MYJS Style Guide To Dangly Drop Earrings


You are the entire ocean in a drop

As the quintessential party accessory, dangly drop earrings can always be depended upon to add the drama. Welcome to the MYJS Style Guide to Dangly Drop Earrings.

Cate Blanchett wows the Golden Globes with them. Natalie Portman stuns in them. Anya Taylor-Joy knows how to wear them with flair.

Ultra-chic and sophisticated, break the earring rut with dangly Drop Earrings. Stylish without being over-the-top, dangly drop earrings perk up your everyday – adding oomph and often stealing the scene.

From the office to your little black dress, dangle drop earrings always have your back.

Little drops wear down big stones

MYJS Alicia Drop Earrings dazzle and shine from the office thorough to happy hour.

Dangly drop earrings can always be depended upon to add the drama. As the quintessential party accessory, they dangle below the earlobe to delightfully sway back and forth with every movement.

Long and elaborate, dangle drop earrings highlight your jaw while adding length to your look, so are perfect when dressing up for parties. While they are fabulous, they’re also prone to catching in fabrics and hair so are best with pinned-up hairstyles and updos and especially ideal with off-the-shoulder or scoop necks tops and dresses to show off that lovely neck.

The rain begins with a single drop

Drop earring fashion

Mix + Match MYJS Tatiana Floral Drop Mix Charms to MYJS Huggies and Mix Studs for the ultimate in understated elegance.

Dangle earrings love all face shapes – solid bone structures especially love large dangling earrings.

While they’re difficult to wear around young kids who love to pull and grab, drop earrings can be as feminine or as edgy as you like – though they do deserve to showcase as the main piece.

Pair to your favourite ball gown, or subtly stand out by adding to a scoop shirt and jeans.  

Effortlessly intriguing, always fun and stylish, drop earrings can be depended upon to bring the drama – so pop them on for instant telenovela passion.

The true joy of nature is when every drop shines like a pearl