and busy patterns, monochromatic necklaces – such as black or white pearl crystals, simple gold chains and dainty pendants – are ideal.

With minimalist looks, bold statement necklaces and pendants alway elevate a potentially bland look to an exciting one.

Gold and geometrical necklaces will always look great with a blazer or jacket, while neon necklaces contrast nicely with denim.

A statement necklace glams up any outfit without feeling like too much

– Tracy Reese

Highlight neckline

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A necklace creates focus around your face as it draws attention. Aim for harmony between your necklace and neckline by following or enhancing the shape of your top’s neckline.

Big statement necklaces deserve to be the focal point of your outfit, looking best with solid-colored clothing and simple necklines, such as strapless, v-neck, scoop and off-the-shoulder.

Shorter necklaces look good with any top where the neckline or bodice is the focal point. If a shirt or dress has a neckline or includes fancy details, add interest with statement earrings to match.

MYJS Bella Necklace

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Collared shirts can go either formal or casual. For a classy look, choose a necklace that falls right at the collar. Button up all the way with the necklace flashing just beneath the collar. For a more casual style, choose a slightly longer necklace and leave a couple of top buttons undone allowing the necklace to shine nicely against your skin.

For V-necks, keep your necklace falling before the V, rather than below it.

Wear a fabulous smile and great jewellery; and know you are totally and utterly in control

– Donatella Versace


Layer MYJS Crystal Pearl Strands for a strong feminine statement

Layered necklaces can be bold, or a delicate and elegant statement, depending on your pieces and how you stack them.

While one long chain necklace can give the flash you’re looking for, multilayered options add high impact,

Thin to thick, lightweight to weighty, chain necklaces are layerable. Edgy, dressy and sculptured or casual and understated, the chain necklace is always timeless – and ideal for layering.

The beauty of layering is there are infinite options of lengths, symbols and chain styles for different looks with your favourite pieces. Whether they’re piled up or perfectly spaced, layering with chain necklaces is easy – one heavier chain keeps them from getting too tangled.

Layering necklaces is a classic way to dressing up an outfit, but don’t forget the layering rules:

💖 When layering more than 2 necklaces, layer in an odd number of multiples
💖 Layer chains in varying lengths
💖 Layer contrasting styles and metals, such as pearls with pavé, geometric shapes or different weights and textured chains for interest


The MYJS Personalised Collection captures special moments, words or dates for the fabulous everyday woman as an effortless way to wear – or gift – meaningful designer jewellery.

The freedom in designing your own pieces means imbuing your necklace game with special powers unique only to you, for a beautiful piece made just for you – nothing mass produced using cheap, unhealthy materials.

From your birthstone to initials, zodiac sign, power symbol, words or dates, personalised jewellery is the ultimate reminder in times of crisis to dig deep – and remember who you are. As your very own signature piece, inject luxury to your necklace game to wear your personalised necklace year in, year out.

Choice by choice, moment by moment, I build the necklace of my day, stringing together the choices that form artful living.

– Julia Cameron