The Shimmering Brilliance Of Pavé Jewellery


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Radiant brilliance always captures the human eye. We love sparkly things, simply because sparkles are so pretty and stunning. And pavé jewellery is especially dazzling. With its setting, the paved surface of small closely-set gemstones create an illusion of a never ending dazzling sparkle. We explore The Shimmering Brilliance Of Pavé Jewellery.

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The enduring appeal of pavé jewellery

Wearing pave jewellery crystal earrings

Brilliant beacons for attention, MYJS Pavé Crystal Hoop Earrings and the MYJS Dual Tone Interlocked Infinity and Pavé Heart Necklace shine with timeless elegance.

Pavé jewellery possesses an enduring appeal that transcends trends and fashion. Its classic design, characterised by a continuous surface of shimmering stones, exudes an air of timeless elegance that is simultaneously bold and romantic.

Pavé jewellery effortlessly transitions from day to night with its incredible versatility adding sparkle to every look and occasion. With its balance between understated glamour and opulence pavé jewellery’s delicate and intricate design for a subtle statement.

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Pavé jewellery history

MYJS Pave Crystal Statement Ring

Reimagine timeless style with modern design as the MYJS Pavé Dome Cocktail Ring dazzles with maximum shine.

Pavé setting is a design featuring small diamonds along a band of metal – particularly a ring. The French word translates to “paved,” and this jewellery technique was named for its resemblance to a paved or cobblestone road. The small, closely-set gemstones create a continuous, uninterrupted surface of crystals and gemstones where the effect looks like the metal is paved with stones, capturing the fire of the gems from within for an intense sparkle.

On a ring, the pavé setting brings attention to the centre stone to make it appear bigger and brighter. For intricate pavé design, the setting adds to the overall brilliance and shine for a rich and luxurious sparkle.

Pavé has been around for hundreds of years with designs dating back to the Georgian era of the 1700s with diamond and turquoise in rings, lockets, brooches, earrings and other precious objects. A resurgence in the 1900s saw pavé return to fashion with engagement rings where pavé design continues to shine amongst jewellery pieces today. The closely set gemstones in pavé jewellery allow for maximum light reflection, resulting in unparalleled brilliance and sparkle. The stunning play of light adds depth and dimension to the piece for a guaranteed stunning reaction.

Crafting pavé jewellery requires meticulous skill and precision. Expert artisans delicately set each stone with no gaps or spaces remaining between the gemstones. The stones are held in place using small beads or prongs, allowing maximum light to pass through and enhance their brilliance. The process demands exceptional craftsmanship with an eye for detail, as each stone must be placed precisely to create a seamless, shimmering surface.

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Pavé jewellery fashion

Pavé jewellery captures the perfect harmony between artistry, craftsmanship, and timeless beauty. With its radiant brilliance and meticulous craftsmanship, pavé jewellery continues to stand out for all the right reasons, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Pavé is so popular, few collections aren’t embellished without some kind of pavé setting. We can expect to find exquisite pavé jewellery sparkling on Kate Middleton, Beyonce, Priyanka Chopra, Blake Lively, Rhianna and many more icons. Where there is glorious sparkly jewellery, pavé designs are flashing brilliantly right amongst them..

Embrace the enchanting allure of pavé jewellery for its shimmering brilliance to illuminate the world.

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