Not Guilty! The MYJS Guide To Guilt Free Jewellery


When you find the sparkle, be the sparkle

Sparkly jewellery, Monolo Blahnik heels, Jaeger-LeCoultre® watches. We all love our bling. All that glitters should be guilt-free. While jewellery is an indulgent treat, it is also a reminder we deserve to shine. Wearing sparkly jewellery is very much a part of self-care – the luxury of a 2-hour bubble bath or adding that shiny trinket to add pop to our activewear or sweats does wonders to our mind and soul. 

But why do we love to decorate ourselves?

Because everything we wear sends a message. What we wear tells our story. Our jewellery are coded symbols and has been central to the unique ability of human symbolic communication. Our jewellery are an indication of status – available, married, leader, part of a brother or sisterhood.

But most importantly, Bling makes us human.

Inner beauty is what truly brings light to this world: our immense capacity for kindness, compassion, humility and honesty are our greatest most beautiful gems. And jewellery amplifies our inner shine for the world to bask in: sparkles have the power for instant change and instant charge where age, occupation and our postcode doesn’t matter.

We deserve to feel guilt-free about our jewellery choices and sidestep the extra potential costs on our communities or the earth without also impacting on our health and wallets. Guilt free jewellery is the basis of the MYJS philosophy. Here’s what you need to know.

All that glitters should be guilt-free

Healthy pieces

MYJS Bella Earrings are designed to bring a luxury product to the everyday woman. Each crystal is meticulously handset by our MYJS craftspeople and finished in quality metals.

While we all covet traditional high end jewellery, the price tag that comes with it is often beyond our reach. But cheap(er) jewellery, created from working in poor conditions with shoddy workmanship using inferior materials and design frequently results in cheap, poor-quality nickel pieces. They promise a world of sparkle while leaving black or green marks and irritating our skin.

We can make the decisions to have well designed jewellery from materials that aren’t harmful to our skin – and leave us to sparkle.

Support communities

Our craftspeople are exclusive independent artists and creatives for MYJS

Caring about the communities supporting our love for shiny things is also crucial in the decisions we make for our guilt-free baubles, because we are buying from business owners, creatives, designers and craftspeople.

• Do you know where the pieces are made and if the working conditions are ethical? 

Supporting independent artists and creatives in the design and craftsmanship of jewellery means a great piece can be well designed and economically priced.

Pieces from small scale manufacturing jewellers with a great reputation (just like us!) means a better investment for us as buyers.

Ethically sourced

Our products conform to EU Nickel regulations to be 100% Nickel Free and hypoallergenic. That’s the joy without the price tag

The source of the materials used in jewellery impacts heavily on our communities and environment – there is no such thing as cheap silver, gold or rose-gold jewellery. If a piece is lovely and shiny in colour, this doesn’t always mean it’s made from those materials.

• Does the piece list the materials it’s made from?

• Is it clear what type of gemstones they are and where they’re sourced from?

• Do they come from war zones?

• Is the earth mined in obtaining these stones?

A great jewellery brand clearly states its materials and gemstones, whether lab grown, simulated and lead-free.

Never feel guilty for what’s best for you