The Power of Red: Red Jewellery Fashion


In a world of black or white, wearing life-affirming red is our brightest coloured and most powerful armour.

At least once in a lifetime, every woman has to have that red showstopper, perhaps for a very special occasion or just .. because.

Red: the colour for royalty, war and empires, from ancient Chinese dynasties to the modern Russian empire, 1400s English Tudors, Tibetan Buddhist monks and Sikhs. Revolutions are ignited by red. We stand out in the crowd when we wear it and our lips look fabulous with it. No other colour has the extraordinary appeal of red. Red leaves its mark – or, at the least, a crimson smudge 💋

We are hard-wired to red with no other colour so fundamentally fused to our primeval human urges. Red takes no prisoners. It’s the stop sign, the alert, a roadblock, the alarm, the desire, the passion, the excitement. Red is dangerous. It’s the colour for the devil and the blood of Jesus. Red is the animal impulse and the beating heart, the desert dust and the earth’s core. It’s the colour of life and action.

Red’s sexual and confidence-boosting, butt-kicking powers isn’t just for show: if you wear it, you have to embody everything red stands for. There is no retreat with red. 

Choose the power of red jewellery as a reminder of the ass-kicking fierce, confident badass you really are.

The psychology behind red


The colour for love, passion, energy and sexuality, red is all about action. Red attracts attention and signifies strength, power, courage and danger. We can use red to boost our confidence and inspire passion or desire – but it’s about keeping balance.

Too much red, we can come across as aggressive and hostile.

Never wear red, and we might be unconsciously signalling we don’t like to attract attention and are unsure of ourselves.

Red rules fashion

As the fashion code for all seasons, Red rules fashion. The colour for sinners and saints, red represents our life force and inner fire. With red, we dare to be brave.


Red packs quite a punch to your style statement, but while red is the power colour, don’t let it be overpowering.

Minimise your accessories when wearing top-to-toe red outfits: keep it simple. Let the red do all the talking.

Blend with neutral shades such as black, gray, white – or opt for softer peaches – for win-win options.

Accentuate florals with dashes of red stones.

Elevate your after-5pm look with brilliant red jewels – rubies, garnets and agate always catches the candlelight nicely.

Pair to gold for the ultimate in luxury.

Red in jewellery

Take your jewellery to the max: frost yourself in Rubies, Garnets and Agate for pops of power colour.

The stunning Ruby Austrian crystal of the Forever Birthstone Necklace shimmers as it catches the light and glow with every move you make – without overdoing it


As statement accessories, the talisman jewellery of a flashing red pendant adds drama and passion to your look for next level decadence.

Draw the eye and light up your neckline for long summer days or for vibrance on short wintery nights.

Wearing that red showstopper for a semi-formal cocktail party or dinner date? It’s a risk when played well, pays off. Always keep accessories classy, sophisticated and minimal with daintily, dazzling pieces.

The MYJS Tennis bracelet designed for seamless smooth wearing
The Angelic Bracelet with Ruby Austrian Crystals says you own everything


Sensational and bold, red jewelled bracelets stand for luck, protection and good fortune.

In ancient China, the Red Thread of Fate is associated with the intentions for marriage, while in Latin America, red bracelets are worn by babies for protection. In the Bible, a red bracelet symbolises redemption.

They are a reminder we’re not alone, prompting us to stay positive in the face of challenges.

We’re not the only ones who love MYJS Ruby Swarovski® Bella Earrings
Octagon Bezel Mix Charms with Ruby Swarovski® Crystals scream opulence


Add a splash of inner-fire red to a basic outfit or get ready for romance with our Bella Earrings with Ruby Swarovski® Crystals. Add versatility to your jewellery wardrobe with MYJS Mix Charms and Carrier Hoops for effortless mix and match.

MYJS Signature Studs: where remarkable craftsmanship and classic engineering meet for effortless wearing
Because adding extra sparkle with the MYJS Earring Jackets with Ruby Swarovski® Crystals is always appropriate


As the unsung heroes of luxury, studs are timeless, adding a splash of sparkle to the everyday. Add an earring jacket for some flair to make a classic staple, modern – and take delicate to fierce.


Red Birthstones 

As the stones of love and friendship, January’s birthstone Garnet, May’s birthstone Agate and July’s birthstone Ruby are associated with the heart and blood for our inner fire and life force. Transforming surrounding energies and reducing toxins while soothing negative feelings, these blood-red stones are little symbols of big dreams, bringing balance while boosting confidence, love, abundance, wealth and success. 

Let that red sparkle start a fire